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Perfume “Relax In The City / Pick Me Up” interview @ BARKS (April 2015)

Perfume, who’ve made it to the tenth anniversary of their major debut and fifteenth anniversary of their formation, are finally releasing the first single of their anniversary year “Relax In The City / Pick Me Up” as of April 29th tomorrow. To commemorate that, we’re bringing you this interview with the three members on BARKS. We covered everything from the obvious points of discussion, like the songs on this release and little-known stories from the “Relax In The City” MV shooting, to fitting anniversary year topics such as what aspects the members respect in each other. Furthermore, with their growing big popularity even abroad, they answered questions only Perfume could stand up to.

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―― Are there any countries you’d like to try going to perform in?
Kashiyuka: I’d like to go to Australia.
A~chan: It’s a big country, though, so jittery people like us couldn’t possibly have the courage.
Nocchi: What about somewhere like South America?
A~chan: Being a hot-blooded samba country, I wonder how they would take our seemingly cold-blooded techno-pop? But maybe we could connect through love of dance.
—  A~chan dashing the hopes and dreams of Australian and South American Perfume fans, RITC / PMU interview for Barks

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  • ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤThe Signs in the 'Pick Me Up' performance
  • Aries:The break choreo
  • Taurus:The heels
  • Gemini:The lipsync
  • Cancer:The ovation at 1:35
  • Leo:The 'poke' move
  • Virgo:The lights
  • Libra:A~chan's hair frizz
  • Scorpio:Kashiyuka's bangs
  • Sagittarius:The 'Pick'
  • Capricorn:The 'Me'
  • Aquarius:The 'Up'
  • Pisces:Nocchi covering her ears

grandchild: grandma…. pick me up came 50 years ago stop listening to it