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finally after years of avoidance+denial, im finally gonna put myself out there and take some commissions! im not going to outline my life’s track and why i have no money now- everyone needs money! so here i am haha

i specialize in character portraits. i am willing to do mecha, nsfw, backgrounds, and specific styles. all that fancy specific stuff may cost extra, tho. ill always let you know in our intial communication the price, and what the invoice will say!


sketch: $3
-light, monocolor shading: +$1
-per additional character: +$1

lineart: $10
-simple color OR shading: +$5
-per additional character: +$4

the whole shebang (this is a piece that has fully-rendered lineart, color, shading!): $17
you can also choose a specific finished style from the examples :)
-note: finish style 2, due to its complexity, will cost +$2 to do!
-per additional character: +$9

pixels- full color, small px size: $7

all invoices and payments will be done through paypal! (must have paid entire price prior to me finishing the commission. no refunds unless i am unable to finish the piece. cancellation fee if commission was started/worked on.)

thank you for reading!! i’d appreciate the reblogs, of course. this will be found on my blog‘s links, and heres my special art blog!

Readings I offer:
  • Energy readings ->  basic and/or with questions you need to be answered.
  • Past  Life readings ->  a glimpse into your past life; detailed look into who you were and how it influences who you are now. (with or without a sim look.        
  • Aura reading ->  the colors and they fit into your personality and core being.  

Prices: The readings above will be available for  $11 and $16 (half a a page and full page of detailed information, respectively. $7 per additional page)

  • Essence sim reading -> fun reading into what your spirit self looks like (in sim form.) and their personality.   (Samples!!!!!)

Prices: $11, $16 (half page, full page and without a sim.) and $31 with a sim and full page description.

  • Pendulum reading: Questions answered in a simple yes or no.

Prices: $3 per question

You may drop me a message on here. Payment will be sent to .

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Purchasing Life is Strange: Before the Storm DLC right after finishing Life is Strange even though you know exactly what’s gonna happen and how empty you’re gonna feel


I proudly present…

Recreation of Max’s Journal - Episode 3!

Being in the flow again, I already recreated all of Max’s entries out of Episode 3 - Chaos Theory! I found some new methods regarding paintings and I think, these are the best entries I created yet! Still, there are two episodes left… more updates will follow soon!

*click here for older and newer entries of Max’s Journal*

“Amethyst ?”
“Yeah P ?”
“You know you’re my partner in time right ?”
“..heh, as long as you’re my partner in crime~

Day 2: Crossover
Life is Strange
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