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[PRI-LOG] Rapper Dindin: Hongki Is Really Manly

“He is among the most awesome people I know. He is really manly.”

That’s rapper Dindin talking about FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki.
On MBC Every1 ‘Video Star’ aired on July 11th, Dindin praised Hongki’s loyalty.

Dindin said he and Hongki are really close and they often go out drinking after their radio. One night, they went drinking with a group of friends in Hongdae. After their get together, Dindin was sending people home in a cab. That’s when he said a really drunk person came up, slapped Dindin in the back of his neck and shoved him, telling him to get in the cab. 

Dindin thought the person recognized him, so he responded carefully. But the drunk person pushed him into the cab. Dindin didn’t know what to do. 

Hongki then stepped up and told him, “you are doing well lately. You have many on air schedules and shot many commercials already, so just go home. I’ll take care of this. Go home.”    

Dindin said he was also worried about Hongki since Hongki is also a celebrity and he didn’t do anything wrong. Hongki went up to the drunk person, held his hand and said, “I think you had too much to drink. That guy went home now so you should to.”  Like that, Hongki took care of everything.

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