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Just some fan reports from Kuroba Mario’s fan meeting in Taiwan that was held on August 19, 2017. In which, he talks about the role that left the biggest impact on him, his admired senior, and the person he considers to be his rival.

The role that left the biggest impact on you?

Mikazuki Munechika! I’ve done various genres, but if I hadn’t done Mikazuki, I think I wouldn’t be here today. That is how much the role has spread my name. I got my start in Tenimyu (the Musical Prince of Tennis) as Kikumaru [Eiji]. The role that spread my name is Mikazuki.

The senior you admire?

If we’re talking about people who are in 2.5D, then it’s Matsuda Ryo. Even personally, I like him. Ah, but it’s not romantic love!!

[MC: It’s too bad that it isn’t BL (Boy’s Love).]

Girls like that! I had the opportunity to co-star with Matsuda Ryo-kun in “Dansui!”, he was like an older brother and was also good at achieving a [personal and professional] balance. He was a zachou [1] that I wanted to follow.

The person you admire? Your rival?

Sato Ryuji! I think that there are a lot of similarities between us. I think, because we’ve been together for so long and come this far together, our paths are similar. 

[MC: Is it admiration? Or rivalry?]

It’s both. I’m very curious as to/interested in how Sato Ryuji will continue from now on.

Another fan report mentioned that Mario was also asked the question of “Who is your biggest rival?”, and his response to that was,

“It would be Sato Ryuji. He [Ryuji] isn’t someone who is an enemy [to me]. He is more like a person whom I can grow and climb to the top with.” [2]

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[1] “Zachou” - Loosely translated to “stage company leader”.

[2] This isn’t the first time that Mario has mentioned his rivalry with Ryuji xD Previously, when asked this question, he compared his relationship with Ryuji to Son Goku and Vegeta from Dragon Ball (with him as Goku and Ryuji as Vegeta LOL).

Temptation. [Kurt Wagner Oneshot].

A/n- I worked really hard on this, so any reblogs/likes are really appreciated!

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Title: Temptation.
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader.
Words: 1803.
Rating: M(Mild Smut).

The passed few minutes seemed like a giant blur for you. If asked when you tore off your boyfriend’s bright, orange, Thriller inspired jacket, you couldn’t specify, but you could tell them that it was dangling on the lamp, perched on the side table beside his bed. You couldn’t even remember what spurred this sudden make-out session in his bed either. You could have been arguing over something pitiful, something childish, or you could have just been bored.

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A bit of info on the Au!

Hello! Im making this post bc I’ve gotten a few questions that don’t neceserally need the character’s to answer them + a bit more info about the AU!

In my last post i explained that there are different ways to get your powers! Some are born with it and some have, ‘help’ to get theirs. Everybody has the potential to have their powers but if they are not born with it they have to experience a life or death situation to ‘activate’ them, or they die if they aren’t strong enough to handle it. More info under the cut!

SQUIPs can ‘activate’ a persons power when they see that they either, need them, or simply to fulfilled their purpose (to make someone cool). They do their math and calculate the percentage of somebody surviving the ‘activation’ and take the risk if they need to, but if the persons too weak they don’t take the risk.
Their powers grow depending on how much they practice with them, it’s like a muscle they need to train it constantly or else it’ll just stay weak.
Now to go a bit in depth into two characters who have been the targets of all of the angst u guys have!

Michael (since he is the target of a lot of angsty questions,, i see u) : Michael, as most of ya’ll know can travel through electronics, electricity is coursing through a thing? Yup Michael can go through it! But if he were to say get trapped in one of those electronic devices he will slowly start to disintegrate since literally the only reason he’s inside of that is because of the electricity. The bigger the thing the easier it is for him to travel too since he doesn’t have to force himself so much to go through the device. Yes he has tried to go through SQUIPs since technically it’s a super computer and it has electricity i mean it’s shocked Jeremy with electricity! In short it didn’t go well, the SQUIP is extremely small and Michael had to endure a few minutes of being in it and it strained his body heavily plus the SQUIP went into a 'Self Defense Mode’ since there was an intruder. That’s all I’m going to disclose on Michael because i don’t want to ruin all surprises ;)

Jeremy (2nd target for all ya’ll angsty asks, why do u guys like hurting the boyf riends sm?): Jeremy can control electronics and the electricity in them, but he can not make electricity out of thin air he can only control previously existing electricity in a device. Jeremy is extremely careful when using his powers around Michael when he’s in devices and especially careful when he pranks Michael by turning off electronic devices around him (not the one he’s in of course), and anyways he can only hold it for maybe a minute or two before giving in because it eventually starts to drain him, but after an accident involving Michael he tries to limit when he does it so really it’s not something he does a lot anymore.

Like I’ve stated I don’t have a definitive story to this au, mostly tailored the questions i get so… YOU guys are the one growing this story, with a small push from me dropping hints if i have an idea and want it to go somewhere!
P.S I’m sorry if sometimes the answers don’t make sense or if they contradict each other. I’m just one mod and this is my first time seriously dealing with an ask blog! Don’t let the multiple art styles confuse you It’s simply just one 15 yr old who doesn’t have a definitive artstyle.

P.P.S i don’t know if this either helped answer a few questions, shed a bit more light on the au or inspired more questions! I just hope that this was helpful to a small degree,,, Please remember that this is actually just fantasy and a bit of sci-fi! Not everything’s gonna make sense, ya’ll just gotta roll with it (I won’t purposely start to make things confusing or not understandable now but there will probably be a few things that just cant be explained!)

Any questions that i see the could have been answered here won’t be answered by the characters! I try to upload a few answers a day and I don’t want to put time into an answer that’s been answered here sorry! Previously asked questions wont be affected tho, just new ones that come in after I’ve posted this but like a day or two later bc heck I don’t expect everybody to read this today.


Also small hint: read the tags that i put on the answers ;)  Some have bonus info

** As the au grows I might add more info here, don’t worry I’ll keep you guys updated if i do!

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The link in your bio thing doesn't really take you anywhere to submit quote or story. It just searchers your page for how-to-submit

That is in fact intentional! We get a lot of repeat questions about how to submit things, as well as a ton of invalid submissions from people who’ve obviously not read the rules, so we’d like people to look over the rules and previously-asked questions before they make a submission. If you’re ready to submit, there’s a big ol’ “WHAT DO YOUR PLAYERS SAY? (SUBMIT A QUOTE!)” link below the orange button in the sidebar on desktop, or through the blog menu on mobile.

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Hey there. Can I get Hanamiya being angry af and holding Reader in place while doing the do and continuing even after them coming? And some overstimulation? THAT'D BE NEAT. Thanks in advance and I hope this isn't too specific or limiting. orz

Surprise surprise, Anon- Chan. NSFW ahead, read at your own risk! 

“Did you really think I wouldn’t punish you for this, kitten? I mean, it’s like you don’t know me at all.” Hanamiya said, purring softly in your ear. 

you took in a sharp breath of air as a reflex, that was a mistake, his hand automatically flew to your throat. He put his hand around it gently, not hard enough to constrict your breathing, but the threat was there. 

“M-Mako-kun I swear I didn’t mean to let Hara-san touch me like that I d-didn’t know what to do he just came onto me and I-” You were cut off by the low growl that left his throat. 

There was no way that you were going to get out of this. Hara had cornered you, and In a moment of weakness you had let him. Hanamiya had stepped out for a moment to look for some footage for the team to study for their next game. Before you could even blink Hara was upon you, his hand slithering up your thigh, his sugar coated tongue trying to coax you with sugar coated words. A blush instantly came to your face and you began stuttering, not knowing how to fix the issue. You knew Hanamiya was going to be furious when he found out, you didn’t think the anger would be directed at you. Yet here you were, pinned to the wall in the boys locker room as Hanamiya breathed down your neck, inciting fear and panic that was evident on your face. 

You felt teeth graze the side of your neck and braced yourself, waiting for the sharp bite to come. Hanamiya loved marking you when he was mad, he always left your thighs neck and stomach black and blue with evidence of his passion. The bite never came, normally this would be comforting, but for some reason the tension felt different. This kind of anger was new, you had heard of this before, it was called the “Killing Calm” where he was past the point of anger, and could think of nothing more than punishing you for your supposed misconduct. 

“I hope you’ve realized that I have something special planned for you tonight pet.” He smirked, making you even more uneasy.

 “Oh, don’t look so frightened love, it won’t hurt if you behave yourself.” a chuckle rang in your ears as the filth spilled past his lips. 

“M-Mako-” he silenced you with a kiss.

“Now now, first rule, no speaking unless spoken too. That mouth of yours has gotten you into enough trouble tonight pretty baby.” He said running a hand through your hair. 

“Are you wet for me? I bet you are, you always were a real slut for dirty talk.” He stated, stepping back to assess your state.

His hands untucked your shirt from the confines of your uniform skirt. His hands skidded down your stomach, obviously he was physically searching for an answer to his previously asked question. 

“Mm, kitten you never cease to please me.He smirked as he ran his fingers in between your folds. 

“Don’t worry pretty baby, I know how much you can handle, I won’t go beyond that.” He comforted you, noticing the fear written on your face.

Normally he wanted you scared, he got off on it even. But tonight, he wanted you to give yourself to him completely, he wanted there to be no boundaries tonight. 

“I’m gonna make sure you don’t walk straight for a month.” He growled into your ear, shoving your legs apart and pressing a knee to your apex with such force that it drove you up the wall a bit. 

You were desperate, you needed him NOW. There was no waiting, if you didn’t feel some form of friction you were going to lose your mind. You began grinding yourself against his leg - letting out a breathy moan when you receive satisfaction at last. When you realized what you were doing you had stopped and looked up at your beloved’s face, he had an eyebrow raised and a sexy smirk across his face. 

“Look at you, fucking yourself on my leg like a cat in heat. How…pathetic.” these words dripped from his tongue like poison. 

You should have been repulsed, but his words went straight to your core, making your body ache with more need than you thought possible. 

“Now, I think further punishment is in order. Because last time I checked, I didn’t tell you to do that.” Hanamiya stated in an uncharacteristically sweet tone. 

“Look at the mess you made, you horny slut.” He emphasized this by dragging his finger through the wetness on his leg, and slipping his fingers past your lips. 

“Oh? Did that turn you on? I didn’t think you were narcissistic enough to get off on the taste of your own cunt.” He let out a bellowing laugh, bringing a blush to your cheeks. 

You had never tried so hard to keep yourself from speaking before, you wanted so badly to beg him for it. The heat was slowly rising, a knot beginning to form into your stomach. 

“Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again, hm?” He proposed, his hand going to his waist and removing his belt.

You instantly knew where he was going with this, and didn’t see the point in protesting. You raised your arms above your head as he smiled.

“Good girl, stay still.” He said, raising the belt to your wrist and wrapping it around them. He made sure that there was no room for you to get loose, and smirked to himself.  

He was going to ruin you, and you were prepared to let him. 

“The more you struggle the worse it gets. You know this game very well my love.” He turned you around, pressing your chest up against the wall.

Your skirt was practically ripped from your body, the only thing left on you was your uniform shirt, that had been unceremoniously ripped open, and your underwear. A pretty matching lace set that Hanamiya had gifted you. You heard a grunt leave his lips.

 “Oh really now, you little whore - what if he had lifted your skirt, everyone would have seen this pretty ass of yours. I didn’t give you this for you to flaunt it to everyone and their mother.” he emphasized this by running a hand over the curve of your behind, bringing down a smack on it so hard that the slap echoed in the empty locker room. 

“What was that? You want it harder? Oh baby.” He chuckled to himself as he brought his hand down on your ass a second time. He took note of the wet spot forming on your panties. 

“How am I supposed to punish you when you’re so weak to everything I do to you kitten. All I can think of his that dumbass having his hands all over you.” He purred. 

He went on like this until your behind was so red, that there was practically a handprint left, your underwear having been discarded around the 15th time his hand came down across your globes. Your head was spinning and the knot in your stomach had tightened even more. Your head felt as if it was going to explode.

 “Oh baby, you look so pretty like this. So helpless, so…mine” Hanamiya smirked

Your eyelids felt heavy, feeling tired from Hanamiya’s violent ministrations. You were so tired you didn’t even notice your lover unzipping his pants.

“Oh pretty baby, don’t tell me you’re all tuckered out. I haven’t even gotten to the best part. You haven’t learned your lesson: Your body belongs to me, nobody gets to touch it. But. ME.” Hanamiya said rubbing the tip of his member between your folds growling the last word into your ear. Your eyes widened and you bit your lip.

.“Do I have your attention? Good, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.” Hanamiya whispered into your ear. 

Hanamiya dragged you over to the bench and bent you over it. He slammed himself inside of you, and began rocking into you with such force that you came undone within minutes. As you came around his member you felt Hanamiya reach around you and grab your breast. 

“Oh kitten, did that feel good? I’m a bit disappointed you haven’t figured out what I’m playing at here. I’m gonna show you who this little cunt belongs to” He continued to thrust into you making your tired body twitch. 

“I’m not stopping for the world kitten, I want you to give yourself to me. Now, how about another round, I’m still itching to go.” He purred into your ear.

You were in for a long night. 

Shadow Work: Exercise 1

I just wanted to share a little exercise that might be helpful to those of you trying to get acquainted with your shadow self. This is a low intensity journaling exercise that will help pinpoint the source of strong emotions that materialize, such as anger or sadness. 

First, identify the surface emotion you are experiencing. This simply requires you to take a moment to make a general observation. Typically, you should be able to categorize what you are feeling into one of these general emotions: anger, sadness, fear or contempt. 

(Note that you can do shadow work in regards to “positive” emotions as well in order to seek the root of a desire that evokes feelings such as pride or contentment when achieved, thus shining light on the aspects of your shadow that yearn for things like approval or affection. However, for this particular exercise I will refer to “negative” emotions specifically.) 

Once you’ve generalized the emotion you are experiencing, you can begin trying to reach a more specified understanding by writing down questions in regards to what you are feeling. After writing down a question, answer it, then follow up with another question in relation to that answer, and so on. Some of these questions may be difficult or uncomfortable to answer honestly and some of the answers may lead you in circles, recreating a previously asked question. Pay close attention to recurring questions/answers. 

Keep in mind that emotions are fluid and often times interchangeable. For instance, anger comes in many forms: it may be annoyance based on someone else’s behavior (contempt), enmity invoked by jealously (fear), outrage related to world affairs (fear and/or contempt), etc. This is why we want to keep prying into the subconscious by asking/answering questions in regards to the emotion we are experiencing. 

Some branches of emotion might be difficult to articulate; what’s important is to be able to mentally distinguish, at least to some extent, what desire that emotion is associated with. By establishing the desires that are not being met we can go deeper into the psyche, eventually reaching the core beliefs that these desires stem from. Once we determine our core beliefs, we can begin to understand why we hold those beliefs and then either resolve them or eliminate them entirely. This may sound relatively simple, but in fact it takes quite a bit of time and effort. 

Below I have provided an example of how to follow through with this exercise based on my personal experience in doing so the other day. The emotion I was feeling was anger.

Why do you feel so angry in this moment?
Because my work computer is fucked and is running slow. 
Why does that make you feel angry?
Because it makes working inconvenient and unbearable.
Why does this inconvenience bother you?
Because I am feeling extremely impatient.
Why are you feeling so impatient?
Because there are other things I could be doing with my time and I already don’t want to be here. 
Why don’t you want to be here [at work]?
Because it’s stressful and I would rather be relaxing or doing something enjoyable.
Why do you find work stressful?
Because there are tasks upon tasks piling up around me and it’s not enjoyable or interesting work.
Why are these tasks piling up?
Because there is only one of me and I don’t always keep on top of things– because again, I’d rather be doing other things.
What other things would you rather be doing?
Learning about something I’m actually interested in. Or being outside. Or meditating. Or making something. 
What makes those things more important than work?
Because I actually enjoy doing them– they contribute to my well-being, which in turn contributes to the well-being of the whole. 
What keeps you from doing those things aside from work?
Lack of will power– which ultimately translates to excuses such as lack of time, money or focus, and devotion to relationships. 
Why don’t you possess this will power?
Because my energy goes towards the excuses I indicated.  
Why do you invest energy in making excuses rather than increasing will power?
Because excuses are easier to make and by creating them I have become identified with them. 

I went a bit further than this, though I don’t feel entirely comfortable sharing my findings publicly.

Initially, you may want to place blame on others or external influences. This is fine, but the further in you go the more important it is to reflect on your reasoning rather than projecting it outward– otherwise you will draw out the process and/or perpetuate recurring questions. See, in the third to last question a more fundamental response would have been the excuses I indicated, but being that I already know myself well enough to be aware of the true source of those excuses I went ahead and cut to the chase. If I had answered with the excuses themselves, eventually I would have worked my way down to the more accurate answer (lack of will power). 

Repeat this exercise as often as you see fit; keep note of your musings and compare them routinely. You won’t likely get to the bottom of anything in a single attempt. Realistically, it will require a compilation of attempts and analyses thereof, as well as further introspection. 

Sorry for such a long post. I appreciate those interested enough to read in through though! I hope this helps someone at least. Best wishes!


hello, hi

comin at you with another parallel just when i thought there couldn’t possibly be any more…

remember when oswald didn’t kill fish when he had the chance? and while he was pointing the gun at her he asked:

oswald: why didn’t you kill me? I would’ve killed you in an instant! answer me!

this directly parallels ed in 3x22 when he asks:

ed: why didn’t you just kill me, oswald?

to this, oswald responds that he wants ed as a “constant reminder to never make that [letting love weaken him] mistake again.” but when oswald has previously asked fish this similar question, she says “because you’re mine. you were my umbrella boy, remember?”

thus, oswald was right: there is no ed nygma without the penguin. oswald created him, in a sense, and ed is ‘his.’ his ed nygma. that’s why he couldn’t kill him, even though ed “would’ve killed him in an instant.”

Prompt (By the amazing Lily is helping Sarah rehearse for a role and there’s a kiss scene between Sarah´s and Lily´s characters (Pre-Relationship)

“But what about last time? You really mean a lot to me and I can’t accept I might be losing you!” Sarah screamed with eyes full of tears while holding some papers and staring at Lily, who was sat on the couch holding some papers as well.

“Wow wow wow! That was really good Sarah!” The blonde got up from the couch and high-fived her friend, who had a big smile on her face.

“Thank you lovepants! I really hope I get to do it right, it’s a huge thing for me”

“You will, I have no doubt”

Both girls sat on the couch; Lily stared at the elder woman who got quiet and serious out of nowhere; After a while staring at the blank space, Sarah fitted her friend, who was still staring at her, now with a concerned look;

“You know” Sarah turned her body to Lily’s side while taking a deep breath “There’s that scene that… that I’m really worried about”

“Well, let’s rehearse it then! I’m here to help you Sar” The blonde gave her an encouraging smile and caressed Sarah’s hand, which was rested on the couch

“I’m… I, um, well that’s the problem” The elder woman moved her hand from bellow her friend’s closer to herself.

“Sarah… we’ve been friends for so many years, don’t tell me you’re embarassed?!”

“No! No… I mean, not at all” Sarah moved her head with a negative movement “Ok, yeah, you’re right, let’s do it, it’s on page twelve”

Lily smiled and started reading the script; Oh God, it was a kiss scene; She could feel her knees going weak.

“Look, we don’t need to actually kiss” The elder woman said nervously “It’s just that this part is hard and it’d be really good if I could rehearse it, you know? Like, it´s a…”

“Sarah, it’s fine” Lily cut her “We’re both actresses, it’s just a scene, that’s ok”

Lily was absolutely dying inside; She’d always been madly in love with her friend and, even tough she knew she shouldn’t feed something that would never happen, she couldn’t miss the chance of kissing her long time, secret lover; Even if it was just pretend.

“Fine, fine” Sarah smiled “You’re right… So I’ll play my character, Rose, and you’ll play Kevin, is it fine?”

“Sure” Lily smiled nervously “Let’s go then”

Both girls turned their bodies to each other while still sat on the couch; Sarah began;

“I don’t think I can do that, Kevin…” The elder friend stared at Lily with the eyes already full of tears

“Why not? Of course you can! You’ve got this!” The blonde approached the friend and took both of her hands in hers “You’ve been preparing for so long!”

“But… I don’t think I’m ready” Sarah looked bellow “I mean, you saw the other girls, they did it so perfectly”

“Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t see the other girls” Lily lifted Sarah’s head by the chin “I couldn’t take my eyes out of you”

Sarah felt a burning in her stomach. It was it, the kissing part.

Lily started getting closer and closer; Both could feel each other’s breath when suddenly Sarah abruptly pulled over.

“ I can’t do that Lily, I just can’t do that this way” The woman felt her tears coming down, along with her friend’s; “Lily… why, why are you crying?”

“What do you mean by “this way”?” The blonde ignored the question previously asked

“Nothing, it was just nothing” Sarah sobbed, it was being too much.

They both stared at each other; Completely silence. Tears falling down harder and harder.

The elder woman just couldn’t take it anymore, if she didn’t take the courage to do it now, she knew she could and would never do it. Calmly but still shaking, Sarah started approaching Lily; She was just inches away the blonde’s mouth when she stopped and just kept there.

“Sarah…” Lily whispered “Just kiss me”

And so the woman did; Such a gentle, sweet kiss, none of them wanted to pull apart again.

Softly, Lily went back, never stopping looking at her friend’s eyes;

“I like you… a lot” The blonde whispered

“I like you too… a lot”

Both smiled and went in for another kiss; They could feel each other smiling trough it and it was a feeling they wish to have forever.

Viktuuri Sickfic

WARNING(S): descriptions of nausea & vomiting below!

Keeping a hand on the sink in order to remain balanced, Yuuri turned the tap and bent forward as a cupped hand brought water to his mouth. Swishing it around momentarily before spitting it out. Then to splash water on his face; the coolness a relief against the sweat coating his forehead. Hand coming to grip at the base of his neck, hand cooled by the water abating some of the heat there; allowing the older skater to focus less so inwardly on his personal discomfort.

“Are you all right?”

Hearing someone approach, foot steps paused in the doorway to the washroom, Yuuri cringed at hearing Viktor’s words. Despite Viktor’s previous assurances, rueful disconcertion flooded his entire form; fever bright hues downcast to stare at the false porcelain of the sink as he shifted slightly on his feet. Head still ducked. Left hand still grasped at his neck, perhaps a tad tighter than was necessary, whilst the other supported his wilted weight against the countertop.

It’d been a decade since he’d been too sick to not make it to the restroom in time; the last time had been when he caught the stomach flu from hell when the triplets were toddlers and he offered to help Yuuko and Takashi take care of them. It’d hit him with little warning, or perhaps he was too focused elsewhere to notice, and he ended up heaving just outside the ice rink.

Postures rigid in spite of exhausted, trembling muscles and general malady still keeping control of his frame; despite knowing his family would be understanding, caring and attentive no matter what; it was the fact Viktor had witnessed the mess and was now in the doorway of the bathroom. And he was dying inside over it.

Hand falling from his neck to place on the other side of the sink, eyes closing a moment to ward of the twinge his stomach gave, before sighing and sliding his tongue between his lips in preparation of speech. Voice decidedly hoarse, despite pausing and clearing it quietly, tone lathered with a terseness rarely ever used and one that spoke volumes to the older’s discomfit.

“Mmhm.” Yuuri hummed as he turned minorly, hands still holding him steady at the sink, his expression forlorn, “Im sorry you had to see that.”

Viktor shook his head, “Nonsense, Yuuri.” He assured, “Its all right. You’re not feeling well, it’s not your fault.”

“Oh.” Yuuri murmured, glancing downwards then back up after gathering his thoughts through a fever hazed mind, “Th-thank you.”

Viktor offered a small sympathetic smile, “No need for thanks. But your mother’s gone into a ‘mother hen’ mode to warn you.”

A wet hiccup interrupted whatever Yuuri’s reply was going to be, feeling the nausea within escalate with a dizzying lurch from his stomach. Whipping his head back over the sink, hunching forward as he swallowed convulsively, lips pressed firmly together and eyes scrunched closed. Hoping to ward it off enough for him to move to the toilet, the sink was no place to be sick into, especially since he’d already made a mess of the bedroom floor.

Feeling sweat trailing down his temples, despite the chills that sent trembling shivers up and down his frame, both sheering hot and ice cold at the same time. With his head pounding behind his eyes and the nausea swirling uncomfortably in his belly, teetering moments away from loosing it. He couldn’t recall a time felt so miserable than now.

Viktor, seeing his student feeling so ill again, had him springing forward to slide a hand under him to splay on his chest and the other coming up to rest on his back, “It’s all right, let it up if you have to. Fighting it makes it worse.”

Another hiccup forced its way up, bringing a low burp with it, that has salvia dripping from his mouth down his chin. A quiet gurgle preceded another burp, louder than the first and it brought up a splash of bile in the back of his throat. The taste causing his frame to lurch forward with a harsh gag, his abdomen muscle tightening as the gags morphed into a retching. Retching twice before he felt his stomach lurch violently, thin stream of vomit spilling from his mouth to splash into the sink.

A second wave coming up just after the first, robbing him of breath and burning his throat on its way up causing him to cough harshly once the bout ended. Breath hitching, choking on a retch that hunched his shoulder up to ears and concaving his abdominal muscles. Bringing up more vomit, the round tampering off into several dry heaves. His frame straining to expel every last drop within his stomach.

Sometime during the episode, Viktor began rubbing along Yuuri’s back, hoping to ease the tense muscles there and offer a semblance of comfort. Witnessing his student sick didn’t dampen his building love for him any, in fact he felt his heart strings pull at seeing him so ill.

More coughing brought Viktor’s attention back to Yuuri, moving his hand to rub specifically along his shoulder blades and taking some of the other’s weight when he sagged slightly towards the sink more so.

“Feeling any better?” Viktor asked, knowing the question to be most likely fall towards the negative, but feeling the need to fill the space with words, if anything to distract Yuuri from his misery, “Your mother is making tea and fussing about getting some medicine for you.”

“Hmm.” Yuuri hummed in response, unable to truly focus at the moment to reply properly.

“Yuuri?” Viktor asked, drawing his attention back towards the older skater and to the question previously asked.

“Oh, sorry. M'fine.” Yuuri mumbled with a tight smile, hoping to ease the concern crease between Viktor’s eyebrows , “I don’t feel as nauseous as before.”

While Viktor wanted to believe his student; seeing Yuuri’s pale facial features, glassy gaze, and the way his frame swayed lightly with just standing, had Viktor questioning it, “Okay, that’s good. Why don’t we get you to bed and then you can rest?”

“Sounds good.” Yuuri mumbled, fatigue washing over him and heavying his limbs, though he made no motion to move away from the sink.

“Vicchan, how is Yuuri?” Hiroko questioned as she came down the hallway with a tray of tea in her hands, taking in the older skater’s concerned expression and tension filled shoulders.

“Ah. Sick but he says he’s feeling a bit better. I was going to help him back to bed.” Viktor answered, receiving a nod of approval from Yuuri’s mother before he turned back to Yuuri, “That okay?”

Yuuri merely nodded lightly, blinking sluggishly against the pull of fatigue, then slowly releasing the sink and taking an unsteady step. Viktor stepping forward to help brace the smaller skater, easily looping an arm around his waist and ducking to take an arm around his shoulders to further support his ailing coach. Yuuri could only blink at the sudden motion.

“If it’s all right, I can help you back?” Viktor asked, “Better if you don’t fall while in your condition. We’ll go slow, I promise.”

Yuuri nodded again, seeming moreso subdued. Gaze resolutely staring at the floor, even as they made their way towards his room. Slowly to not upset the other’s stomach nor further stress his fever sore muscles, gingerly sitting him on the side of the bed. Yuuri’s mother following patiently, setting the tea tray on the side table within easy access, then pouring a cup and mixing some light honey with ginger slices in it, before pointing it out to Viktor and leaving.

Viktor nodded in acknowledgment, turning once he was certain Yuuri was steady to gather the tea, removing the ginger slices that had seeped long enough before bringing it over to Yuuri.

“Thank you.” Yuuri tried to infuse his tone with enough gratitude despite the twinge his stomach gave at the thought of putting anything inside it, nausea still swirled uncomfortably through his middle, but he focused on the warmth spreading through his hands and the fact he could fully rinse the bitter taste from his mouth.

“Drink it slow. Your mother said It’ll help your stomach but it’ll take some time just like any medicine.” Vitkor instructed offhandedly as he set up another cup to seep with ginger and honey just like Hiroko showed him, so Yuuri didn’t feel as if he was being scrutinised when he clearly was uncomfortable over it.

Bringing the small mug up to his lips, taking a minuscule sip, then another at tasting the mildly sweet spiced flavour. Enjoying the warmth and taste that washed over his tongue, surprisingly it didn’t make him feel instinctively worse at feeling it slide down his throat. Usually it took a good two days when he was sick before his stomach would settle enough for him to drink anything that’d stay down, body rejecting anything he tried from herbal tea to plain water.

“Thank you.” Yuuri said with a bit more genuine gratitude, though he didn’t drink anymore, unwilling to test how far his stomach’s limits stretched, leaning back to set it beside the other cup on the small tray.

“Are you feeling sick again?” Viktor asked in concern, at seeing how little Yuuri had drank.

“No, not much. I’d rather not push it though.” Yuuri answered, hoping it wasn’t seen as rude that he hadn’t finished all that he was offered.

Viktor nodded, understanding completely, just as Yuuri’s mother came back into the room with a bowl of water and flannels. Yuuri cringed internally at noting the plastic lined waste basket she carried in her other hand, his face heating up a slight in embarrassment.

“To keep fever down.” Hiroko gestured to the water and cloths, setting them down beside the tea tray, frowning in concern at seeing so little of it touched, then placing the small waste bin next to the bed, and stepping towards Viktor “How you feeling, Yuuri?”

A/N: this is one of the unfinished ones. Idk where to take it anymore. So if you have more to add then go ahead or change it and just use some of it. It doesn’t matter. I tried to write a Yuuri one but it didn’t work out well, but sometimes I only have the muse for specific scenes and nothing else. But thank you for letting me submit this even if you don’t write anymore on it. You’re always so kind. Thank you again!

(This is fantastic! Sorry that I took so long to get to it! I thought it was great as it was, so I didn’t change it! And really it’s no problem, it’s easy enough for me to do and I love reading what you write!)


Hi everyone :)

Starting this week Sunday I’ll be answering all asks in videos, I’ll cover previously asked questions as well as new ones.

If you’d like your question answered in this week’s video send in your question by Friday :)

Peace & positive vibes.

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Santa Claus – T.O.P: Christmas with BIG BANG #4

Ultimate Masterlist

BigBang Masterlist

Everybody around the whole wide world knows that Choi Seung-hyun is a classy and unique individual. It took me some time to get behind this man and his tactics, but at this moment I realized that I still don’t understand everything he does.

I was woken up by a loud rustle right next to me. I slowly opened my eyes to check what is going on just to land my eyes on my husband in a Santa Claus costume. I sat up and looked him up and down with a raised eyebrow.

“Jagi what are you doing in the middle of the night?”

“I want to make our children happy. They talked about staying up late to catch Santa putting the presents below the tree, I don’t want them to be disappointed.”  Was his answer to my previously asked Question while putting the fake beard on.

I got off the bed and walked over to my Hubby and took the matching hat out of his hand to put it on top of T.O.Ps head. I looked him up and down while having a big smile on my face.

“Hubby you are seriously a masterpiece of a human being. Thank you for doing this.”

“No need to thank me Jagi. I love to do this for our children and their happiness. That’s my job as a father. Please go and tell them that you saw a man in a red costume eating the cookies they made.” I salute and say “Ay Santa T.O.P. your favorite Christmas elf is on the way to fulfill the mission.” Before leaving our bedroom to go to the one of our children.

As expected our boys have fallen asleep while waiting for Santa. I kneed down to them to plant little kisses over their faces to wake them up. The moment both of them opened their eyes they looked irritated at me (just like their dad would always do) and asked me what was going on. I told them everything according to the plan and saw their eyes light up.

Silently we made our way to the living room, where our boys had prepared everything for Santa’s visit beforehand, the nearer we got the louder was the sound of someone eating. The boys were laying on the floor next to the wall and watched their dad putting the presents below the tree and eating their cookies.

As Mr.Choi turned around he locked eyes with both of them and said in an even darker voice than normally “ Ho Ho Ho little fellows you have been very good to everyone this year that’s why Santa got you something amazing. I merry Christmas and by the way the cookies are more than tasty.” before both of them were able to say anything else I jumped in to the conversation and said “Thank Mr. Claus for coming!” Our boys bowed and said in union “Thank you Santa!” but the second they looked up Santa has left.

I tugged the two of them in to bed and kissed their forehead before turning the lights off. Back in Seungis and my Bedroom I saw him already lying in bed and waiting for me. I jumped in to the bed and kissed him before telling him that it seemed very realistic and cute. He showed me his wonderful smile before turning the lights off and hugging me. He kissed the top of my head and wished me a wonderful night but I knew that with him by my side not only this night but my whole life would turn out wonderfully.

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Andy Biersack: Love Isn't Always Fair

Warnings: Fluff, smut, alcohol

Word Count: 1967

Featuring: Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: This is, in no way, an accurate portrayal of Amy Biersack, and the portrayal of Andy’s character and personal life has been edited slightly to fit the plot of the story. I’m sure Amy is a very nice lady and I’m sure Andy doesn’t drink whiskey as fast as in this imagine.

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feathered0619  asked:

I'm leaving for 11 days for a vacation and I don't know what to do with my budgie. And my neighbors don't know how to take care of birds, neither do my friends. What should I do?

TL;DR: contact stores and nearby vets, most will have boarding services if you don’t have friends or relatives that you entrust your birds with.

If you have a friend that’s willing and has a safe environment for the birds if you have days prior to leaving take the time to teach them and get the bird used to them as to reduce stress.

some previously asked questions in this tag detail more things to consider and things to prep potential friends/family on (this one would be stuff to go over with people)

just because they don’t know how to take care of birds doesn’t mean they aren’t capable.  If possible I always suggest that a friend or relative come to your home to take care of the bird, it tends to be less stressful on them rather than having to be transported somewhere unfamiliar to be surrounded by new people.  Having a friend or relative watch over them means you can accustom the bird to them so when you leave it’s a much smaller stressor.

Not A Monster #3

Summary: Dean and Sam head to Eau Claire.
Characters: Dean Winchester,Sam Winchester, Maddy [OFC], Mr. Severs [OMC], Fozzy [Original Creature]
Word Count: 1,581
Warnings: Language

Author’s Notes: Tags that are crossed out, for some reason Tumblr won’t let me tag you. I’m sorry. 

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Fozzy, hand still clasped between two smaller ones, watched over Maddy as she slept. He knew he shouldn’t have lingered, but it was too late to leave; his enemy had found him and threatened the lives of the family whose house he sought refuge. Revenge wasn’t a new concept to Fozzy, but to go to the extent Kap had; that’s what made Fozzy angry.

Maddy was a sweet little girl; caring for Fozzy the moment their eyes met. Even though he had started to wither, growing more gaunt with each setting of the sun, Maddy loved Fozzy as if he were a part of the family. Not that Fozzy wanted to die, but if it meant that Maddy and her parents would be safe, Fozzy would protect them to his dying breath. Which, based on the rasping sound coming from his lungs, was not too far away.

Fozzy looked out the window and closed his eyes, singing a melody that held no real sentimental value, but he felt he would burst if he did not get it out. The notes were soft on his tongue, filling his chest with a pulsing warmth that spread out onto Maddy before filtering out the slightly ajar window.

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anonymous asked:

LOVE THIS BLOG and so sorry if this was already asked, but how would the GoM + Kagami + Himuro + Hanamiya react when their s/o told them that they had to leave. This was to let them off easy so that they didn't know about the fact that their s/o only had a couple weeks to live and that night s/he finally couldn't fight it anymore. SORRY about the angst, but I would love to see what their reactions would be....

Fuckkkk, haha, I’ll try my best for you! I also didn’t know if “s/he finally couldn’t fight it anymore” referred to death or confessing, so I chose the less painful route and went with confessing, so sorry if that’s not what you wanted.

A/N: tagging as tw and putting under a cut.

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Same question previously asked; different characters: Headcanons for Leo, Guang Hong and Phichit on how they'd manage to get their s/o to get out of bed and train with them? Thank you :)


  • He makes a lot of noise in the morning when he’s getting ready, but he purposefully does everything even louder
  • smacks them with a pillow
  • starts blasting music on his phone and leaves it close to their face


  • gives them a wake-up kiss
  • ruffles their hair really messily saying “get up get up get up”
  • throws his many stuffed animals at their head


  • shakes the bed by half-jumping on it
  • sits on them
  • swipes the pillow from under their head

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whats that app you use that you make money from by downloading apps? i need money asap plss answer

okay so i keep getting questions about this so im making a thing:

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Also when you start use the code ” zara ” you start off with 50 free coins! (If you don’t use the code “Zara” you won’t get any coins) 

i’ve gotten paid and stuff theres proof before (i made $650 in about 5 months)

if you have questions ask me! (checked out previously asked questions here-
****this isn’t a sponsor or anything i’ve been using this for a v long time