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Bad breeder warning:
Ricky Cooper

Doesnt quarantine and has stated several times that he’s into breeding for the money. Also equates the price tag of an animal with its overall worth, despite the fact it is a living thing. Apparently to him, a $30 snake is “junk”

i usually try to keep these types of posts professional… but what a piece of shit.

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Unreleased Album Concept

To explain my prolonged absence lately: I’ve had a thought/plan on my mind for a while but never wanted to say anything about it until now. How would you guys feel if I made up an unreleased Lady Gaga album? My plan is to gather the already high-quality songs and put them on the album, but also hire a producer to remaster some low-quality leaks such as “Earthquake” or “Captivated.“ 

I further realised that I did not have the budget to pay someone to remaster, nor have I put into the equation the price of printing and distributing these albums. That’s where you guys come in. Should I consider opening a PayPal or Kickstarter to get this project started, or should I just drop it all together? I already have a solid tracklist, and I’m currently working on the booklet, making it appear as professional as possible, taking inspiration from her The Fame/The Fame Monster eras since that’s where most of the songs are coming from. I want the album to sit comfortably between The Fame Monster and Born This Way as a transition era. 

If you have any questions, you know how to reach me. I am excited for this, and I hope you guys will be on my side with this one. To get you all involved, what are your favourite unreleased songs by Lady Gaga that you think I should consider putting on the tracklist? Also, which producers would you like to see remaster a song?

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do you know what the highest price you can sell something for in retail as an auction?

The initial price suggested when an item is put in the flea market is its regular resell value. Villagers are still willing to purchase items for a lot more than that price. The equation is Y = 4X - 1 < 10.000 with X being the amount of Bells that Reese suggests, and Y being the maximum amount of Bells you can get for it. That means that an item can be sold for 1 Bell less than 4 times the price Reese suggests for the item, as long as the price will stay beneath 10.000. The maximum profit is achieved on an item worth 2.500 Bells. (source)

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So recently you said that in order to support sex workers, put your money where your mouth is -- but I'm demisexual, and I don't know any sex workers well enough to feel any kind of sexual attraction towards them. How would you feel if I, say, went to a strip club and instead of buying a lap dance from you, bought your funniest client stories or something for a time period/price equating to a lap dance? Would that be weird? Do you think most people would be cool with that?

From all sex workers everywhere: do this!!!!! Recognition that, all legal disclaimers aside, you really are paying for our time, attention and energy as much as any particular sex act is very important!