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Truth May Vary

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“Alright! Another win for Voltron!” Hunk shouts animatedly as he wraps an arm around Keith’s shoulder, shaking him as he cheers, “Did you guys see how Keith dodged that laser beam when one of the Galras tried to sneak up on him? Keith, buddy, that was amazing! You totally flipped them!”

Keith laughs as he takes off his helmet and brushes Hunk’s praise off. “What? No, come on! Are you kidding? Were you even present when your Lion completely crushed that rock and saved the entire village? Because I was and it was out of this planet, man.”

“Okay, guys, but I think I speak for everyone that the best part was when we formed Voltron and we completely destroyed that Robeast because Shiro’s plan was on point!” Pidge cuts in, grinning behind her shoulder to meet their leader, “If it hadn’t been for your quick thinking, the battle would have taken a lot longer.”

Shiro chuckles from his place besides Allura and waves the compliments off with a hand. “No way. The plan was a success because your plants held the Robeast long enough for us to make a move, Pidge. You have been improving a lot since the day we found of about your Lion’s power.”

Lance watches from the sidelines as he stands besides Coran, a few feet away from the team. He smiles fondly as he hears them cheer and praise each other, their adrenaline and enthusiasm that always come from a winning battle still running through their blood.

“Wait, wait, but did you guys notice when Lance –” Keith’s sentence is suddenly cut off when the Prince of the Royal Family from the Kingdom they just saved clears his throat abruptly, catching everyone’s attention and making Keith’s proud grin to dim, replacing it with a frown.

“On behalf of my people and my Mother, I would like to express our gratitude towards the brave Paladins of Voltron who saved us today and forevermore, for it is their duty to defend and serve this Universe from the claws of evil.” The Prince says, voice high and powerful.

He stares into each of the Paladin’s eyes before they fall on Allura. “Princess Allura, please, as a thank you, allow us to escort you and the entire team to our Castle in order to present you an exquisite and well deserved banquet in your honor.”

Allura smiles and opens her mouth to respond but Lance’s voice beats her to it.

“Sure, dude!” He shouts happily, walking a few steps until he’s standing beside Allura and Shiro. “A banquet is always appreciated! I mean, Voltron really kicked some serious ass today if you know what I mean.” Lance can hear the way his team groan and chuckle at his words, too used to Lance’s cocky facade and he can feel Allura’s playful smack of her hand on his ribs.

Lance’s grin fades when the Price stares down at him unamused and something inside him drops unpleasantly.

“Blue…Paladin, of course.” The Prince says, a bore and uninterested tone on the back of his tone as he forces a rigid polite smile, “While I agree with you on the fact that Voltron surely won this battle by their own hands, I have to ask…”

He pauses, letting his words linger in the air as he takes a step towards Lance and clicks his tongue.

“Why are you on the team? I’m sure that your … talents, if you even have some, can be of much assistance back in the Castle.”

Lance’s smile falls and he hears the way someone behind him takes a sharp intake of breath but Lance doesn’t bother to turn around to found out who exactly.

“Well, I am the Blue Paladin. I have to be where the team is, of course.” Lance says, mouth twitching in what he hopes to be a smile but ends up being a grimace.

The Prince clicks his tongue once again and shakes his head as if in disappointment. “Ah, my apologies, Blue Paladin. I had just assumed that you were just filling the spot for the time being until the true Blue Paladin claimed the title.”

Lance doesn’t need to turn around to know what’s happening behind his back. He can feel the tense air that has settled on the team. He can hear the hard shallow pants from Hunk’s end as the Yellow Paladin tries to suppress the urge to lunge at the Prince. He can hear the soft faint sound of Shiro’s arm activating itself along with Keith’s bayard. He can even feel Pidge’s deathly glare that goes through him to get to their target that is the Prince.

He feels the grip of Allura’s hand on his suit tighten and the way Coran’s hand find its way until it’s resting on his shoulder.

But the Prince doesn’t. He doesn’t see, feel or sense any of what Lance does because they are not his team, they are Lance’s.

The Prince continues.

“No offense, Blue Paladin, but I had actually thought that Princess Allura here was the rightful Paladin for the Blue Lion. Having her leadership and power aside, she seems to be such a good fit for the title.”

Lance doesn’t disagree.

“Of course, I might be wrong. After all, there must be a reason why you are fighting besides Voltron itself. I speak out only because I believe your talents have been blurred by being surrounded by such powerful people and I’m merely concerned about the efficiency in future battles, thinking that your efforts may not be good enough –”

Lance can’t even come up with a response because suddenly there’s a body rushing past him and then Keith is standing there, pressing his Marmora Blade against the Prince’s neck.

“Would you like to say that again? Just to make sure I have the right motive to make you regret those words?” Keith hisses, face inches away from the Prince’s.

“Keith.” Coran calls, sharp and with a hidden warning, “Step back from the Prince, right now, Young Paladin.”

“But Coran –!”

Right now.

Keith growls but ends up taking a step back, his scowl deep in his face as he glares at the Prince from a distance.

“Prince Yult,” Allura says, voice tight and on edge as she releases Lance’s suit and takes a step forward, “While we appreciate your hospitality, you have no right to –”

“Princess Allura, if I may?” Lance cuts off, quiet but firm as he raises his chin high, staring at her evenly.

Allura stares right back, eyebrows furrowed in confusion before she nods.

“Prince Yult.” Lance addresses respectfully and waits until the royal nods at him before he continues, “I can understand your confusion about my position as a Paladin and your concern around the topic. My team’s talent and power is unmeasured and it’s not something anyone can live up to.”

“Lance…” Keith mumbles behind him but Lance continues.

“Which is why I must ask of you, not to doubt my team’s efficiency based on their one weakness that is me.”

“Lance, that’s enough.” Shiro snaps, low and dangerous but Lance doesn’t stop.

“Rest reassured, your highness.” Lance smiles, tight and forced, “That Voltron shall continue winning more battles and I will not be a liability to the team.”

“Buddy, come on, stop –”

“Now, if you excuse me, your highness.” Lance says, cutting Hunk’s plead short, “I shall take my leave. I’m sure the rest of the team would love to meet the Queen, but I sadly need to go back to the Castle and stand guard.”

Lance doesn’t wait for an answer. He turns around, ignoring the way Keith reaches out to him and how the rest of the team calls his name.

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Do you know what makes me the giddiest about the CS Wedding? It’s that fact that now and forever, when I rewatch my favorite episodes, it’s going to be like this:

The Crocodile - the camera pans up from those black boots and leather clad legs to that windblown hair. Emma Swan is going to marry that.

Tallahassee - all of it - They’re gonna get married! They’re gonna get married!

In the Name of the Brother - he’s in the hospital bed and she pokes him in his broken ribs - Ha! She’s marrying him!

Straight on Til Morning - the whole being a part of something speech - CRYING

Good Form - That was a one time thing - 4,000 kisses and then they get married!

Dark Hollow - “When I win your heart, Emma…” - He so did - and she married him!

New York City Serenade - “Perhaps there was another man you loved…” - Perhaps? MARRIED! (and she wasn’t even close to running out on either of those proposals.)

CS Movie - Emma never stood a chance. *sigh*

White Out - From the ice bucket comment, to the loot conversation with David, to David lifting Emma into Hook’s arms and all the canoodling afterward - She’s got it soooo bad, and they’re gonna get married!

The Apprentice - after the kiss - You know it, girl. You know this is THE guy - the one you wanna marry guy.

Darkness at the Edge of Town - look at happy Emma, getting her jacket, meeting her boyfriend with the coffee and the little kisses right out there on Main Street. Hee. Married!

Poor Unfortunate Soul - “Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you!” Crying! Because, MARRIED!

The Price - coming down those steps at Camelot - Her first wedding gown!

Broken Kingdom - the ultra romantic kiss amidst in the Middlemist field - Her second wedding gown! She’s getting her white picket fence married life!

Last Rites - he is returned to her and she is so overjoyed all she can do is kiss him all over his face -  He is SO hers. She’s gonna marry him!


My professor today: Were gonna talk about ethics in technology. Picking strawberries is extremely difficult and damaging labor for workers. But what if we could automate that process?  Obviously this would be a great thing for anyone who buys strawberries as the price would go down! but what about the single mom who picked strawberries and now has no job? Makes you think doesn’t it? Clearly there is no other option here. Either the worker toils to get rich people strawberries or she and her children starve and die. this is the only ethical issue i can see in this example :)

Thoughts on this year’s first round match ups

Eastern Conference

  • Capitals vs Leafs: These youths just dragged this team to the playoffs only to have to face a playoff machine that can only be stopped by the second round wow ;(
  • Penguins vs Blue Jackets: They gonna kill each other. Blood. Bones. Injuries. NHL Player Safety. It’s going to be mayhem and murder.
  • Habs vs Rangers: Can’t wait to see what Ranger player Price takes down this time
  • Sens vs Bruins: I always forget about the Sens existence ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Western Conference

  • Wild vs Blues: only one of these teams has Cool Dad Vlad on it and it’s the one that better win 
  • Oilers vs Sharks: Can’t wait for the Oilers management to fuck this up somehow 
underrated things from newsies on tour.

(opening cast)

-Zachary’s little hoof hands when he says “riding in style”
-Sky going limp legged when he says “a leg of lamb”
-Nico trying to shoot josh with his slingshot when he walks Stephanie onstage in Banner.
-Dan tying Zachary’s shoe.
-Chaz scratching his fleas.
-Ben and Zachary play fighting.
-Bens little “earthquake or a war” dance.
-Stephen giving DeMarius a piggy back ride.
-Zachary riding in on the wagon.
-Vincent’s reaction to seeing the theatre the first time.
-Angela’s fourth wall breaks during that’s rich.
-all of the boys as theater goers.
-Jack hitting Julian with his bag.
-DeMarius’ mouth hanging open till Sky drags him away after seeing the new newsies price.
-Josh staring down the Delancey’s during Dan’s speech.
-the smiles and waves when Dan says “wadda ya call these guys.”
-Dan’s little disco after writing strike on the board.
-Chaz diving to congratulate Vincent after “he got it”.
-Josh’s reaction to “most auspicious manner”.
-Stephanie on “and let’s pray it does”.
-Sky’s “what the hell! my fadda’s gonna kill me anyway!”
-Ben going cross-eyed during the leapfrog"
-Ben’s little fist pump after Josh’s layout.
-Jeff dragging Mike face down across the stage during the fight.
-Josh being hauled offstage upside down in the wagon.
-Dan penguin sliding downstage on his stomach.

-Chaz’s smile on “I won’t be last in line for the tub tonight!”
-Jeff teasing Ben with the line “you made the front page and you ain’t even dead”.
-Vincent pushing Sky when he calls out Jack.
-Sky’s reaction to Ben’s hug.
-DeMaruis looking confused af.
-Sky fanning himself with a paper then laying back on a chair during “blowing my dough and going deluxe”.
-DeMarius making faces behind Jacob’s back.
-Ben’s little shrug during his table tap solo.
-The excitement when Stephanie mentions drinking, and the disappointment when she explains what she meant.
-Chaz’s little “pee their pantsies” dance".
-Jacob’s singsongy “above the fooollldddd”.
-how Jacob wanders away after “we’re inevitable”.
-Jacob shaking his head after Vincent says “she’s a plum”.
-Dan calling Jacob “smart enough to get a padded room”.
-the collective “ooooooohhh” by the audience when Steve calls Stephanie his daughter.
-Steve’s “then they know I don’t care”.
-Chaz’s *angry* face.
-Ben getting sooo into it.
-Jeff putting a hold on the applause.
-Jacob’s awkward little clap while giving his speech.
-Stephanie’s “I didn’t lie!.. I didn’t tell you everything!”
-Jack’s “and proud to be a part of your revolution”.
-*the moment*
-the little stomp they all do at the end of once and for all.
-Dan’s “it’s a compromise we can all live with”.
-Ben jumping up and down after Dan announces they won.


(feel free to add you own)


I can’t be bothered to write it all down on paper so I am sitting here, sharing it with you instead, while listening to the Russian Orthodox Requiem haha!

Feel free to like & share it to serve as your own reminder. It’s useful as hell.

It is all from the book “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

Read on, my friends. For this is going to teach you many valuable lessons!


Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please and impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite—inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

Note: Yes. This is so important. Especially when it comes to dealing with MEN. Never outshine the MASTER.. oh boy, but how we do ;)

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“I’m still not entirely sure why this is a good idea.” Castiel looked at the large groups of people walking around, the sound of voices and music slowly flowing towards them as they stepped out of the Impala.

“Hey, it’s gonna be fun, I promise, alright?” Dean answered.

Castiel looked at the blonde as he walked over to him and held out his arm.

“Alright.” Cas smiled shyly, then locked his arm together with Dean’s.

He didn’t know how he got so lucky to be on his third date with Dean Winchester, the most handsome and sweetest guy in school. Dean was popular, Cas wasn’t, but Dean still showed interest in Cas since they got Latin together.

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Do you have any advice on getting ready for a first tattoo?

SHOWER. don’t wear any offensively strong cologne/perfume, wear deodorant if applicable because you will sweat and your artist will be all up in your business sniffing that sweet sweet BO and skip applying any lotions/creams to the area you plan on getting tattooed.

do not come to the tattoo shop with a whole crowd of people. your entire family does not have to attend your first tattoo. most artist consider a room full of people distracting and annoying.

having a conversation with your artist is totally fine and can actually help with the nervousness and to pass the time, but don’t be super loud, rude, or obnoxious the entire session. a tattoo shop is often seen as a relaxed place and not really seen as “professional” or whatever but treat your artist with some respect and behave accordingly.

do not stick your phone all up in your artist face trying to get that rad Instagram photo. ask your artist if it’s acceptable to film/photograph them before you start your session.

don’t wear anything you don’t want the possibility of ink dropping onto it accidentally (basically don’t wear a brand new white shirt if you’re getting an arm tattoo cause you might walk out with some ink on it.)

it’s gonna hurt so if you’re not prepared to go hours upon hours in pain for a larger tattoo, break that shit into smaller sessions there is no shame in it.

treat your artist and the shop with basic respect. do not try to haggle with the price or try to down talk their work value. don’t try to trade goods for their service either.

tip your artist. TIP THEM. unless you have a horrible experience tip them fairly.

listen to any advice your artist has for healing your tattoo. don’t skip out on taking care of your tattoo, it’s an open wound and should be treated as such unless you want a poorly healed piece of work or/and an infection.

Just some basic courtesy suggestions I could think of off the top of my head. Hope that helps!

*any one can feel free to add more if they want*

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Ladynoir 13? 👀

“Kiss me.”

“…Um. What.”

Ladybug threw back her head and laughed.

“That’s my price,” she said, ducking down with her hands behind her back, and it had the (probably intended) effect of doubling Chat’s blood pressure. “For one kiss, I’ll tell you one thing. Sound good?”

…Had he stepped into an alternate reality? Some other world where first patrols ended with beautiful partners asking him for a kiss?

“I. Y-yeah,” he managed, voice cracking tellingly. He cleared his throat. “‘Course, my lady.”

A glowing, beatific smile. “Then fire away, kitty.”

He swallowed around his heatbeat and tried to remember what he’d even wanted to ask her in the first place. “A-about next patrol…”

Her eyes dropped to his mouth, and suddenly that mouth was very, very dry.

“Uh…” he said, breathless. “D-do you… Did you want to…” He licked his lips, and then took another unsteady breath when she tracked the motion. “Where did you w-want to meet?”

Which wasn’t what he’d been wanting to ask, but anything more than a simple sentence was beyond him right now.

She hummed absently, the noise rattling behind Chat’s teeth, and leaned in. “Does the Eiffel Tower work for you?”

The gaze on his mouth was so intense he didn’t rightly know what the Eiffel Tower was, but he nodded anyway, and was immediately rewarded with a kiss.

The contact was sweet, short — barely three seconds of very, very soft lips pressing gently to his own — but it still left his entire body feeling like he’d touched a livewire instead.

Ladybug skittered back with a girlish giggle and shouted, “Thanks, Chat!” as she left.

Chat placed a shaking hand over his burning mouth and tried to remember where she’d said to meet next time.

Regret - Part 2

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Genre: angst, fluff, slight smut

Pairing: Johnny x Reader, Taeyong x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You find out that your boyfriend has been cheating on you and you leave him. Almost a year later, he realizes that he hasn’t quite gotten over you and he tries to get you back.

After seeing Johnny with another woman, your heart broke into millions of pieces. After you left his apartment, you could hardly breathe. You had never experienced a pain quite like this. Four years of your life had been wasted, loving him. Four years of your life had been wasted, trusting him. Had it all been a lie? Were there times in the past that he’d cheated on you or had it just been with her? How many times? For how long?

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