Here is the digital 12’’ for “BQE” featuring PreZZure off my album Smiles Of A Summer Night which dropped last month. This digital 12’’ features an exclusive remix of “BQE” by MidPoint as well as instrumentals for both versions of the song. If you enjoyed Smiles Of A Summer Night, please support by purchasing this release. Night Creatures 2 soon come… (Click the artwork above to stream/purchase)

Happy Halloween. Today marks the official release date of The Woodside Boys, available now for free download and brought to you by RockTheDub The Woodside Boys consists of myself behind the boards & PreZZure on the mic. 10 tracks of terror – ‘dem not ready… (Click the artwork above to download)

Here’s the second leak off of my upcoming Auteur: Director’s Cut LP. This time, PreZZure weaves gritty storytelling on a smooth, piano-heavy beat by yours truly. This is the first time I’ve ever premiered the remix of the song, which features elements of the original St. Vincent sample, “The Party”. PreZZure will be featured heavily on Smiles Of A Summer Night (June 13th) – be on the lookout for that. Click the artwork to download.

“Let them eat cake” is the traditional translation of the French phrase “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche”, supposedly spoken by “a great princess” upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Since brioche was enriched, as opposed to normal bread, the quote supposedly reflects the princess’s obliviousness to the condition of the people.

Let Them Eat Cake is also an album I’ve been working on (and off) since December. The album is inspired by the last 20 years of 18th Century France as well as the uncertain economic and political landscape of the present times. While mostly instrumental, the album features guest spots from  Adam Warlock, Dieter Schaaf, Melvin Burch and PreZZure – who appears on “Message From A Friend”, the next single off of our collaborative album, The Woodside Boys, which drops this Halloween on (Click album artwork to download)


The release of Night Creatures in September 2010 was a pivotal one for MidPoint & I…the album garnered more accolades than we ever could have imagined: from individual songs being culled for other compilations to being voted one of the top ten albums of the year by Uncommon Radio to Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) rapping over “Taxi Cab” w/ Cash Bilz, a collaboration which will see the light of day very soon on Cash Bilz’s debut album. MidPoint & I thought it was only right to re-release the project for retail purposes, but not without giving you guys extra goodies to make the purchase worth your while. For only $5, you will not only receive the Night Creatures LP, but also a full color, 14-page digital booklet with artwork for each song as well as a 32-minute bonus disc with work from MidPoint & Lyle Horowitz from other available projects and unreleased material.

Please support great art and continue to allow us to make our music available for free by purchasing Night Creatures today. MidPoint & I are currently two tracks deep into the Night Creatures 2 recording process, stay tuned for more information regarding that album in the coming weeks. Thank you for your continued support. (CLICK HERE: TO PURCHASE)

redamancy, n. the act of loving in return

I started Redamancy on Valentine’s Day 2011 during a bus ride back to New York from North Hampton, Massachusetts. I plugged my laptop into the power outlet and created the first draft of “B-43”, which is now the album closer. A big part of why this project means so much to me is because of the circumstances that led to me creating it and what I learned about myself and others after those circumstances occurred. Although the impetus for this album was a break-up, this is not a break-up album, at least not entirely – Redamancy explores love and heartbreak from all sides and the effects it has on those that go through it. This is a truly personal body of work and I hope that you enjoy it. (Click image above to download)

Here is the first single off my album w/ PreZZure (The Woodside Boys) entitled “I’m The Best”. I produced this album in it’s entirety and there are no guest appearances – a throw-back to the days of the one producer/one emcee hip-hop album. Since the homie Khal over at RockTheDub is presenting the project, I’ll let him tell it:

“Here’s a treat that I’ve been waiting to drop. Ever since CM Punk dropped the best promo on RAW, I’d been wondering when someone was going to take Punk’s fourth wall breaking and apply it to the Hip-Hop game. Oddly enough, I got sent this track from The Woodside Boys a few weeks back, and was floored. I know they are working on a project that rockthedub will be dropping on Halloween 2011, but wasn’t expecting this one at all. The fact that cats get it, and applied Punk’s darts to their position within the game? And hit with the same bite as Punk did? Amazing. PreZZ rides that plodding riddim from Lyle perfectly. I know, the Woodside Boys project isn’t dropping for a few weeks, but with Punk winning at Money In The Bank, and that awesome new t-shirt dropping, I HAD to make sure this one dropped before the big main event at Summerslam this Sunday. I’m rooting for Punk - not just because he’s the "voice of the voiceless”, but because he truly is the Best In The World right now.“ (Click image above to download)

  • Fade Away II
  • PreZZure
  • XIII

7.25.12: Produced by PreZZure

*XIII end credits*

“Fade Away…

She looks out of her window
Only seeing her own reflection
Silent eyes that stare back to the distance

Put it on the window pane
Distorts her pretty face
She feels that’s what she looks like everyday

Looking down towards the flood
Back up through the window
She sighs a misty breath,
the ghost without a haunted end

Street light fills her empty room
Dark clouds are only seen
She goes back to her bed, 
to try to sleep her nightmares away

She’s gonna fade away,
fade away
She’s gonna fade away,
fade away

Nightmares they are recurring
One stare she could turn and face
Screaming down with all her might, 
to see everyone die

One day she’ll have the courage
To do what she want’s to do
End the life of misery,
and for once be happy

She’s gonna fade away…”

-Craig Grey