Yell at one of my employees? Enjoy your over-priced meal.

I work at a fast-food restaurant in a small town. More specifically, I’m the manager of that store (I don’t own it, but I run it).

As is common for most small towns, we often get customers that come through our drive-thru in those stupid jacked-up diesel pickup trucks, and those things are LOUD, especially when played through a headset directly into your ear.
Not only do those trucks sound like a school bus that hasn’t had a muffler in 12 years, but they make it reeeaaaally difficult to hear the driver through your headset, especially when the driver thinks you can hear their order that’s spoken at normal conversational volume.

One night, one of those douchenozzles rolls into the drive-thru and leaves the engine running, which makes it incredibly difficult for the girl taking his order to hear him (sometimes people will cut the engine as they know this is the case). After several requests to repeat himself to understand his mumbling, the customer gets angry and yells at her, calling her a “deaf-ass b*tch” and saying “How hard is it to f*ckin’ listen.” Needless to say that made me very angry.
Well wonderful Mr. Fecalweiner the store manager also had a headset, so I decided to chime in and tell my employee that I’d deal with it.

I eventually figured out what he wanted, but instead of ringing it up as the Meal with his fries and drink upsized to large sizes, I rang every item up separately. When it’s a “meal,” the system automatically includes a slight discount in the total; when everything is rung up separately, it can almost come out to be $3.00 more expensive than if it’d been made a meal. He never noticed the sizeable change in the price, and I was even able to sell him a couple pies for being “understanding” about the situation. The order taker girl couldn’t stop laughing in the break room after that.

Basically, don’t be an a*shole to people in the drive-thru because they can’t hear you over your stupid truck, or you’ll end up paying almost twice as much as you should for the same order.

Voltron and Toothless are now at Denny’s! Order your favorite kids drink in one of these collectible cups and you’ll also get an epic headband! Breakfast and lunch at Denny’s just got a lot more fun!   

*Limit two free kids’ entrées with the purchase of one regular priced adult entrée. Kids meals limited to all entrées listed on the kids’ menu. Valid at participating restaurants only. Dine in only. Cannot be combined with any other other or promotion. While supplies last.

Dragons are at Denny’s!

Toothless has landed at Denny’s! Gather all your fellow dragon riders and head to your nearest Denny’s for a collectible Toothless cup and headband! Get ready for take off! 

*Limit two free kids’ entrées with the purchase of one regular priced adult entrée. Kids meals limited to all entrées listed on the kids’ menu. Valid at participating restaurants only. Dine in only. Cannot be combined with any other other or promotion. While supplies last.

the ranskov sugar daddy au goes like this: tater, newly moved to the states to play for the falcs meets ransom, the man who volunteers on the ice during public skates to help the kiddos learn to skate, when tater accidentally shows up at the rink at the wrong time. They get to talking as best they can, and they don’t understand each other 100% but you don’t walk away from a guy as handsome as that. At the end of the skate, Ransom rushes off, telling Tater he has to get to his second job [which is to the hospital, where he is a respected doctor] Tater sticks around. 

This continues. Tater shows up early to talk with ransom, who promptly rushes off to his next job as soon as the skate is over. Tater worries that Ransom works so much because money is tight. Ransom thinks Tater is a new immigrant with not much going on in his life because he hangs out around the rink so much and doesn’t talk about his job.

Queue them trying to sugar daddy each other. Tater takes Ransom to a fancy restaurant, and Ransom thinks Tater is just doing this to impress him, but Tater refuses to let Ransom pay. Ransom ups the ante by adding the fanciest bottle of wine to the tab in order to get Tater to back off. This leads to a stand off where they each order the most expensive menu items in a gambit to pay the tab. Until the bill actually arrives. 

They have a mini argument over who’s going to pay. Ransom tells Tater he can’t blow the money he saved to move here on one supper, and Tater tells Ransom he works too hard and can’t waste rent. They stare at each other in confusion.

Turns out they’re both stinking rich and they laugh about it and split the bill and agree that on their next date they should just go get pizza, which is so much better than the over priced meal they had. 

jungkook; morning kiss(es)

❝there’s no such thing as singular in jungkook’s book of kisses. only plural.
►1870 words // scenario
♡ this is for @cno-inbminor​ bc we reached our 200th day snapstreaksary (it’s a word i swear) and this is a little overdue but here it is i tried my best and it’s short but i LOVE YOU KAREN

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Jungkook was a person who could be satisfied (and happy) with the littlest of things in life or, could find significance in anything he came across with. 

One, you (not to be taken literally but hey, he does use the benefit of being taller and you know when you’re shorter you have a better aim at his di-). Two, discounted prices on set meals he wants to eat. Three, finding a dollar lying on the floor and claiming it as his even though he knows damn well it fell from your purse but finders keepers losers weepers. Four, Jimin and Taehyung messing with Hoseok, only got get a beating after and his devil ass is watching from the side the whole time. And last but not least, sleeping until the sun breaks through the window and rakes his ass awake.

He was a heavy sleeper and that, ladies and gentlemen, was not a surprising thing at all. God no. Almost everyone around him had experienced troubles waking him up at least once (thrice) in their lifetime. As quoted from none other than Kim Seokjin and editing from Kim Namjoon: “That boy can sleep until the world burns down and he’ll wake up being alone.” (end scene)

It was all about getting used to, in your opinion. You’d gauge around the time he’d wake up and plan your day on from there. See, if you can’t change the boy’s habit, change the way you work things around. Simple. (unless you’re living with six other guys who gives no shit with your sleeping habits then kudos to you, good luck chap, better luck next life)

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College Tips from a Recent Grad

1. Research your professors. RateMyProfessor is a great resource.
2. Check Facebook for college groups. My college had groups for each class and even had a buy/sell/trade page.
3. Rent your textbooks whenever possible. Buy/rent digital whenever possible. Amazon is your best friend. They have most textbooks, and they even have a rental service.
4. Living off campus is typically less expensive than living on campus due to jacked up housing prices and mandatory meal plans.
5. Bring a bike to campus. It is so much quicker to bike than walk, and most campuses have large sidewalks and/or bike lanes. Some colleges even have semester bike rentals. Bring a lock and please please please wear a helmet.
6. Bring reusable bags for those late-night grocery trips. You won’t have a endless pile of bags in your room and you can actually carry more in reusables due to their durability. (Oh and you’ll be saving the planet).
7. Laundry pods are a great way to do laundry especially if you haven’t washed clothes before. You won’t have to estimate the correct amount of detergent (college washers are super finicky).
Make sure you have lots of quarters if your college has pay laundry. You can get a sleeve at your bank.
8. Buy 2 plates, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 mugs, 2 forks, 2 spoons, and 2 knives for your room. You won’t have to continually buy paper and plastic ones.
9. Buy paper towels, a sponge, and some soap to clean said dishes and silverware and any other messes you may have.
10. Record your lectures if possible. You can take notes normally, but it helps to have a record if you miss something or if you’re an auditory learner.
11. Google Drive will be your best friend. You can work on group projects without having to meet up. You can take notes as a class and even have a class study guide.
12. Quizlet is super helpful for studying. You can create your own flash cards without having to buy paper flash cards, and you can share it with your classmates. Quizlet helped me so much with my sciences and foreign language!
13. You do not need an unlimited meal plan. You will not eat that much. I promise.
14. Check out to see if your college offers meal equivalency. At my college you could get $3-5 off of a meal at a retail dining location during certain times of the day. This helped me save my dining dollars.
15. Take shit from the dining hall, but bring your backpack to do it. Bring a bottle to get milk. Grab some fruit for snacks. I used to grab bananas for snacks. Take some cookies. Bring tupperware to sneak out cereal or even full meals.
16. Buy a planner and set up a digital calendar too. You’ll be glad you have both.
17. Set multiple alarms. You may not always wake up during the first one. Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready and eat.
18. GroupMe is pretty important too. Classes, dorms, and clubs use GroupMe to communicate. I’ve used GroupMe to coordinate volunteers at my work and to schedule study groups.
19. Buy comfortable and durable shoes. I used to wear hiking sandals or tennis shoes on campus. You will likely walk a lot more than you are used to. I injured my foot my freshman year (initially by playing soccer), but because I wore unsupportive shoes while walking 6+ miles a day I fractured my foot!
20. Wear whatever the fuck you want to wear. You don’t have a dress code anymore. People will always dress fancier than you, but it doesn’t matter. Dress comfortably.
21. But a supportive backpack. I highly recommend a hiking pack. You will likely carry several books and a laptop with you, and your backpack will be heavy.
22. You don’t need a car in college unless you have no way to get home on breaks, you live too far away off campus to walk, and/or your job/internship is too far away to walk.
23. Use public transportation when available. Some colleges have their own bus system. Some cities give discounted bus and train passes to students.
24. Add your campus police and crisis lines to your phone. Have the campus police on speed dial. You never know what will happen.
22. Carry some form of self-protection. I had a brass knuckle type thing was the shape of a cat head and it would poke my attacker’s eyes. I eventually got a knife (for work), but I know people with mace. Get mace with a safe sprayer (so you don’t spray yourself) and a black light dye (invisible to the naked eye).
23. Free stuff is the shit. Sometimes you can get a snack or meal for free! Check out your college’s calendar for a list of events with free stuff. Twitter is also a great resource for knowing when free stuff is being given away.
24. Do not get a pet in college unless you have a schedule that allows you to be home a lot, an apartment that allows it, and the money to afford it. An average vet trip will cost $100. I got a cat my senior year, and he cost around $800 that year between vet costs, pet fees, food, and litter. Visit your local animal shelter if you miss animals. I saw too many neglected animals in college.
25. Mental and physical health are important. Research your college’s health center. Most will offer free or discounted services. My college offered free counseling and a discounted OBGYN. Make sure to keep up with your physicals in college. Being healthy is important!

modern gothic
  • In the stinging summer heat your car feels like a coffin, mosquitoes keep weaseling their way inside somehow. Their buzzing drone sounds strangely familiar, like a song that used to play constantly on the radio in 2007, one which you never learnt the name of; but everyone else seemed to know all the lyrics to. Like a distant childhood memory, barely graspable. 
  • The air conditioner is busted, didn’t you install a new one just yesterday? Seems like this one is busted, too. You’ll purchase another one tomorrow. The old one functioned but it always leaked a strange green-brown liquid. One that you couldn’t help but wonder if was edible. Now you’re craving guacamole. You ask SIRI to find you the nearest Chipotle. SIRI responds in a dead language it shouldn’t know. Who even programs these things?
  • At the drive-thru, all you hear are faint screams, and then dead air. When you drive up, a boy in a rumpled t-shirt hands you your order. Telepathic franchises are certainly efficient, but it’s a bit difficult to sensor all your thoughts. Think about nothing but your order. Do you want a drink with that? Would you like the two-for-the-price-of-one-meal? Don’t forget to tell them you don’t want anchovies. If you waste a thought on anything else, they’ll know. 
  • You have a feeling that the raccoons are starting a revolt, gathering all the small animals that live behind the tails of neighboring streets to take a stand before they’re road kill. Sometimes at night, when you’re driving back from work, you can almost swear that you’re seeing apparitions of shambling deer and scurrying squirrels crossing the road. Their bright, translucent bodies remind you of stars. You frown, you can’t quite remember the last time you’ve seen the stars.
  • The billboards are glitzy mediums of subliminal messages. Planting uncanny thoughts in order to brainwash the masses. GOT MILK? they ask. ARE YOU HUNGRY? ARE YOU HUNGRY? ARE YOU HUNGRY? ISOLATION, one reads. FEED US, says another. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! it urges. You want to look away, but for some reason, you can’t. They say that if you stare at a billboard long enough, it’ll burn out your eyes. One of your neighbors tried it, then spent three weeks at the hospital. 
  • At a local cafe, there is a man sitting opposite to you who looks like he might be a time traveller. His greasy black hair is slicked back, like a detective from a 60′s noir, he wears a trench coat so long it hides the tips of his shoes. He is licking french fry salt off his fingers. He carries no phone and reads a newspaper that announces the beginning of what could possibly be a Great Depression. Whenever the waitress speaks to him, it is only in a hushed voice. 
  • Your Facebook feed is crowded with warnings of another cyberspace war. When you look up from your phone at the people that wait alongside you at the pedestrian light, their eyes all glow an ambulance blue. You look away. The green light goes off. When you look up again, everyone around you has disappeared, but their phones remain, convulsing on the ground as if having a stroke. As you slip your own phone into your pocket and keep walking, you wonder if Google ate them all.
  • Along certain stretches of highway, no vehicle runs below the speed of 80mph. Along certain stretches of highway, cars vanish into tunnels & never resurface. Along certain stretches of highway, dead hitchhikers clamber atop of your hood and beg for a ride. 
  • You’re convinced you’re seeing the same strangers everywhere. Why does every face strike you as one you’ve seen before? The little blue-eyed boy at the ice cream shop by the pier, causing a tantrum for an extra scoop, the man with the longest beard you’ve ever seen that sleeps on the bench outside your building complex and talks to the stray cats, the woman behind the pharmacy desk who wears too much lipstick and always asks you the same question. “Will that be all?” and when you say yes, she abandons her smile. 
  • The elevator’s broken again, so you take the stairwell up to your apartment. The stairwell seems to go on forever. You have three bags of groceries in your arms. You feel like you’ve been climbing forever. Where did your apartment go? 
  • You’d quite like to escape, to disappear into the countryside. Find a field or a lake or a grassy mountain. Your mailman warns you against it. Says even the people who manage to find the edge of the city, only fall off it.

Gif source:  Castiel

Imagine being a pregnant waitress who was abandoned by your ex and you have self-confidence issues. That is, until Castiel comes in and he’s really shy and blushes like mad whenever you compliment him. He gives you his number in case you want to talk to him.

——— Request for anon ———

He was scruffy and looked like he’d been in a fight with the scratch that marred his cheek, but his eyes didn’t look dangerous. If anything, he looked like he just needed a warm meal and some kindness. That, you could give to him.

You were wobbling a little with the extra effort these last few weeks of your pregnancy took as you brought the man his coffee. You were getting close to the due date, but you still worked because you had to. Besides, this diner was ran by you just as much as the elderly man who owned it.

“Have you decided what you’re having, hun?” you ask the customer sweetly as you poured his cup. He was slouched in his seat like he was exhausted despite the early hours of the morning that it was. When he looks at you, he blushes and reads your name tag, thanking you for the coffee with your name.

“I’ll have the, uh,” he squints back at the menu, his deep voice sounding loud thanks to the lack of customers at the moment. That would pick up like it always did in about an hour when folks had the chance to start waking up, but right now you enjoyed the quiet. “The blueberry pancake special looks nice.”

“One of my favorites,” you nod, scribbling down the order. “You’ve got a good eye, sugar.” He blushes again and his eyes dart to a part of your face that wasn’t your own eyes in his embarrassment at your endearments. You used them with all your customers, but the more he got flustered, the more you wanted to use them on him. It was unlike you, really, considering you weren’t too keen on your own self-confidence, but something about this man just made you feel like it was safe to.

You glance towards his table occasionally as more customers start flowing in and the morning gets busy. Every time you do, he’s staring out the window. People watching, you suppose. By the time you bring him his meal, he’s resorted to watching the people inside the diner.

“Here you go, cutie,” there’s that blush again. He smiles down at his food when you place it in front of him. “I hope you enjoy them. Sure know I crave those sometimes. The Old Fashioned is right over there.” His eyes follow your gesture to the syrup canister, the assortment seemingly interesting him when you continue, “You need anything else, you just holler, alright?”

This time, he looks you in the eye when he says, “Thank you.”

You keep an eye on him as usual, making sure he had all he needed for his meal and occasionally going over to refill his coffee cup. Before you know it, you’re swamped with other customers and by the time you look back to his table, he’s gone. You can’t help the disappointment at seeing his booth vacant, but you head over to clean it regardless. There’s a bunch of wadded up and crumpled bills on the table that would never really be straight again, but he’d apparently made an effort to straighten them out when he was counting them. He’d tipped too much for the price of his meal, and left a little note scribbled on a napkin beneath the money.

You find a phone number there, along with a name and a message.

If you ever want to talk.

— Castiel

Smoothing the paper in your hands, you try out the name on your tongue, a smile lifting your lips, “Castiel, huh?”

ExR prompt list.

1. It’s 3am and you’re singing on your balcony but your balcony is right next door to my balcony and it’s hot so I have my window open; also I have to be up at 6am for work but I can’t stop listening to you. Here’s a song request.

2. I know I just ordered my coffee with nine shots of espresso but I really have to get this term paper in don’t look at me like that I know I’m trash. Please stop coming over to my table to ask if I’m okay your eyes are really distracting.

3. You came into my cafe twenty minutes before closing and ordered the most complicated drink we have now I kind of hate you but shit you’re hot.

4. Okay wow, you really weren’t lying when you said we shouldn’t go here cause you’re kind of famous and now we’re stuck in a mob of screaming teenage girls.

5. Our windows face each other and honestly, I know you just moved in, but you really need to find some curtains. Or, you know, don’t.

6. I just moved in to the apartment below and like I can hear thumping noises from your floor at 4am, are you okay? Oh you’re a ballet dancer? Wow.

7. When I took this room in your apartment you didn’t tell me your two best friends would be literally living here all the time. Also you hold social justice meetings with your other friends three times a week, which is interesting.

8. You didn’t tell me you and your two best friends play a variety of string instruments, loudly. Luckily I play the trumpet.

9. When I agreed to be your piano accompanist I didn’t think you’d be this good, or this hot, damn.

10. You’re stuck up this tree with a bottle of rum, at five am, dressed like a pirate. I mean it’s halloween but I really don’t want to have to deal with this. Then again, you’re hot and I haven’t slept in two days so.

11. You slipped and fell in to one of my canvases; I should be angry but you look so sad and you’re really pretty so I guess I’ll go out to dinner with you.

12. I’m a waiter at this restaurant and your friends have set you up on a blind date but the other guys is a dick…and now you’re standing on a table ranting about the education system. You know what just have the meal on the house cause the face the other guy is making is worth the price of this meal.

13. When I agreed to go to this protest with some friends, I didn’t expect there to be a riot, honestly now I’m being shoved into the back of a police van cause I can’t keep my mouth shut and you’re here too. Also shit you are quite attractive and if I wasn’t wearing handcuffs I’d totally give you my number.

14. We ran in to each other literally and my tubes of paint burst over your expensive looking jumper also I think we both have concussion so we should probably go to the emergency room.

15. I’m only here for the free food. Not because of the attractive guy handing out flyers. I swear.

First Day of Hell

So on my first day of Burgers N’ Ice Cream Drink, I witnessed two separate cases of asshole customers within not even 30 minutes

1) I literally had just waked in. I didn’t have an apron or a name tag yet like all of the other workers and a women comes up and asked if she could use the side emergency exit door instead of the front door (keep in mind the two doors are like, maybe ten feet apart). I told her I didn’t know but one of the managers came up and told her no she couldn’t, since an alarm would sound. This woman starts yelling at my manager saying “I have bad knees, you’re gonna make an old woman with bad knees walk more?!” Like bitch it’s not even a ten feet difference. The thing that killed me is she then proceeded to walk to her car all the way at the back of an empty parking lot. She bitched about us ‘making her walk more’ when she parked literally as far away as she could when she could’ve parked right by the building

2) The very first woman in the drive through once I got a headset so I could listen in on how the orders are done was horrible. Now our kids meals don’t come with drinks, but we can add them for fairly cheap. The woman accepts this at first and continues on with her order, adding the kids drinks anyway. Once she finished ordering she asked why the drinks cost more. We explain again that the drinks aren’t included in the meal price. She starts laying into the person taking her order that it’s ridiculous she has to pay more and that’s not what our menu says and all this stuff that’s false (Our GM went out after this and said our menu states what we said). After a few more minutes of her yelling she says she’s going somewhere else if she has to pay. My manager just said 'Fine have a nice day’ and cleared her order before she sped off.

So yay managers, fuck entitled people

Pretend Lane (ft. Hoseok)

Originally posted by jinful

Drabble Game prompt 23. “Just pretend to be my date.”

→ bestfriend!Hoseok in the BTSin10yearsAU aka fluffy fluff
→ 2.1k words

A/N: Highly recommended that you read the other installments first! (Aka Yoongi’s and Jimin’s); to be continued! :) 

Hoseok watches as you laugh and giggle with the other bridesmaids, and sips his wine. You look absolutely gorgeous, in your bridesmaid dress and your hair put up in an elegant bun. Although, he’s thought you were gorgeous no matter what you were wearing. 

It began years ago when you stumbled into his studio a few years ago, holding a box of papers and asked him who the owner of the dance studio was. You were the new interior designer that his manager had hired to help figure out the renovation details and plannings. Hoseok had ended up buying his manager hyung a pretty decently priced meal because he knew if somehow he hadn’t trusted his manager with the task of finding a designer, Hoseok would’ve never had the chance to meet you. 

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Half-Priced Meal

Summary: Based on this prompt: “hey that restaurant has a valentines day discount for couples lets just pretend we’re a couple and get a candlelit lobster dinner with free dessert lol” 

Genre: floof nd platonic what more can you want in life

Words: 580 whaaaat

Warnings: lots of food mentions but otherwise you’re good to go

A/N: i am a poor soul who got jump scared by someone walking by outside i hope you enjoy this

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XXX (Jimin Fic) Part One

• Part One •

Genre: ANGST AF, dark, supernatural, smut (later on)

Series Rating: M

Chapter Rating: PG-13

AU?: demon!Jimin, supernatural!Jimin

Word Count: 2,683 

Warning: gore, explicit language, gangs, violence, a couple references to prostitution (in a vague way), and it. iS. INTENSE!! Viewer discretion advised. 

Summary: To make a deal with the devil is like selling your soul. In fact, that’s exactly what it is. Little did you know that the demon who held the deal, had bigger and better plans in store for you.

A/N: Here is Part One!! So excited for this one, despite how dark it gets heh y'all should know by now that I’m an odd human. Also the backstory is vague here, but will be revealed more and more in future chapters. I just wanted to try out a different style of writing and make it more mysterious. Anyway, hope you enjoy babes!! :))

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[ Prologue ]

Walking along the riverfront, you intertwined your fingers with your fiancè’s, Jungkook, and rested your head on his shoulder, the warmth of his body fending off the crisp wind of early autumn. You couldn’t be happier, and neither could he as you both strolled along side by side in perfect harmony.

The two of you discussed the wedding; the colors, the invites, cakes, family. The works. The moment was memorable despite how simple it was. You were building your future together, one you were blessed to have after the hell you two had gone through to reach this point, side by side as you both walked along the Han River in mid-afternoon.

“Jungkook,” you muttered. The love of your life looked over to you and hummed. You gazed into his eyes before a soft, delicate smile spread across your lips.

“I love you so much.” His gentle lips perked into his signature bunny smile, the one you first fell in love with 7 years ago.

“I love you too, Y/N,” he whispered before gently pressing his lips against your temple. You couldn’t help but smile as the two of you continued walking, arm in arm.

You had never been so happy before in your life, and you promised you’d never take Jungkook’s presence and love for granted. You’d nearly lost him not 6 months before this moment, and you thanked your lucky stars every night for him and the love he unconditionally gave you. Ever since his release from the hospital, the two of you hardly ever left each other’s side, promising to stick together through thick and thin, no matter the consequences, as you both supported one another through the recovery process. You truly were a lucky girl.    

Jimin’s dark eyes narrowed as he watched the happy couple walk along the side of the river, laughing and smiling, arms and hands intertwined. His eyes watched the two of them from the park, well hidden beneath his hat and the thick jacket that hung over his shoulders, the collar shielding the lower half of his face. He wasn’t even the slightest bit cold, but attention really was not something he desired to receive sitting there in the middle of one of the coldest days of the season.

His eyes followed the wandering couple, grimacing in disgust at the two of them. It was like watching a cringy romantic drama. He would’ve gagged had his partner not been sitting beside him.

“So, that’s her, eh?” the nosy demon asked, jabbing his chin in the direction of the couple. Jimin looked to his partner who shuffled absent-mindedly through a bag of “snacks.” Jimin growled quietly before closing the bag and ripping it out of his partner’s hands.

“Firstly, be more aware of your surroundings before flaunting your dinner, Tae,” he hissed. “And second, yes, that’s her.” Jimin cinched the bag closed before dropping it by his feet so that Tae couldn’t reach it, gaze locking on the couple as they began wandering further along the path and almost out of sight. The demon fledgling whimpered a little.

“S-sorry, Jimin,” he apologized before Jimin stood abruptly, startling the fledgling.

“It’s fine, but let’s move. It’s getting late and you and I both know Yoongi hates tardiness. Besides, I’d like to get this done as quickly as possible.” Jimin picked up the bag before slugging it over his shoulder, already heading off with little regard to wait for Tae to catch up.

“Yah! Jimin, wait up!” he called, picking up his jacket and following after his superior.

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Tripple Dog Date Him!

Written by: @alliswell21

Prompt #57: Katniss is dared to ask nerdy!Peeta out on a date, she ends up actually enjoying her time with him. By: Anonymous.

Rated: T for some language.

Triggers: None

Word Count: Around 7500

Summary: Katniss has known of Peeta Mellark since they were little, but not until her roommate Johanna decides Katniss has had a too long hiatus from the dating scene, she dares speak to the boy.

This piece has not been betaed. All mistakes are mine.  

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Allergic Reactions

Hello! Could you do #4 with Jooheon from Monsta x please? Thanks! P.S: I absolutely love your writing!

4) “I need advice…the sexy kind.”

Member: Monsta X Jooheon x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Jooheon, why are we here?” you grumbled, flipping through the menu before you. 

“You like food, I like food, I figured it made sense,” he shrugged, not even bothering to look up from the menu in his hands. 

“You know, you could have literally said that for anywhere you could have taken me,” you whispered, setting him with an unamused expression. “Why a restaurant?”

“You like homicide, I like homicide. I figured a crime scene made sense,” Jooheon chuckled, a cocky smile on his face. 

“I’m going to make it a crime scene in about three seconds if you don’t start explaining why you’re being so weird,” you hissed, slapping the menu down on the table. 

“I’m always weird,” Jooheon smiled. “Waiter, I think we’re ready!” 

You rolled your eyes as Jooheon waved the server over. He motioned to you as the man appeared, eager and smiling. “You first.”

You pursed your lips as you looked steadily at Jooheon. He nodded in return, clearing his throat to add some sort of noise to the silence. 

“Uh…we’ll have the pork  belly, an order of the beef, and some black bean paste noodles,” Jooheon smiled up at the waiter. He confirmed quietly and picked up our menus. 

“Now that you don’t have anything else to help you avoid the subject, why are we here?” you muttered. “The real reason, Heony.”

“Alright alright,” Jooheon whined. “I brought you to a public place, out in the open, where you couldn’t make a scene.”

“It sounds like you’re going to break up with me, but we’re not even dating,” you sighed, taking a large sip from your glass of water. You felt anxious by his opening reason. 

Jooheon looked up from his hands and to your face, his eyes shaking as they met yours. You were used to hanging out with the confident Jooheon, a man who wasn’t afraid to talk about anything. 

Granted he was afraid of a lot of things in general, but most of the time those things were spooky or gross. 

“I need advice, Y/N…you know…the sexy kind,” he said quietly, looking at your face anxiously. 

You shared a moment of silence before you quickly and efficiently lost it. You cackled into the night air, causing several tables to turn and look at you. 

“Aish, I should’ve known better,” Joheon moaned, reaching across the table and grabbing your hand tightly. “Get a hold of yourself!”

“Can’t! Too funny! You…wait…you’re serious?” you wheezed, slowing your laughs to look more properly at Jooheon. He leveled you with an unamused glare, his eyes turning into slits. 

“You are serious.”

“Of course I’m serious,” he mumbled, slamming his napkin onto the table and lacing his fingers before him. He placed his chin on top of his knuckles and bit his lip. “Are you going to help me with advice then?”

“What exactly is the sexy kind of advice?” you groaned. “I really don’t want to talk about your sex life…or lack there of.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Jooheon said, shaking his head. “I don’t want to talk about my sex life.”

“Because it doesn’t exist,” you nodded. “But you want it to.”

“Jees, okay, maybe “sexy” wasn’t the adjective I should have used,” he sighed, picking up his napkin again and beginning to fold it anxiously. “I need romantic advice, relationship advice, something that will get me to need sexy advice in the future.” 

“I can’t believe I settled for a mid priced meal in exchange for this horrifying experience,” you grumbled, your head falling in your hands. You winced as you looked back up to see Jooheon smiling brightly. 

“And I’ll even let you order dessert.”

“Well gee whiz, I guess I HAVE to help you then,” you whispered, narrowing your eyes. “What Jooheon, what advice do you need?”

“So I like…this person,” he said slowly. 

“Strong start, it’s a person,” you nodded. “Continue.”

“And I’m not sure if this person’s feelings are reciprocated,” he nodded. “To be honest, I’ve been friends with them for years and sometimes I think they like me, while others I think I’m just this annoying brother figure.”

“Okay, so pause. Assuming you’ve known this person for years means I’ve known them,” you said excitedly, straightening in your seat. “Is it a stylist noona? One of your tutors? Or someone you went to school with? Is it one of the members? Just to be honest, I know Hoseok gives you the bedroom eyes, but he does that to everyone so I wouldn’t get your hopes-”

“You can stop talking at any time,” Jooheon interrupted, unamused with your tangent. 

“Alright, sorry,” you chuckled, feeling heat rush up to your cheeks. “Continue.”

“So I guess the advice I’m looking for is from your perspective…how should I confess? I haven’t confessed to someone since like middle school,” he trailed, looking away. 

“How did that go?” you asked curiously. 

“Not well.”

“I feel like a story time is in order,” you nodded, trying to hide your smile. 

“That food seems to be taking a really long time,” he mumbled, looking anywhere but at you. “Maybe I should go find the waiter to check-”

“You keep your butt in that chair Lee,” you said quickly, all too familiar with escape techniques. “Let’s get to talking.”

“You know this was a scarring experience for me,” he sighed. “Reliving it could cause me to go into a state of shock and-”

“Jooheon!” you gasped. 

He rolled his eyes and looked down to his hands. He moved his fingers idly, unsure of what to do with them as he began to speak. “Okay, so I had a crush on this stupid girl and I spent all day picking these stupid wildflowers to give to her, right? I didn’t know until after I picked the flowers that I was hella allergic to one of them. Still mildly unsure of which one…so I roll up to this girl’s house, right? I’m thinking I’m all smooth and swag until I ring her doorbell and catch a look at myself in the window. Y/N, I shit you not when I say my face was at least two times it’s size and covered in a red rash. Of course as I’m starting to panic, she opens the door and sees me in all of my little Jooheony puffer fish glory. Me, being me, I couldn’t back down from the mission at hand and gave her the flowers and confessed. She told me I had small eyes and shut the door in my face. That was the last time I confessed, and I think I’ll excuse myself to quietly weep in the men’s restroom now.” 

“Jooheon,” you said quietly, reaching across the table and setting your hands on his nervous fingers. You could see how the story had brought up an anxiety you had never known him to have before. He was the pillar of cool and collected swag when around women, so to know he had such a sad first confession story broke your heart. “Did she really say that to you?”

“Kim Jihyo, 2004, and I quote, “Lee Jooheon, you have small eyes and puffy cheeks. Go home,” he muttered, licking his lips and grumbling to himself as he looked away from you again. 

“But I love your small eyes and puffy cheeks,” you whispered, furrowing your brows. 

“Aigoo Y/N, glad to know my imperfections became charming throughout the years,” he muttered, rolling his eyes. After a few moments of silence involving you quietly petting his knuckles, he looked at you, his face broken out in a full blush. “Would it have worked on you then?”

“I’m sorry, what?” you said quickly, turning your head to the side. 

“Giving you poisonous wildflowers and confessing to you with some form of third world rash?” he chuckled. 

“At the very least I would have pitied you enough to not insult your facial features,” you giggled with a nod. “But to be honest, I would probably accept your confession now if it involved poisonous wildflowers and a third world rash.”

“Oh really? You’re that  easy to impress then?” he gasped, feigning shock. You moved your hands from off of his slowly, only for him to catch them as they were about to slide back onto your lap. He held your fingers loosely, rubbing his callused thumb across your skin. “When did giving me advice about someone I’m interested in, i.e. secretly not so secretly was actually you, turn into you admitting you would accept a confession from me?”

“I…you…did I?” you questioned, your eyes wide. You hadn’t even realized your banter had admittedly turned into a confession of it’s own to Jooheon. You also hadn’t realized you were the someone he was talking about crushing on all along. 

“You said you would accept a confession from me now,” he nodded. “Granted I don’t have any flowers I’m allergic to or a rash covering my face, but I’m blushing pretty hard so I figure that’ll have to do.” 

“Well…I guess I did then,” you mumbled, nodding to confirm the fact with yourself. “So what of it?”

“You like me,” he smiled. “And our food is coming. What a productive evening.”

“I just want to make it clear, that even though I didn’t technically give you any kind of advice, you still owe me dessert,” you sighed. 

“You gave me something better than advice,” he grinned. “And don’t worry, in one way or another, I got dessert covered.”

“And by dessert I mean cake…or pie,” you clarified. “I know you’re trying to be cute and insinuate you’re dessert, but I still expect some form of baked good.”

“Aigoo, why am I here?” Jooheon whispered, watching you closely with an amused expression. 

You nodded shortly, just as the waiter placed your food before you. “You like me. I like you. I figured it made sense.”

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The restaurant i waitress at has half priced kids meals on the 1st Friday of each month. Obviously this is the busiest day and the kids always make a huge mess. After we had closed and I pulled out the vacuum I made an offhand comment to the new girl about how much I hate vacuuming, and she fuckin tattles to the boss who writes me up for 'unethical work behaviour' and I'm now made to vacuum every night I work for the rest of the month

Wait for a moment to turn her ass in. What goes around comes around. Also tell other coworkers not to trust her since she can’t be and they should know they shouldn’t. -ABby