In The Hands of Evil


Because Ashi deserves better than an abusive mother and an unfeeling idol of Aku.

Warning: Contains spoilers for the first two episodes of Samurai Jack, Season 5.

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First, they were many. Now, they are one.

Ashi returns to the temple where she was born, with a stolen sword and a heart full of grief. She doesn’t quite get the welcome that she wants- but she might finally get the chance she deserves.


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So let’s start this off right.
Date night as a matter of fact. You come pick me up from the house and you come knocking at my door. You were expecting me in jeans boots and maybe a nice shirt. However, what you got was woman dressed in a fit right dress; one you have not seen before with some of your favorite pair of high heels. All dolled up with makeup which later on you’ll hate. You’re face reaction is priceless and I wished I would’ve been recording you at the time. You say hello to my mother letting her know she might not come home tonight with a laugh and smile. After that, you escort me to your truck. As I was helping myself in you suddenly smack my ass and say “get that fine ass up in there”. You drive to our location. Help me outta the truck and walk next to me showing me off as your woman. And you’re proud of it. You gladly guide me to my side of the booth then decide “fuck that I can’t sit across from you” you slide on in next to me. Our waiter asks us what we’d like to drink however you’re distracted. You can’t seem to keep your eyes off of me. So i answer for you. You’re giving me the look of a lifetime and all I can do it blush and smile. You gently lay your hand on my thigh and kiss my cheek making sure that I’m okay and comfortable. More of a reassurance type. Little did you know, I wasn’t wearing any panties and was anticipating you’d raise your hand up higher to notice it. I bite my lip anxiously waiting for your next move. But of course we got interrupted. The waiter took our order and went right along. I look back at you and catch you looking somewhere unexpectedly. That would be down my dress do to the slight v neck it has. I respond to it “uhhh what are you doing” and your response was “want me to be honest” me: “of course” you: “ I can’t keep my eyes off you and I’m only imagining what I’d do to that fine ass of yours” I start to smile and then say “well I don’t believe you” before you start your sentence. I brush my hand gently over the outside of your pants and notice you’re a bit hard. I raise and eyebrow and say “oh really” you smile anxiously waiting for my next move. I start to rub on it a bit then you move your hand up towards my clit and realize I’m not wearing panties. You then look up at me and ask “why don’t we skip desert” I of course agree. You paid for dinner and then escorted me back to the truck. Before hoping in you took a look around and noticed nobody was around. So you decided to grip my bare ass catching me at a slight moan. Then whispered in my ear saying “I can’t wait to have you for dessert” you then teasingly slid a finger in noticing how wet I had became throughout dinner" you knew I wanted you just as well as I wanted you oh so dearly much. You helped me in and then we drove off…. the rest is to be continued and you can wait for that later 😉💋
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awintersrose  asked:

De-aged Oro is precious, and the idea of him of him being on Kakashi’s team is priceless. Please tell me there is the hope of more along these lines someday? I know you have SO MANY people who ask the same question regarding a multitude of works, but the concept is so cute (and potentially chaotic awesomeness in general or if memories return), i couldn't help asking.

Maybe possibly, but at the moment I can’t make any promises, sorry. 

Starry Night

Starry night starry night
The moonlit sky,
And the stars that burn bright.
The hearts that twinkle
When the stars collide,
And the prayers that ascend
While the choppers Pass'em by.
The quiet echoes of the crickets
The cool faint breeze,
And the shadows of the dark
That can barely be seen.
While animals dream
Their happy dream,
I stare at the night sky
In witness to a future that Gleams.
Star like gems that are rich and white,
Riches that can’t be worn by your highness
Because they shine so bright,
Jewels that can’t be bought
Said to be priceless and full of light.
I appreciate the nature and the wild that roams free,
While I sit bedside near my window,
Wondering what tomorrow will be.


so you’ve heard of katsuki yuuri??

then get ready for katsuki “hello single life my old friend” mari