Before episode 7 airs -- random thoughts

These are not necessarily my thoughts. I’ve been scouring the forums at Reddit, PreviouslyOnTV and DigitalSpy, plus listening to review podcasts by the 3 Cuckoos and the Sea Brigade.

1. Do you think that somewhere in the 5219 photos Ed took, is at least one photo of Trish’s attacker? Maybe that’s where Ellie will crack the case.

2. Ian’s girlfriend/ex-girlfriend, Sarah, sent Trish the threatening text message. What did she want Trish to shut up about?

3. Is it a co-incidence that Ellie talked to her therapist in S2Ep1 about wanting to bash Joe’s head in with a hammer and then Mark took a hammer along in his van when he went to see Joe? Plus Ellie destroyed Tom’s phone and laptop with a hammer.

4. Technology reality check. How many phones have enough storage to keep over 5000 photos? And what about the multiple videos Tom’s got – would he be able to keep them all on his phone?
Do teens really access and look at porn on phones?

5. Why wouldn’t Ed get his suit cleaned between the party and his arrest?

6. Like Ed,  Hardy has had trouble expressing his feelings to others. We saw him finally tell Daisy how much he loves her. But do you think it will click in Hardy’s head that he doesn’t want to be another Ed and that will make him realize he has to bare his feelings to Ellie properly.

7. I know Chibnall’s said we’re done with Broadchurch, because only a couple of serious crimes can happen there. But if he has them both leave town for a larger town or city, there could be more stories for them, but not tied to the little town. So will Chibnall give us hope for a Hardy/Miller story in the future?