This is an idea for a business card the idea the main colour would conform to the main colour of the clothing and the stripe would conform to the pattern or second colour on the garment.

Pro Athletes

As much as I don’t want to watch the NHL playoffs. I get sucked in. It’s almost a social thing. At this time of year I find myself paying a little extra attention just to have something to talk about with the general public. It’s not that I want to start a conversation wt ppl….simply that I want to have some ammo if confronted by a social butterfly. Personally I think they are paid way too much for what they do. Then my body n conscious replays years of competitive sports and how damaged my own body is from  competitive sports and I have to say maybe the price tag is slightly less exaggerated.

I don’t want to complain because I like stained! But, it’s $12 when it takes a minute tops to fuckin make a new layer, put a color, and turn down opacity. (might be more complex than that, sure, but for these guys who do this shit as a job, no more than a minute, still)

why fr? it would have been gr8 for baldwin, he still has no terts, and it’s very strange compared to other genes, so it would have worked perfectly as a companion to poitox.

I’m just really disappointed. I probably could have used this on quite a few dragons, but I can’t justify spending 1200g on something I could make an accent for in under 5 minutes, sell the other copies for just enough to break even, and end up spending less for the exact same effect.

most of the comments on the thread are lashing the staff over that pricetag, lol.

It’s probably (definitely) too late to change it, but one can hope. sigh

I wonder what they’ll say, though


My problem with Stained is more the pricetag than anything. It’s basically the IriShim tert so I can see why the Staff would make it a Gem Gene. But it’s also literally effortless beyond the repetition needed to produce images like that (all you do is change the hex color of the gradient layer and save the new image. That’s literally it after you make it the first time per template,) so I don’t feel it’s worth as much as other gen genes, that required some actual thought to the placement of the markings and whatnot. This is literally a semitransparent color skin over the whole of the dragon, though I do appreciate the staff taking time to at least make some parts more opaque that others. It’s not worth u12.

I feel like if they introduced a class of cheaper gem genes starting with stained, people would be a lot more amenable to it. Because it’s a good idea and I can see why it was made – but it’s just straight-up not worth the amount they want for it because anyone could have done that if they just took the time to make it a skin and lowered the opacity until it was under 30% coverage. And done it cheaper than what the Staff expects users to pay.

Like I’m an artist in my professional life and the whole “cost of materials” debate is absolutely worthless because it takes someone’s time and experience and knowledge to make a piece, not just the materials, alright? But that’s just it – I could teach someone to turn these out in five minutes of cursory photoshop experience because it’s just an overlay layer and there is a built in tool for making gradients over the whole or parts of an image like this. Anyone could do this. And it still took effort to make, and it’s still worth money, and I can even support it being a Gem Gene. But it shouldn’t be worth as much as Circuit and Glimmer because even “underbelly, but with highlights” at least took time to lay the damn sparkles down. 

IriShim are just “shading level three+a gradient” but at least each one took time and effort to lay down the shading and whatnot. CryFace took a lot of effort to make it look like actual gems and not some abstract dragon art, PetButt (whenever the former, petal, is released) took time to draw and color and design too – but Stained is LITERALLY just a gradient layer and they even fucked up the QC on that – which given how many images they had to make, I understand, but it still had to be said. 

I like Stained, I like the idea of the gene, I have dragons I could use it on. No one is complaining because it’s a terrible IDEA, no one is attacking you if you like it. People are mostly incensed because the Staff expect us to pay 12 dollars for something that anyone could do in five minutes and release as a skin for 700g, without having to sacrifice their tertiary spot on top of that.

I feel like Stained would have went over a LOT better if it was a Quarternary gene instead of a Tertiary gene, too, but we don’t have those… yet.

Just… man, I like Stained. But I’ll be getting dragons off the AH with it instead, I think.


#tb 🎶 When my friend @ottiliajansson and I had a jam session @clarionamaranten 🎶 She has an amazing voice 😀🙏🏻🎶 Enjoy this sample 🎶 #jamsession #acoustic #cover #clarionarlanda #friend #guitar #jessiej #pricetag @thegoodvoice #live #voice #ottiliajansson (på/i Clarion Hotel Amaranten)


Ksenia and Fedor with Jessie J Pricetag


Okay let’s talk about something

Earlier I saw a post talking about how people, especially younger people, assume that they must be dumb just because they aren’t good at things like math or science, or any particular subject really.

Well, just because you aren’t good at something doesn’t automatically make you dumb.

Most of the things you learn in math or science can be googled. Have a math problem that needs solved? Try wolfram alpha (google it). My college professors have literally said that it’s ridiculous to expect people to solve things on paper anymore when we have 100% reliable tools available to us for FREE. There’s a graphing calculator you can download for free to your smartphone called Desmos. Compared to a $120 pricetag on a normal graphing calculator, this is a much better alternative. Not to mention it can do a LOT more.

My point is, just because you aren’t good at something doesn’t mean you’re stupid or dumb. Can you work a computer? Can you ask questions of other people? Can you read a book? That’s all you need to find the answers to the questions you have. Just ask or look it up. Somebody will have the information. Nobody is expecting you to be a jack of all trades.

Everybody is good at different things. That’s why the word talent exists. Everybody’s talents are for different things. That doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you special. It makes you unique. So what if you aren’t good at math? Maybe you’re amazing at writing. So what if you’re bad at writing? Maybe you’re amazing at working with computers. Maybe you’re an amazing artist, or speaker, or you’re great at chess, or you have a hobby that you take a lot of pride in. Don’t dwell on the things that you aren’t good at. Focus on the things that you are great at. Look at yourself as a set of “I can” s, not a set of “I can’t” s.

Nobody is expecting you to become a master of all human knowledge. They just want you to do well in whatever avenue you choose for your life. So please don’t beat up on yourself because you find it difficult to do something that comes naturally to somebody else. Instead, focus on the things that you can do, and how you can do those things even better in the future.


“Price Tag” by Jessie J #nowplaying #jessiej #pricetag #bob #cymbal


Price tag - Jessie J

Jean Bugatti with the Bugatti Royale ‘Esders’ Roadster, 1932

This had a 12.7 litre inline 8-cylinder engine that produced almost 300 hp, very high for 1932, when the Ford Model A had 40 hp.  Because of their pricetag, only 3 of the 6 were sold at the time.

Wheelbase: 4.3 metres (169.3 in)
Length: 6.4 metres (252.0 in)
Tare weight: 3.175 tonnes (7,000 lb)