Dining Hall Prices

This is particularly to the very recent grads, but also to those who came before.There was recently a Wellesley News article that outlined the conflict over current dining hall prices, in that it is about $11.25 per meal at Wellesley.The article may be found at

Students have become quite upset over this news and due to that, as a member of the Budgetary Advisory Committee, I felt as a student on lackluster financial aid, it should be brought up and explored. But to do that, I need to make sure that I am not just an angered student but speaking with the permission of my siblings, both current students and graduated ones.

I am in the works of creating a survey to gauge student response, but wanted to reach out and draw from the experience of the wonderful community of alums. This survey would only be open to those with a e-mail address, so I am not sure if it can be sent to alums with grad years pre-2012. Due to that, I welcome any e-mails from alums about any response they might have to the article, explanations that worked or didn’t in Dining Halls during their years here. Especially, there is discussion about changing from an unlimited meal plan to being able to choose the number of meals per week you consume.

To that end, I wanted to leave my e-mail address(, and I will try to respond by the end of 48 hours to each e-mail. The more general question that I need to try to find answer to is: How can dining be improved for students today and beyond, using the advice of past students?

-Claire Milldrum

Class of 2015

Peace and Justice Studies and Art History

This Summer, The Cafeteria Comes To The Kids

About 21 million students nationwide eat free and reduced-price meals throughout the school year, but getting those same kids fed during the summer is a challenge. Only a fraction of those make it to schools or community centers for summer meals.

So some school districts are getting creative in the way they’re using USDA funds: Murfreesboro City Schools is taking the cafeteria to the kids. The district calls it the Combating Hunger on Wheels Bus — or the CHOW bus.

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"Excuse me my little fuzzy friend. But I know there is something pushing down upon you. You need knowledge and materials and what if I told you I can offer all that for the low low price of a single meal."

Rumble pauses as he hears an unfamiliar voice, turning to see some kind of strange creature before him. Eugh, he did not smell good. That was a tempting offer though! “Uh… y’mean ya can get me stuff like a new flamespitter and new armour for the mech and stuff? That’d kick those Pilties butts!” He responded, excitement in his voice. “Just one meal huh? Well crap, I can try and make somethin’, whaddya eat huh?!” Evidently Rumble hadn’t heard of Tahm’s… preferred meals beforehand.


Stir fry with ramen, chicken, garlic, red and green onions, carrots and a little sriracha might be the best flavor-to-price ratio of any meal on earth
Portland Parks & Rec to serve 111,000 free kids' lunches - KPTV - FOX 12

57% of Portland area children qualify for free or reduced lunch, but portlanders need to just stop whining and hating on the new apartment construction, huh? They need to stop clinging to the past and move into these buildings when they can’t even afford food for their kids!

Portland Parks & Recreation has started giving out free lunches to kids in an effort to reduce hunger during summer.

The program launched Thursday. About 150 different venues provide free lunches to kids throughout the Portland area.

The full list with serving locations and schedules is viewable on the Summer Food Oregon website.

According to the city of Portland, 57 percent of Portland-area children qualify for free and reduced-price meals during the school year. To fill the summertime gap, Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) joins with Partners for a Hunger-free Oregon (PHFO), Bank of America, local school districts, and other local businesses to present the Summer Free For All Summer Playgrounds and Free Lunches programs.

The partners have distributed half a million free meals over the last five summers. For the summer of 2015, PP&R and its partners expect to serve 111,000 free lunches, and to provide supervised games and playground activities.


YYppEE is an app that gives restaurants the option to offer discounts and other rewards to customers in exchange for massive social media marketing.

Client: YYppEE
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Girl Scouts Turn Down $100K After Donor Demands Trans Discrimination | Jezebel

“Through fundraising, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington seek to raise back the full $100,000 … [Donations] will go to our financial assistance program and be awarded directly to girls who qualify for the federal free-and-reduced-price meal program at their schools and whose families request help to cover the costs of participating in Girl Scouts.” Read more:

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Hi :) Thanks for clarifying me. So i can still ask for a 3$ deity reading with 5 cards or have to pay one by one? :) Sorry if i'm being slow at understanding things here ahah My e-mail is filipajsmarques@gmail(.)com I can tell you the pantheon is celtic, more specifically continental. If you need more information please tell me. Thanks!

The 5-card deity reading is $3.  :)  Think of it like going to a restaurant and paying per ounce for the buffet, or a set price for a full meal of the same amount and quality of food.  

Please email me all relevant information at (I like to keep things organized in my email so I can check over it later!) and send your payment whenever you’re ready through Paypal.  My Paypal address is the same as the above email.  Feel free to include a tip, but you’re not obligated to do so!  

Thank you <3  I appreciate it, and please NEVER worry about asking me questions.  It never bothers me.  :)

For about the same price as a meal deal in Sainsbury’s, you can buy a packet of paracetamol, a can of own brand gin & tonic, and a slice of millionaire shortcake.
Good to know.


First actual retreat weeks!

Week courses:

Friday August 7th - Friday August 14th Yoga/Pilates

Friday September 4th - Friday September 11th Yoga/Pilates

Weekend courses:

Friday July  24th  - Monday July 27th

Friday September 18th - Monday September 21st

Incuding meals, pilates, yoga and private sessions.
Not including travel.

Full week = £350

Weekend = £175

We are aiming to have as many rooms ready as possible, but there might be some glamping involved if our plan is delayed. We have therefor based these prices on camping just in case, with the hope that there will be enough rooms. So, please come expecting luxury camping and we will aim to surprise you….

Pick up from airport/train station = Please contact us for prices and availability.

We have based the start and end day on the availibility of flights into Limoges, if you are a group that would like to arrive and leave either side or other than these dates just let us know.

You can fill in the form on our website, or contact us through our Facebook page.

Looking forward!

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Taaaaaaaahm! We should go on an adventure to somewhere fun! Like a place with lotsa food and stuff

“My dear, I need no traveling companion in my search for food, I need bargains and deals, fair prices for meals. So unless you offer a meal or require my assistance for a deal, leave. Because I am a mite hungry”

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No, not a ride my good sir. My anon flirtations are strictly rated PG to keep our Yahoo overlords calm. I merely wanted to take your mustache out for a nice mid-priced meal to get to know it better.

Well, my mustache and I are deeply flattered.
Also, with everything that goes through the website, I think mustache rides would be the least of Yahoo’s concern.

We finally set up an account in order to fundraiser before the peak of hurricane season. The support has been overwhelming from my followers so far and I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing this. If each of my followers offers just $15 (price of a fast food meal), we can start building this week!

Please visit to participate and if you prefer to come visit and help out in your own way, that’s always welcomed but having a main structure up for volunteers would be ideal and much safer.

I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart!

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There was nothing worth the price at circle k so I just went with the five minute chow mein, despite it never tasting good when made with just hot water (it’s only supposed to be microwaved, a luxury Starbucks is not allowed to afford its baristas 8/)

I’ll probably buy a bagel at break and get my free food at lunch…

A List of Things to be Happy About #33:
  1. Quality mother-daughter time. 
  2. Paying half price for two meals.
  3. Somewhat remodeling the house.
  4. Getting manis and pedis done with your best friend.
  5. Running with your best friend and being able to talk about whats been going on.
  6. Being surrounded by loving and strong people.
  7. Cleaning and throwing out things that haven’t been touched in years.
  8. Actually having tan lines.
  9. BBQ.
  10. Potentially going to the Forest Fair for the first time,
  11. Runs that are coming up.
  12. Being able to have a few hours of alone time.
  13. How quiet it is right now.
  14. How relaxed I feel just sitting here.
  15. How I really want to crawl back into bed and watch Netflix before I have to start my day.
  16. Not waking up to an alarm this morning.
  17. Knowing that Lovely is in Seattle and is on her way back home!! After two long weeks without her, I’m glad she’s back.
  18. Getting a replacement for my replacement Fitbit Charge is nice.
  19. Making these types of lists to look back on and appreciate all the little things in life.
  20. Life and having to live through it and have all these obstacles thrown at you as try and make it to the top.

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You can either get one side or two, it's included in the meal price. You can get side salad, chips, coslaw, creamy mash, sweet mash, rice, or ratatouille. YOUR CHOICE, BITCH.

Ooooh a side salad pls.
Also watch your language, I’ll have to call your manager over, BITCH.