prices creek


What I will draw:

  • Anthro characters
  • OCS
  •  Characters from shows
  • Humans, demons, angels, etc 

What I won’t draw:

  • Gore
  • NSFW
  • Animals (I’m not the best at drawing them but I can try)
  • Mecha
  • Things that make me uncomfortable
  • Character’s designs that are too complex for me 




Commission Type: Sketch, Lineart, Flat colors, full colored (bust/half body/full body)

Character Reference: (character sheet refference)
Details: (emotions, poses)
Background: Yes/No (is just a flat color like the one in the pictures) FREE

Payment Type: Paypal (The payment will be split in half, half upfront then half later )

If you have any question send me a message!!

Waiting to Fall B&W – Sim’s Creek, Julian Price Memorial Park, Blue Ridge Parkway near Blowing Rock, NC, June 29, 2014

We have to make our peace with ourselves,

And trust ourselves to ourselves.

An adversarial and contentious relationship with our own inner world

Is no way to foster the kind of alliance necessary to make our way

In the outer world.

All of our conflicts and contradictions are striving for the same end:

The ultimate good of the whole.

All of our parts have the good of the whole at heart.

It takes an overseer with nothing at stake in the process or the outcome to bring it all together and coordinate the efforts of each aspect of our personality in the service of the Self we each are.

That would be the role of consciousness.

That would be the result of growing up,

And being able to live conscientiously and reliably

Out of an orientation of “Thy will, not mine, be done”–

With the “Thy” being the consensus of the parts in service to the whole,

And the “mine” being the individual parts making up the whole.


Our place is to realize our role in our life

And establish diplomatic relations with the inhabitants of the inner world,

Initiate conversations,

Honor views,

Request cooperation,

Promote respect

And establish connections within that serve the common good,

And see where it goes.