What hockey can do for/to you!

Me: I should start going to bed earlier. School is around the corner!

Also Me: *stays up until 4:30am writing out the Habs and Leafs schedules in my planner* Gotta watch the game…

Pour your own wine 

Pour your own wine but pour me some more,
it’s high time you learnt to do your own chores,
you can’t spend your whole life lost in bookstores,
young poet – stop running from life.

Earn your own money if you want to explore,
forget all the dreams you harboured before,
ambition is all you need anymore,
young poet – where is your drive?

Pour your own wine and if empty pour more,
smoke dozens of cigarettes or visit drug stores,
and when you’re braindead, just go screw our whores,
young poet – you need a wife.

Take out our rubbish and fight in our wars,
work day-in and day-out while scrubbing our floors,
and never question what you’re living for,
young poet – it’s time to wake up.

Wear a smart suit to enter our doors,
know when to smile, when to bow and keep score,
until you’re a grovelling two-faced bore,
young poet – grow up.

  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: okay, so i've been thinking of "all-american prophet" lately. it's elder price trying to "prove" himself worthy of something incredible. he's trying to "be joseph smith again" because, yeah, what he did was something incredible. on top of this, elder price mimicking joseph smith's dancing and movements is so telling of both his egocentric personality and desire to follow in his footsteps. the way he shadows joseph's movements perfectly is reminiscent of his pride and how he sees himself, the "mormon who changed all of mankind." also, elder cunningham's gradual stepping out of the spotlight enforces the whole "fake protagonist" thing. the audience is brought to focus on elder price, the apparent "new joseph smith" instead of elder cunningham, the real protagonist. bonus thought: in the previews, elder cunningham's lines at the end of the song were replaced by elder price saying "that's me!" and "it's my turn!" but, like, right after his whole speech about how he's gonna follow in the mormon role model's footsteps, the general fucking kills a guy? and, maybe price thinks it's his fault? because if he hadn't created that "public assembly," maybe he wouldn't have died. poor guy. anyways, that's what's been on my mind.
  • psychic: jesus christ