How Much Would Walmart Prices Rise If They Paid a Better Wage?

  • According to researchers Ken Jacobs, Dave Graham-Squire, and Stephanie Luce, 41.4 percent of a pay increase to $12 an hour would go to workers in families with total incomes below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.
  • The researches conclude that even if Walmart were to pass 100 percent of a $12 wage increase to consumers, its average impact on a Walmart shopper would be negligible: it would raise prices only 1.1 percent.
  • This 1.1 percent increase in price works out to $0.46 per shopping trip, or $12.49 per year, for the average consumer who spends approximately $1,187 per year at Walmart.
Average Retail Prices Per Pound in U.S. Cities (May 2015 data):

I will post an updated version of this list every month as the new data comes out.

Rice (Uncooked): $0.68
Beans (Dry): $1.49
Potatoes: $0.65
Bananas: $0.58
Apples: $1.30

Ground Beef: $4.14
Bacon: $4.94
Chicken (Boneless breast): $3.41
Eggs: $2.07
Milk: $3.40

This data comes directly from for the average in cities in the United States and is current. The list goes on and plant foods are consistently much cheaper than animal foods.


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Opening commissions finally! <3<3<3 So exciting!

for now, I’m just offering Reg and binary/pixel commissions.
(might do chibis some other time.)

You can either send me a pm on here, or email me at

I am open to pretty much everything, just ask if you’re not sure~! <3

Have a wonderful day everyone!


I have witcher3 thank you111

i’m still open for commissions ^_^ please write 10/10 quality


With all the questions write to XD@JAVVIE.COM or via tumblr ask.

I’m starting making commissions, please don’t laugh, I need to get money to pay for my insura—OH HEALTH CAN WAIT, I need to buy games on upcoming Steam Sale. My first goal is Witcher 3. So far I had two customers and they were very happy and smiling at the gorgeous art they get for the price of a discounted Starbucks coffee (but keep in mind, I will eventually change the prices, so it’s better to commission me now), you can see my commission profile on deviantart and this certain commission platform (over there you get slightly different thing, that’s why the prices vary)


Guysss, for anyone who could be interested i’m opening comissions, i tried to make it as cheap as possible cause it’s not like my art is anything wow and, yeah…

I’m gonna see of opening a paypal account if i get any requests, not before since maybe no one is interested in some cheap ass drawings and ahh i’m rambling.

Average Price Per Pound (U.S.) Of:

Rice (Uncooked): $0.67
Beans (Dry): $1.51
Potatoes: $0.65
Bananas: $0.60
Apples: $1.25
Ground Beef: $4.23
Bacon: $5.21
Chicken (Whole): $1.54
Eggs: $2.07
Milk: $3.40
This data comes directly from for the average in cities in the United States and is current (from April 2015). The list goes on and plant foods are consistently much cheaper than animal foods. Veganism is affordable.

Upcoming dolls:

Alright everyone, we are approaching doll season which means its time to start preparing our wallets! I’m going to create a comprehensive list of all the dolls we know coming out so you can gauge how much you should start saving:

  • Disneyland Resort exclusive Aurora doll: rumored retail price $119.95
  • D23 exclusive OUaT Snow White and Evil Queen: retail price $129.95
  • D23 exclusive Hans and Elsa designer set: retail price $129.95
  • D23 exclusive 17″ slave Jasmine: retail price $119.95
  • Pre-order for 17″ blue Jasmine: retail price $119.95
  • (RUMOR): 17″ Aladdin: retail price $119.95
  • (RUMOR) Elsa and Hans regular designer set: retail price $129.95
  • Snow White and the Hag designer set: retail price $129.95
  • Rapunzel and Gothel designer set: retail price $129.95
  • Ariel and Ursula designer set: retail price $129.95
  • Peter Pan and Hook designer set: retail price $129.95
  • Frozen Anna and Kristoff designer set: retail price $129.95

There are a lot of dolls coming out and the prices are steep. If you will have to buy some of these dolls on eBay, like the D23 ones, the prices will most likely double and triple the retail price. Start saving. Looks like we’re going to have another busy doll year!

Ok, I really need money before school starts cause personal reasons, so, I decided to open headshot comissions! I can do almost all the species of animals or even humans (tough I don’t know how to barely do them)
I feel so bad having to do comissions for money but I’m forced to do it… If you are interested please send me a message where we can talk about the details of the commish! And if you are not interested a reblog or spreading this would be so appreciated ;w; Thanks for reading this and have a good day! ♡



Will draw:

Won’t draw:

paypal fee:  1,15 USD
I only accept payment through PayPal

About refunds:
If you’re not satisfied with the drawing, i won’t re-do it and you cannot get a refund, sorry about that.
So in order for this not to happen, i will send you progress picures of it, and a sketch of the idea before i fully go into drawing your commission. So please be honest and we’ll both be happy!

Open commission places:




Contact me either through tumblr or my email!
My email:

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hairdyemgc asked:

for the anon that asked about the merch prices, in America it's tees- $38-46 hoodie- $76 ketchup- $38 foam finger- $9 your program- $23 set of 4 head shots- $8 socks- $23 bags- $15 sweatbands- $15 key rings- $8 wristbands- $8 wooly hats- $38 scarves- $30 badge set- $8 mugs- $15 glowing wristbands- $15 I hope this helps!!

Thank you !!


Commissions are Currently Open!

I NOW HAVE A PAYPAL SO YEAH.  Drawings like those featured above are $20.  If you’re interested in a flat pony, pixel, ref sheet, or other please visit my pricelist which you can find here or email me with questions. 

I will take five spots at this time.  Payments must be made before commission is completed.  All payments must be made through paypal..

If you’re interested in a commission, please email me at with your reference and url.


  • Taken - Amber Pixel ponies (DA)
  • Taken - Glitterbell Almond bloom (DA)
  • Taken - Origin
  • Taken - Noexcusepanda (DA)
  • Taken - Frog thing pixel!