so Simon Ammann was the first person who made Kamil Stoch’s smile real in public. this is not a fake. for the first time since two months, this man truly smiled on a camera and it was because of Simi

during the rest of the interview his smiles are fake

two double Olympic Champions smiling at each other and goofing around. :) don’t even dare deriding any of them.

I completely immodestly think that this gifset is priceless

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Marchand watching his goal vs Toronto, 11/23/15. (x)

So yesterday I’m walking out of Chanel and I see this happening next to my car….. 😱😱😱😭😭😭 I about died laughing haha then I search #BMWi8 hashtags and find the real photo #priceless

Happy valentines! Thank you for the chocolate darling! May surprise talaga?! Kahit umaga ka na natulog, pagkagising ko bumangon ka kaagad para iabot to sakin. Thank you so much for the love and care, for your never ending patience and for understanding me always when im mad or when im at my moody days…and for your support…iloveyou so much! #thankyouforthelove #valentines2016 #happiness #priceless #mylove