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'Scandal': What Should Fitz Do When He's Out of Office?

APRIL 07, 2016  by Lesley Goldberg

“There is a plan,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells THR as the cast chimes in on what the incumbent president’s next act should be.

What’s next for Scandal’s Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) after he’s out of office?

ABC’s D.C.-set soap is in the midst of a presidential election storyline as a field of five candidates (three Republicans and two Democrats) are looking to become the show’s next president of the United States after Fitz’s two terms come to an end.

While Fitz is backing his incumbent vice president Susan Ross in her bid for the White House against his ex-wife Mellie Grant, it’s unclear what the sitting president will do once his second term is over.

“I can’t tell you any of that — but there is a plan,” showrunner Shonda Rhimes tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Tony is not going anywhere; where would he go?!”

While Fitz’s next act remains unclear for now and Goldwyn is staying put for the previously announced sixth season of Scandal, THR turned to the cast to get their thoughts on what the Republican with blood on his hands should do next.

Betsy Beers (executive producer): When Fitz is out of office, I think he do anything he wanted. I don’t want him to move to Vermont and make jam immediately — I’m not a big fan of that — but I think he could become an advocate, a judge, a private eye or join OPA or have his own post-Scandal show where he does anything. Spinoff! Fitz could do pretty much anything as far as I’m concerned.

Tony Goldwyn (Fitz): He’ll be much happier as the post-president than as the president. He’d want to do something like Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton did with the Clinton Global Initiative and use his leverage and influence to make a real difference in the world without all the politics. You really hope it includes Olivia Pope and a little jam. We’ll hire someone to make jam on weekends in Vermont! I’ve gotten many, many, many, many jars of jam in the mail from fans (laughing).

Kerry Washington (Olivia): He should probably start a foundation and do some good in the world. He’s got some demons to make amends for! So a good foundation that will do some good would be great!

Bellamy Young (Mellie): Swear Mellie in! I think he won’t be able to leave Washington and will try to be a bit of a mover and a shaker and find how that feels to not be the person whose finger is on the red button and to have to be a normal person. He’ll have to confront normal the way he had to confront alone this season. It’ll be a rather sobering experience but also very emancipating in terms of character growth.

Darby Stanchfield (Abby): Start his own OPA.

Katie Lowes (Quinn): What the hell is he going to do?! I don’t think he’s going to Vermont! I think he has to have some sort of second act and will stay in D.C. and be in a different position. But I don’t know what he could do — he could not work in OPA. God no! I don’t think Quinn or Huck (Guillermo Diaz) would have him! What’s he going to do, write a book? Tour around and give speeches?! It’s crazy to think about.

Jeff Perry (Cyrus): I’d love our show to invent a great role for a president after he’s out out office that would reverberate back to the real world. I admire what Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have done. There’s things about Fitz that are so decent — despite his missteps — that it would be good to see him do something on the humanitarian side. He’d be happier than with all these political shenanigans.

Joe Morton (Rowan): Go drown himself! (Laughing.)

Portia DeRossi (Elizabeth): He should just retire! I can’t imagine a show without Fitz as president so I can’t even think about that! What’s he going to do?!? There is something poetic — maybe Mellie will be elected and Fitz will be First Gentleman. Hopefully that will mirror Hillary and Bill in the White House. But it’s all just conjecture. I have no idea!


New visuals for SCANDAL’s “HELLO WORLD” just released!

Visuals in order of → Artist visual, Regular Edition, First-Press Limited Edition, Analog Record Version. The Complete LE version contains a multi-checkered pattern design, as shown at the top.

Tracklist →

  • Image (☆ Vocals by HARUNA, Lyrics & Composition by MAMI)

  • Your song (☆ Lyrics & Composition by SCANDAL)

  • love in action (☆ Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement by MAMI)

  • Departure (☆ Lyrics & Composition by MAMI)

  • Graduation (☆ Vocals, Lyrics & Composition by HARUNA)

  • Yoake no Ryuuseigun (Meteor Shower of Dawn) (☆ Lyrics by TOMOMI)

  • Onegai Navigation (Navigation Please) (☆ Vocals by HARUNA, Lyrics by RINA, Composition & Arrangement by MAMI)

  • Runners high (☆ Lyrics by HARUNA)

  • Hon wo Yomu (Read A Book) (☆ Vocals, Lyrics, Composition & Arrangement by MAMI)

  • Canned Beer (☆ Vocals, Lyrics & Composition by TOMOMI)

  • Winter story (☆ Lyrics by RINA, Composition by RINA & MAMI)

  • Oyasumi (Goodnight) (☆ Vocals, Lyrics & Composition by RINA)

  • Place of life (ft. Tetsuya Komuro) (☆ Lyrics by SCANDAL)

For all pre-order links, it has been previously posted HERE.

Scandal Winter Preview from TV Line


PREVIOUSLY ON… | Olivia helped her “dead” mother escape to Hong Kong, only to realize too late that Maya, and not her father, is the “monster.” Cyrus helped Sally cover up her murder of husband Daniel, but David Rosen was presented with evidence that the VP had done a bad thing. As the fall finale drew to a close, Fitz placed Jake in charge of B6-13, Quinn retreated into Charlie’s arms upon losing her “gladiator” status and Maya gave Olivia a call… from just outside the White House lawn!

COMING UP NEXT | The truncated, eight-episode back half of Season 3 will focus more on Fitz’s reelection campaign, which is bound to be complicated by loose threads. For one, EP Betsy Beers mused, “It’s going to be interesting to see how much the fat lady sung” when it comes to Daniel Douglas’ “heart attack.” Beers also forecast an “incredibly complicated combo plate of reactions” if Liv learns of Jake’s role as Command and suggested that Quinn’s gladiator status might not be officially revoked. Jon Tenney (The Closer) is booked for an arc as a rumored romantic interest for long-forsaken Mellie, while “Olitz”… does what Olitz does. “Fitz and Olivia are always intertwined in very odd and new ways,” Beers notes. “I would expect that that’s something that will continue.”!24/scandal/

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SCANDAL; On “Oretachi no Yogaku ALL NIGHT” (w/ subs)

As previously announced here, SCANDAL gave their commentary on WOWOW’s “Oretachi no Yogaku ALL NIGHT”, which was broadcast earlier on 6th Feb 2015. The programme was a special that featured on Western music.

The band were also given a Kabe-don theme, along with the task of introducing 3 artists. SCANDAL introduced Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Mami and Rina were asked which members of these bands would they like to receive a Kabe-don from.

Video upload w/ thanks to 2xCantarian-san @ DM


SCANDAL; On J-WAVE’s ‘GROOVE LINE Z’ (HARUNA & MAMI only) + First 'Flashback No.5’ OA!

(For “Flashback No.5”, it’s from 14:15 onwards.)

Earlier this afternoon, SCANDAL’s guitarist duo visited J-WAVE and appeared on ’GROOVE LINE Z’ to promote their upcoming new single! This is the first time that on two members of SCANDAL showed up, as previously, all of SCANDAL had come.

Of course, Haruna and Mami are here to talk about their 21st single, “Stamp!”. The host is surprised that the band is releasing material at such a fast pace, but SCANDAL says they are happy to be releasing work so steadily. He is curious about the timeline for “Stamp!”, in which Mami reveals they’d recorded it back in April this year. It’s actually created around March, but as they had been doing the world tour, in the spare time in between when they returned to Japan, they had then recorded for the songs.

The host also comments that SCANDAL seemed to have really grown up these days, and Haruna says that she’s actually of the same age as J-WAVE. Speaking of birthdays, Haruna also reveals that she did receive a year 1988 bottle of wine last year, but she didn’t drink it, although that’s kinda a waste.

Of course, SCANDAL also speaks about the world tour. They had toured Europe, Asia, America etc., going about 8 different countries. How does SCANDAL feel to be able to reach this point in their careers? Mami feels that it’s actually quite tough, since going abroad means a difference in getting about and it takes a toll on your body (+ many other factors that make being overseas tough), but she did enjoy eating tacos everyday in Mexico. In Japan, the tacos are really American-type tacos, so the taste is completely different. Of course, it is still fun as many people who really knew their songs had come for them and that makes them feel happy and touched. Haruna describes that while many fans came from the 'side-door’, by first hearing their songs play in Anime and getting in touch with the Japanese sub-culture before becoming their fans, people still came to see them. SCANDAL also touches on their staff and about wanting to go overseas in private.

Btw, when the host says that he recently went to Hawaii for a holiday and it was tough taking the economy class seat, Haruna and Mami says they’re always taking the economy class themselves, lol.

After “Stamp!” is done airing, we also touch on SCANDAL’s upcoming plans, including the J-WAVE ROCKS! Summer event, where they’ll take the stage with TRICERATOPS and SAKANAMON. They will also be playing at the Band Yarou Yo!! Vol.6, ROCK IN JAPAN FES., and then embark on their Arena Tour 2015-2016. The host is feeling somewhat regretful/enraged for them about the band having to sacrifice their Christmas eve ('cause Haruna adds that they’ve basically given all their Christmas eves to the band), but Mami says to them, that’s youth. SCANDAL will now introduce their new coupling song on the show.

Flashback No.5” is from 14:15 onwards.

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband.