I don’t think you all understand how tragic achilles and patroclus was

in the original version of the iliad, after the death of patroclus, achilles is so enraged that he just kills every enemy in sight, literally a bloodbath is what happens, i’m pretty sure the description says something like the waters were turning red and were more blood than water

it becomes so bad that a river god actually appears to him and commands him to stop his raging

and what does achilles do?

he slaughters the river god who dared to temper his anger, because nothing can console the agony he is experiencing in the death of patroclus

he drags hector’s body around the walls of troy, completely desecrating it and preventing his family from giving him a proper burial

it isn’t until he sees the love that priam has for his son that he returns the body because while it is a different love, the grief priam is experiencing is something he recognizes

Suddenly ideas for an old game! The addition of Priam always brings up questions about post endgame Radiant Dawn and as I was pondering this thought came up. 

Depending on how dragon blood works Soren will potentially live a veeery long time (i believe it was suggested in game that he ages slowly) which would be sad for him even if he does end up with Ike, since Ike will have a normal human lifespan. So what if Soren stays with his beloved until the end of his life. When Ike dies someone will have to take Ragnell back to Crimea so Soren rejoins Mist’s family and looks after her and possibly Ike’s descendants, becoming something of a family guardian looking after generations and guiding the children to grow up as great as the Radiant Hero.

Soren remains a harsh but caring teacher and every one of Ike’s descendants ends up having a super unrequited crush on their eternally beautiful mentor.  

FOR THE BLUE FLAME! Priam from Fire Emblem Awakening! :) The descendant of the Radiant Hero Ike is in my 10 favorite FE character list! 4 more to go! :D Another one I want for FE Heroes!

He is a very interesting character that is underrated in my opinion. I mean, he’s some sort of dimensional drifter swordsman with a divine weapon seeking worthy opponents through time and space. Now, that’s awesome. Imagine a third part of the gamecube games where you play as him thousands of years after the events of Radiant Dawn :D

(note: he looks like Sol, lol) 

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What about their first time waking up together after their wedding? With Inigo, Gerome, Lon'qu, Frederick, Gaius, and Priam?

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This one is very very long, but I hope you guys enjoy! 

Inigo: His palms slide over your arms to soak in the reality that yes, you really are married to him, Gods, to come from the hell that he’s lived in by the skin of his teeth, to finding you and falling in love deeper than he’d ever had dared–to find that you somehow reciprocate that love even amongst all the other people he was sure would make much more excellent, less broken suitors than him would catch your eye. And yet, amidst all the teasing and ribbing, you admit that you just as ardently return his feelings. That your smile is for him, just for him. Your eyes wander only to him, and no one else. Gods, what blessings did he earn in his past life to have you in his happy ending.

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A part of me would like to see a prequel of Awakening, starring Priam and how he got to be the leader of a large group of soldiers from many parts of the world. It would end at the moment Chrom & co. would challenge him, and if there was to be a support system with marriage options, Priam would be locked out of the whole thing, just to keep things consistent between the prequel and Awakening.