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'Outlander' Casts Rollo for Season 4
Watch out, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe: This latest bit of Outlander casting is going to seriously challenge you in the cuteness department. Meet the puppies who will play Rollo, a wolf hybrid …


Meet the puppies who will play Rollo, a wolf hybrid that becomes a beloved member of the Fraser clan. Though Starz is still filming season 3 of the drama in South Africa, the producers wanted to begin training the Northern Inuit puppies for their very important role in the new season.

EW obtained this exclusive first look at the pups that will take turns playing a dog that has a “penchant for getting into trouble, often sticking his large, wet nose into places it doesn’t belong,” says a Starz spokesman. “The dog will play a key part in the adventure that lies ahead.”

For those who aren’t familiar with the significance of Rollo, EW asked author Diana Gabaldon to exclusively weigh in on this very special pooch that first appears in Drums of Autumn, the fourth book in her Outlander series from which season 4 will be based.

“They look cute, but tough. They should be just right to play Rollo when the time comes,” Gabaldon tells EW. “They’d need to growl and look menacing on command, I think, and carry back prey of one kind or another to their master. I assume they wouldn’t let them catch things on camera … especially fish, of course.”

In Drums of Autumn, Rollo first comes into contact by young Ian Murray (played in series by John Bell). Says Gabaldon, “Rollo and Young Ian met on the docks in North Carolina, when Young Ian won the dog in a card game, and a life-long bond was formed between them, meaning that Rollo became a member of the ever-growing Fraser family.”

simply-yelly2  asked:

This is a tricky question to word, pardon me if it still sounds weird. I can guess that if they eat only one kind of prey, then they may think anything else is weird. But why can't ThunderClan and WindClan like the taste of fish (most cats do)? Why can't RiverClan enjoy the taste of a hare or rabbit? It seems weird that the Clans express love for some kinds of food, but express obvious distaste for other kinds.

Well, some of this I can excuse as acquired tastes. Like, I have owned cats who can’t get enough fish, I’ve known cats that only eat fish under particular circumstances, and I’ve known cats who won’t eat fish if it’s offered on a silver platter. Some like it, some just don’t. And well, we all feel more comfortable eating food we’re sure about, right?

But seriously, Warriors overuse this. Cats, both feral and housecat, are opportunistic hunters who eat what they can, and since ferals hardly know when they’re having their next meal, they’re not gonna be that picky unless food is in abudance (controlled colonies etc) Yeah okay a feral that’s grown up inland probably won’t know how to eat a fish when it first sees one, but heck, it’ll shrug its shoulders and start somewhere. Better that than starving. 

Now in the book setting, I guess fish is the one thing we can be most lenient about - it is proven that some cats just don’t like it, and that’s another thing with cats; they’re stubborn as shit. So fine, keep the fish-eating to a minimum for those who don’t enjoy eating em. And amphibians too for that matter. 

On the other hand, how Warriors presents RiverClan as nearly fish-exclusive when it comes to their dinner menu, now that’s real bullshit. That tiny river can’t sustain them all, and some fishes are seasonal to boot; they have to add extra stuff to the plate. Having them scrunch up their faces at the sight of a rabbit or a squirrel, that’s just plain dumb. Let them eat for crying out loud don’t starve them needlessly?? I get that the Erins think they’re adding a “cultural flair” by doing this, but like, sorry I ain’t buying it. Sure focus most on the types of prey that are found in every territory as diversity, but like… the biggest focus should be on survival, no? The thing that the Clans struggle with, year in, year out? You feel? That should come before the luxury of picky eating in societies as harsh as these.  

Also, fun fact: Nearly all the Clans are shown to love shrews, and hunt a lot of them, when in fact real-life cats would probably prefer to avoid shrews, because they’ve developed a liquid they secrete through their skin that makes them taste like shit. The only one of my cats who ate one (he always forced himself to eat his kills the silly doofus) quickly puked it up again, so to speak. Also from what I understand it’s just as bad with American shrews; they taste no better, and a cat can be sick from being bitten. 

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Theory: The Beast's true identity is Wirt, or some representation of him. The Beast is everything that Wirt hates about himself; its his negativity and hopelessness. The flame from inside the lantern sounds like a crying child, despite 'being' the Beast's soul. Wirt and Greg use music to create positive communication between each other; the Beast uses music for negative communication. In the last episode, the Beast is seen wearing what appears to be a cloak. (this can only be seen in his shadow)

I could totally get behind this. 

Certainly I’ve always seen the Beast as an incarnation of despair, but as a more generalized kind of despair, one that preys on whomever he encounters. But then, that might mean he appears in a different way to each of his victims–and perhaps this is what he looks like to Wirt. 

Wirt’s problems seem so minor when we’re on the outside of them–it’s all in your head, Wirt!–but when they’re made manifest in that way we start to understand that the troubles in someone’s head are the most fearful of all. An entire country in mortal terror of a beast consisting solely of the insecurities a teenager is forced to shoulder day in and day out? I think they would be. 

The Beast is an old enemy–he’s been with Wirt since long before he stumbled into the Unknown, telling him to leave the party early before he embarrasses himself, telling him that no one likes him, telling him his clarinet thing is stupid. I always thought that the Unknown represented a kind of consequence for Wirt because he ran away from his problems–but what if it’s a punishment for trying? What if just throwing that tape together and putting that costume together and strolling boldly into the unknown to tell Sara how he really feels made the Beast angry? What if the entire story represents the emotional backlash Wirt feels when Sara and Jason do get their hands on the tape (that was dumb, I shouldn’t have done that, why did I do that), the punishment anxiety inflicts on its sufferers for those brave, brief moments when they dare to hope?

Yeah. I can totally get behind this.

especially if it means that I can look at fanart of beast!Wirt without internally curling up into a ball and sobbing over the implications

Progress pt 3 - The Joker X Reader imagine

A/N: Thank you so much you all for your responds of my imagines! I really appreciate that so much! Here’s part 3 of Progress, hope you enjoy xx

Word count: 1134

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As you were on your way to Joker’s appointment with you, your thoughts were filling up your head. You were actually getting mad at yourself and why? Because as a professional psychologist you shouldn’t have feelings for a patient.

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Love Bites Back | John & Steph | AU

Peace and Harmony set in, such an oddly quiet and yet incredibly tense area it was. Winter had hit hard, snow covered and cooler than his skin, it was less and less bareable every day with the British mood swings that it’s weather had. 

John was just one of few brave enough to walk around such a bitter, misty night like this. In fact he was the only ‘one’ of his kind to be able, prey came before temperature, which the weather here would never match his skin for that, he was cold to the core always. 

Person after person, he sat at the bench, tapping cigarette after cigarette as his cold emotionless pits for eyes cradled and admired each blood carrier that walked by. He was hungry, starving for more but waiting for the right time, right person to walk on by innocently and expect the least. Innocence was the fun in this job of his, the way they’d squirm beneath him as he drained them, leaving a dusty form in it’s place when he was done. There was no messing around with John. When he was hungry he meant business and if a right moment didn’t come soon he’d have to demolish every human to walk his way, it was growing tense and difficult.

Pushing up and standing steadily, the creak of the leather he wore as his knees joined the rest of him slowly. Black circular glasses sat against his nose, pushing them further as he scanned and patrolled the area like an animal. Gazing upon one person in particular, an instant click in his mind, a complete seal of a deal as he watched her grow closer, licking his lips secretly and shuddering in pleasure as he ground his fangs harshly. He needed it and now, her scent was alluring and the cravings were hurting him now, making him draw blood from his own lip rather than hers. 

Washing his waves of jet black hair with a palm flick, he waited for her to walk by and almost dropped to his knees just from the temptations and alluring sense she had to him. Not only did she look a good meal but also very attractive. In fact almost too good to eat, how could he be so suddenly cruel to that sort of beauty. He could quite easily, crush a bone with a flick of his fingers, drain with thirst. However he waited and stopped in his tracks, following like a curious duckling instead. ’

My my, she’s magnificent, I can’t just attack this one, work your way round it John’ He thought, getting closer and approaching a startling close distance from her as she stopped in her tracks too. He strolled closer and closer and shivered in anticipation, inspecting her from behind, he didn’t need to lie when he could admit he laid his eyes upon things he liked. There was more to approach in front too, another favorite indeed, and a real good pick too. He circled round her and stood in front bravely, making sure his fangs were away and he didn’t seem as much a threat, he needed to make an impression instead. Tapping his fingers together they finally made eye contact as he stopped pretty close in front of her, sniffing harshly as he look pretty keen and courageous right now, feeling it too. “My my, hello there beautiful” He growled a little, a rough yet erotic tone that was appealing in itself, he had a way with his voice, charming smile and ultimate appeal too. His hands wanted to touch but he knew he’d only been here two seconds, she was probably frightened for her life right now, and who wouldn’t be, stood in front of an incredibly strong, fast and hungry Vampire like him, he was unique in his kind, the only one that had love left, mated with prey rather than kill them, he was very controlled in his manner. His pinpricked black pupils glued to hers in such ways she froze, she’d no longer move as he held with just a deadly stare. “Where'r you off to, it’s awfully late.. shouldn’t be out her on your own.. precious thing like you..” He trailed off, getting carried away with his thoughts, mind and imagination as he already had vivid images cropping and circling. He was already pretty impressed, the way she looked stubborn and less scared than his less fortunate victims, she’d managed to naturally fight his urges off with her appeal, now he’d expect some sort of reward, he wasn’t being kind for nothing, Vampire’s didn’t work like that. 


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The inn was likely empty now. It was late, far too late for anyone to have any logic reason to be there. That was why Diego had decided to strike. It had been a while since the last time he had had an occassion to drink, and that situation was simply perfect.

It had been easy to stop one of costumers, a young man whose mind was still dizzy from the huge quantity of alcohol he had consumed. It wasn’t his favorite kind of prey, but it was an easy one. The poor thing had barely tried to put up a fight - weakly trying to push him away - before giving up.

The vampire didn’t waste tame, especially since his prey was somewhat repulsive, and the smell of beer that corrupted tha man’s breath didn’t help, he wanted to be done with it as fast as possible. Coldly ignoring his pleas and whines, he carelessly bit the other’s neck, holding him still. The blood wasn’t great, but after days of thirst it was a true relief.

However, before his thirst could even start to be sated a sound caught his attention. Steps. Diego froze still, instinctively letting the unfortunate man go. He heavily fell on the ground, and after a brief moment of confusion he crawled away like a scared rat. With a nervous swallow, aware his nature had probably been discovered, the blond silently turned back to face the newcomer.

- “ Who are you?” He asked, a drop of blood still visible on his upper lip.

also, here is a thing that I've said before but I think it bears repeating

This is not in any way to derail the proper horror and indignation everyone should feel about what happened to internleland or the microaggressions that it seems like virtually all POC in this fandom are dealing with. All the anger and sadness is justified.

In the midst of it, though, I see something to be encouraged by.

I’ve in various fandoms for over ten years now, so I’ve got a lot of history and precedent to draw from when I say the following.

The fact that WTNV is even having a storm over an issue of race is a sign of measurable progress compared to, let me draw a number from my hat and say eight years ago, because that is when I remember a discussion taking place in Angel fandom. (Like, Buffy-spinoff Angel, not Supernatural angels.)

There was a character named Gunn. He was…just fucking amazing. He was kind of the Tamika Flynn of vampire-infested inner city Los Angeles? The first vampires (apart from Angel himself) that we met in the show were explicit metaphors for rich white privileged dudes and their power. And Gunn was the leader of a group of mostly black young people who were living in warehouses and shoplifting to eat because they spent their days riding around in a van killing vampires, because their people were being preyed on and no one was fucking helping. Kind of like how things are exactly that way in real life, sans vampires.

I was 24. And for the first time, I heard a POC fan that I considered a friend pleading with Angel fandom to pay Gunn a little more attention. Instead of endlessly slashing just the white dudes. She broke down why Gunn was amazing. (She actually made THE MOST AMAZING fanvid that is sadly vanished from the internet now but I wish I could make you all watch it.) She pointed out that the character people liked slashing with Angel the most actually had a much deeper and more intense connection with Gunn.

Here’s what’s different between then and now:

1. Mimesere (the fan in question) got backed up by like three people. The rest of the people in fandom were either actively hostile and trotting out all the same shit we’re hearing now, like HDU shame us for liking the characters we like it has NOTHING to do with RACE HDU HDU, or they were people like, well, me. Who felt vaguely uncomfortable with the implications of the fact that I’d barely noticed Gunn up to that point, didn’t really know how to unpack that discomfort, so made a very pointless comment on the post that I liked Gunn but I just didn’t “get” him. And mimesere replied politely, even though I was essentially derailing, or at least making a very useless non-contribution to an important discussion.

(BTW: I had every reason to “get” Gunn. I get Gunn harder than anyone else on that show now, and I always would have, if it had ever occurred to me to even LOOK at him, which it hadn’t back when the show was on the air, because I hadn’t yet swallowed the red pill.)

2. The Gunn thing didn’t blow up into a massive firestorm that lit up the whole fandom, and you know why? Because there were maybe three people going to bat for fandom needing to examine the whole topic of white supremacy in media, and most people? They didn’t even get angry. They snored. They scrolled by. They dismissed the whole thing.

3. Gunn was the only significant character of color on the whole show. The only other one, if I’m remembering right, was one of the evil lawyers, and we barely saw him. So, one character of color, very few fans going to bat for him, fandom easily and comfortably ignores the whole thing.

That was 2006. Maybe some of you were kids, but I was 24, so I’ve got that perspective. Now, fast-forward to the present day.

1. Fans who are POC don’t have to seek their representation in just one character (who despite his awesomeness was more or less a sidekick.) They get a whole buffet. They get a MAIN CHARACTER–who is one half of the ship in a mono-shipping fandom. There more than one kind of non-white character–there’s black, Latino, Asian, Indian characters. And holy fucking God, they have WOMEN. WOMEN OF COLOR. Do you know how rare that was just eight years ago? 

2. The showrunners are explicitly, vocally committed to diversity. Having come from several fandoms where the fans were more or less united in their justifiable disgust for gross showrunners, that is amazing.

3. Now, I’ve not told you anything you don’t already know in points 1 and 2. You already know what Night Vale is and what Fink and Cranor are like. That’s why you’re here. But this is the part that’s important. This is the part where I can look at the shitstorm in fandom and feel a kind of grim pride and satisfaction, even with all there is to be angry about and disgusted by:

The struggle is in the open now. Not just to POC, who never had the luxury of ignoring it, but to everyone. There is no possibility of sweeping it under the carpet where the white folks don’t have to look. The demands of POC and their allies are loud and unrepentant. A large part of the reason we’ve got a shitstorm going in the first place is that some people are having a temper tantrum over the fact that this time there is no possibility of ignoring the issues we’ve raised, or our demands that the whitewashing cease, or that attitudes contributing to the invisibility of POC be called out and examined.

This is probably slim comfort to the people who have suffered the most. Even to me it is, as I said, only a grim kind of satisfaction, but I think it’s a reason not to despair, or to think that what’s happening here is only sheer negativity. Most of that negativity is coming from people who don’t like their fun getting spoiled by some truth. Those people are whining for nothing. The Social Justice Warriors? They’re fighting for something. That is the opposite of a negative. It’s a striving towards a positive.

If you’re battle-weary, there’s no shame taking a break, taking care of yourself, shrugging the shit away. But if you’re all wide-eyed and baffled and frustrated that people won’t just let you have your fun–you’re missing something huge. Take another look.