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Take Colorado, the birthplace of the legal stoner. As progressive as the state is, it is of course illegal for kids to possess marijuana. That makes sense. It also makes sense that because of that, juveniles tend to feature the most prominently in marijuana arrests. But everything stops making sense when you discover that it isn’t white juveniles who make up most of the arrests, but young people of color, despite there not being much of a racial divide amongst those who smoke pot and those who don’t.

Police say it’s not their fault, but rather the fault of all those racist civilians they have to protect and serve. According to law enforcement, they receive substantially more reports of suspicious behavior when the behavior in question is being perpetrated by a nonwhite person, and the police are obliged to investigate. In Colorado, that means that black people in particular can still be 2.5 times as likely to be arrested for marijuana-related offenses. Yes, there are still marijuana-related offenses. Call your congressperson.

But why settle for keeping the status quo when you can add another tile to the long domino streak that is institutionalized racism? Colorado, and others states following suit, have made it part of decriminalization legislature that people who’ve previously been arrested for possessing marijuana cannot get a license to operate a grow operation or run a dispensary. Guess which groups tend to have the highest conviction rate? Not the Chads of the world, to be sure. At the time that article we linked was written, out of Colorado’s 424 dispensaries, one was owned by a black person. Within a year, pot has become the whitest industry since country music. To put it simply: Thanks to decades of racial profiling and disproportionate targeting, a whole lot of minorities were caught possessing marijuana when it was illegal, and now these same people are not allowed to sell the stuff even though it’s legal – incidentally leaving almost exclusively whites in a position to profit from the most booming startup industry this country has seen since the last tech bubble. Way to shake up the system with your revolution.

6 Huge Side Effects Of Legal Weed (Nobody’s Talking About)

im tired and was thinking abt how jack has said that dark and anti probably won’t meet ever bc of anti lore and i’m sure this has already been said a bunch of times but… i like to think that anti isn’t actually a physical being. like i see him portrayed a lot as a sort of demon, which also makes sense and im all about that ghosty shit but like

a few days ago i was thinking about how anti could be a virus of sorts? like a computer virus, that is. and he leaks into jack’s videos and harms the jack in the videos, but maybe not even the real jack?? idk i was trying to make sense of that and….. that could be smthn really cool idk

im not really sure how it would actually work? but i like to imagine that anti is just…. in jack’s computer or w/e, and he kinda pops into the videos themselves and not actually in the physical world. he’s all programming

and he can corrupt the video files to put himself in the place of jack and hurt the jack in the videos, and that’s why it’s all glitchy. bc he’s trying to change the whole format of the video and change the images that we see and the audio we hear, and i bet that’s fuckin hard to do. hence, little (or big) glitches happen as he tries to get it to work in his favor

like looking back at the halloween video, rather than jack actually cutting his own throat, it was just the IMAGE of jack doing it. and anti somehow fuckin changing the recorded image and taking over the recorded jack to make him do that, but real life jack is maybe perfectly fine? 

this honestly makes no sense and i have no idea how he’d actually do that, but hey, this is anti right?? he’s a fuckin weirdo that can do some wacky shit. like possess a previously recorded image, bc it’s easier to work from a template than create an entirely new image from scratch to go over an old one, as well as meshing old audio together to make new audio (tho that part sounds like hell to me tbh im no video editor)

the only thing that makes me second guess this is also in the halloween video (which i just remembered is called say goodbye) when before anti actually shows up, jack hears a bunch of weird stuff or keeps going off screen to do stuff (ie. the part where he’s like “i keep hearing bubbling”), although i don’t know if all of that was acting or if just some of it was. bc, who knows, it could’ve all just been a coincidence and anti coming in to be like “oh, you made this pumpkin carving video? well, instead, im going to put in all this footage you and robin edited out to make it seem ~spooky~ and then surprise everyone” rather than jack actually hearing anti doing some poltergeist stuff to try and distract him

and who knows, maybe real jack also gets hurt, but i just love the idea that anti takes over and harms and messes with the recording itself and not anything else. and that’s why jack wasn’t actually found dead with his throat cut after the say goodbye video lol

maybe i’ll revamp this when im not half asleep on some advil pm but just!! computer virus anti seems so cool!! 

Love Doesn’t Discriminate (part I)

Word Count: 3,676

Authors Note: So this is part one of our collab Beauty and the Beast AU, Lin x Reader fic. We are so happy to finally be sharing this with everyone, and just hope you all enjoy it, because theres plenty more to come! Please let us know what you think because we have been dying to hear from you guys!

Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle and though he had everything his heart desired…

The knock on the door came as a surprise to the man sitting at his writing desk before the grand fireplace in the library. It was his favorite room in the castle, and as a young boy, he had spent hours of his time in the room, whether it be reading or just working on his schoolwork.

It was a stormy winter night, and the rustle of the trees against the large panes of the windows provided a soothing background to the swirling of the words around his head.

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…You show off your skills to your date.

Supernatural - Dean

Pairing: Dean x Reader


It had been supposed to be a normal date like normal people have. But, given your luck, it wasn’t. It feels like you can’t go anywhere without running into a demon… ….or three.

They had instantly recognized the guy you were flirting with at the bar counter and had flung him into the wall. Your blood boiling, you threw a glass of holy water into the offending demon’s face. From that point on, all the screaming kinda made it hard to remember details of what happened.


Dean had slammed into the counter before heading straight into the wall. He had been left winded and dazed, ribs aching and possibly cracked. This trip to the bar had been supposed to be a break. He was still recovering from his and Sam’s last hunt.

He had been enjoying his time, especially after meeting someone fun and special at the bar. He was pretty sure he was going to get laid but then demons showed up. Of course….!

He’s not quite sure how long he’s been on the floor but he’s sure it’s been a while. Pain shoots up through his ribs, stealing his breath, as he sits up. He’s staring in shocked awe as he slowly gets out from behind the bar counter.

He blinks slowly as he stares at you panting hard in the middle of the trashed bar. You’re pushing your hair out of your eyes as you slowly turn towards him. You flush and smile shyly at him, the previously possessed bodies lying all about you.

“Sorry, about that.” You say softly, blinking innocently at him. Sudden warmth, flutters alive in Dean and spreads through his body. You’re somehow suddenly even more attractive than you were earlier.

“Are you okay?” You ask softly as you walk over to him and gently lay a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll be okay.” Dean looks at the floor where the bodies are, “Nice job. Ain’t easy dispatching demons.”

“I try.” You chuckle and grin at him, “So, how about we go back to my place for a patch job and coffee.” You snicker and he smirks. 

Maybe this date doesn’t suck after all.


Sugar Lips

Pairing: Gabriel x Winchester!Reader
Word Count: 623
Request: @feelmyroarrrr - Congratulations on 300!! Could I request Gabriel x reader and 7 please?
Prompt: ‘You heard me. Take. It. Off.’

A/N - This is my first Gabriel, so if it’s shit that’s why. Feedback is always appreciated.  

Originally posted by ashiewesker

You and your brothers had encountered a lot more angels than you thought you would. It was strange. When your mom said, that there would be an angel looking over your shoulder, you didn’t think there would actually be angels in this world. But hey, where there are demons there are Angels.

The Angel you met after Dean had returned from hell,was Castiel. He had been the one to “raise him from perdition” At first, he was oblivious to everything surrounding him; for him, it was either black or white. There was no in between, no grey, it was either right or wrong. He was a weird one.

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(EDITED: Giphy issue resolved itself. Replaced watermarked gifs.)

But we have the new Star Vs. opening, and it looks like Tom and Kelly will be joining the core cast, and Toffee should be getting a heavier role. Also, Glossaryck’s back? (And I know he doesn’t have a side, but he seemed wary when Toffee had possessed Ludo previously. I wonder if he’s not in control of himself either, judging from the blank smile he’s sporting.)

can i have a stranger things au like can someone do this because all i can think of is:

  • Han and Leia lost their child (Ben, Leia called him) when he was a year old. No one knows how. Leia won’t talk about it. She and Han don’t speak anymore. Even Luke still feels a stab in his heart when someone brings it up.

  • Finn, Rey and Poe, the cute trio of middle-schoolers who keep to themselves and play weird games in the basement, face a disaster when one of them —Poe— is kidnapped by Something and taken away

  • Armie Hux, the sharp-eyed teenager who avoids everyone besides his best friend like the plague, is equally horrified when his best friend, Phasma, goes missing.

  • Leia is devastated when the boy she thought of as her son goes missing, and seemingly loses it, starts talking to Christmas lights and stuff. Poor woman. She thinks there’s something in the walls.

  • Han leads a town-wide search party, and forbids Finn and Rey from striking out on their own and looking but

  • they do so anyway, and find a teenager with wild eyes and the ability to break things with his mind. He’s terrifying and hisses that the bad voice is coming, and they (baffled) take him home. They stuff him in one of Rey’s uncle Han’s hoodies and hide him in Finn’s basement. He likes the many blankets and builds a nest.

  • They sneak around trying to find Rey, and also trying to teach the teen (who calls himself Kylo, and doesn’t say much beyond yes, no, and he’s coming) to communicate.

  • While doing aforementioned sneaking, Kylo runs into Armie in the woods. Armie is also attempting to get at the monster hunting people down, and finds a muscular teenager instead. Kylo thinks his hair is bright and pretty. This is also when the monster attacks, and they run back to Finn’s house and

  • (“YOU BROUGHT HUX INTO MY HOUSE?” yells, Finn, voice hitting a pitch he was previously unaware he possessed. “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?”

    “Pretty hair,” insists Kylo.

    “Are we going to talk about how he can move things with his mind?” says Hux, eyes still wide with shock, staring down at the children. Kylo had wrapped him in a pastel flowery quilt, and there is still dirt in is hair. “And the faceless monster?

    Rey gasps, “You’ve seen the Demagorgon?”

    “The what.”

    Kylo mimicks an unholy screech, a scraping, high-rasp that makes everyone jump. He beams expectantly. 

    “Thanks, Kylo,” says Rey, patting him on his arm (that’s as high as she can reach), “that was very helpful.”)

  • At some point (while Hux is buying a terrifying supply of traps, guns and explosives that no one even bats an eye at because no one wants to ask the eerily quiet Armie Hux what he’s doing), Kylo meets Leia. She stares at him for a long time, because there is something familiar about this boy. Kylo waves.

  • i don’t know anything else but man do i want this

jessicanjpa  asked:

How do you think some of the older, gifted vampires have thought of their gifts over the milennia, in terms of how/why they have them? (Like magic, Touched by the Gods, etc) Also do you think gifted vampires have always been tolerated by the larger vampire world?

Ooh, this is interesting to consider!

I imagine a significant minority of gifted vampires immediately understood that a gift was an advanced version of some trait they previously possessed. Like, if the best tracker of his tribe woke up from the transformation process with superior tracking abilities, he’d put two and two together pretty quickly. Similarly, more subtle gifts– the ability to see a wider spectrum of colour, for instance– would be easily explicable if the person who had them had been a fabled artisan or something. (I guess it would take a while to realize that you see colour differently than other vampires, but once that revelation came, it’d make sense.)

Conversely, vampires with pretty WTF gifts (that’s the scientific classification for Kate and Jasper and everyone else whose powers boggle my brain) would probably have individual and elaborate explanations for their talents. Many, as you suggest, would attribute their skills to the gods. The more arrogant– including Aro– would rely on a semi-genetic argument. ( “My bloodline is special, and therefore I’m special. Didyme is a deviant data-point and must not be counted.”) Some would consider the possibility that their creator transmitted a gift to them, and that one could find the ‘offspring’ of any given vampire based on similar talents. Because vampires are so scarce, there’s a good chance that any given immortal wouldn’t really have their hypothesis proven or disproven by experience. 

I tend to think that, prior to the Volturi, there was no real distinction between “gifted” and “ungifted” vampires among the undead. The vast majority of talents, I’d imagine, are invisible. For every Jane and Alec and Benjamin, you’ve got Maggie and Alice and Chelsea and Corin and Didyme and Afton and Jasper and Siobhan and Bella and Eleazar and Heidi, whose gifts could operate basically forever unnoticed. To use an example, you’d need to design a strictly controlled experiment to determine that Heidi even has a gift, as opposed to just being really striking/desirable. As a result, there wasn’t much opportunity for stereotypes or fears to spread. 

That said, a few ancient vampire sub-cultures deeply mistrusted talented vamps. The defining trait of these cultures was military excellence/physicality/punching a lot. Gifts struck them as a form of cheating in battle, with all the attendant dishonour. I suspect the Romanians shared this mindset, which contributed to Aro’s fascination with powers. 

As a result of the Volturi, noticeably powerful vamps are often perceived as a potential invitation for trouble. European covens with gifted members try and remain unnoticed, and vampires who suspect that their future transformees might be gifted think long and hard about turning them. Which works well for Aro, of course. If gifted vampires are viewed as a liability, he can recruit them more easily. And, if immortals waste a lot of mental energy trying to determine whether their relative/partner/etc. will be gifted, he can pick up on that from their thoughts and– if need be– transform that individual himself. 

Toxic masculinity doesn’t respect boundaries; legal or emotional, physical or intangible. Men don’t know what it feels like to venture out into the world every day scared because those around them will scale walls to prey on them. They don’t know what it’s like to modify their existence so as to create the safest environment to exist in, day in and day out.

I grew up in a suburb close to New York City. Weekends were spent venturing in and out of the strictly codified blocks of architectural wonders and seas of people.

The first time I took the train to the city without any adults or male friends, I was eighteen. It was December and my best friend, also a female and also my age, had come from college for the first time. We decided to explore the extravagant holiday window displays one can only really witness in NYC.

We stayed close to one another, held hands, avoided eye contact. This is what we were taught to do. This is how we were socialized.

Hours passed, the sun went down, the holiday lights were turned on, holiday music filled the air, and the city became cinematic.

Our hands were still clasped onto one another’s. Our eyes only venturing from each other’s faces to the buildings and crafted displays presented to us.

But our behavior, modified, wasn’t enough to keep us safe.

The boundaries and walls we constructed around ourselves weren’t strong enough. The rules and practices we were taught to keep ourselves safe proved to be nothing but failed myths passed from generation to generation of women to create a false sense of security.

It got darker. We began to make our way to the train station.

Men started catcalling. Started getting closer, as if they thought the night sky would serve as a cloak, making their behavior excusable, making them invisible, invincible.

We held each other’s hands tighter. Walked faster. Stopped speaking, so as to be able to hear the actions of those around us easier.

A group of six men surrounded us, unafraid that their actions were seen by others, undeterred by the walls that my friend and I had painstakingly built around us.

One man took my hand, another took my friend’s. They began to whisper in our ears, and tried to pull us away from one another, but we wouldn’t let each other go. The grip my friend and I had on one another became painful, but it was our last link to safety.

We continued walking, as did they, now connected to us.

Petrified, my friend stayed silent. We passed a church, decorated in flashing lights. A plastic manger, cracked and faded with years of wear, quickly became the backdrop for our assault.

I heard my voice, unaware that I’d spoken, high and piercing, shatter the tense air around us.

“We’re only 15.”

I lied. They laughed. They continued on in their hunting of us. A fabricated age could not protect us. These men knew no boundary.

I realized that everything I had been socialized and taught to do to deter men from preying on me did not matter. It was constantly hunting season and I was constantly depicted as prey.

Violently, I freed my right hand from the prison it had been isolated in, shocking the man who had previously had possession of it. Still gripping my friend’s hand, I pulled her as hard as I could, releasing her from the other man’s grasp on her left hand, and began sprinting and screaming.

The men followed us for a block.

We ran all the way to the train station.

The only noises I heard, in a city full of sound, while running, were the pounding of my feet on the cement laden sidewalks and my friend’s choked sobs.

Toxic masculinity doesn’t respect boundaries. It doesn’t see women as autonomous human beings, but as objects to conquer.

It doesn’t care about age and it doesn’t care about the regimen you’ve crafted to keep yourself safe. It will knock your expertly crafted walls down, rendering your safety system obsolete.

Assault is never a victim’s fault. Assault is the fault of toxic masculinity and imbalanced power relationships.

I’ve experienced a lot since this incident. I moved to the city, I became a constant target. I’ve been scared, I’ve been preyed upon, but I will not shut myself out from the outside world to keep myself “safe.” I’ve become stronger, I’ve learned to look men in their eyes and say, “No,” but the tactics I’ve acquired since I was 18 are not impenetrable. These tactics just help me to construct new walls, walls that aren’t always respected.

Toxic masculinity’s inability to see women as autonomous beings who deserve peace and safety won’t drive me to live behind closed doors. I understand why some women subject themselves to isolation. And I respect that. But I cannot. And I may pay a price for my defiance, but freedom always comes with violent blowback.

susan-gampre  asked:

"Here," Susan sets herself before the Thornway fellow with a most unconcerned expression, the gun previously set in her possession now being offered back to the original owner, "She didn't require being shot, sadly. The Sin fellows were more than cooperative when their piece of shit fuck boy stopped spitting venom."

Carlisle took the gun and inspected it, “A shame. And here I was looking forward to burying a body. Though, I can’t say I’d continue hostilities with an angry Susan pointing two guns at me.” He gave her a wink, and set the gun on the table beside him.


Fate - Sanha Fluff

Originally posted by binwoo

I’ve never ever been to a fan meeting, but I tried my best cos Sanha is such a prince. He is my Astro bias and I love him muchly~

Word count: 1189

Genre: Fluff

“Where are they?” You asked yourself over and over, rushing through the corridors to find the bathrooms. Astro’s fan meeting was going to start soon, so you really needed to find them swiftly or else your space your friend was trying to hold for you in the queue would be long gone.

Turning a corner, you finally saw the sign you had been hoping for so desperately. You swore you broke into a sprint to reach them as quickly as possible. And then, bang: you collided with someone exiting from the men’s bathroom.

“Ah, I’m sor-” They began, but you was too focused on your destination to think twice about them. You bowed slightly in their direction, tucking your hair behind your ear before walking into the bathroom, “Wait-” You heard called, but it was too late. You was in a cubicle.

After leaving the bathrooms, you managed to get back to your friend in time to get into the fan meeting. The both of you got your seats, and soon enough the six boys you loved so much were on stage, introducing themselves then beginning. They’d goof around on stage, responding to as many calls from the audience as they could. It was so lovely to see them like this. They were so natural on the stage. You felt as if you really knew them.

Soon enough, they took their seats behind a long table, and it was time to get your album signed. This was your moment to look your favourite idols in the eyes. It was truly a dream come true. But there was one question really playing on your mind. How would you even survive looking at your bias, Sanha? Would you even manage to meet his eyes?

First you went to JinJin, having a chat to him about what a great leader he was. Of course, he took it all graciously. Then to Rocky, and all you did was drop compliments on his choreography skills. You were beginning to feel comfortable talking to the boys. Maybe you could look Sanha in the eyes. Next to Moonbin, then Eun Woo, then MJ, and finally came Sanha, already flashing you a smile before you even sat opposite him.

You placed your album down, and the confidence you previously possessed around the other members had somewhat deteriorated. You became a shaking mess as you slid the album a little closer to him.

“So, what’s your name?” Sanha asked, and you could feel him looking at you, that smile still stamped on his beautiful face.

“Y-Y/N.” You managed to stutter, and as you slightly raised your eyes, you could see Sanha beginning to write on your album.

“Well, Y/N, I’m sorry for bumping into you earlier.” He said, and your eyes shot up to meet his.

“Oh, that was you?” You questioned in surprise. If you knew it was Yoon Sanha, you’d have got down on your knees and apologised more profusely than you ever had before.

“Yes, and I was going to stop you to ask if you was okay. Maybe to ask another question.” Sanha said, looking back down to the album.

Was he blushing?

“Another question? What question?” You asked.

“W-Well,” He began, his hand shaking slightly as he placed the pen down, “I was going to ask for your number.”

You must have joined a blushing Sanha right now, because you could certainly feel your cheeks beginning to heat up.

“But you seemed to be in a hurry,” Sanha managed to look up, “so I didn’t have a chance.”

“M-My number?” You stammered, not quite believing your ears.

“Well, I wanted to apologise properly. So maybe we could have met up. And, I mean, you’re cute. I thought we could get to know each other.” He said, a slight smile beginning to grow on his face. The bell sounded, which meant you had to move on to the next person, or for you to the exit.

This is when the smile on Sanha’s face began to shrink, sliding the album back to you over the desk, “You will take care of yourself, won’t you Y/N?”

“Yes. And please look after yourself too, Yoon Sanha. Do you hear me?”

Sanha gave an enthusiastic nod, although the aura of sadness couldn’t go unnoticed. Neither of you really wanted that moment to end. You pushed yourself up, walking to the side and off the stage. Your dream was over, and you was now back to reality as your friend grabbed onto your arm.

“Wasn’t that just heavenly!” She chimed, the spring in her step higher than it had ever been before.

“Yes.” You mumbled, looking down at your album. You scanned the front cover, but noticed something odd. Sanha’s signature wasn’t there beside everyone else’s.

“Rocky held my hand. Y/N, he held my hand!” Your friend yelled, at this point bouncing up and down as you walked out of the building.

You, however, was too overwhelmed by what you was reading on the inside cover of you album.


Don’t you think it was fate that we bumped into each other? Fate. I sound like a rambling ahjussi, but bare with me.

I don’t think I’ve laid eye on anyone so… enchanting. As soon as I saw you, I felt as if I couldn’t speak. Even though I tried, I made a mess. I’d like to see you again and treat you to something as a way to apologise for getting in your way.

I hope to see you again more than anything. Please call me whenever you need me, okay? My number is below.

I like you, Y/N.

Below this message was his signature, with hearts in all of the spaces of the letters. Underneath that was his number, and a big smiley face.

You was stunned to the spot. You had actually stopped moving, tears beginning to well up in your eyes.

“Y/N? Are you alright?” Your friend asked, a concerned look painted on her face.

“I love Yoon Sanha so much.” You whispered, gripping your album that little bit tighter.

At the end of that day, you texted the number that was left on the album. At the end of the week, you had met with Sanha. He took you to a Chinese restaurant, bought you everything (he wouldn’t even let you buy so much as a prawn cracker). At the end of that night, Sanha walked you right to your front door.

“Thank you for today, Sanha. You really didn’t have to do all of that.” You said, giving him a slight smile.

“I wanted to. You deserve it, Y/N. Let’s meet up again, okay? But next time, can we meet as boyfriend and girlfriend?” Sanha asked, his eyes wide as he waited for a response.

The nervousness you felt at that fan meeting was well and truly gone. Sanha was the best person you’d ever met, and so you gave him a response in the form of a tight hug.

A soft kiss came to your forehead, before Sanha whispered, “Thank you, Y/N.”

In the 1960s and 1970s, capitalism had to face the problem of how to contain and absorb energies from the outside. It now, in fact, has the opposite problem; having all-too successfully incorporated externally, how can it function without an outside it can colonize and appropriate? For most people under twenty in Europe and North America, the lack of alternatives to capitalism is no longer even an issue. Capitalism seamlessly occupies the horizons of the thinkable. Jameson used to report in horror about the way that capitalism had seeped into the very unconscious; now, the fact that capitalism has colonized the dreaming life of the population is so taken for granted that it is no longer worthy of comment. It would be dangerous and misleading to imagine that the near past was some prelapsarian state rife with political potentials, so it’s as well to remember the role that commodification played in the production of culture throughout the twentieth century. Yet the old struggle between detournement and recuperation, between subversion and incorporation, seems to have been played out. What we are dealing with now is not the incorporation of materials that previously seemed to possess subversive potentials, but instead, their precorporation: the pre-emptive formatting and shaping of desires, aspirations, and hopes by capitalist culture.
—  Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?. 2008.
You Can't Always Protect Me

Anonymous said: Hi! I first want to say that you are a really talented writer and I love your imagines!! Second, could you please do a imagine where the reader is Dean’s girlfriend and she is possessed by a demon (her tattoo got burned off or something) and how you think the Winchesters would deal with that? Thanks!

A/N: Well, school started again and I can just feel this will be a busy year! I feel like the ending is kind of crappy though, so I hope you like it and I’m sorry it took so long!

Word count: 1,339

Pairings: DeanxReader

Warnings: swearing, gore, possession.


The wooden floorboards creaked as you walked slowly on top them, making you curse slightly. The last thing you wanted was for the demon to hear you. It would most definitely ruin the hunt, and that meant no ice cream afterwards. Oh, and it also meant that you or the Winchesters could get hurt.

You were hunting one of Azazel’s minions. The last one, to be exact. It had taken you, your boyfriend Dean, and his brother Sam, about three months to track her down to the small Indiana town. You had split up with you taking the left wing of the house, Dean taking the right one, and Sam going to the attic. And now it was time to kill the thing.

Shaking your head to clear your thoughts, you watched your steps a bit more carefully. The modern house would have been a great place to live in, of course, if the walls hadn’t been splashed by blood. You couldn’t believe that the bitch hadn’t even bothered to clean up. It was like she was not expecting to be caught, or if she was she couldn’t have cared less about hiding the fact that she had murdered several people now.

You entered the kitchen, looking around for something that might have given away her location, as she appeared not to be in the house as you had thought. The bright, yellow walls were decorated with sigils, and the sink was halfway filled with something horribly red.

You scrunched up your nose as you got closer to it, the smell of blood filling your nostrils. Pushing away the urge to gag, you took a deep breath and turned around, almost bumping into a tall, blonde woman with pitch-black eyes.

“Well, aren’t you breaking and entering?” She said, her voice sickly sweet. She blinked and her eyes turned to a chocolate brown filled with coldness.

“Shouldn’t be as bad as committing murder,” you shrugged, gripping your gun tightly, your other hand itching towards the bottle of holy water in your pocket.

There was a brief moment in which you glared at the demon, and then you raised your gun. Before you could shoot, though, you felt yourself being thrown across the room, hitting the fridge with a loud crash. The demon was at your side in an instant, a lighter in her right hand. You tried to stand up, but the demon pressed an arm to your neck, and the lack of oxygen made your efforts to fight back seem pathetic.

Then you felt a hot, searing pain on your lower arm. A scream ripped your throat as you felt your flesh burning, the anti-possession tattoo on the back of your wrist being set on fire and leaving you exposed.

Sam and Dean ran into the kitchen, but with a quick flicker of her hand they were sent flying backwards. Your vision started to darken around the edges, fighting as hard as you could to get a breath in. The demon suddenly released you, and her head turned towards the ceiling as a cloud of smoke left her mouth. And then you felt nothing.


Dean and Sam watched in horror as the demon entered your body, their hearts beating fast as you closed your eyes and went lump. They raised their guns and moved slowly towards you as you started to stir. And then your eyes opened, every part of them filled with black.

“Wow, this one’s body feels better than I thought,” you smirked, blinking and making your eyes turn to their normal (Y/E/C).

“Get out of her, you bitch,” Dean growled, his jaw set hard as he glared at you. He was trying to keep his emotions in check, but seeing the cold smile you gave him made his stomach churn.

“Aw, but I barely just got in,” you whined, pushing yourself off the floor. Dean and Sam tightened the grip on their weapons as you did that, though they were still a few feet from you. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” you threatened, “after all, you do want your precious girl back, don’t you?”

Dean’s grasp on his gun was so strong that his knuckles were shinning white. He was breathing hard, his eyes concentrated sorely on yours. He knew the demon would keep taunting him for as long as she could, but the more time passed was the more time she would be inside of you. The very thought of this made his skin crawl.

“Poor little thing she is, really,” the demon continued. “She loves you so much, you know? Right now she’s screaming for you, Dean. She wants you to kill her; says that it’s not your fault and that you should just finish me.”

“Listen, bitch, we’ll make things easy for you,” he spat, his voice filled with venom. “You have two choices—either you get out of her right now or you can go back to where you came from!”

"Oh, but you’ll come back for me,” you said, pouting and giving him your best puppy eyes. But they were cold and empty instead of filled with the usual warmth you had. “So what’s the point of letting me go? I know you will kill me the next time.”

“Damn right!” Dean exclaimed, suddenly tackling you down.

You hit the floor with a gasp of surprise, trying to push Dean off of you as Sam started to exorcise the demon inside of you. Your eyes turned black for a second before you let out a scream, black smoke flying out of your mouth. You exhaled slightly, your eyes rolling back as you passed out.

“(Y/N)? Baby?” Dean whispered, his voice shaking at the end. He pressed his fingers against your neck as he gathered you in his arms, letting out a sigh of relief when he felt your strong pulse.

“How is she?” Sam asked, crunching down next to you with worry. You cut off Dean’s answer as you shifted, squinting at them as you opened your eyes.

“G-guys? What happened?” You had a terrible headache, and almost every part of you hurt, but specially where you’d previously had your anti-possession tattoo. “Wait, did the demon posses me?” You asked, memories flooding back into your head as you stood up.

“Yeah,” Dean said, his voice low. He had tears in his eyes he pressed his forehead against yours, wrapping his arms around your waist. Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw Sam slipping away to give you guys some privacy. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry, baby, this was all my fault.”

“Dean, none of this was your fault,” you mumbled, placing a soft kiss on his lips. “If anything, it was mine.”

“I should’ve protected you better,” Dean shook his head. “I should have been the one possessed, not you.”

"You can’t always protect me.” You stated firmly, “and you have to know that. But I know that you will always do your best, even if you sometimes take it a bit too far.” Your joke lessened the tense mood, and you saw Dean crack a smile. “Dean, the thing is that I’m fine, and that’s all we should be concerned about, okay?”

“I don’t know how you can manage to be so cheerful,” he grinned, lifting you up as you playfully hit his shoulder. You hooked your legs around him as you giggled, staring into his eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” Dean whispered pressing his lips against yours as you smiled. Sam would definitely have to wait a while.

SHINee’s Tell Me What To Do MV (Music Video Analysis)

The views presented in this analysis are a part of my own individual interpretation of the videos, which means they are subject to error. This post is based off of the MV from the SMTOWN Youtube channel. All English lyrics translated by @stanningotps. As well, I think it got kind of long, but please bear with me. It’s only long because I think there are a lot of important things to notice.

Lost Boys: Though this video is in no way a purposeful allusion to Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, I think that keeping the story in mind will aid in understanding the video. Let’s take a look at what we’re presented with: five boys and a girl living in an isolated place. They live without a real home, in grungy settings, and amuse themselves with guns and throwing boxes off balconies. They never leave that building, that parking lot. They never leave this area. They can never leave this place. What did Peter Pan do to the Lost Boys when they grew up? He killed them. This is the same line of reasoning that Taemin follows when Minho attempts to leave this place they’ve constructed for themselves.

The isolated setting is a metaphor for the environment that destructive friendship creates. In this world they live in, they are completely alone. There’s no outside influence. It shows the deep intimacy of their friendship. But it also highlights that this friendship ultimately isolates them from necessary contact with others, namely in rules and moral matters. In friendships like this, so tightly knit, they begin to look only to each other for guidance. It creates a climate where there are no rules or responsibilities. Anything goes. It is this climate that leads to the warped morality that Taemin begins to exhibit and eventually acts upon in killing Minho and the girl. The extremely close knit relationship among them also explains Taemin’s motivations for the murder. It is not simply that he’s jealous and it’s not simply that they’re leaving, it’s that Minho and the girl have irrevocably altered the dynamics of this friendship–the thing that forms their entire world. They changed in a way that they were not supposed to. When they leave, they threaten to shatter their constructed world all together.

I will be making my case for this in the body of the analysis.

Narrative: This video also features some compelling narrative techniques. The plot is not linear. We’re pretty much given he entirety of the video within the first fifteen seconds. We get fire and gasoline dripping from the bottom of the car and a broken window and Minho and that girl together. They give everything away and yet we don’t understand until the moment it happens. The narrative is constructed in such a way to simultaneously conceal and reveal, creating an ambiguity. We see but do not understand. In hindsight we understand, but even so there’s still ambiguity as there are several different interpretations of the video are floating around. This ambiguity and uncertainty tie well into tell me what to do, as they’re asking questions, unsure of themselves and of what the right answer is.

Jonghyun and Onew also act as narrators throughout the video. Neither of them are active participants in the video, only present and watching. They also have the most singing shots, making it appear as if they’re narrating the events they observed around them. As well, the way they sing in these shots is indicative, as they look troubled. Their eyes are knowing. They already know the outcome of the story as they begin to tell it. I’ll be pointing out these instances in the body of the analysis, as well.

Lyrics: I don’t think the lyrics are absolutely necessary in order to understand the MV, but they do provide interesting insights. The interpretation of these lyrics leads to a metaphorical application of the MV’s plot to apply to romantic relationships.

These days I don’t know, I don’t know you
[Your] eyes seem to have given up much
But I hear the silent shout, tell me what to do

The first line speaks of when a lover (or a friend) has changed in an unexpected way. You don’t know them anyway. You feel a bit betrayed. You can see in their eyes that they’re tired and they’re looking for help, but you don’t know what to do. This parallels the video in that the reason Minho and the girl die is because they changed in a way that Taemin did not want or expect, leading to a deep sense of betrayal. They look for a way out–trying to leave. And Taemin kills him. In a metaphorical interpretation of the video, this would signify that he broke off the relationship before he could be the one hurt.

Is this what time does to lovers without even a dramatic beginning?
Even without ending it, it’s already done, tell me what to do

The line I want to pay special attention to is the second one. “Even without ending, it’s already done.” Even though they have not come to the end of the relationship, it lacks the intimacy and the love that it previously had possessed. Though they have not broken up yet, they know the end is inevitably coming. Still in the middle, and yet seeing the end. I think that this connects to the video in that the plot line is not narrative. We see hints of the accident, and Onew and Jonghyun as narrators show that they know the conclusion of the story. Even though they’re in the middle of it, the conclusion is inescapable.

The song is titled, “Tell Me What To Do.” For as long as the song plays, we’re asked this question of what to do and how to process the end we know is coming. We’re in the middle, seeing the end, and still not knowing what to do. The lyrics don’t come to the conclusion of what to do. The relationship is never actually resolved, just this perpetual wondering. I think this application can be carried to the music video. Though we know that Minho and the girl die, we don’t see the aftermath in their friendship. We don’t see them being grieved. There’s no real resolution. We’re still asking what to do at the end. This is why the narrative cannot be linear. Because linear things have ends, and this video offers no real conclusion.

It’s just an eternal state of pain and not understanding.

If only it could be erased, if only it could

This is connected to my previous point. I think it’s very important to clarify that this song and video are not about regret. Regret requires understanding. Regret requires that it be over, and it has not ended yet. You cannot regret the relationship because it has not ended. And they cannot regret what has happened because they are still trying to process it. They’re reliving it, narrating this story. It’s still happening and they keep asking themselves what they’re going to do.

It’s not exactly that the song and video lack things like regret. I just don’t think regret is the right word for this. I think connotatively, regret expresses not just a sadness or a disappointment in something that’s happened, but a deep, innate, consuming desire to go back and change what happened. But if you look at the expressions they wear throughout the video, I don’t think this is communicated. It’s a more simplistic pain. Not “I want to change what happened,” but “erase.” Not to take back the action, but to erase the things that caused them trouble. To erase their pain. I think the difference is in that regret implies a will to act–even if the action is impossible. But here, I think they are more resigned to the pain. More accepting of it. They know it can never be changed. “If only it could…” It’s more more mournful than regret, and less anxious.

Am I the one for you / From when we trapped each other,
I, who said you changed so much, had changed the most
the one for me / I don’t know but we keep returning to that promise,
Time keeps hovering but our time keeps disappearing

These lyrics reflect themes of being trapped in relationships, just as Minho and the girl come to be trapped in the constructs of their friend group. It also speaks of changes. It’s like, what should I do? Do I end the relationship? Should I stay? But if you stay you’re trapped, and if you leave you’re destroyed. Just like Minho.

The video begins with the title and the image of fire. As I previously mentioned, this is a way of revealing the climax of the video. In the very first instant, we’re already semi-aware of the ending, even if we only think it symbolic at this point.

Note the cross. When the teasers first started getting released, I thought the + in SH1+1Nee looked a bit like a cross, but I wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not. Now I know. Throughout the video, there are many crosses–almost always in association with the girl. In one respect, the cross is a funerary thing, being both that Jesus died on the cross and that tombstones are often in the shape of crosses or marked with them. It’s a form of foreshadowing the deaths later in the video, but I also think there’s additional symbolism that I’ll discuss later.

A shot of the inside of the car. The window is broken.  Another hint at future destruction. There’s also a siren in the car, like a warning. If we’re to take the siren as less of a symbol and more of a literal feature, then it would add to the characterization of these youths as being troublemakers. They’re obviously not in law enforcement, which means they have the siren simply for the purpose of screwing around.

They stand in the pattern of a cross–another reference. And Taemin is at its center. The camera zooms in on him, emphasizing the fact that this video revolves around Taemin first and foremost. The story that is told is his.

As well, even at :09, we already have Minho and the girl paired together.

Liquid drips from the bottom of the car. We assume it’s a gas leak. Again, we’re told before it happens. I think instances like this could say something about things that go wrong in relationships. Warning signs pop up all the time. Clear indicators, though it’s hard to see them for what they are until you’re in that moment thinking, we might break up.

This little flash of the leak also is nestled between two Taemin-centric scenes. Throughout the video, these scenes are linked to him.

Taemin has the first few lines in the song. This is one of the only shots we have of him singing. Here, and then two more times it briefly flashes to him singing a line. This is in contrast to the large amount of shots we have of Onew, Jonghyun, and even Key singing. It’s for this reason that Onew and Jonghyun appear to be narrators. But then it calls into question why, if Taemin is the main character, isn’t he narrating his own story? It creates a separation–isolating him, in a way. It hints at later dangerous behavior that he exhibits.

As well, it’s raining outside. Very important in sad-time videos.

They’re all gathered in this room. There’s not any real furniture. Posters are haphazardly placed on the walls. There are tons of mismatch things. It’s just grungy and uninhabitable. And yet, this is the only home we see. This is the environment they have chosen, and in a way, constructed for themselves.

Another prominent feature of this room is the sheer amount of beer bottles and spray paint. Other delinquent things. And Jonghyun is spray-painting a bottle. In another context, this could look like a restless or bored thing to do. But if you watch his expression, I think it’s clear that he’s neither of these things. It’s just a thing that he’s doing, albeit a pointless thing. All they do in this world is pointless. Because the environment they have created for themselves lacks responsibility, pointless things are all that is left. So they spray-paint beer bottles and drive around in circles for hours. They’re not restless, just content to be with one another. Until Minho wants to leave.

We see a lot of shots of Taemin like this. He’s at the edge. It reveals his mental and moral state as it teeters on the edge of danger.

Here is an instance of narrative singing shots. Onew looks into the camera. He looks sad and knowing and yet resigned.

As well, you can see the gun on the bed, which is later revealed in the video. I think there’s significance to this, but I’ll discuss it at the actual moment of the reveal.

We see the girl drawing crosses on the tiles, and eventually between the tiles.

We see a shot of an empty hallway. There are puddles of water and water drips down from the ceiling. The dripping liquid parallels the dripping of the gasoline from the car. This parallel is especially strong as this is the room in which Minho’s lines are performed.

We zoom out and it’s revealed that this room is actually an image on a screen. It hints at the constructed nature of this place. It also reminds us that the music video is a story being told. Although you obviously can’t see it in the screenshot, the water drop is actually moving backwards. Just as the video is this perpetual state of attempting to deal with pain, and it’s perpetually telling this story, the drop moving backwards kind of shows a rewind like on a video tape. You have to rewind back to get to the beginning, to tell the story.

Key squats down to look at his reflection in the mirror. Outside of Taemin and Minho, who are the main characters, Key is the most involved in the video. He serves more than a narrative function, unlike Jonghyun and Onew. He attempts to act as a mediator between Minho and Taemin, but ultimately fails. In a way, he blames himself for Minho’s and the girl’s deaths, because he could not stop the conflict that led to it. Looking to the mirror represents looking inward, and placing the blame on himself.

Taemin is sitting on the roof of the car. The girl is also visible. We also know that in the next instant, Key is in the driver’s seat. This is then a foreshadowing of the ending shot. We get the end in the middle. And we have a flash of red, like foreboding.

You can also see her cross earrings in the bottom right shot.

Even though Minho and the girl die in the car, and Taemin is the one to do it, none of them are as closely related with the car as Key is. He sits in the car here. In most of, if not all of, his singing shots, he’s with the car. This shows how deeply the incident has affected Key. He cared so much. He tried to stop it. He failed. He’s responsible, in his own mind, so he latches onto the car–the symbol of what destroyed their friendship.

This is the first time we see the car on fire.

As I mentioned before, Jonghyun and Onew have the most singing shots. Many of these shots are in a setting like this: with the blue lights. Only Jonghyun, Onew, and on occasion Key, are shown in this setting. Not only does this reflect their role as narrators, but it sets them apart from Taemin and Minho. Taemin and Minho can actually affect what happens in the course of the video. Jonghyun and Onew only watch. Even though Key tries to interfere, he is unable.

And then we see them in the car. The girl is in the backseat between Minho and Taemin. They’re driving around in circles, but there’s a rush. It’s an image of friendship and genuine enjoyment. But even in the midst of it, the love triangle is foreshadowed.

Now the girl is in the right-side seat. You can see a cross on her necklace if you look closely.

And now Onew is in the seat where she was before. I point this out for two reasons. First, and more simply, it means that this game they play where they drive in circles is something they’ve done more than once. Either over time, or they’ve changed positions and went one time after another. Again, this is a pointless activity, but they look perfectly happy. It’s so much fun for them to do nothing. It’s not event destructive behaviors for the sake of being destructive (like the spray paint or tossing the box over the balcony). It’s just meaningless. It’s fun. It’s not restless or anxious. Even though these behaviors can be conceived as destructive, within the context of their social environment, these pronouncements don’t need to be made. Contrast this driving in circles to Minho and the girl as they try to leave. Not driving in circles, but going somewhere. They were going to ruin it. They were going to break from the pattern of meaningless pastimes.

Second, the fact that the girl’s position in the car moves around is important because it shows that she plays no specific role in the group. She’s not just there to be torn between Minho and Taemin. She’s not there for any specific reason other than that she is one of them. She’s not just tacked on. She’s her own agent in the group. She’s not simply “the love interest.” She belongs equally to all of them, as they all belong to each other. This is, at least, probably Taemin’s mindset. He wants her. We know he does. But we don’t see him actively try to pursue her. He can’t. By the rules of the world they formed, she belongs to all of them, and none of them. If he tried to make her his, it would shatter the dynamics of their friendship. He would not let himself have her. And then Minho violated this.

These are the two things Minho did to incur Taemin’s wrath.

The box they throw off the balcony never hits the ground. We don’t get to see it break. We don’t see the resolution of it. This mirrors that the video and the song themselves never really resolve.

I think the shots like this are a really, really compelling narrative technique. This is not them in any one particular instant of the story, but their character as a whole. It’s not Minho before or after his death: it’s both. He is just a symbol of himself. They are all symbols of themselves. I think it’s incredibly striking to see them posed like this, like characters out of a movie poster, in contrast to the actual events of the story. You can see in Onew’s eyes that he knows, and Minho stands like a hero. They’re all aware of their fates yet they exist outside of fate because the storytelling removes them from time, almost. I don’t even know how to effectively communicate what I’m thinking, but I just think this is really striking scene. Hopefully you can kind of grasp what I’m trying to say.

I’ve seen a few people who think the explosion was an accident, or that Taemin didn’t do it. His characterization in these next few scenes make it really hard to argue that. They’re all drinking, but he’s the only one depicted as drunk. In the first screenshot, you can see a rather aggressive lip bite, and he reaches to take the girl’s hand. It happens very quickly, but he jerks her hand around. He seems unaware of her actual preferences. And then there’s a blurry, inverted flash. It happens very quickly, but I find it kind of unsettling. It reveals that even though he makes no explicit move on her, he still thinks of her as his. This is important when you want to understand why he was petty enough to kill them. Because she belonged to him in his warped morality and logic.

She leans her head on his shoulder and he drinks more. She’s close to him. It contributes to his delusion that she’s his, even if she never said she was.

The screen blurs. Taemin looks completely out of it. He’s the only one presented in this light. It doesn’t exactly help characterize him in a positive light.

And finally, we get the reveal that he likes her. It’s a flashback to the car ride. He looks at her longingly and she is unaware. I also find it mildly unsettling that we find out that he likes her in the middle of this drunken haze. We see him jerk her around and we see him incoherently drunk, and then we see that he likes her. Love, something usually understood as a positive thing, is being associated with these negatives. It shows that his love is more possessiveness than love.

And we also know that he liked her first. We see him liking her before she gets together with Minho. It’s almost like it was very important to him that we know that he liked her first. It’s like a plea that injustice was done to them.

Another huge indicator that Taemin’s character has a really warped sense of morality is this infamous meme. They’re laughing and having a good time, then Taemin pulls a gun. And no one seems particularly alarmed by that. Again, here, anything goes. We’ve escalated from throwing boxes over balconies to pulling guns on your friends. Before it was destructive, but now we’re beginning to see threats of bodily harm. And Taemin is the only one that leans toward that.

Just another example of how sad and tired and knowing Onew looks. Also note that this is just before Minho and the girl get together, as if in reaction to that.

And here, we see Taemin with a lighter. The lighter is important as it ties him to the car explosion. Also, there’s a stain on his left knee. It could totally just be that the ground behind him is wet and the stain happened while filming. But it could also be a clue that he kneeled in the gasoline as he rigged the car to explode.

And Taemin has this lighter literally a second before Minho leans in to kiss the girl. The lighter and the explosion and this moment are all connected.

Taemin watches Minho and the girl as they become a couple. Note, that they are not drunk. Contrast this to Taemin’s romantic scene founded in drunkenness.

Taemin looks right in camera.

The girl has a lit match in her mouth. Minho looks at it before looking back into the camera. He has no reaction to it. He sees the match, the danger it presents as it’s only going to get closer and closer to her, and yet his expression remains largely unchanged as he looks into the camera. It’s not as if he’s unaware–there’s definite understanding in his eyes. It’s just that it’s irrelevant. Nothing will change the way the story goes.

The match in her mouth also labels her as the reason for this accident. She gets in between Minho and Taemin. She’s like a fuse to Taemin.

Taemin has the lighter again. He lights it, and drops it. It’s hard to see from the screenshot, but the lighter is still lit when he dropped it. It’s not as if he was letting go of his bitterness or anger, or letting go of anything really. Because when you drop a lit lighter, it’s with full knowledge that something is going to be burned.

After Taemin drops the lighter, Onew looks especially pained. We’re closing in on the climax.

And finally, the gun is revealed. It was there on the bed next to Onew the whole time, but we couldn’t see it. It symbolizes an underlying danger. It was there the whole time and we didn’t really notice. This parallels the underlying danger of the world they’ve created. The whole time, Taemin had this potential for murder. And if they hadn’t tried to leave, they would have kept on being content in that group, totally unaware that Taemin was willing to end them if they ever did something to piss him off.

We return to the beginning. Gas drips from the car. The lighter that Taemin dropped sets it ablaze.

Taemin stands with his arms out like a cross. A bunch of guns are all pointed at him. He looks ready and willing to die. I think this can be interpreted a few ways. He feels guilty, he’s committing suicide, etc. I personally think that this reflects he was willing to die in order to do this. He’s willing to be damned so long as he can exact justice. And he makes the form of the cross, as if to specifically reference her, as if to say, all for you.

I think this screenshot perfectly sums up the fight. The girl cowering behind Minho, and him defending her. Taemin confronting Minho, and Key between them–more conflicted and desperate than any of them.

This is the moment that Minho decides that they need to leave. He sees what their relationship has done to the group, and what their reaction is doing to her. For her sake, he decides they should leave. So he pulls her along, and they get in the car. They’re going to drive away–not in circles. They’re going to break free from the group. They’re going to leave their own private world.

Minho turns the key in the ignition.

And we see her eyes. Really see them up close for the first time in the entire video, just a moment before she dies. She doesn’t look scared.

The lighter hits the ground.

Then the explosion. The lighter does not literally start the fire. Minho turning the key in the ignition does. But the lighter ties Taemin to the accident. It shows that he rigged the car to explode. He knew that she would pick Minho over him. He knew they were going to shatter the isolated intimacy that they had structured around themselves and this place. It’s not even simple jealousy. It’s possessiveness. He didn’t want them to change. He didn’t want them to break his perfect world. He didn’t want them to leave–but if they were going to anyway, it would be on his terms.

The four of them rush toward the burning car. I’ve seen multiple people use this scene as evidence that Taemin either didn’t kill them or didn’t mean to. I have a few problems with this. First, the car just exploded. There was no rescuing them. Taemin running closer doesn’t need to be an effort to rescue, but just coming closer to the accident. Second, he could be checking to make sure they’re dead. Third, he could be remorseful and desiring to save them. My point is, there are many explanations for this and it doesn’t necessarily follow that because he ran toward them that he wasn’t the cause.

As well, they aren’t wearing the clothes from the fight. This fire happened right after the fight, and they aren’t wearing the same clothes. I think this indicates that they are not literally running toward the burning car, but in retelling the story they’re attempting to come close to it, to understand the story better.

Key begins to get out of the car.

Then we cut to this shot of Taemin, again spreading his arms in the shape of a cross. Again, she has a deep association with the cross: she drew it on walls, and she had cross earrings, and necklaces. Jesus died for the sins of the world, so that in him, everyone could be justified. This could reveal that in her death, like Jesus’ death, Taemin realized his own need for salvation. He realized his own warped morality. Or, we can interpret it to mean that because she died, he could be saved. In his warped mind, her death was necessary for him to feel peace in regards to this story. So, really, I think which you want to believe is based off of how messed up you think Taemin is.

Key fully gets out of the car and leans against the door. Taemin is on the roof, and the girl is beside him. This is the full image of the ones we saw earlier. The video was leading toward this point. This is a very similar scene to the one where the girl had the match in her mouth in that this is a representation of them as a whole, both before and after the events. This is them as symbols of themselves. Everyone is present, and the car is whole again. But we remember what happened. And they do, too. This is just one cycle in the narrative. Just one telling of the story they tell over and over. And why would they do that?

That smile comes to me brighter, the cold hands warmer,
The lonely souls meet / Not lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
I’ll peer into you again, I’ll treasure your breath,
Even if other than us, everything changes

Because in this narrative, this is the place where lonely souls can meet.

Cute Sweater pt.2

Originally posted by jeonwoof

Request: I was wondering if you could do a part 2 of your Wonwoo fic on “Cute Sweater”? It was really cute!
Member: Wonwoo(Seventeen)
Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst
Word Count: 968
A/N: @jinniejinjins Ah I’m so glad you liked the first part! I was really excited that someone wanted more cx Thank you for this! I hope this is okay! -Admin Madi =^-^=

Peeking your head around the corner of the hallway, you held your books close to your chest. Making sure that Wonwoo was nowhere in sight, you smiled victoriously as you raced to your locker. Quickly fumbling with the lock and throwing your textbooks away, you nervously glanced around, praying that he wouldn’t appear. The memory of that night kept replaying in your mind, over and over again. The way he threw his head back in laughter and clapped his hands together in amusement made your stomach churn and your head throb. Of course this would happen to you: An innocent bystander in the play also known as high school. Of course you would develop a crush on possibly the cutest boy you’ve ever seen, along with all the other girls in your year. Groaning at the thought of having to fight off hoards of hormonal teenaged girls fatigued your body and you found yourself slamming your head against the locker door. It was true that your feelings for Wonwoo were strong, but you just couldn’t accept that yet. By avoiding him completely, your feelings would minimize and eventually evaporate, leaving you to return to your peaceful boy lacking life that you previously possessed. You could already taste the tubs of ice cream that could be eaten on Saturday nights rather than being spent with all thoughts completely consumed by Wonwoo.

“Uhh, you okay there, Y/N?”

Jumping as Wonwoo carefully removed your head away from the metal door and rubbed at the now red spot that formed on your skin, he pouted. “You’ll get a bruise if you don’t stop, you know?”

“Wonwoo…” Heart beating rapidly as Wonwoo’s gaze remained locked on your forehead, you blushed. “W-What are you doing?”

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McKirk Supernatural!AU

Based on this.  ❤️ ✨ For @conduitstr

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  • It’s been two weeks since Jim Kirk has been raised back from the dead. Two weeks since he woke up in a coffin six feet under, and he nearly suffocated climbing his way back out. It’s a new start, and although Jim doesn’t think of himself as deserving of that – he does think this is a chance for a new start. One where he doesn’t need to be a hunter. One where he can just be a bartender or a mechanic, or both. One where, eventually, he can close his eyes without seeing the horrors of Hell repeatedly until sunrise.
  • But he’s not that lucky. Not for long, anyway. Because two weeks in, he’s doing fine in a quiet, small town bar that’s mostly home to local farmers and the occasional passersby. So when a group of five strange men walk in, Jim knows something’s not quite right. Maybe it’s hunter’s instinct, maybe it’s the way they stare at him. One of the men walks up to the bar, and Jim throws him a charming smile, trying not to appear too suspicious. “What’s the matter?” The man asks, “don’t you recognize me in this meat suit, or have you already forgotten our wonderful time together down in the Pit?” He eyes turn black as he speaks. Jim acts quickly, throwing the contents of a bottle with holy water in the guy’s face. Good thing he always kept one on the bar, just in case. It’s only a temporary distraction, though, because pretty quickly the demon grabs his collar and drags him over the bar.
  • It’s not a pretty fight. Jim is pretty rusty after being dead for four months, and then alive again for only two. He’s not sure if the blood he’s tasting on his lips are his own or not, because he deals a few strong punches when he can, but ultimately, he’s overpowered and he knows it. Though the fight comes to an abrupt end when the doors to his bar open and another man walks in. “Get out of here,” Jim warns the newcomer, “quick, before they-” but the man doesn’t listen. He steps closer instead, and he fights those demons by just – touching them. It’s enough to make the demons disappear, and the previously possessed bodies crumple to the ground. Jim scrambles back up on his feet until he’s backed up against the bar, and then his arm moves behind him to try and find more holy water. When he does, the man doesn’t respond to it at all. He reaches out, touching Jim’s cheek. Jim suspects that’s the end of him, then, but instead a pleasant warmth spreads through his body, and the thumbing pain in his face ceases to be. “Who are you?” Jim demands, finding his strength, somehow, because he sure as hell isn’t going to show he’s intimidated by this guy. “My name is Leonard,” he replies, “I’m an angel of the Lord.”
  • Jim has seen enough of Hell, and the cruelty on earth, not to believe in Angels or the “lord” anymore. Yet here’s this man, standing in front of him, telling Jim there’s a reason he’s back from the dead. That he’s destined to more than a life rotting away in Hell. Jim buys none of it. “Listen,” he says, “I got out of Hell, where I was forced to follow orders. I’m not going to sit here and wait so that a pretty lil angel can force me to do the same. I’m done following orders.” “You have no choice in this matter,” Leonard says. “I think I do. Now, leave. I have a mess to clean up.” “I am the one who saved your ass from Hell,” Leonard says through gritted teeth. “I didn’t ask for you to do that, so don’t expect me to get on my knees and thank you for it.” Jim replies. Leonard steps in closer, way in his personal space, and somehow towers over him despite not really being taller than him at all. “I brought you back from Hell, and I can just as easily throw you back in. You better show me some respect.” Jim takes a deep breath, hands on the other man’s chest, and he pushes him backwards. Just a little. “You get your respect when you deserve it,” he says, walking past him to clean up. “Now go play your harp somewhere.” “If I had a harp right now, you’d feel it,” Leonard mutters, loud enough for Jim to hear.
  • His life as a bartender is over from that moment on, though. Because a case nearby reaches him. People hiking in the woods have been disappearing, and he overhears a guy talking about venturing through those same woods to find them again. So he opts to join, because he’s ‘an expert’ in hiking. Turns out it’s a fucking wendigo, and though Jim has plenty of hunting supplies with him; a flamethrower isn’t exactly one of those things. Still, during the day, he sneaks in and releases the bindings of the few people still alive. “Hey, are you okay?” Jim asks quietly. “Can you walk? Then slowly make your way out, okay? Wendigo have very bad sight, so remain completely still when he’s near.” He explains quietly, a hand ready on his weapon. It’s not that it’ll do anything against a wendigo, but it just feels better. Pretty quickly, the wendigo catches him. A claw closes around his throat and he’s shoved against a wall. He manages to kick it before its teeth can rip him apart, but that’s not really going to work for very long. The wendigo is dragged backwards by a surprising force, and it’s Leonard who throws down a bottle on the floor right in front of the Wendigo’s feet. Within seconds, it bursts into flames. “Jim,” Leonard says, pulling him back on his feet and wiping the dust off his clothes. “What are you doing here?” Jim asks, “I had everything under control.” He adds, and receives a frown from the angel. “No, you didn’t.”
  • Come morning, Leonard is still there. A week later, he’s still there. “Why aren’t you going back to the clouds, huh?” Jim asks him, because really, Leonard is just constantly following him around. “I can’t go back to heaven,” Leonard replies. “Why not?” “That’s classified,” Leonard says, and Jim sighs. “Of course it is.” He says, grabbing his jacket and swinging it over his shoulder. “You coming?” “Where to?” “The bar.”
  • Jim pours both of them a strong drink, and Leonard tosses his own glass back in just a second. “Easy there,” Jim says, “you don’t want to get drunk. Or do you? Because I think I’d enjoy seeing you drunk.” “I’ve never been drunk, but my vessel has.” Leonard says, and Jim catches just a brief glimpse of a faint smile on the angel’s lips. Seeing those otherwise stern features softened, Leonard is really more handsome than he realizes. “Care to tell me why you’re not back in heaven? And you’ve not been there for at least a week now.” Jim presses carefully, and that soft expression immediately turns more stern again. Damn. “I can’t go back to Heaven.” “Why not?” Jim asks, and Leonard looks uncomfortable talking about it. Leonard sighs, running his fingers through his hair and he just looks almost human now. “I have been banned for rebelling.” “Rebelling?” “Getting you out of Hell was not my objective,” Leonard admits, and Jim frowns. “You said I was destined for greater things?” “Those demons… they would have turned you into one. A powerful one. I know you haven’t said it, but I know you remember torturing those souls.” Leonard says and Jim shifts uncomfortably. “I want you to know it is not your fault, Jim.” Leonard says, accepting Jim’s newly filled glass. “I know you were forced to do so.” “Stop,” Jim says, “What’s your point?” “I was sent down to kill you,” Leonard finally explains and Jim shifts uncomfortably. “But you didn’t.” “No. I couldn’t,” Leonard says. “I gave you a second chance.” “I never asked for one,” Jim replies, “and now you’re banned from heaven. Where are you going to go?” Leonard shrugs, and Jim sighs, rubbing his temples like he’s already regretting his own thoughts before speaking them. “Why don’t you stay with me for a while? We’ll hunt together.” He suggests, and Leonard stares at Jim for a few seconds too long to be comfortable. “Fine.”

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