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Microsoft presents, Gmail Man: A new generation of attack ads?

While Google is out there fighting the mobile battle from Apple, Microsoft and others, they’re being attacked on another front. Gmail and Google Apps.

Microsoft is feeling some heat and aggressively moving to the cloud. While I don’t have stats to back this up, they must be losing enough market share and feeling the heat to prompt such a targeted ad. 

What I find more amusing is the subject to chose to scrutinize. They're capitalizing on privacy fears that have sprung up by services such as Facebook. It shouldn’t be news to anyone that FREE services have some kind of catch. The catch with Gmail is contextual-based ad placement. They aren’t reading your mail as portrayed, they simply scan for keywords in order to present ads that may be relevant to you. They’ve always done this. The same as how Facebook offers you ads on the sidebar based on your interests and demographic. 

How else do you think they pay for the massive infrastructure that offers you monetary-free services such as Gmail!?

Regardless, I still think this ad was pretty amusing. Maybe that was the point? To have a double-meaning?


Compilation of #oldspice odor blocker commercials. 

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iPhone-controlled Hyundai Race game in New York Times Square.


Tech of the past! In 1998, Apple introduced the iMac G3. A desktop computer sold with no *gasp* Floppy drive!