“Kaichou,” the blonde looked at the ravenette standing outside the door of his apartment. As happy as he was to see her there without him having asked her to visit, he couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised. “As much as I enjoy having you drop by, was there something you needed?


Scanty walked into a nearby cafe as her brother dragged himself behind her. they had to switch things up due to their favorite cafe undergoing maintenance. they where welcomed by the classic chime of a bell and a chime of welcome master and mistress. She took time to look at the appearance of what she assumed to be their maid. The demon siblings followed behind the girl and was placed in a comfortable booth in the back. the menus where placed in front of the two carefully and she welcomed them with a natural greeting.

Scoxer looked up at the waitress and saw her as well groomed for a human. She had flawless skin, her posture was well placed and her hair held no friz or split ends. He went into his usual posture by placing his elbows on the table and leaning his cheek on one of his open palms.