Starring: Maxine Rockatansky, Pricerator Chloeosa, Kate the Fragile, Vic the Knowing and War-ren Boy.

After years of absence, Maxine (Max Caulfield) returns to the dusty outpost of Arcadia Bay and reunites with her long lost partner, Pricerator Chloeosa (Chloe Price), a rugged and daring warrior desert-punk princess. Together, the two search for a missing member of their convoy. With every clue uncovered, they begin to realise that there is something sinister happening beneath the sand …

Oh, and Max can control time lmao. And she causes an apocalyptic storm. She dun screwed up now, fam.

Why Carey Price is amazing

Williams Lake Minor Hockey office administrator Pam Povelofskie can barely move around her office at the Cariboo Memorial Complex, and that suits her just fine.

That’s after a massive shipment of hockey equipment arrived in Williams Lake this week, literally filling her office from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, courtesy of none other than Montreal Canadiens’ netminder Carey Price.

“It’s a good mess,” Povelofskie said Wednesday. “I love it.”

Price and CCM — his equipment provider — sent thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of goaltending equipment to the WLMHA, hockey sticks and gear to the Williams Lake KidSport chapter, the Boys and Girls Club of Williams Lake and District, Williams Lake Big Brothers Big Sisters and 15 more sets of gear split between the Tsilhqot’in Nation (TN), the Northern Shuswap Tribal Council (NSTC) and the Cariboo Chilcotin Tribal Council (CCTC).

Povelofskie and the WLMHA were contact by Carey’s dad, Jerry Price, who set up the donations, and said it was something his son wanted to do.

Pads, blockers, gloves, chest protectors and more will be distributed among the WLMHA’s house divisions, Povelofskie said.

WLMHA house co-ordinator Todd Isnardy said the gear will ease the financial burden for kids and parents, especially in the bantam and midget divisions where goaltenders are sparse. The donation will allow for players to try the position with top-quality gear.

“I’m very humbled Jerry and Carey and CCM still think of Williams Lake Minor Hockey,” Isnardy said.

“I’ve met Jerry a couple times and I’m amazed. When I talked to him I said you are, as a hockey dad, the reason I got on the executive. That’s what we should be emulating. Both him and his son are so gracious, and I was almost speechless after I talked to him that first time.”

Meanwhile, Punky Lake Wilderness Camp Society’s adult justice co-ordinator Bruce Baptiste was tasked with selecting five youth (two girls and three boys), all strong role models, from the Tsilhqot’in Nation, to deliver the equipment to. The same was done for the NSTC and the CCTC by Shawn Holte and Bonnie Slack, respectively.

“They were really excited. Christmas came early for those kids,” Baptiste said.

“I think it’s totally awesome [of Carey]. Giving back to the community like that and to kids that need the gear. I’m pretty impressed. One day I’ll meet him and give him thanks for this.”

KidSport secretary Deb Radolla said she was thrilled the organization was contacted. As of Wednesday, the KidSport office at the CMRC was so full you could barely open the door.

“KidSport and JumpStart have been helping children in Williams Lake play hockey and other sports in Williams Lake since 2005 but we have never had such a generous equipment donation,” Radolla said.

“This will help many families in the community and make Williams Lake a healthier place to live, work and play.”

anonymous asked:

Are there any good guides for how to pack? Or how to place packers?

I can’t think of any guides off the top of my head, but here’s a brief 101 on packing that hopefully will be somewhat helpful.  If any followers can think of anything that I’ve missed, or any good resources then let us know and I’ll add it in.

Choosing a packer
There are dozens of different packers out there to choose from, but if you’ve not packed before the best option to go for initially is something cheap.  Packing isn’t for everyone, some people find it really helpful, or even necessary, whereas others might find that it’s something that they only need to do occasionally, or that it worsens their dysphoria by making them more aware of that area.  You obviously don’t want to be shelling out for one of the pricer packers if it’s not something that you find useful, and lots of people prefer the cheap options and don’t feel the need to “upgrade” to anything more expensive.

One of the best places to start in my opinion is the Mr Limpy. There are a couple of different places that you can find these, but the UK stockists tend to be Überkinky, Lovehoney, Bondara, or Amazon UK.

As far as size goes, err on the side of choosing something smaller rather than larger.  Something smaller will be much easier to manage than something larger, and will be more inline with flaccid cis penises anyway.  An “extra-small” or “small” Mr Limpy is a good place to start for most people.

That’s not to say that other packers are bad,  there are some very good ones out there, but they’re a little pricer so it’s more of a loss if they don’t work out for you. There are some benefits to silicone packers, which most others are, particularly that they’re easier to keep clean. There are also various options when it comes to STP packers.  Or on the other end of the scale, you can start packing with a sock or DIY condom packer to try it out first.

There are loads of different ways you can go about holding a packer in place, ranging from tight underwear, to DIY options, through to special expensive underwear.  As a general rule of them, the heavier the packer, the more support it needs.

  • No harness - if you wear briefs or tight boxer briefs you might feel secure enough to not wear a harness at all, but definitely check that it won’t move about too much (or fall out!) before wandering around in public.  Another slightly more secure way to pack in just underwear is to use the keyhole fly found in some boxer briefs as a pocket to keep it in.  This also has the benefit of keeping it away from your skin, as some people can be experience some irritation.
  • Jockstraps - these are sort of halfway between not using a harness and the DIY options.  You can either wear them under your normal underwear to hold your packer in place as they are, or cut a hole in the front to allow the shaft to hang naturally.
  • DIY options - having a google of “DIY packer harness” will bring up loads of options for making your own harness, often with quite basic materials/skills.  Some of the most popular ways are either simply safety pinning a sock to the front of your underwear to pop it in, or sewing an o-ring/hairband to a piece of elastic, such as the top of an old pair of boxers.
  • Ready made harnesses - there are lots of places selling ready-made harnesses too.  Some of the most popular are packing underwear made by companies such as RodeoH, or cheaper alternatives of these, for example on Lovehoney.  There are other cheaper, strappier, options too.

The best advice here is to practice and find what works best for you in terms of feeling comfortable and looking natural.  A good place to start is to try positioning the shaft so that it starts from the same place, or just above, your natural dick.  From here you can work out the most comfortable position to have shaft pointing, either down and to one side is common, or slightly less common is upwards (some packers, particularly more rigid silicone ones, aren’t designed to point upwards, so make sure you’re not putting too much strain on the join between the balls and shaft).

What you do with the balls is down to personal preference really, but having them tucked between your legs slightly can be the most comfortable, although it gives a slightly smaller bulge.

When it comes to seeing how things look, having a look in the mirror can be the best way to get a good idea of how other people will see it. Looking down gives you a bit of a skewed perspective, and things will always look bigger from that angle (the same goes for binding and your chest too!)  If you haven’t got a crotch-height mirror you could take a photo instead. Having a look at clothing sites can be a good way of checking out what other men’s bulges look like without having to go out and stare at people’s crotches, and gives you the option of seeing people in underwear too, although those models might be a little more well endowed than average.

When it comes to packers, the best way to keep them clean is to treat them like part of your own body.  You can wash them with the same soaps that you wash yourself with, and this should be enough to keep them clean and hygienic. Some silicone packers can be sterilised by boiling for a deeper clean, or even put in the dishwasher, but always check the manufacturers recommendations first, and don’t try either on cyberskin Mr Limpys.  Sex toy cleaner can also be used, but isn’t a necessity.

Once you’ve cleaned your packer you might find that it becomes tacky and sticky.  The best solution to this is to dust it with a small amount of cornflour (known as cornstarch in America).  You can find this in the baking section of supermarkets, and will cost about a quid for a supply that will last you a very long time.

If you’re not going to be wearing your packer for a while, try not to put it on anything important, porous, or highly varnished as they can sometimes leave a bit of oily residue behind, especially when they’re new.  Also beware of leaving it within reach of pets, as dogs in particular can be a fan of turning them into chew toys!

~ Alex