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why didnt zootopia have an underwater zone full of like fish prey and shark predators underwater worlds are so fun and beautiful and it would have been so cool and creative and i want it

The Signs as Mermaids

Aries:Born in an underwater volcano, their scales are made of freshly formed stone, their heated bodies glowing a brilliant red and orange. The fastest swimmers, and some say the oldest lineage of mer. They have no natural enemy, as nothing can bare the heat of its touch. When too many gather in one place, the water may boil and kill any living creature too close.
Taurus:Guardians of the strait, their bodies decorated with tribal tattoos and scars. Some bare spears and brilliant gold armor, others wielding nets and dawning decorative gems and shells. The strongest of the mer, no man has ever passed their lands to learn their secrets.
Gemini:When the sky over the sea turns black and the storms take ships by surprise, these mer rise. The tricksters and shapeshifters, they thrive in the chaos. They board the confused ship, throwing over and assuming the forms of shipmates. From there they slowly overthrow from the inside, until they can crash the ship itself into to sea for the mer to reap their rewards.
Cancer:The rarest and most beautiful of the mer. Hiding in springs and rivers nestled deep in the mountains, they live their lives as one with nature. They teach the birds their songs, and bring fish for the bear and deer. They help the beavers build their dams and show lost turtles the way. On the full moon they must hide, for man seeks them for their own selfish gain.
Leo:These mer are known for their hunting prowess. Living in saltwater and decorated in bright vivid greens, blues and purples, they dominate entire lagoons and coasts. When they are full from the hunt, they lay their bodies out on the rocks and bathe in the sun. By nightfall, they are glowing and can light up the murkiest parts of the water to find their prey.
Virgo:In unsuspecting ponds across the world, a fisherman may meet his brutal end at the hands of these mer. Rich brown, thin and boney, their bodies are perfect creating elaborate underground tunnels and rooms. They eat their prey, and take their treasures back to their secret lairs. Here they trade and barter with one another in one large room. Lore says this is the world’s oldest market place. Their unspoken diplomacy is unexplained.
Libra:Living by a tall sharp cliff nested full of harpies, these mer have developed a symbiotic relationship. Storms bring ships off the sea, where the harpies kill the crews leaving the ships to crash into the rocks and sinking. These mer seize this chance and collect every jewel and gold they can find. They construct elaborate jewelry, crowns, spears, and more. Once a year they gift beautiful pendants to their partners in the sky.
Scorpio:Baring a striking resemblance to a shark with long pointed fins and sharp sandpaper like skin, this mer lurks in dark lagoons and swamps. They have a reputation as ‘evil’ and were once almost hunted into extinction. Ever since they have lived solitary lives in the waters man dare not tread. In all reality, they are herbivores, and pose no threat to man or beast. Contrary, they will do anything they can to save a lost or wounded soul.
Sagittarius:Every year thousands of humans gather to watch the mass migration of mer up the rivers of South America. Their scales are a radiant Grey that reflects the rainbow in the light. The light show that they create as they jump hundreds of feet to scale waterfalls is an equal match to the aurora borialis. Once they reach their goal, they find their mates for the first time, hand in hand one week later they dive off the falls back into the sea.
Capricorn:Deep in a trench lies a civilization of the most technologically advanced mer to ever live. While man was discovering fire, they were cresting technology to leave the ocean and fly through the skies in water filled disc ships. They have no need to leave, they as a race have reached a point of enlightenment. Fitting for their gold scales and glowing white eyes. Sightings of these mer are often equated with meeting a God.
Aquarius:Sewer mer are the most unique of the species. They have no eyes, instead they navigate with echo location making clicking noises. Their skin can blend into its surroundings, so they can catch humans unsuspectingly passing by. As evolution has taken its course, they have gained an immunity to disease, poison, and a skin impenetrable by most mortal means. They will not always live in the dark and dank, the future will be theirs, and man will fall to their power. All in due time.
Pisces:The most well known mer are the oasis born. Why? Long ago, a prince found himself lost in the desert, he and his two men pulling a giant box of gold. With their mortality in front of them, an oasis appeared on the horizon as if a gift from the heavens. Perched on a rock in the very center, braiding her hair and humming to herself sat the most beautiful half woman half fish. This was the first time one of his people had seen any mer. He asked her to come back with him, pouring all his gold into the oasis and filling it with water so she could make the journey home with her guidance. She agreed. He died the first night they were wed, and so did his father both of a mysterious disease. She ruled the land with a fair but iron fist for 146 years until she once day dissappeared, some say to return to her gold filled oasis.

Voltron Symbolism: Lance Edition

Most people never see beyond the surface of the ocean. They only see where light touches the surface, where the fish and ecosystems are colorful and plentiful. While the surface can be considered showy with its bright colors and life, it is also warm and welcoming.

Most people never see what lies in the ocean’s darkest depths. They never see the creatures of peculiarity living in darkness or feel the frigid temperatures and the burdening weight of the ocean above. Many creatures there are like demons as their hunting methods are vicious and unrestrained and the coldness and pressure is crippling.

Lance is the ocean. He is loud and showy sometime to the point of it being obnoxious, but warm and welcoming. He has layers, each showing a darker bit of his personality. Lance’s darkest depth are the creatures that prey on his fears. His insecurities can feel like the weight of the world. But like the ocean, Lance is not alone. He has friends and companions with him, and all he has to do is reach out.

Out numbered, out gunned, never out fought

My first real attempt at a humans are space orcs story. Written on my mobile, so excuse any spelling errors, I have proof read and tried to correct, but some may have slipped through the cracks.

Queen Krillix clicked her mandibles together in anticipation as he surveyed the situation upon his scanners.

The Vespula fleet consisted of five hundred dreadnoughts, two hundred heavy support vehicles, one hundred attack fighters, and one flagship; a Nova-class heavy bomber, a type aptly nicknamed by their enemies “planet smasher”.
The fleet of the United Sol fleet however, was a dozen warships, half a dozen battle cruisers, and a hundred mongrels; ships which had previously cargo haulers, research vessels, and transport ships meant to carry colonists to new worlds, all of them had been stripped down and retrofitted with heavier weapons and armour. They were not ascetically pleasing but were serviceable enough. For humans.

From her throne room aboard the planet-smasher “Iron Sting” (loosely translated into galactic common.) the queen extended her will to her army. The hive was not of mindless drones, her soldiers could think for themselves, their intelligence, their instincts, guided the hive to victory. But their will was the queens will and the queens will was their will. She guided them, drove them, gave them reason to live. The hive without their queen was a bunch of soldiers without a cause, without desire to do anything to eat and procreate. With billions of mouths that feed already the hive was running out of food in the handful of systems their already controlled. Expansion was the only key to their survival. So the queen drove them on, ever forward, ever outward, to new worlds and new foods.

So it had passed that the hive had found this small system, with an unassuming little star. Colonised worlds and strange fleshy-bipeds running around their little homes and growing food. No armies, no defences; none that bothered the hive anyway. Not even space worthy vessels.

The hive had descended and claimed this world. There had been but a paltry resistance from the bipeds. But farmers with pitchforks and lasers were no match against a single attack ship and the well trained soldiers of the Vespula when the will of the queen was behind them.

There in the ashes of the settlement, the hive had learned the name of the bipeds; humans. They had come to learn the name of their world; New Earth. They came to learn the fleshy bipeds were not born to this planet but another.

They were much like the hive, in their own primitive way. They dominated their homeworld and had spread. First across their own system and then, when they ran out of room, to others. Anywhere they found suitable they planet their two feet and claimed it for their own. Yet they also did something the hive did not. The humans called it Terraforming; to force a world to be suitable for your kind. The science caste had put their minds to this terraforming as a way for the hive to claim more worlds. But the process was slow, taking several hundred cycles. Dozens of queens would come and go before even one world was made suitable for the Vespula. An unnecessary waste of resources for too long a goal. Expansion of suitable planets was deemed the only true way forward.

The queen acknowledged a slight kinship with the humans, despite them being fleshy bipeds of dull colouring, and the Vespula were the great insectoids of the royal black and noble yellow. Like the Vespula, they were driven as the hive was driven, by the need to grow and survive.

The feeling of kinship did not make the queen stay her tarsal claw. If anything it encouraged her. These humans were not just prey, or a nuisance, they were competition. They needed worlds and food as did the hive. They had great, ever expanding numbers, as did the hive. How long before they came to battle over territory? The queen considered and decided to strike first. These humans were primitive. They had only recently discovered the means to travel faster than light. They had strange notions of peaceful exploration and learning. They took only those worlds which were not already owned by sentient beings. This was surely a hindrance. It was a weakness, if nothing else. When something stood in the way of your food you should strike it down. It was the only way to be strong. The only way for the majority to survive. No wonder they hadn’t expanded too far.

“Status?” The queen asked and the solder of the tactician caste responded.
“Scans show no other human ships in the sector.”
Then this paltry number was their whole fleet.
“Weapons appear to be high intensity lasers. Radiation signatures on the warships and battle cruisers indicate nuclear weaponry”

Primitive. Nuclear weapons, such a barbaric people. Yet effective enough in its own way. If it were not for their shield generators the queen might have been worried.

If the humans concentrated fire on one ship at a time the humans could break the shields and take down a dreadnaught or two. Such ha tactic would have even worked against the planet smashing Nova-class vessel. But during that time they would be taking fire from every other ship around them. They would surely be destroyed before any shields collapsed.

As it was, all the Vespula ships had shields and the human weapons would crash against them as they tried to attack ten times their number. The Vespula would cut through this pitiful fleet with their quantum cannons and proceed through this Sol system, claiming every inhabitable planet along the way until they reached the human homeworld. Glory to the hive!

The queen bent her will, her fighters felt her and obeyed as her will became their own. The weapons began charging, their ships took positions for attack. In a few more seconds the humans ships would be in range of their cannons.

Then there was a voice she had not expected. “My queen.”
It came from a drone of the technician caste, manning the communications station. He seemed confused, this concerned the queen. “We are receiving a message from the flagship of the human fleet.”
Thirty seconds until the ships were in range.

The queen waved a claw dismissively. “I have no patience for long speeches about how they will not be defeated how they will make their stand and-” the technician interrupted her, another unexpected thing.
“My queen, the translator states only two words.”
The queens antennae raised upwards- the equivalent of a smile to their race. “Let me guess, ‘we surrender’?”
Ten seconds and the ships would be in range.
“No my queen.”
The queen looked at him expectantly, “no?”
The technician looked again at his screen, which had translated the strange language of the humans into a written transcript. “It says, 'Leeroy Jenkins.’”
The queen’s mandibles clicked, her antennae dropped, the signs of confusion “Leeroy Jenkins?”

The ships came into range. The human ships raced at great speed. The Vespula ships fired. The human ships did not engage them?! They did not slow to attack speeds! They did not shoot. They charged onwards. Their movement was too fast. The quantum cannons missed! The targeting combat computers of the Vespula worked best on ships that had slowed to a proper attack speed. This was the speed of fleeing, but the humans were still heading toward them?! The queen was confused as were her soldiers, but their wills were found one thought, one desire; shoot the human ships.

Some ships hit, but they were only glancing blows off the armour of the speedy and agile human vessels. Then a luck shot! One human vessel, a war ship, exploded as the quantum laser caught its nacelles. The other vessels raced past, igniting their fallen comrades. They didn’t fire against the attack fighters, they ignored the cruisers and dreadnoughts. The puny human vessels penetrated into the very heart of the seam of hive ships.

Too late the queen realised their course; they were targeting the flagship, only the flagship. HER SHIP!
“All power to shields!”

Half a dozen nuclear weapons were launched at once, less than 500ft from the hull.

Just in time did the technician pour the auxiliary power into the shield generators. The shockwaves of the explosions made the shields rumble like a violent ocean. Radiation detectors signalled that the outside of the ship was already a hotbed of fallout. Their thick hull and shields were keeping the interior safe.

A second wave of missiles were launched. A third were close behind. Before those nukes even hit their shields, the ships of the first wave were in range and launching another wave.

Where was her ships? Her soldiers? Their powerful weapons? The queen already knew the answer, the hive was too afraid of the swift and agile
Human ships. They couldn’t fire upon them for the risk of hitting the flagship.

The fourth wave of missiles impacted. Alarms signalled the collapse of the shields and radiation penetrating the outer layers of the hull.

The tiny human ships were massing again, launching their fifth strike. Nuclear missiles and lasers fired simultaneously. All their fire was concentrated one one place; the bridge.


Far and away, across the void of space. The princess Noxi was torn from her rest in her sleeping chamber. Emerging from the warmth of her cocoon she scrambled to an opening and looked to the stars. For the hive they had always been warm and inviting, promising new planets, food and resources for the glory of The Hive. Now they looked cold and frightening. Promising unknown dangers and darkness. She felt a shiver run through her thorax.

Across the hive cries went up as the realisation dawned on each member of the Vespula race. Males, females, and larvae were all feeling as one the terrible loss and grief not only of so many brothers and sisters, but their beloved queen.

Princess Noxi felt an ache in the back of her head. There was no stopping it. It began instinctively as soon as her mother had died. She felt the ache grow in intensity, almost searing her brain, as her connection to the hive grew and solidified.

Within minutes the pain faded. Queen Noxi looked upon her hive with fresh eyes. The will of the hive was her will. Her will was the will of the hive.

These Humans. Not long ago their desire had been to destroy these fleshy bipeds. They were supposed to be primitive. They were supposed to be weak. They were supposed to fall to the hive like so many had before.

The soldiers in the sol system. Her soldiers now. Their fight was on hold. Their shock was fresh. They had just witnessed the death of their queen while they’d been stuck, helpless, lest they harm the queen they were trying to protect. They needed her guidance now, more than any other in the hive. They were waiting for it. Waiting for the will of their queen to guide them.

Queen Noxi gave her will out to all of the hive across all their worlds, the billions of minds received her, “Run. Run from the humans.”

She hoped it was enough to save them.

I made friends with a lady-vulture at the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise. She was stolen from her nest in the wild and raised with people who had no idea how to properly provide for her care. She has imprinted on humans as a result and cannot be released. What a darling little ham she is! If there weren’t bars and a window on her enclosure she probably would have snuggled right up to me. <3

anonymous asked:

I'm curious to know what you think about Zuko's character arc, like did you like him betraying Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 or did you find it OOC? Did you like how he wanted throughout Book 3, cause to me he looked like a douchebag yelling at Iroh, hiring an assassin etc, really looked like Bryke was trying to make him as bad as possible and pair him up with Mai, to cancel him as a love interest for Katara.

I believe his betrayal of Katara and Iroh at the end of Book 2 was entirely necessary for his character arc. Zuko always showed himself as one who needed to make his own decisions and mistakes before he learned from them. His uncle could preach at him all he wanted, but Zuko only ever recognized Iroh’s truth after he’d pursued a goal to no avail. 

For example, the greatest turning point in Zuko’s story during Book 2 was when he let Appa go. Now, he wasn’t planning to do so. He only released Appa after much urging from Iroh, and Iroh’s explanation of Zuko’s past failings: 

Iroh: So, the Blue Spirit. I wonder who could be behind that mask …
Zuko: [Sighs and takes off the mask.] What are you doing here?
Iroh: I was just about to ask you the same thing. What do you plan to do now that you’ve found the Avatar’s bison? Keep him locked in our new apartment? Should I go put on a pot of tea for him?
Zuko: First I have to get it out of here.
Iroh: And then what!? You never think these things through! [Points at him.] This is exactly what happened when you captured the Avatar at the North Pole! You had him, and then you had nowhere to go!
Zuko: I would have figured something out!
Iroh: [Starts yelling.] No! If his friends hadn’t found you, you would have frozen to death!

Iroh is quick to tell Zuko that his lack of planning will ultimately lead to his downfall. He was never successful in the past because he never thought his schemes through. What did he really hope to accomplish by capturing Appa? What was his end goal? How exactly did he think revealing his identity in the Earth Kingdom’s only stronghold was going to play out? And this was after he went on a date with Jin, after his uncle had found some success in Ba Sing Se, and after Zuko had a taste of what a normal, peaceful life could be if he’d just let his destiny go. 

Zuko: I know my own destiny, Uncle!
Iroh: Is it your own destiny, or is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you?

He was happy in Ba Sing Se, but largely so, because he had no other choice. His life no longer followed the trajectory he had planned— he couldn’t hunt the Avatar because doing so would mean revealing his location in Ba Sing Se and he couldn’t return home because he couldn’t hunt the Avatar.

Jump back up to Iroh’s last line listed above: Is it a destiny someone else has tried to force on you? That can easily be applied to his hunt for the Avatar, but look how easily can that also be applied to Zuko’s newfound life in Ba Sing Se! His actions — pursuing Appa the second he knew the bison was in the city, even after experiencing peace and success — prove that his life in Ba Sing Se was another destiny being forced on him. 

Now, I know you may be arguing in your head that Zuko’s metamorphosis proves that he had changed— but I don’t think so. I think Zuko’s metamorphosis proved he hadn’t, foreshadowed by this exchange: 

Zuko: Stop it, Uncle! I have to do this!
Iroh: I’m begging you, Prince Zuko! It’s time for you to look inward and begin asking yourself the big questions. Who are you, and what do you want?

His transformation in Book 2 was his wrestling with this question: What do I want? Zuko didn’t know. He had no idea. Everything was conflicting in his head. Did he want the Avatar? Did he want peace? Did he want to go home? Did he want this new life? This is particularly evident in the warring dragons in his dreams: 

Blue dragon: It’s getting late. Are you planning to retire soon, my lord?
Zuko: I’m not tired.
Blue dragon: Relax, Fire Lord Zuko. Just let go. Give in to it. Shut your eyes for a while.
Zuko slowly starts to shut his eyes but widely opens them upon hearing the other dragon.
Red dragon: No, Fire Lord Zuko! Do not listen to the blue dragon. You should get out of here right now. Go! Before it’s too late!
Blue dragon: Sleep now, Fire Lord Zuko.
The dragons disappear, and the room they’re in, as well as the guards watching Zuko, crumble to nothing. The blue dragon reappears in front of him. Two golden eyes appear, followed by the face of the blue dragon, which closes rapidly.
Blue dragon: Sleep. Just like mother!
Charges at Zuko and opens its mouth. Inside the dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother, Ursa. Within that darkness, the camera draws closer to Ursa, who drops her hood.
Ursa: Zuko! Help me! 
Zuko disappears through the floor.

Later when Zuko awakens:

Zuko: What’s happening?
Iroh: Your critical decision. What you did beneath that lake. It was in such conflict with your image of yourself that you are now at war within your own mind and body.
Zuko: What’s that mean? 
Iroh: You are going through a metamorphosis, my nephew. It will not be a pleasant experience, but when you come out of it, you will be the beautiful prince you were always meant to be.

I think a lot of viewers take Iroh’s final comment as the end all and be all sign that Zuko was supposed to fully transform here and join the Avatar’s side, however, I do not believe this is the case. I believe Iroh’s comment wasn’t exactly wrong… it’s just interpreted incorrectly. Zuko did change when he woke from his coma: He didn’t change sides or soften or discern all of Azula’s lies, but as became evident in Book 3, Zuko woke from his coma and was able to finally recognize the truth in Iroh’s words

Let’s delve into the imagery of the metamorphosis… not only is he plagued by weird visions such as taking on Aang’s body, the dragons in Zuko’s dreams symbolize the two dueling sides of him. One part of him wants to enjoy the life he’s found in Ba Sing Se, evidenced by the red dragon warning him to get away from the influence of the blue dragon— 

[SIDE NOTE: Zuko may know that Azula always lies… but he always seems to fall for it i.e. that time she said father wanted him home. that time she said he’d be welcomed home. that time she gave him credit for killing Aang as a favor. that time she said the Agni Kai would be one-on-one]

—while the blue dragon represents his desires lying in the Fire Nation. He nearly succumbs to the blue dragon’s suggestion that he sleep, until the red dragon appears and warns him off. However, in the end, Zuko is charged by the blue dragon: He is swallowed by the blue dragon, and in the blue dragon’s mouth, Zuko sees his mother (representing his long-lost childhood desires— to protect those in need and be gentle/kind/innocent) calling for help, before sinking into the floor. 

What does this mean? Well, I believe it means that Zuko gave in to the blue dragon, and it was meant to foreshadow him giving in to Azula’s seduction in the Crystal Catacombs, rather than foreshadowing him saving sides. It also foreshadowed his recognition of his mistake and his distraught emotional state following his choice to betray the red dragon (Iroh (and Katara)). 

Again, to break it down even more so: 

Zuko wants to give in to the Blue Dragon’s request to sleep. 
In the real world, Zuko falls prey to Azula’s bait, challenging her to an Agni Kai and being imprisoned. 

Zuko is warned by the Red Dragon of his choices. 
In the real world, Iroh pleads with Zuko not to listen to Azula. Twice, actually. Once when Iroh flees the palace and Zuko says he’s done running, and again, below the city, when Iroh pleads with Zuko to make the decision he knows is right.

Zuko is swallowed whole by the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko falls into Azula’s scheme. Unbeknownst to him, Azula is using him— she knows she cannot defeat Aang and Katara alone, so she entices him with the promise of being welcomed home a hero. 

Zuko panics over the vision of his mother (innocence), but is ultimately lost to the Blue Dragon.
In the real world, Zuko is completely absorbed in the version of himself he thinks he needs to be. He is angry. He is violent. He is a betrayer. He has lost all connection to the innocence of his childhood and the image of himself that he nearly reconnected with during his metamorphosis. 

Furthermore, being lost to the Blue Dragon symbolized Zuko’s emotional and mental spiral in Book 3. He was incredibly unhappy, even after he sold his soul to come home. He’d lost it all. He had no one to blame but himself but he didn’t want to blame himself— he wanted to blame Iroh for being right all along. Zuko’s behavior towards Iroh was unacceptable, yes, but it was in character when you consider Zuko’s complete and utter implosion and the destruction of his soul in his decision to betray everyone. 

I fully believe the betrayal was Aaron Ehasz’s idea. In my opinion, it was fundamental to Zuko’s character. As long as he had the support and guidance of his uncle, Zuko would never transform on his own. He needed to hit rockbottom. He needed to realign himself with what he wanted, and the only way to do so, was to have everything he wanted and nothing at all at the same time. 

I do not believe it was a ploy by Bryke to destroy Zutara, as the pair came back together in Book 3 and were closer/stronger than ever. 

What Avatar struggled with the most was the timing of Zuko’s arc. Book 3 spent too much time focusing on useless episodes that could have been utilized to showcase Zuko’s actions in the Fire Nation and his resulting decision to leave his place there. His treason could have taken place earlier and, as a result, we could’ve spent more time with the transformed Zuko and the Gaang.

I also think Avatar suffered greatly by cancelling Book 4. If we’d had a chance to see Zuko rule as Fire Lord, I believe his transformation would’ve felt complete. 

 "I imagine myself covered with blood, broken but transfigured and in agreement with the world, both as prey and as a jaw of time,  which ceaselessly kills and is ceaselessly killed.“

- George Bataille.

Mizumono implies so much shit that I still couldn’t get over it. This is a kind of conceptual study, a quickie one I worked on to brought it to the RDC3.

Georges Bataille Quotes for the Signs
  • Aries: "But on a sensual level, she so bluntly craved any upheaval that the faintest call from the senses gave her a look directly suggestive of all things linked to deep sexuality, such as blood, suffocation, sudden terror, crime; things indefinitely destroying human bliss and honesty."
  • Taurus: "I am in harmony with my annihilation."
  • Gemini: "Life will dissolve itself in death, rivers in the sea, and the known in the unknown. Knowledge is access to the unknown. Nonsense is the outcome of every possible sense."
  • Cancer: "So we expect love to be a solution for infinite suffering? And what choice do we have? Within us anguish is infinite, and we fall in love."
  • Leo: "Pleasure only starts once the worm has got into the fruit, to become delightful happiness must be tainted with poison."
  • Virgo: "There are masses of lilacs here, irises and wisteria. The forest seems like peace itself, but when the day comes it will burn like a match."
  • Libra: "I believe that truth has only one face: that of a violent contradiction."
  • Scorpio: "I don’t want your love unless you know I am repulsive, and love me even as you know it."
  • Sagittarius: "The need to go astray, to be destroyed, is an extremely private, distant, passionate, turbulent truth."
  • Capricorn: "I imagine myself covered with blood, broken but transfigured and in agreement with the world, both as prey and as a jaw of time, which ceaselessly kills and is ceaselessly killed."
  • Aquarius: "The urge towards love, pushed to its limit, is an urge toward death."
  • Pisces: "We approach the void…but not to fall into it. We want to become intoxicated with dizziness and the image of the fall is sufficient."
Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 93 review (+ theories)

Phew! What a hell of a chapter! It’s been a while I haven’t enjoyed any Shingeki chapter since volume 22. And by that I mean, truly enjoyed. 

The current translations are a mess and so I’d rather do an analysis now and complete later with the CR scans. At the same time, that gives me an opportunity to check the raws. In the meantime, anything used in this post comes from Mangastream’s translation.

So yeah, while I had palpitations reading this chapter, it was very heavy in terms of information so I’d love to cover every single angle possible, because it looks like vol. 23 is a Marley-centric volume, who’s going to end on the beginning of the Marley-Paradis conflict. Part of this excitement was, as always, the focus on the life of the warriors, seeing new faces and Reiner being happy and expressive I mean god he was a daddy, body and soul.

Part of this chapter made me oddly fond of the new kids. While their introduction was a bit confusing, it went better when they were attached to known characters or to the initial plot. The whole Marley vs. Middle Eastern Alliance conflict felt off because we were used to Paradis, but in this chapter, we also get a glimpse of their current activities as far as the report goes.

Are you ready? This is going to be a long post, but my inner warrior stan is more than happy to write a full review on it, despite the translation being “unofficial”.

  1. Marley’s situation
  2. Zeke
  3. Paradis Island
  4. Reiner’s generation
  5. Papa Reiner and the kids
  6. Who’s the successor of the Armor?
  7. Theories and Miscellaneous

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miss politeness ❖ sehun

@sehuns-bubble-txe requestedPlease could you write a Sehun University AU fluffy smut? Like he finds it hard to focus on your study session because you look too good of something? I’ll be fine with anything you guys can work with 😊 I love your writings so far, great job 💕 ~Shazz xx

word count : 1663 words

admin : - velvet

genre : smut, fluff, semi-public sex, voyeurism, just a lot of sehun and idk why teacher baekhyun popped out (; ̄︶ ̄)

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

Move your ass!❞ you hear someone shout behind you. You don’t even have to turn around, you know his voice way too much. You close your locker trying not to smile too much.

Sehun has always been a brat, he always looks at people like they are less then his shoes, he talks with people like they are just… things.

But he’s one of your classmates in the Literature course, and even if he chose literature from his own will, he still manages to suck at it.

Can you be more polite? People are staring❞ you whisper when you reach him, starting to walk right away to the school library.

Sorry, Miss Politeness❞ he rolls his eyes, whispering too, just to make fun of you.

It’s not that you like being polite with people or anything, but you are educated, so you hate when people are disrespectful when talking to you. That is why Sehun and some of his friends, Chanyeol from the math class and Jongdae from science course, started calling Miss Politeness.

Keeping up with the rudest of all - aka Oh Sehun - is like going through hell everyday. You start with normal classes, and when it’s time for your course, he is there: probably waiting for you, his favorite prey. Now, at the beginning was like finding yourself in another world, you didn’t even know why a boy like him would talk to you, then you understood.

I’m starting to hate you❞ you laugh when he brings his arm around your shoulder, making his hand fall on you right breast.

No bra?❞ he asks stomping away from your previous conversation. You keep on walking, till you are in front of the library doors. They air in the school is chilly, even if outside it’s boiling. Thinking about having to stay in the library till five makes you breath in relief, in some kind of way. Going outside the college before four would have meant “dying of hotness”, or just melting after you put one foot out.

I forgot❞ you mumble, pushing away your boyfriend’s hand from you free breast. You’re kind of embarrassed and not because you’re telling your boyfriend, the man who knows you better than yourself, that you forgot to put a bra on, but because you find it out just a couple of hours later in the morning, after you started lessons.

You wore a skirt and a white t-shirt, so when your friend pointed out that your nipples were standing to attention, you find out that - since you were late to your first lesson - you forgot to put a bra on.

Sehun takes the his arm away from you just to push open the doors of the library. Everything is silent, not even the librarian is here, she probably went home to eat and then she would come back later on. The other students already went home, so you and Sehun are alone in the library, a part from a boy who’s reading manga.

Sehun runs away to the last table, the one hidden from everyone, so that he can play games on his phone and not being seen, even if teacher Byun - the literature professor - comes in. You follow suit, giggling at how childish Sehun is sometimes.

When you first started dating him you were so confused, he acted manly and careless in from of others, but childlike and cute when alone with you.

You sit down at the table and start taking your books out of your bag. You didn’t have a tiring day, but still the way-too-hot weather outside manages to take every strength out of your body. You raise your gaze and find Sehun eyes on you, he looks very focused.

Your titties look good in that shirt

What the hell?❞ you scoff a laugh widening your eyes and kicking Sehun’s leg under the table.

He looks up from your breasts and smiles at you, trying to look innocent. ❝What! I was just saying

An hour after the both of you are studying, or better: you’re explaining and he’s trying to concentrate and not drool over your chest -, you just stand up and go buy two bottles of water at the vending machine next to the library entrance.

Why you took so much time?❞ Sehun asks when you come back handing him his water, you sit on the table, just next to him. You need to take a little rest before starting again with the explanations about Shakespeare and why he started writing.

Did you understand anything about what I said during this hour?❞ you asked closing your bottle of water and placing it next to you.

Sehun hums and then locks his phone, putting it down and looking at you.

I understood that my girlfriend is really hot❞ he smirks putting his big opened hands on your naked thighs.

You smile a little: he didn’t hear you while you were talking, so he didn’t understand anything. Why are you even doing this? He clearly doesn’t care about passing the exams.

While you were thinking about your boyfriend and how he will fail in literature class, you feel something on your breasts and gasp when you see Sehun holding one of your covered nipples between his teeth.

What are you doing?❞ you ask trying to sound annoyed, but really: you’re just trying not to moan. Between your legs your core is already throbbing.

Sehun doesn’t answer, his eyes are focused on your chest. He closes his lips on your nipple and starts licking it very slowly, wetting all the fabric that is covering your left breast. You try and compose yourself, but when he takes away his mouth and starts flicking his tongue over your other nipple, you can’t help but throw your head back. With his hands he opens your legs, so that he can now stand between them, standing up and leaving your chest.

His mouth finds yours quickly and you kiss him back. It’s a slow kiss, where his tongue timidly enters your mouth and then leaves it, but you know that Sehun is not shy or scared of going hard.

He’s just playing.

One of Sehun’s hand finds its way between your legs, caressing directly on your clothed clit. You womanhood is probably already wet, but the thought of someone seeing you makes you open your eyes and back away from Sehun’s kiss.

Wait❞ you hiss as he moves your underwear to the side, so that his index is now circling your naked clit. Your nub is pulsating and it makes you shiver the way Sehun is caressing it, making you feel just pleasure.

What?❞ he asks biting your jaw, while his hand is working on you, the other is keeping your hips still on the table.

What if someone sees u-us❞ you stutter when he leaves your clit and spreads your legs wider, so that he can have his clothed manhood on your core. He starts grinding just slightly.

Don’t be afraid, Miss Politeness❞ he smiles, slipping his middle finger in your wet hole without a warning.

If we’re doing this, just fuck me and be quick❞ you shiver. His nail is scratching your walls, making you see stars even without coming.

Rude❞ he smiles leaving your core ❝but my Queen’s wish is my command❞.

And with that he unbuttons his jeans and pulls down the zipper, freeing then his hard member. It’s standing and it’s red, precum is leaking from his tip and he takes his hand on it, spreading it all over his shaft.

You open your legs widely, cursing yourself in the head that if someone finds out that the two of you are basically fucking in the school library, you’re dead.

Sehun takes his member to your womanhood, and your core swallows way too easily his lenght. You’re now used to his size, but it stills manages to stretch you to the impossible. The first time you saw it, you really thought that he could have tore you apart.

Sehun starts to pump his member into you, scraping your walls. His thrusts become always more and more erratic, while your head and eyes are thrown back, his tongue meets your jaw, tasting the sweat created from both the heat of the moment and the heat outside.

Do you imagine if Mr. Byun sees us like this?❞ he scoffs, taking his hand on you breast and squeezing it.

You know he’s near when his pumps become sloppier and his member start pulsating in your core, you can feel his veins pop out. You legs’ grip around his hips tightens and you try and stay silent, but his member is touching points inside of you that may let you cum in any second.

And just when you’re about to come, you feel a drop of his cum still inside of you, coloring your walls. He takes his hard meat out of you and starts grinding his tip on your clit, making you gasp for air. Sehun lets a grunt past his lips and that’s when he comes, followed suit by you. The friction on your clit doesn’t stop.

You open your eyes, trying to regain your breath, watching as Sehun seed is all over you legs. Sehun is still grinding his softening member between your folds, he comes down a little to peck you on the lips and just smile on your mouth.

You look hot❞ he smirks, taking away his member and zipping up his jeans. You close your legs and hop down of the table, going to your bag to find some tissues, so that you can clean yourself from his sperm. You really just had sex in public, what if someone filmed you and sent everything to everyone? You’ve been so careless, this was not going to happen again.

See, Miss Politeness? Nobody saw❞ Sehun smiled.

Little did they know that Mr. Byun saw everything.

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What I want for my followers

To be as kind, genuine and sincere as Sebastian

To refuse to exist in the shadows of anyone’s expectations like Lizzy

To embrace your emotions, your successes and your failures like Chris

To love the world around you like Mark

To not fall prey to sterotypes or what they think you should be like Scarlett

To be as confident and as unapologetic as Anthony

And when all is said and done, and when the world tells you that you don’t fit in or that you’re the one who’s wrong, stand up and smile, say “thank you”, and then do whatever the fuck you want like RDJ

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Just a reminder that I believe in you guys, because we all need that every now and then