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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! ☺️☺️☺️ Wanting to fill up some of my time working on commissions for you lovely folks. ~ ☺️

I made a general price list so you guys can get and idea of what you can get for an estimated cost.

Here’s a brief description/price recap of each style option you are looking at: 

1-Portrait: A color drawing or painted portrait (Shoulders on up)

Sketchy $10+

Somewhat Rendered $20+

Fully Rendered $35+

Add an element or accessory (flowers, flower crown, jewelry, plants, stars, etc) $5+

2-Paint Sketch: Sketchy color drawing/painting. 

Midbody (on up) $20+

Full Body $30+

 3-Line Art (flats and shading): Color drawing with solid black line art. Colored in         solid (flat) color and some shading.

Midbody (on up) $25+

Full Body $35+

4-Solid Color: Color drawing with solid color line art. Colored in solid (flat color), shading, and some minimal texture.

Midbody (on up) $40+

Full Body $65+

5-Line Art (flats, shading, textures): Color drawing with solid color or black line art. Colored in solid (flat color), shading, and texture.

Midbody (on up) $60+

Full Body $85+

6- Painterly: Color painting. Finish can consist of Brush strokes, shading, lines, effects, textures, etc.

         Midbody (on up) $75+

         Full Body $120+

         Environment + 1 character $150+

7-Style/Finish ???? : YOUR IDEA HERE! Maybe it’s not listed here, maybe it’s a mesh of stuffs: we can talk about it. $?

 Environment: $5+                Props: $5+          Elements : $5+       ­­­

Extra: Character(s) $10+    

I hope I explained this well so you all understand. Kind of explained my art process a bit in the description of each. You can match the explanation to the overall look of the samples. You can get a portrait of yourself, fan art, a friend, an animal companion, a made up character based on yourself or someone you know, a character you have in mind: Whatever you can think of! This is just a general guideline but you all are not limited to getting this style/type of commission. It’s just to get an idea of everything. ☺️ Everybody, please speak your heart out on what you would like. ☺️

Really interested in hearing what you all have in mind and to make a da artworksssss. ☺️

~If any of you have any questions you can totally ask. First timers, no worries I’ll walk you through the process if you don’t know what to get or if you don’t know how these things work.~

You can PM me to get started OR You can email me at

+Prices shown are a base. Costs go up based on environments, props, extra characters, detail, rendering, complexity, etc.

List is based on digital artwork. I do work traditionally (perhaps I will do another list for that) but please definitely mention it if you are interested in getting some original traditional art. ☺️

I use Paypal. (We will talk more details on the billing process. It depends on the total cost and the phases the commission will go on throughout the process.) 

Thank you! And if you aren’t interested in getting a commission please share. I’d really appreciate it! Spreading the word does so much! And those in the past and now that have shared my work THANK YOU SO MUCH! Seriously. The support helps so much! It’s really encouraging and helps support me so I can make more art! Thanks so much everyone! ☺️

Ok bye for now so I can keep creating for all you lovely people! Enjoy your day beings of the worldddd ~HAPPINESS AND SUNSHINE!~☺️☺️☺️✨✨✨✨🍃☀️🍃☀️🍃☀️

Remember when Brennan used to worry that she didn’t know how to be there for Booth? (It was a major theme of “The Soldier on the Grave,” the season 1 episode that apparently just came back to give us this show’s final arc.) Brennan is great here with Booth. She reminds him that he feels the effects of war, too, and she celebrates the fact that he got help for his addiction. Booth attributes that to her. In Booth’s eyes, everything that separates him from Aldo comes down to Brennan.

Last time on Hannibal: It was like this European fairy tale in which Will & Hannibal were snails in love? That sounds about right.

This time on Hannibal: All your weirdo side-faves, weirdoing together again.

Ok my friends we are going to have to level about something right up front here, and it is: I FUCKING LOVE FREDERIC CHILTON. Yes, yes I know he’s terrible, he’s awful — he’s a raging narcissist & sleezy & manipulative and I adore him, because….he’s just so terrible at everything? He’s like this derpy inept wolf and everything he does is hilarious to me. And then you go and have him played by Raúl Esparza, who has his slightly Hannibal-askew comedy tone so on lock that he’s like a masterclass in camp villain acting, and I’m lost. I love Chilts. You just need to know this because, well…..

Season 3, Episode 4: Aperitivo

The episode begins and it’s bang-on CHILTON TIME, a return to my darling despicable Frederick getting shot in the face. What’s that look like in slow motion and micro-detail? It’s gross, don’t worry about it. Let’s skip ahead to when he’s still gross, but like in an interpersonal way, and also aalliiiiiive.


Ok ok I just had to get that joke out of my system, we’re good now.

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I want to talk about the math scene, cause I love the math scene. Alright so I was reading Price -’s photo recap - Which is one of my favorite things in the world. And Price was asking a question that I also had in an issue with in the writers room! Why Lydia and Malia would be in the same math class?! Because they REALLY wouldn’t. But we don’t deal in the really; most of the time, and we need characters to be in the same scenes. But if you will notice my act of defiance is - Nobody else in the writers room, or most of the people on set, have probably finished calculus and I did. I can’t remember a damn thing about it. I know I didn’t mind doing derivatives but I really really didn’t like doing integrals and I remember I failed my third part of calculus the first time in college. And then I took it again and I think I got a B. So, I did better! However, Lydia is doing a calculus problem. Malia is doing an algebra problem. You don’t really see much of it - I found those problems and they are accurate. I found them online and double checked my work. I wasn’t on set so I don’t know if they messed anything up, so if there’s anything wrong it’s not my fault!! But yeah Lydia to me would be like a TA in that class. So she’s like doing a calculus problem The teachers like Lydia here, here’s a calculus problem, and that’s why she looks over at the algebra problem and is like, that’s 25.
—  Writer Alyssa Clark on this weeks episode of Afterbuzz talking about the scene in ‘Muted’ where Lydia helps Malia solve her math problem (Source