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Something a bit nicer, Companions react to the Survivor having fixed up and fully repaired a pre-war car.

So I meant to do this one after you sent and I posted the Hancock and Dogmeat gore one but I mean here it is now. Late not late.
And yes I changed the car from truck to bus because why not, it works y'know?

Danse & Preston:
“Just think what this could do for the Commonwealth!” Preston is ecstatic when Sole reveals the near perfect car. Preston would want to know how Sole did it, and maybe pick a fixer-upper himself to use for Minutemen purposes.
And although Danse would hate to admit it as he usually has this ‘no time to squander’ attitude, he loves to renew old rust-buckets for his leisure with Sole.

He thinks in a way it’s ‘cheating’ at walking, despite the hard work Sole puts into the restoration. Reluctantly, he sits in the back of the truck sullenly.
The only thing that changed his opinion about the truck was how Sole accidentally ran over a radstag.
Strong would feel on top of the world as they ‘accidentally’ ran over more wildlife..

He’s impressed with Sole’s innovation, yes, but hopes that it won’t go to their head as in they could potentially kill themselves by crashing into a tree or building. That being said, he wouldn’t go as far to ride with Sole whatsoever.
So, all they get is a slow clap from X6.
“Congrats, Sir/Ma'am, you’ve created yet another death trap.”

Immediately asks if Sole could fix up another one, just for the sake of having a drag race on those nice empty streets and highways..
“But what about the potholes, or like, abandoned cars in the way?” Sole chuckled.

“C'mon, it would be hella cool though.”

Piper, Curie & MacCready:
Timid at first, as they think about the repercussions like the car could explode in a freak accident, or the brakes cut at the worse time.. But Sole explains everything and offers to take it slow at first in a large field or parking lot if they chose to take a ride.
When they finally see it’s not to bad, they’d ask if they could be taught how to drive too.

She doesn’t know much about how they work, or feel in-motion obviously so of course she’s skeptical about how much trust Sole is putting into that tin can. It would take a while of seeing them NOT dead for Cait to be comfortable taking a ride.

“I gotta hand it to ya, kid.. This couldn’t have been easy.” He spoke, his eyes full of awe as he examined the beautifully painted car in all it’s flawlessness. ‘I mean.. it even isn’t dented or scratched!’ Nick thought to himself. He’s a bit eager to take a ride and see how she purrs with Sole.

He’d want to cruise around the Commonwealth ESPECIALLY near Diamond City to show off to that lard head McDonough and his sad excuse for a community..
Besides that, Hancock would love to spruce things up a bit by collecting a lot of prewar car accessories and maybe find some big-ass speakers?
He’d end up trying to install a lot of ‘recreational upgrades’, like maybe a wine cooler or chem dispenser, basically turning whatever they made into a party bus.
But Hancock’s incredibly impressed at the vault dweller, no less. In fact, what Sole made inspired him to plan out these little additions with both of them in mind 'cause if they’re gonna drive, they’re gonna drive in style.

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Companions react to Sole fully restoring one of the old pre-war cars or bikes and taking them for a drive in it ?

Cait: “Yeaaah!! Get some!” She screamed as she smashed a couple Raiders with a swatter as they zipped by in a motorcycle. She rode in the sidecar, smashing at objects and enemies as they zoomed around. She wouldn’t turn her nose up at an opportunity to visit a breathtaking view, though. 

Codsworth: He enjoys riding around in a prewar car, but he doesn’t like going too fast. He mostly did it for the nostalgia factor, anyway. 

Curie: “Oh! Please, we must wear helmets!” After she strapped some helmets on her and Sole, she was ready to ride along and take as many notes as she could. She loved going fast, screaming in joy as they bounced along the old roads. 

Danse: “This is… amazing!” He yelled as they flew down the desolate highway at amazing speed. It was fun to see the dull landscape blur into one big mess of flying colors. He decided he would learn to drive himself so he could indulge in this amazing luxury. 

Deacon: “Hold on, watch this!” He stood up in the motorcycle and opened a small bag, from which a hurricane of confetti leapt out. Behind them, the confetti caught the light and glinted in a rainbow of colors as Deacon laughed. Confetti’s still fluttering around the Commonwealth to this day. 

Hancock: “Hey, I’ll bet we can beat some punks at Easy City Downs, make a quick buck…” Therefore, the two took a trip every Wednesday and joined the races, making a fat profit each week. After some others restored their own vehicles, they started a brand new race. 

Nick: “Woah! Slow down there, kid!” He clutched onto his hat, which was flapping dangerously in the wind. He prefers a nice, quiet drive to a nice view, so fast races aren’t really his speed (*Ba dum tss*). But he really enjoys being able to drive around, so he doesn’t have to waste so much energy on walking. 

Piper: “Woo-hoo!,” she snapped a few, high speed action shots and scribbled a few furious notes, “Just wait ‘till Diamond City sees my new article!” She loves the speed and how she can take such cool photographs with it to put in the paper. Hell, maybe Sole’s started a new trend of refurbishing old cars?

Preston: “Great! Imagine if the MinuteMen could use these! Settlements could request and receive help in a matter of minutes! (*Ba dum tss*) Gun it, Sole!” He’s actually kind of a speed demon, and loves astonishing settlers as they zoom up in their hot new ride. 

MacCready: “Ah, uh, slow down! Don’t hit that root!” He’s kinda freaked out by it, to be honest. Slow rides? Fine. Medium rides? Alright, but don’t turn too hard. Fast rides? Heck no. It’s really fun to try and snipe nerds from the moving motorcycle, though. It becomes their signature entrance. 

X6-88: He doesn’t really say anything, save for a few swears. His hands grip the reinforcement bar, knuckles turning white. After a while he relaxes, and learns this little trick where he takes a few quick shots at pursuing enemies, felling them easily. 

Strong: He keeps insisting Sole takes on an old bus next, since he can’t fit into much else. So, they go out and lug back an old bus, and spend a couple days fixing it up. After, they’ve removed some of the roof and made it so Strong can sit in the middle of the bus, his upper half sticking out the top. He likes swinging a board. wildly at enemies as they pass.

Dogmeat: He gets his own lil’ goggles so he can sit in the sidecar and keep his eyes safe. He barks excitedly as they cruise along the old highway, tongue wiggling in the wind.