In about a half dozen words Elena made a convincing case that the sire bond ain’t sh*t. Tyler had already told her that siring doesn’t change emotions, only actions, so she already felt pretty confident that her love for Damon was real and had been present since before she turned. So yeah, it looked like they both were ready to accept the sire bond as a reality and just stand inside their love for the time being. The problem is that Caroline and Stefan seemed pretty certain that Damon would “do the right thing”, but they were only half-right. It’s just that in this case the right thing was to remain in love? Seemed like a pretty solid decision to me.
Yeah, I really enjoyed this ending. It was the rare TVD ending that didn’t involve a super-loud ballad or fussy dialogue. Just a gesture and a watery eye and an unspoken declaration of commitment. Nicely done, you buncha writer hotties! Guys, this was a terrific episode in my opinion, maybe one of the best of the season so far.

(…) But increasingly I’m starting to see why people get so wrapped up in their ships like that. It’s not so much about fighting for a couple as it is fighting for a fundamental, insisting that there should be some kind of foundation, given, constant to this crazy story.

This season of The Vampire Diaries has seemed, well, all over the place. I still cannot believe how much time was wasted on such a truly terrible villain like Silas, nor how underdeveloped the Augustine stuff has been so far. But the biggest mistake this season made was trying to be a throwback to Season 1 while also throwing all the old character dynamics in a blender. Those fundamental romances and friendships everyone’s always so worked up about? I think I miss them too. In making all the leads constantly break up and then find love in somebody else’s arms, it feels like romantic inbreeding and, well, stagnant storytelling. I truly do not want to see a show where a Nina Dobrev character goes back and forth between the two Salvatores. I know that’s in the DNA of the show at this point, but it’s okay to question the DNA of this show right? Now TVD has the option of either holding strong to what is proving to be a very flawed premise OR it can figure out how to engage its audience without the ever-diminishing returns of yanking the carpet out from under viewers.

What am I saying here? I guess I’m saying that TVD seems to have stripmined all the romantic potential from the three leads (and Caroline) and should probably look elsewhere for sources of emotional angst. Like, don’t give me a Stefan-Caroline hookup when I’d rather each of them fall in love with a new character (or not at all!). I know writers love to double-down on the leads’ romances and everyone’s afraid of another Nikki/Paolo situation, but still. I’m feeling restless! But honestly, what do I know? I’m very much an outlier when it comes to this fanbase. I still love the rhythms and comedy and violence and characters of TVD but I’m increasingly disengaged from what’s going on. I want to be scared again. I want to be curious. I want to sit up and cheer for people. Lately I’ve just been sitting there, accepting one half-hearted storybeat after another. Where is this season going, exactly? Why am I supposed to care?


Price Peterson (x)

The voice of the fandom. Can we give this man a round of applause? Because oh, look! Turns out Klaroliners are not the only people losing interest and thinking this show is a mess! Bless this. A million times.