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Enzo Amore x Reader - One in a Million (17)

“So whatcha wearing??” Enzo purred down the phone. “None of your business…” You giggled back earning a scoff from him. “Come on… Is it a one or two peice??” He pressed. “Mr. Amore you’re getting quite nosey don’t you think??” You teased on earning a sigh from him. “Mrs. Amore in just a few days don’t you think you’re being hard on your man??” He laughs. “Gotta keep your imagination going.” You state honestly. “Woman you’re going to be the death of me. You having fun so far??” “Yeah. Good friends and wine. Perfect night… Would be better with my man here but… You know how these bachelorette  parties go… You and the guys at least trying to behave??” You shake your head at the thoughts of what could happen at a party with Enzo and all his close friends. “Yeah a few of the guys haven’t got here yet… Just goofing around until they get here and the real fun starts.” “There better not be any strippers there or you’re gonna have to wait later until way after the wedding if you get what I mean…” You try to keep your voice as strong as possible at the thought of Enzo’s shocked face. “Woman you better be glad I aint there right now.” He chuckled. “Or what??” You challenged. “Or I’d smack that perfect butt of yours.” “Is that supposed to be a punishment.” You laughed with him. “Dear God I miss you you incredible woman.” Enzo sighed. “I miss you more handsome… I gotta go. Carmella is rounding everyone up for something.” “Okay love. If I can’t have strippers I better not catch you on the front cover of Girls Gone Wild.” Enzo scolded. “Scouts honor. I love you.” “Love you more. Have fun and know I’m thinking about you.” 

Enzo gladly took another shot of whiskey along with Cass. As he sat down the shot glass a hand clapped around his shoulder. “I don’t know you ever did it man… Landing a beautiful woman like Y/N with your ugly mug.” One of his old college friends laughed. “Maybe as a wedding present we should all pitch in and get her some glasses.” Neville added in earning a roar of laughter. “Ha ha ha… Very funny.” Enzo laughed along with his friends. “She’s something ain’t she.” Enzo beamed proudly. “That girl is the definition of class.” Someone agreed with him through the dense cigar smoke. “My mother would be the happiest woman on earth if I brought home a girl like her…” Another friend shook his head to himself as he took a shot of whiskey. “I just don’t get it… The more I think about it the more it puzzles me… Enzo ain’t got the looks or cash to land a dime like Y/N especially one with morals like her…” “She must be an angel sent down to keep Enzo on a tight leash.” Cass answered out causing another wave of loud laughter. Enzo wanting to take the attention off of himself turned to Cass now. “What’s big boy here gonna do if his lady catches the bouquet huh?? Been thinking about that?? Huh?? Mella ain’t gonna wait around forever…” Enzo wiggled his eyebrows. 

“Alright now a silly one.” Carmella requested as she held her phone up again to take another selfie with you. You and all your close girlfriend were sitting around poolside clad in beautiful swimsuits of your own design. The hotel roof was lit beautifully with lights and a playlist of your favorite songs played in the background. “Y/N you are so lucky… What I wouldn’t give to be a week away from getting married…” “Better question is what wouldn’t you do to just get a man.” Two of your college friends bantered at each other. “How did you do it?? How did you get a man like Enzo… Once a wild little man sleeze to just settle down with you… A magic spell??” A former co-worker pried before taking a sit of her cocktail. “What can I say?? Stick to your guns and don’t let anyone change you… The right guy will come around… He may not know it at the time but he will get the message soon enough.” You shrug as everyone giggled. “Come on lets go get another round.” Carmella stood up from her seat by the pool and motioned for everyone to follow. Once at the bar and a drink in every hand Carmella moved to stand on the bar and make a toast. “Alright so as the maid of honor I feel like its one of my many jobs to brag on this beautiful woman right here.” She pointed down at you. “We all know and love her. She is an inspiration to us all. She is classy and sticks to what she wants. I know deep down that you and Zo are gonna have an amazing life together. A beautiful family and many sweet memories for us all to be jealous of… TO Y/N AMORE!!” She giggled as everyone raised their glass to that and took a sip. “To the biggest bitch to ever grace this earth.” A sour voice screeched out from behind a few of your brides maids. Turning around everyone collectively rolled their eyes as they noticed the unwanted guest. A half drunk Tati. “What the fuck does this piece of trash want??” Carmella jumped down from the bar and handed you her drink. Carmella along with the other WWE Superstar Women that were at your party went to make a move on Tati when you spoke up. “Nah I’ve got this.” You downed the rest of your drink and Carmella’s and set them on the bar. Everyone moved out of your way as made a bee line for Tati. “Look… Give it up… I win and you lose… You have no pull here… No one to whine to or to stomp those cheat shoes too… Not one single person here is on your side since you’ve showed your rotten attitude… To be honest I feel bad for you… I pray that one day you grow up and realize what you do is immature… And when that day comes I hope that a carbon copy of you butts in and tries to ruin your life just like you tried ruin mine.” With the end of your little snarky monologue the intoxicated homewrecker before you gave you a swift shove causing you to stumble backwards. With a wicked smirk you shove back with an even greater sober push nearly knocking her down to the ground. That was enough to cause both of your pent up anger to explode in a fury. The fight that started between you was scrappier than any pay per view fight that had ever been on TV. Right as Carmella was about to try and pull you off Tati both you and Tati landed right in the pool causing the fight to end. Not just because you two were soaked but because hotel security and a few police officers had showed up to place you both in handcuffs. 

Enzo sighed and rolled his eyes as he pulled his phone from his pocket. “Sorry guys hang on.” He looked to his friends who were just in the middle of a big story about Enzo. “Yeah hey Mella whats up??” Enzo asked a bit annoyed. “Whoa girl slow down I can’t understand you.” Enzo covered his other ear with his hand. “Come on now this ain’t funny…” Enzo scolded as he rolled his eyes again. “You swear?? You’re not joking??” Enzo stood up from his bar stool and grabbed his keys from behind the bar as he hung up his phone. “Whoa man what’s going on?? Where’s the fire??” One of his friends asked out. “Yeah what did Mella say??” Cass asked standing up to follow Enzo. “Y/N’s getting hauled down to the station… And she thought us guys were going to have the wild night. Sorry about cutting it short guys.” Enzo announced as he made his way to the door leaving the rest of the guys to continue drinking and betting on what you were getting arrested for. 

Running into the police station a wild eyed Enzo made a beeline to the front desk. “Y/N Y/L/N… I need to know… If she’s okay…” Enzo managed out as he gasped to regain his breath. “I’m sorry what??” The cop at the front desk asked with a raised eyebrow. “My girlfriend… Y/N she just arrested like an hour ago… I need to know if she is okay… What happened?? Did she get rough housed by a cop?? Is she in a cell with a bunch of crazies?? Is she okay??… Why aren’t you making any calls or typing on that keyboard… Come on!!” Enzo was near a panic state as he stared down at the seated cop. “Sir please… Calm down… We haven’t had any crazy arrests today… I’m sure your girlfriend is just doing paper work and fingerprinting right now… All we had tonight is complaint about a public fight at a hotel pool… Only exciting thing was that one was in a bikini…” The young cop held up his hands as Enzo let all the information set in and try to fight the grin on his lips. 

Enzo couldn’t help but smirk as he opened the car door open for you and holding out his jacket to you (since you were arrested in nothing but your bikini). You didn’t even look at him as you got in the car and buckled your seat belt. Enzo closed the door for you and made his way around to the drivers side. Once he was settled in he turned to look at you. “First off… Are you okay?? Are you hurt??” He asked genuinely sweet. “Yeah I’m fine and no I’m not hurt…” You sigh and finally look over at him. With that good news Enzo stifles out a laugh. “I can’t believe I just picked you up from a police station… For a fist fight on an upscale hotel roof while wearing a bikini. When Carmella called me I thought it was a joke.” Enzo smirked over at you as you just cross your arms and turn to look out the windshield. “I get it I get it.” Enzo sighs as he cranks the car and pulls out of the parking lot. “Gotta say though… I have always had a think for good girls gone bad.” You give him a glare that melts into a smile. 

Back at your place after you took a shower you collapse on the couch beside Enzo who was killing some time with some late late night TV. “So did you have any fun at your short party??” You ask while looking at the TV. “Yeah… Just guys sitting around taking stabs at each other.” Enzo shrugged throwing his arm around your shoulders pulling you up against him. “What about you??” He smirked down at you. Turning your face to finally look at him his smirk falls as he looks at you in horror. “Babe that is a major shiner…” Enzo’s hands fly up to your face and turns it this way and that to get a good look at the black eye forming on you right side. “Yeah… I know and our wedding is in a week…” You pout as Enzo continues to check you over. “You’ve got make up to cover it up…” Enzo tries to help out the situation. You shrug and wrap your arms around his middle burying your bruised face in his chest. He rubs his hands up and down our back in an effort to sooth you. “You know tho… I think it’s super sexy…” He mumbles into your hair as he places a kiss on the crown of your head. “Only you would.” You laugh as he gives you a tight hug. 

Enzo waited until you were asleep for a little longer than 15 minutes before he eased himself out of the death grip around his waist. Cradling you to his chest he picks you up and easily carries you to your bedroom. After laying you down and making sure you were still asleep he tip toed out of your room and climbed down the stairs. Whipping out his phone he perches himself up on the counter in kitchen and dials his bosses number. Stephanie could only get out a confused greeting before Enzo laid into her about the whole hellacious night that had went through. “Hello?? Enzo what is you problem?? It’s like 4 am…” Stephanie sighed as she shifted the phone to sit on her shoulder. “I’m not the one with the problem. Its Tati… I don’t want what just happened today to get out in the news. Y/N has been through enough and I am drawing the line.” Enzo gruffed. “What do you mean?? What happened??” Stephanie asked obviously confused since she hadn’t checked any of her emails. “Tati snuck into my fiance’s private party and assaulted her. And when Y/N defended herself she was arrested as well and to top it all off she has a huge black eye the week before our wedding.” “You’re joking right??” Stephanie scoffed at the idea of Tati still lashing out. “No I’m not and I want some action taken on this… Y/N is an employee of the WWE and was assaulted by another employee… I want you to handle this and take some permanent action… I don’t want Tati anywhere near me or Y/N… She is just trouble and if she is willing to fight with Y/N she might be willing to do more.” “I hear you loud and clear… I will make some changes as soon as I get into the office… Oh and Enzo… If you call me with this kind of tone again it might not end well…” Stephanie said before sharply hanging up the phone. With that Enzo let out a partial sigh of relief… Until he got proof that Tati wasn’t any where near his work place and he go the restarting order against her for both him and Y/N he wasn’t gonna be able to enjoy much of anything. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… And a big thank you to @designrwriterchic for legit being the most patient person I know… This chapter took way too long to write and it is all my fault… I am so sorry for this delay and to everyone who requests I have just been soo busy… I hope you enjoy this part it was super fun to write :) please let us know what you think… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING

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