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“We need a name. This ‘Agents’ thing– It’s got no zing. So, What about being the Birds Of Prey? Canary and Blackhawk, that’s easy, and Huntress fits and.. And, well, frankly I don’t know what an ‘Oracle’ is, but… I got these jackets too. It’s a bird, get it? I got one for you, Helena… Say you’ll take it, willya? I’m tired of seeing you guys mope.”

Barbara Gordon/Oracle, Dinah Lance/Black Canary, Helena Bertinelli/Huntress, Zinda Blake/Lady Blackhawk and Dawn Granger/Dove | Birds Of Prey v1 #86, #108; v2 #2-3

Alpha and Omega - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: PG

Warnings: implications of “horrible alphas” idk guys, oh and being lonely

Summary: Omegas were meant to be alone. You didn’t care. That’s just how it was, but it only takes a moment to change everything.

Word Count: 1399

You were an omega, which wasn’t really a good thing or a bad thing in your eyes. Sure, you had no pack, but no pack meant no alpha to follow. You had your share of horrible alphas, and you weren’t going to add another one to the list. All the food you collected went to you. You didn’t have to use your time assisting freeloaders. You didn’t have to worry about the other pack’s territory or your standing in your own pack. You didn’t have to worry about mates either.

Well, technically you did, but finding a mate when you were an omega was unlikely. Omegas were omegas for a reason. They were alone, free to wander anywhere and everywhere. Few found their soulmate.

You shook your head. There was no reason for you to be thinking such things. You had to concentrate and find prey before dawn. You only had an hour left or less. The forest you had wandered into was devoid of life. You didn’t even mind that you were stepping on dead stems and broken branches. No sensible pack would settle in those wood anyway.

You weren’t even sure how you wandered into that place. You just had a hunch that there would be something there for you.

You stopped for a second to gather your thoughts. However, when your footsteps stopped, leaves continued to crackle.

You turned around and growled. “Who’s there?”

“I believe I should be asking you that.” A brown wolf emerged from the trees. From his stance and coat, you knew he was an alpha. A powerful at that. You’d never seen one with that much confidence. Yet, there was something about that alpha. He rubbed you the wrong way.

When he saw you, his eyes widened.

Your heart dropped in your stomach. Did he recognize you? That had happened before. An alpha heard about you and tried taking you in. You growled and stayed close to the ground. “What’s it to you, alpha?” you sneered.

“You’re her.” Suddenly, the wolf began to glow.

You stepped back. “What are you doing?” Why was his shifting in front of you? Was it some sort of scare tactic? Werewolves only shifted in front of their pack, not in front of random omegas! You backed away.

“Please, wait!”

Suddenly, he was in front of you. You whipped your head around. How did he get in front of you that fast? Were alphas really that fast? If he was that fast… No, you had to get away from him. You turned around and bounded through the woods. Every time that man appeared in front of you, you dodged him and changed direction. With all your running, you couldn’t see him properly or hear him properly.

The sun’s light peaked through the trunks of trees, and it startled you too much. You dashed away from the sun’s light. You couldn’t let the rays touch you. You needed to escape that alpha first. In the blur of escaping, you recognized that the man was no longer near you. You gulped and turned around. No, he was still there. With the sun turning him into a shadow of his human self, he watched you with sad eyes.

You tilted your head. This alpha was a bad strategist.

You were home free. You were starving, but you were safe from that alpha.

The next morning was confusion. You had no food from the night before, and, because of you extensive search, you had little sleep. You headed to the local coffee shop for some caffeine. You were still sluggish, but you needed to get to work soon.

You rubbed your temples. You had too many things to worry about. Your work. Your budget. That alpha. That damn alpha. Why did he look at you like that? Like he knew you? Did you know him? You revisited the memories of your past pack, but no. There was no one with that brilliant brown coat. Why did he let you go? Was it pity?


You blinked and looked up. A young man with soft brown eyes and sweater stood in front of you. He gulped and motioned to the seat in front of you. “May I?”

You cleared your throat. “Of course.”  

The man set down his cup of coffee. The clink between the ceramic mug and tile sound like a screech to you. You growled and rubbed your temples again. This guy was going to get on your nerves, you knew it. Just like that alpha from the night before. It was going to be a long morning.

“Are you ok?” he asked you.

You shook your head. “I’m sorry, but do I know you? I’m rude, I know, but it’s just I’m really stressed right now.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault.”

“Yeah, no, of course.” He gulped and held out his hand. “I’m Barry Allen. You?”

You eyed his outstretched hand. Cautiously, you took it. “(Y/n).” You did not want to give your last name.

Barry beamed like he won the lottery. You laughed a little. “What’s so great about my name, huh, Barry?”

He sat up straight. “Nothing! Just, um, not that I was trying to… Sorry. I just…” He tapped the table repeatedly. “I think your name is very pretty.” He hung his head. “I sound creepy, don’t I? I am so sorry. I should just, uh, go, huh?” Barry turned his chair, ready to leave.

“No.” You grabbed his hand. “You can stay.”

Barry stared at your hands.

Realizing what you just did, you retracted your hand and stuttered, “i-I mean, you know, if you want to, Barry.” You cleared your throat, and heat rushed to your cheeks. That was odd. You couldn’t help the nervousness that bubbled in your stomach. You looked at the floor as you tried to calm your racing heart. What was happening? Sure, you had been infatuated before, but never like that. It was as if lightning struck you before you could even comprehend it.

“It really is you,” Barry breathed.


He gulped. “I am the, uh, man you met yesterday.” He pursed his lips and fidgeted with the hem of his sweater.”You know, in the woods?”

The man you met in the woods? The only person you encountered in the woods was the alpha. You blinked a few times. No, it couldn’t be. You held your hand up to your head. That was why! The reason he shifted in front of you. The reason he looked at you with sad eyes when you ran. The reason he let you go.

You laughed a little. “No way.”

He shrugged. “Um, you might wanna try to believe it.” Barry reached out for your hand again. “May I?”

You inhaled deeply before letting him take your hand.

Like lightning, fire crawled up your arm and to your cheeks. You giggled. All that time you thought you’d be alone, there was someone waiting like you were. You could help but think how lucky you were. An omega with a mate? So rare, and yet there you were with a pounding heart and trembling hands.

You gazed up at Barry Allen. “I never thought I’d find a mate.”

“Neither did I.” He took a step closer.

You nodded.

Your mate let his forehead rest on yours, and both of you sighed at the wonderful feeling. “You’re beautiful, (Y/n),” murmured Barry. He kissed your forehead, letting his lips linger on your skin. “Wow. I don’t know what else to say,” he chuckled.

You bit your lip and kissed his cheek. “My last name’s (y/l/n), by the way. I didn’t want to tell you earlier.”

Barry laughed. He stroked your cheek and kissed your forehead again. “Thank you.” He breathed deeply. “You wanna go on a date or something. I really want to get to know you.”

“You sure you want to do that, Barry? My past isn’t really,” you gulped, “pretty.”

Barry’s eyes softened. “If you don’t want to tell me, it’s ok. But, I do want to know you. I want to experience everything with you. Ups and downs and everything in between!” He laughed. “I’ve waited this long. I’ll wait for forever if you need it.”

You sighed. His eyes showed no signs of lying. Just pure and genuine… love. You beamed. “Thank you, Barry Allen, thank you.”

AHHH!!! I FINISHED GUYS!!! I FINISHED AN IMAGINE!! Finally, so sorry. Grandparents are in the house and ive gots to take care of them. then, im finishing my rough draft and really want to send it publishers by the end of the year, so working on that as well… yay? ahhh so much, but I will try my best to get more imagines out guys.

Bless your hearts for still following me, guys! have a wonderful day!

In your favour

Originally posted by liveforeverneversaynever

Summary: Normally when someone favours you that is an advantage - especially when it is a prince. For you on the other hand it was the start of a very tricky game of hide and seek.

Word count: 1836

Warnings: A little angst and cliffhanger? I don’t know if you can really call it that.

Author’s note: Hey you lovely people :) Sorry for being off for so long. I do my best to update regularly again.

Anyway here is the Royal Au I asked about a long time ago. The summary sucks but please just read it. I am planning on making a longer story out of this one if you are liking it so please do not hesitate to tell me how you liked it @jesseprettyass @princessnyki and of course all you other cutiepies ♥

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Most recent release: You don’t own me // Epilogue

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Well ! This took me forever ! This is an AU for 2X05 “The Weaponizer”. I hope you like it! {FF] or [AO3]

Where The Demon Hides

Chloe was digging a hole in the floor with her pacing.

She was worrying her phone in her hands, her jacket already on, her long ponytail swinging left and right with every new step she took. She kept pushing the button to bring the screen to life, counting the minutes since Maze’s call.

She was up to thirteen when she finally heard the knock. She opened the door before Dan was even done, leaving him to stand there with his hand in the air. She grabbed her car keys from the bowl and automatically checked that her weapon was in its holster on her hip.

“What’s the emergency?” Dan frowned. “You said…”

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Birds of Prey Vol. 2 #12

I love it when comics have a little description of the characters, like you see here. Because 1. You know which character you’re reading about if there’s more than one version of that character. 2. You know a little about the characters, if you’re new to the series or if you’ve never seen that character.

Peter Hale Imagine: "I Win"

Peter Hale Imagine: “I Win”

Requested or Original: Requested

Words: 673

Rating: R

            You gasped as he worked his fingers inside you and sucking on your neck at the same time. Peter wasn’t really the guy you thought you would end up with but he treated you better than he did. You were madly in love with Derek but when he began treating you like shit, you turned to Peter for comfort. Who was surprisingly there to give it to you; now three months later, he’s making you go limp like a wet noodle under him. You bit his shoulder as he entered you. He growled digging his claws into your hips. “Geez, you act like we’ve never done this before” he growled nipping your ear. You moaned and sighed against his neck. “It feels like brand new every time” you groaned out as you arched. “Oh god Peter” Peter smirked thrusting faster. “I’m not God honey” He pulled you up against him, holding you to his chest as he pumped faster and faster. You became immobile; his hands traveled your body. You closed your eyes gasping when you heard a loud roar.

            “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?!” Derek roared wolfed out. You screamed and covered yourself. Peter smirked, pulling his Jeans back on. “I’m giving her what she wants. What’s it look like? Besides Derek, don’t you know how to knock?” Derek growled and stared at you on the bed, an almost hurt expression in his eyes. You looked at Peter who stood there, like a King Lion standing over its Dead prey and it dawned on you; finally clicking into place. ‘Of course. Why didn’t I see it before? Peter is always trying to get back at Derek. I was his chance. I was his pawn’ you suddenly felt ashamed. You grabbed your clothes and dressed yourself quickly. “Now look what you’ve done Derek. You made my friend leave.” He said as you grabbed your bad and rushed out the door. You felt the tears sting your eyes as you walked home. ‘no, I’m not going to cry until I’m behind my own walls’ you sobbed into your jacket alittle and wiped the tears away. You sighed and crossed the street escaping to your favorite book store.

            Once inside you opened your bag and pulled your journal and began writing in the quiet darker corner of the book store. It wasn’t until you stopped writing did you notice the black jeans standing in front of you. You slowly looked up to see Derek staring down at you. “What in the hell were you thinking back there?!” he growled alittle. A number of Shhs came from around the store and he squatted in front of you. “Come back to my loft and we can…calmly talk about this.” He seemed to have to push the words out of his mouth. You sighed and pushed yourself up. “alright” you mumbled.

            Once back at Derek’s loft, you made very little eye contact as you sat on his couch. “What were you thinking?!” he said. You looked away staring at your shoes. “He could have killed you or who knows what!” you looked at him. “ITS BETTER THAN WAITING AROUND FOR SOMEONE WHO ISNT GOING TO EVER LOVE NOR LIKE YOU!” and the tears started pouring down your face. You hid your face in a pillow and let it out, you felt his hand on your back. “Its not like you care anyways!” you said as you pushed away from him, going to the other side of the room. “Not like I care?! I love you! Don’t you realize that?!” You stared at him. “Then why do you always treat me so badly?!” He closed the space between you and stared at you. “I don’t know, its something ive always done” he said much quieter. You looked down and slowly grabbed his hand. “Stop trying to push me away” you mumbled biting your lip. Derek bent down kissing you as you sighed happily. 

Why Bellweather Is A Fantastic And Complex Character

Hey guys, it’s yours truly!

Before I get started with this post, I have some things to say. 

1. I’m feeling a lot better! Thank you guys. My parents, even though they don’t like animation like me, the only movies they like are Shrek XD. And once all Disney movies come out on Netflix, we all will watch Bambi. And I hope to show them Zootopia, proving that animated movies are just like movies, who have very deep messages, and are for everyone. Hopefully I can go to the theater and watch them with a friend or with a relative. Also, I showed my sister the honest trailer, and she thinks Judy is cute! Yay! Not in a racist way. She might watch it with me! 

2. I’ll do my take on the Bellweather conspiracy tomorrow hopefully. And the full movie is online, but it isn’t special because it’s not an actual copy. When someone gets a copy of their favorite movie, it’s special. If it’s online, it could be taken down easily.

3. I’m also gonna make a bet with my friend, Anthony. The bet is that we play a game, either basketball or Dark Souls. And whoever wins that game, the winner will take the loser out to see a movie. And a movie in which the loser does not want to see. If I win, I’ll take him to see Sausage Party. If he wins, I don’t know yet.

Anyway, lets get started. 

First off, this is Bellweather. 

You think she’s innocent. 

But in reality, she’s evil.

So, I’m gonna give you guys a background check of her, and why she’s an amazing character.

So Bellweather is the former assistant mayor of Zootopia, following under the leadership of former mayor of Zootopia, Theodore Lionheart. 

Her name, Bellweather, since she’s a sheep, means she’s the leader of a pack. 

That name alone, foreshadows that she was the villain of that movie. 

Anyway, reason being for her being the villain was that she was sick and tired of being mistreated from Lionheart, and then she decided to turn predators into savages. Even also framing Lionheart for kidnapping her, just so she can have higher power.

Oh my god that’s evil! 

So, even though she’s evil, how come she’s a great character?

She’s a character that we can all relate to and connect with. 

She’s sick and tired of being bullied, and she wants to stand up for herself and prey, that’s why she only targeted predators. 

And here’s where the complexity starts!

When Judy and Bellweather first met at the time Judy was being awarded as cop. 

It seemed that Bellweather and Judy were getting along.

And when Lionheart pushed Bellweather aside, she was obviously shocked and upset. 

And when Judy was assigned to the missing mammals case, Bellweather was excited that Judy got assigned to that case!

Granted, it was all part of her plan, but she then held her hands and said, “Us little guys gotta stick together!”

That indicated that Dawn, Bellweather’s first name, was happy that Judy was assigned!

Even though it was all part of her evil plan, I feel like that Dawn actually liked Judy. 

At first, when Dawn interacted with Judy, she really wanted her to be by her side.

Instead of Judy being like Theodore, just a mean animal that doesn’t care about anyone or their opinions, Judy was being nice and optimistic. 

And that was something Dawn wanted, she wanted to have someone who’s not only good at what they do, but also who is optimistic and kind. Dawn needed that because that’s like the only animal/prey that Dawn liked. It kept her going in life, it took away the pain coming from Lionheart and others. 

But when Judy declined the offer of being the face of the ZPD, Bellweather was upset that Judy said no. Even though she was still bad, she was heartbroken that someone who made her happy, was leaving. 

That’s when Bellweather went full on evil and said, “Should’ve just stayed on the carrot farm, huh? It really is a shame. I did like you.”

The word, “Did”, was the word that triggered all of the explanations that I just told you. 

And most of the villains don’t even have back stories, open to interpretation!

All of this is very complex, immersive, and it could be a theory that Dawn would actually be attracted to Judy. 

Dawn being a lesbian, which is a great idea!

Like the hashtag with Elsa getting a girlfriend!

It’ll be different and unique!

That is my take. 

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Eastern Cottontails - October, Ithaca, New York

Eastern cottontails thrive in brambles bordering open fields, and they are fond of farms, gardens and other green areas tended by people. While browsing in a pumpkin patch, these two rabbits are using their large eyes and pivoting ears to scan their surroundings for danger.

Startled cottontails will bolt for cover, showing the puffy white fur on the underside of their tails. The white flash seems to advertise that the speedy rabbits are off and running. For predators, it’s too late for a surprise attack. Some may give the cottontails up for lost and hunt for other prey.

Cottontails feed at dawn and dusk, resting during the day and night in simple hollows in the grass called forms. Females build separate nests for their young by digging shallow holes and lining them with grass, leaves and tufts of their own soft fur. Female cottontails bear up to 35 young each year!

This diorama is located in the Museum's Hall of North American Mammals