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im sorry but like….i hate when people say that mary shelley “invented science fiction in her spare time” bc,,,,the writing of frankenstein was not a “spare time” kind of thing. it was a tried and definitive thing.

she was not “bored” when she created frankenstein. she didn’t write it because byron mocked her. she deliberately thought for days on what story to write, and when she finally had an idea, her friends encouraged her to continue, and branch out her ideas.

anyways i hate this assumption that mary created frankenstein out of a hatred for that summer rather than for a genuine love of storytelling and creative sharing


a video in which i tell a story about lord byron being a bad person. i did this for you, internet.

(maybe the first in a series??? #historytime)

diableboiteux  asked:

(You knew this was coming) Lord Byron

i hate/love you

  • Why I like them: is “everything” a viable answer??? no??? ok well he’s just so???? he’s a loveable jerk except he’s not loveable but he is very much a jerk and he’s so eloquent but also crass and he’s also bammin’ slammin’ bootylicious but mostly??? yeah
  • Why I don’t: once again he is very much a jerk and he’s??? faintly misogynistic which??? he was kind of A LOT compared to now but not so much for his time period but it still icks me out.
  • Favorite anecdote: you’ve heard me say this SO MANY TIMES but that one time when he threw a pillow dressed in his clothes out the window onto the table of his mom’s dinner party. or the time he made polidori jump off a balcony and poor polidori broke his ankle. 1816 scrapbook moment right there. good times.
  • Favorite quote (from them or about them): the ever popular “mad, bad and dangerous to know” because i’m super predictable but also “i have a great mind to believe in christianity for the mere pleasure of fancying i may be damned.” and “i only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone.” mostly because yeah. that’s me right there. also he was a totally cynical gay baby and his quotes prove that he was an insufferable loser nerd
  • BrOTP: napoleon/byron 5evER HELLA no but
  • OTP: byron/brummell because fanfiction exists also apparently byron/lucretia borgia is A Thing. and while we’re on that subject, my semi-fictional time travel otp is byron/jack harkness bE STILL MY BEATING HEART (and of course mary/percy/byron threesomes, maybe sometimes including keats because everything is better with keats)
  • an-oh-god-what-did-that-have-to-happen: him dying. obviously. or that one time w/ the lord staying at newstead abbey and the probable blowjob that probably happened to be byron’s first homosexual encounter which led to estrangement and confusion on behalf of both parties
  • Unpopular opinion: that bear story is really fricking stupid
  • A wish: that i could have joined his super secret gay club. also that he and oscar wilde could’ve met.
  • 5 words to best describe them: bastard, tempter, homoerotic, bright, lost
  • My nickname for them: “loser nerd” and “butt-head” and lots of things like that
  • if you could say one thing to them: “u could george my gordon any day” just to see how he’d react
  • Favourite portrayal of them: hugh graNT for acting and personality but johnny lee miller for media quality. and, ya know, john barrowman if he ever plays byron (which makes my semi-fictional time travel otp a bit, er, awkward)
  • LEAST favourite portrayal of them: uh david bowie does that count???

                Pip glanced over at the corner where Louisa was attempting to keep Byron from peeking over her shoulder. She relaxed for just a second, but the poet managed to push past her arm. “Who’s that?” Aidan asked.

                “That’s Byron,” Pip whispered.

                “Why is he floating?”

                “He does that.”

                “He looks like a vampire.”

                “Don’t stroke his ego.”

                “There’s nothing he possesses that I would like to stroke.” Pip looked sharply up at the other girl and Aidan winked. Byron smirked.

byron knows what’s uP