In about a half dozen words Elena made a convincing case that the sire bond ain’t sh*t. Tyler had already told her that siring doesn’t change emotions, only actions, so she already felt pretty confident that her love for Damon was real and had been present since before she turned. So yeah, it looked like they both were ready to accept the sire bond as a reality and just stand inside their love for the time being. The problem is that Caroline and Stefan seemed pretty certain that Damon would “do the right thing”, but they were only half-right. It’s just that in this case the right thing was to remain in love? Seemed like a pretty solid decision to me.
Yeah, I really enjoyed this ending. It was the rare TVD ending that didn’t involve a super-loud ballad or fussy dialogue. Just a gesture and a watery eye and an unspoken declaration of commitment. Nicely done, you buncha writer hotties! Guys, this was a terrific episode in my opinion, maybe one of the best of the season so far.