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Unreleased Album Concept

To explain my prolonged absence lately: I’ve had a thought/plan on my mind for a while but never wanted to say anything about it until now. How would you guys feel if I made up an unreleased Lady Gaga album? My plan is to gather the already high-quality songs and put them on the album, but also hire a producer to remaster some low-quality leaks such as “Earthquake” or “Captivated.“ 

I further realised that I did not have the budget to pay someone to remaster, nor have I put into the equation the price of printing and distributing these albums. That’s where you guys come in. Should I consider opening a PayPal or Kickstarter to get this project started, or should I just drop it all together? I already have a solid tracklist, and I’m currently working on the booklet, making it appear as professional as possible, taking inspiration from her The Fame/The Fame Monster eras since that’s where most of the songs are coming from. I want the album to sit comfortably between The Fame Monster and Born This Way as a transition era. 

If you have any questions, you know how to reach me. I am excited for this, and I hope you guys will be on my side with this one. To get you all involved, what are your favourite unreleased songs by Lady Gaga that you think I should consider putting on the tracklist? Also, which producers would you like to see remaster a song?

Alrighty, here we go.

I feel like I owe you all an explanation for my continued absence and here it is.

I’m just simply over Disney.

For the last several years I’ve felt that my loyalty and love for the company have been continually tested by their closing of attractions, whole lands, and even half parks. It’s been tested by being excluded from any special events they have because I’m priced out of the equation, not rich enough to fully enjoy what there is to offer, my annual pass isn’t enough anymore. Room costs keep going up while their value goes down (which might have something to do with my yearly vacations to Las Vegas. I can stay in a luxury room on the 54th floor with an amazing view and exquisite amenities for $100 a night or at Disney you get a value resort and be treated like crap for the same price). The parks are overcrowded, there hasn’t been a new one built in about 20 years. Customer service has declined, guests are ruder than ever, it’s just really turned into an all out shit show.

I’m just tired of feeling taken advantage of by a company that doesn’t care about me in the slightest. I’ve been an annual passholder for almost 25 years. I worked for the mouse for a year. I did almost every single project I had to do in school on the Disney company in some way be it the parks, Mickey Mouse, or Walt Disney himself. I’ve taken the behind the scenes tours, watched all the infomercials, taken friends and family to the parks, gushed and raved to all my friends how awesome Disney was, brought friends and family there on vacation to show them a good time, and spend thousands upon thousands of dollars there on food, tickets, and merchandise. 

And I’m done doing it.

I just don’t feel like the energy I’ve spent on them has been worth it, and it’s not worth it to me to keep up a blog when I don’t care about the material anymore. It became more of a job that a fun hobby. I think the article today about Star Wars land opening in 2019 is the straw that broke the camels back though. 2019…. please. 2 more years…. I’m just done with them. I can’t wait for my pass to expire and to not have to spend any more money with them.

For those of you that still love Disney and going to the parks, more power to you. I just can’t get behind it anymore. Disney isn’t fun anymore. It really makes me sad, but that’s just how it is. I thought I was a lifelong fan, but they have truly lost me.

I’ll leave the blog up because there is still some good interesting information for those that want it, and you can search by date if you still want to see what happened on “This day in Disney history”, but for now I’ll bid you all a fond farewell. It’s been real. I can still try to answer Disney related questions for anyone that has them, but rest assured the answers won’t be the sugar-coated Disney can do no wrong answers that most other people will give you!