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Anybody wanna join me for a good ol’ sci-fi and cry?

I wish Elder McKinley had a sad reprise like Price, Cunningham, and Nabulungi. Realizing he finally needs to accept himself and come to terms with his sexuality because I think that was really the only thing missing from BOM.

The Mairon/Sauron Fanfics I Want

Celebrimbor/Annatar Redemption: In which Celebrimbor is a little more wise and a little less trusting, while Annatar is a little less paranoid, insane and more willing to listen. Also Annatar isn’t as good at hiding all that trauma as he thinks he is (and is not as interested in the ring plan if Celebrimbor can convince him he’s safe), while Celebrimbor isn’t as ruthless and cold as he thinks he is. Boy, will the Fëanorians explode when they find out who their house baby is involved with.

Feanor/Sauron Redemption: In which Feanor actually realizes the price for getting his silmarils back and decides to call off the war in exchange for something Morgoth values almost as much as the silmarils: Sauron. Morgoth is only too happy to avoid an annoying war with elves, so he agrees (After all, he can always kill Feanor later and get Sauron back). Sauron is not happy about this. So Feanor ends up with a genius, beautiful, traumatized, twisted maia who happens to be as good if not a better smith than Feanor. Yeah, avoid combustibles with these two. [My goodness, have I just made Sauron into Helen of Troy?]

Elrond/Sauron Redemption: Because everyone forgets Elrond isn’t just a half-elf; he’s also got some maia in there. And Elrond is a healer and a Noldor. It’s just too poetic to pass up. And Irmo can help.

Sauron/Arien Redemption: Both have been victims of Melkor (Arien having been raped by Melkor), so you get a chance for a strong, non-victim female lead and a battered, abused, but strong male who needs to cope with years of abuse (having lived with his abuser for literal ages). Both are fire spirits (in Arien’s case, she’s actually the sun). This needs to happen.


Rucas in Paris (Parisian Love)

Note: I saw another one that had the same overall concept as this one (it was a great and totally cute) and well I decided to do it because I feel like this moment would definitely happen in Paris. Also sorry if I get the info on Le Jules Verne/Eiffel Tower wrong. Never been there.

Lucas was nervous. He has never been more nervous in his life than in this moment. Riley Matthews sat across from her twirling her fork around and talking about how nice it was to finally experience Paris after years of talking about it.

She had been surprised when Lucas had requested dinner at the Le Jules Verne, located in the Eiffel Tower. She was astonished that Lucas had requested a reservation a while ago and nearly declined it after she realized the price. She had more than nothing wanted to split the bill but Lucas insisted that he had it covered.

The group had decided to go to Paris for a nice summer vacation. Riley and Lucas had recently celebrated their ten year anniversary of being a couple (they started dating when they were 15/16 and were now 25/26). They began dating shortly after he asked her to homecoming and he had gifted her with a promise ring their last year of high school.

That promise of being together forever was getting closer and closer to happening. The sophisticated, sparkly promise of a new beginning felt heavy in his left pocket.

Riley stopped talking and gasped as she looked past Lucas. Lucas turned just in time to see a man proposing to his girlfriend. The restaurant applauded and congratulated the newly engaged couple.

“So much for that idea,” Lucas grumbled.

Riley gave him a questioning look and he just shrugged it off. They started eating and sharing stories of their childhood like they always did. Finally, Lucas decided to take Riley up to the second level of the Eiffel Tower. The waiter directed them towards the private elevator and they went up a floor.

The view was amazing sure, but it was slightly too breezy. Riley’s hair was whipping around but she smiled at the view.

“Oh, look, Lucas another proposal! ” She cooed, pointing to a couple nearby declaring their love.

“Unbelievable, “Lucas muttered.

The City of Love for sure. Lucas almost felt like a total cliche for wanting to propose in one of the most romantic landmarks he knew. After, enjoying the view they decided to explore the city.

Riley was currently dancing on the street next to a musician laughing carelessly. Lucas grinned seeing just how beautiful the moonlight made her eyes twinkle. He grabbed her hand and began twirling her.

Couples and families clapped and joined in on the dancing. All laughing and twirling, beaming with joy. It was the perfect moment. It was no Eiffel Tower proposal but it was just as beautiful.

He got down on one knee and Riley stopped. Her eyes were dewy and her lips trembled with anticipation.

"It’s always been you, Riley, "Lucas began. "Ever since you fell on my lap. I’ve done this before, in middle school. I did it for Farkle. Now I’m asking for me. Will you do me the honor of-”

“Yes!” Riley pulled him into a hug not letting him finish. “Yes, I’ll marry you. A billion times yes.”

Her eyes were filled with tears and he realized so were his. Everyone clapped as he placed the ring on her finger. He was just glad no one else tried to propose this time. He didn’t want another proposal to interfere his.

The musician began sing a slow melody and Lucas cradled Riley in his arms as they danced under the stars.

“I told you we’d go to Paris someday,” He said looking down at a smiling Riley.

Her eyebrows pulled in confusion.

“Art class,” He whispered into her ear. “Ring a bell? Bonjour my beautiful fiancee.”

“That explains why you insisted on coming to Paris,” Riley said. “Also the constant babble of art class and Parisian love.”

“How about a honeymoon here?” Lucas asked winking.

“Sure, Friar,” Riley said trailing kisses from his jaw to his ear. “I want to have memories here as Riley Matthews and new memories as Riley Friar.” She bit his earlobe lightly.

“I can’t wait for that, Soon-to-be-Mrs. Friar,” He chuckled, holding her tightly.