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This might be weird to ask but did you ever Dm a completely economic campaign. My wizard got a magic spell that turned water into wine and the whole party just decided to start selling it. they've got their own company now. But they expanded at an alarming rate. They bought almost everything there is and have elaborate marketing plans. And yet they're not satisfied. So my question is how do i expand on this because the books don't really have pricetags for kingdoms and global enterprises.

oh dang, this sounds really cool. I’ve never done anything like this but here are some random suggestions:

Rival company is playing dirty and making your party’s brand look bad. They’re losing sales, money, and customers. The rival company is poisoning the wine [not to kill, just make incredibly sick].

Having heard of the parties fortune, thieves set out to steal it. [Not all of it, it’d be a shame to take away the players money and unfair]

Wine/alcohol is now outlawed. Look up the history of prohibition in the USA and get inspired by that?

The area they’re in is in a drought, and water is highly sought after. 

An employee is taking ridiculous amounts of wine home for himself, but which one is it?

There is a place that cannot be bought or wined and dined. They have no desire for money or booze, have a large population, and your party has gotten into wacky antics with them somehow. Now they have to play a normal campaign for a little bit.

Your party are prime targets for theft/con men now. Traveling is dangerous/their home must be safely kept.

The goddess of wine has heard about their wonderful wine. She commands they bring several large casks of wine, personally. The wine must be made using water from [mythical/beautiful/etc lake thats a few days travel from the party]

They want to expand into a new far region. The roads are dangerous, the waves high, and the wind harsh. Flying creatures don’t fare well, horses can only go so far. The biggest, strongest boat is the only one that can go across the sea.

Not able to afford fancy clothes? Sad because you aren’t being invited to parties? Want to enjoy the scents of high society without the pricetag? Have we got the product for you!

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  • propose!

Buy Parabola-Linen Soap in units of 20 at the low, low price of 100 echoes, or buy 400 bars for 600 echoes! Hurry to get yours today!

Note: Soaps and Stuff is not responsible for any adverse effects that Parabola-Linen Soap may cause. If the customer experiences a mild rash, slight nausea, a headache, or permanent death, continue using the product, as it is already too late. Refunds not available. 

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Hey, I have zero experience in drawing or any kind of manual art like that. But I've decided I want to try and learn even just the basics, but the resources online are sketchy and I have no knowledge to be able to decipher what's good and what's not. I really love your art, I know you probably get this a lot but where do you think I should start?

ALRIGHT alright alright I’m going to make this some sort of ”beginner artist” masterpost and include as many resources as I possibly can. I am going to assume you want to focus on the ”drawing” aspects of art since it can take many forms. Here are some pointers and resources I consider vital when learning how to draw, things I’ve learned from multiple art oriented courses. This is going to be a very quick and general thing and I’ll make some serious and properly drawn tutorials in the future (the drawings in this one are going to be embarrassing, try to only take the general idea from them) but to start off:

  • Before you jump into drawing in any particular style, learn your realism.

This is probably mistake #1 in many young art enthusiasts: they go straight into wanting to draw either anime, or a particular cartoon’s style because a stylized form of art is much more appealing to them than realistic things. Which is valid, but I’ll have you know in order to get any of those styles right, you have to learn the basics AND ONLY THEN proceed to use that knowledge to ”deform” said realism into any style you want. Be it learning from life drawing and observing, pictures online of real people or animals. When you look at a big household name in the artist world’s work, as flashy as their stuff might be, a trained eye is able to tell immediately if the person has proper anatomical knowledge or not, no matter how much they try to mask it with ”this is just my style.” Let me show you an example: 

(excuse the 5 minute sketches pls, note these are actually highly inaccurate (the knees should be placed lower on the second drawing and calves shouldn’t be as big as the thighs) but I wanted to demonstrate ”realistic proportions” in contrast to more of a stylized drawing in a really quick way, a google search for “human anatomy” will bring up much more accurate visual representations of all this so I highly recommend doing that)

But basically in order to play around with anatomy you first need to learn realistic proportions (you don’t need to absolutely master them or anything, but you need to know things like the distance between the forehead, eyes + nose and chin correlate, places where fat stores in comparison to where muscle stores, the size of the forearm until in reaches the wrist/arm are practically the same, arms + hands reach below the hipbone and halfway to the the upper thigh) and only then proceed to bend those rules to create your own stylized version of things, which means you get to play around with a lot of shapes like so: 


For the love of all that is holy make use of guidelines, whether with a light colored blue or red pencil if you’re drawing by hand or a sketch layer in Photoshop/SAI etc. They will help out so much when it comes to knowing where you should place each feature. Many people attempt to draw directly without them and while after a lot of practice it might work, to start off you really need to understand basic figure building.

(I’m literally drawing all these one drawing a minute excuse the shittiness I’m just trying to get the point across ahah gOD THESE ARE PISSPOOR)

  • Carry a little sketchbook with you if you can and draw strangers while riding the train, bus, etc. Just draw whatever you see.

It’s not only entertaining when you might be bored out of your mind but extremely productive to draw people, animals, scenery, anything you can see that you might want to sketch out for practice, you can. No better way to learn than real life. 

  • Take time to draw. And draw. And draw.

You will not learn or improve overnight, bettering yourself when it comes to art is an endless and ongoing lifelong process. But it won’t be due to osmosis, you gotta sit your ass down and draw as frequently as you can afford to (although excesses can be bad for you, learn to also take breaks and find comfortable positions because drawing CAN REALLY MESS UP YOUR BACK like badly and you don’t wanna end up hunched over because of it or with tendonitis) But believe me: practice makes perfect and if you learn to observe and understand why you’re drawing what you’re drawing, why are you placing that line where you’re placing it and start thinking in 3D, you will surely improve.

Now for the part you truly want to look out for -






Last but not least, some artists that inspire me beyond words and that might also inspire you.

I hope this helps!


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Nobody Wants to Know the Truth (rough draft)

It’s a song! Thing. Yeah. Anyhow, this is for @world-builder and was originally inspired by @kerbabbles Musical Falls AU. It’s a really rough draft, and it’s just me singing a capella (I need to learn how to orchestrate things), but I had fun with it. I thought it would be fun if, early on the hypothetical musical, one of the kids asked Stan why he’s a conman and if Stan responded with a 100% in character, extremely cynical lie (Cuz people are dumb and ya can make money off of dumb people, kid. Now stop asking). In song form.  

Lyrics under the cut. 

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you seem to be pretty knowledgable when it come to sunscreen. which one do you use ?

actually im not that knowledgeable…

i’ve been using biore uv aqua rich watery essence spf 50/pa++++ for years because its relatively affordable and easily available in my country (i’ve been using it since 2010-11). since its a chemical sunscreen, it doesnt leave any white cast. what i like the most about this sunscreen is it absorbs quickly. the texture is very lightweight and it doesnt make my skin feel greasy / sticky. it has mattifying effect too. so if you have combination/oily skin and/or live in a very hot humid place (like me) you might love this sunscreen. the only downside is it reeks alcohol (no wonder since its no.4 on the ingredients list) and it also has a little bit of fragrance.

EDIT: i forget to add that biore uv aqua rich watery essence spf 50/pa++++ has been reformulated and changed its packaging earlier this year. however i haven’t read much reviews about the 2017 version. the one im currently using is the older formula (light blue tube). japan doesnt sell the 2015 version anymore, but you still can find it in other s/ea countries or online.

other sunscreens i’ve used / tested:

biore uv aqua rich watery jelly spf 30/pa+++ : this one is quite similar with the watery essence texture-wise (despite its name). not sweat resistant at all. its an old product and has been discontinued few years ago.

skin aqua uv moisture milk spf 50/pa+++ : its a mix of chemical/physical sunscreen. doesnt leave white cast. the texture is emulsion-like and it takes quite some time to absorb. somehow it feels a liiitle bit greasy and ‘heavy’. doesnt contain alcohol nor fragrance but it has paraben (totally the opposite of biore). cant beat that pricetag though (its only $5 in my country lmao)

missha all around safe block essence sun spf45/pa+++ : its also a chemical sunscreen. its a cream so it takes quite some time to absorb (obviously). but it doesnt feel greasy at all and rather moisturizing. my sister who has sensitive, dry skin has no problem using this. alcohol-fragrance-paraben free. 

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Come From Away joins Broadway's 'million dollar club'

The musical Come From Away has joined Broadway’s prestigious “million dollar club,” after hitting $1 million in ticket sales in a week.

According to Playbill Magazine, the show grossed $1,087,151 last week.

In the hyper-competitive world of Broadway, most shows close before they reach the million-dollar milestone.

Come From Away, which opened in March, has a $12 million production pricetag, but looks like it may now be one of the highest-grossing shows in New York.

This benchmark puts Come From Away in the same company as Wicked, Hamilton and The Lion King.

The musical, based on the hospitality Gander and surrounding Newfoundland towns showed airline passengers after North American airspace was closed because of the 9/11 attacks, started selling out after strong reviews from the New York Times.

A visit from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau and their guest Ivanka Trump also gave ticket sales a boost.

Come From Away is expected to snag Tony Award nominations when contenders are announced on May 2.

The average cost for a Come From Away ticket is now $127.


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I know people are wildly aggravated that Netflix shows are being cancelled like Sense8 and The Get Down, calling Netflix racist and homophobic, but for some reason, I don’t get why everyone is ignoring the glaringly obvious reason why those two shows got cancelled in the first place:

These shows are extremely creative, innovative, and breathtaking to watch and we may be fanatics towards them (I LOVE them) but they both came with a HEFTY pricetag, we can’t deny that. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t release the viewership of their shows so we don’t know if these shows are pulling in ratings to hold up the costs needing to create.

13 Reasons Why (and other “bland, white” shows as people say) may be a crappy show with major flaws but at the end of the day when it comes to big name companies, they don’t care about the storytelling and what’s coming out of it. It’s money. It’s always been about money. It will always be about money. Money is the only thing that talks.

Naughty Classy Party - Luhan

Group: EXO
Member: Luhan
Type: Smut
Warning: sexual content!

There it was, wrapped up in a red, satin bow. It was not too big, yet not really small either. You touched it and bit your lip. It was all so…unexpected.

You already shook the box several times to guess what was inside it but it didn’t really make any sound. You glimpsed at your bed, where you found it, and noticed you overlooked a little paper. It must’ve come with the box. You grabbed it and unfolded the little letter.

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The University - Chapter 14

TITLE: The University
CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: Chapter 14 of (probably) 15
AUTHOR: Peskipixi
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: AU Tom character - Jonathan Oakley
GENRE: Smut/Romance
FIC SUMMARY: OFC Rosalita runs a very special institution of learning, and meets young Jonathan when he signs up for classes. Rosa knows from the moment that she lays eyes on him that this one is special…                               RATING: Smut/18+                                                                                         WARNINGS: Angst, Violence…                      

AUTHOR’S NOTES: I know … it’s been eons… I’m so sorry, bad writer. Anyhoo, here’s what is possibly the penultimate chapter of this story, if anyone’s still interested. I would recommended re-reading Chapter 13 (or the last bit) just to catch up from where we were. As always, feedback, constructive criticism and reblogs and likes are appreciated! Love you all! 

Previous Chapters:  [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13]

Chapter 14

 Jonathan took a deep breath, trying to calm the hammering of his heart. He needed to think. Chaos swirled in his mind, panic fluttering around the edges of his thoughts, threatening to engulf and smother him. He closed his eyes, going completely still, pushing the panic away and focusing his mind.

 “Celise.” He said quietly, bending over and bringing his face close to hers. She didn’t react, he eyes glazed and wet, her breath coming in short gasps.

 “CELISE!” He shouted, grabbing her arms and giving her a little shake. She seemed to snap out of it and her eyes focused on his face. 

“Where did they take her, Celise?”

She sniffled, but answered in a wavering voice. “I don’t…. I don’t know. They took the service elevator…”

“Shit.” Jonathan swore under his breath, dragging a trembling hand through his hair and rubbing it down over his mouth. His thoughts were all over the place, skittering wildly around the jagged edges of the panic that was steadily growing.

“Mr. Oakley… Could you untie me? Please?” Celise said, bringing him back to reality.

“Oh yes, of course, I’m so sorry.”

He went to work on the ropes tying her hands to the arm rests, then moved on to her ankles tied to the chair legs. When he was done, he straightened and helped her out of the chair. She wiped her eyes in the careful way women do when wearing mascara and put on a brave if slightly watery smile.

“Are you okay, are you hurt anywhere else?” he asked, touching soft fingers to the small cut on her forehead.

“No, I’m okay, thanks….” Jonathan nodded grimly, giving her arms a squeeze.

“Good girl. We should phone the police,” he said, pulling his phone out of his trouser pocket.

“Yes, yes of course,” she agreed.

Jonathan keyed the number in and paced as the phone rang on the other side, walking towards the large picture window behind the reception desk, staring out at the city without really seeing it. He waited impatiently, willing someone to answer, concentrating hard on the seemingly endless ringing on the other side. He only noticed the stealthy movement behind him from the corner of his eye before a he felt a sharp sting at the side of his neck. Instinctively, he reached for the source of the pain, and removed a syringe from his neck. He stared at it incredulously before it dropped out of his rapidly numbing fingers. His last awareness before everything went black was puzzlement tinged with regret.

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