price of prohibition

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. And the Slutty Second Cousin of Improvisation.

Turns out, practical storage solutions for people with crutches is a bit of a black hole.

Like, it’s fucking summer. I don’t wanna have to wear a jacket just so I have somewhere for my keys/wallet/phone. My clothes don’t have pockets (the ‘joy’ of women’s clothing), a rucksack is overkill, and a fannypack is just…no.

Crutch pods are a thing, but they’re completely open-topped so don’t seem particularly secure both in terms of keeping shit in them while moving, and not getting your shit swiped.

Y'all over the puddle have a few things on the market, like the Krutch Kaddy, but once shipping and customs is factored in, the price gets…well not *prohibitive*, but expensive, and transit times are a crapshoot.

So while the plan is to eventually get one, I need a more immediate solution for now.

Then it hit me.

A bicycle top tube bag should work as a cheap and cheerful temporary solution. And what do ya know? It does the job.

Well done, brain. You still have something to offer this flesh prison 😝.

The Henrion, Dassy & Heuschen double-barrel revolver

Quite possibly the most unusual revolver design of all time, the  Henrion, Dassy & Heuschen double-barrel revolver (which I shall shorten to “HDH”) was a bizarre pistol that was made in Liege, Belgium from 1911 - 1928.  The HDH typically held 16 to 20 rounds, with 16 to 20 individuals chambers.  Although the hammer had two firing pins, the chambers were staggered so that the revolver would fire one round at a time.  The revolver also had two barrels, which each shot alternating between the top and bottom barrel.  The HDH was chambered in either 7.65mm, 6.5 velodog, and 6.35mm, with the smaller caliber pistols holding more shots.

The HDH revolver never really became popular, mostly because of its large unwieldy size. Even though it held a large number of rounds, its small caliber also inhibited it’s popularity. In addition, its price made it prohibitively expensive, often selling for several times the price of a regular double action revolver.  As a result few were made and sold.  Today they are collected mostly as a novelty item.

Why we are not buying Muse tickets today

This Tuesday, Muse fans in Brazil were surprised by the exorbitant prices announced by T4F for the upcoming gigs in October, only a day before the pre-sale date. They want to make money out of our love for a band that denounces the evils of capitalism… Our monthly minimum wage in Brazil is exactly R$ 788,00. A premium ticket at the floor level in Rio de Janeiro is priced at R$ 700,00. Plus what the most loyal fans might pay for the absurd invention called “early entry”, a meager R$ 300,00 extra to get to the barrier first. Are there cheaper seats? Yes. Far away from the stage. In short, if you want to get near the band, you’ll have to spend an amount of money which is not in keeping with the country’s average income, not by a long shot, coming close to the monthly income of many Brazilians. Thus, premium tickets will not be for the biggest fans, but for the richest.

Are we buying tickets to see the same band that wrote “Animals”, exposing capitalism’s limitless greed, which will trample on anyone and anything for more profit? It’s become hard to accept the contradiction. Muse must have their eyes opened for the abusive prices being imposed on their Brazilian fans.

In face of all this, our team at the MuseBR fan club informs that we will put off our decision to go to the gigs in Brazil, to show our indignation at these prices, which are far removed from our reality. Not even tickets to bands like U2, Arctic Monkeys, Pearl Jam or Queen have cost as much. We want more than anyone else for our favorite band to come to Brazil and enjoy mainstream fame here. We work towards that goal for free, and we were prepared to be partners in the promotion of the events, helping attract the largest public possible to the gigs in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Unfortunately, what T4F accomplished with their “business strategy” was to disencourage even the most faithful fans. We make a point of being respected as customers, and not being ripped off and made fools of because we follow our favorite band. Let everyone who hears the reason in our arguments hold out and wait for a statement from T4F regarding their prohibitive prices before you buy your tickets.

It shall be legal for anyone to do anything he wants, provided only that he not initiate (or threaten) violence against the person or legitimately owned property of another. That is, in the free society, one has the right to manufacture, buy or sell any good or service at any mutually agreeable terms. Thus, there would be no victimless crime prohibitions, price controls, government regulation of the economy, etc.

the non-aggression axiom Walter Block

This is what libertarianism is.