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Previously Asked Questions

Is this free?

Yes its completely free.

Can I request something?

As long as you follow the rules, yes.

Hello Can you draw NOT-OC as a PONY? Please. 


This a blog dedicated to drawing MLP OCs, not canon characters.

Do you take text descriptions as references? And can you do multiples? 

Yes! I do take word descriptions, but only if you want a reference - if you want anything else, you need an actual reference(which I can make for you)

If you’re asking if I’m drawing multiple ponies: that would be a scene, and no, thats no longer an option.

If you’re asking if I’m taking multiple request from the same person at once: no, one at a time please. I’m only one person after all :)

Are we allowed to request our friend’s ocs?

Of course!

do fanchildren or next gens count as OCs? 

Yes they do! Feel free to send those in as well.

I know this isn’t an oc, but I’m requesting for a friend, but could someone draw a cute NOT-OC? ;w;

This is a blog for MLP OCs, not canon characters.

Do you have a non-mlp blog? If yes, do you take non-mlp requests at there? 

No, and no.

I wanted to ask if we could get our OCs drawn more than once? Or one of our OCs.

Yes! You can request again the day after your request has been filled.

So,  I went though your rules and I’m just wondering if you’d accept o.c requests from people who do nsfw stuff/have a nsfw profile picture

As long as both the request and the reference are SFW, sure.

How many requests are we allowed to make?

One at at time, and the next one the day after your previous request has been filled, but other than that, there’s no limit to how many you can get filled.

Can we only submit creatures like ponies and gryphons or can we submit other creatures as well? Like original species?

As long as they’re a MLP OC, they’re good to go! Everything that belongs in the MLP Universe goes. (Not only G4, other Generations go as well.)

victoriane  asked:

I was inspired by your previously asked questions to ask this. Describe your feelings towards Emiel Regis and Geralt. Bitterness? Admiration? Anger? psst I love your posts, you are a very talented writer xx

    Precarious was the look if ever one were to hold reluctantly in consideration. Clearly contemplating what he should even acknowledge . Aside from revealing too much that a puzzle could be assembled from a different species’ perspective.  A twitch at the corner of those lips where a smirk weakly established. Strained jaw construed an interdiction among the simplicity of the act in itself.

    “ Regis.. “ the name corresponded with a shift of his emotional tide.  A certain affiliation toward the subject that may have exploited his deep culpability for his kindred brother.  “ A great deal of things, for he is admirable for many reasons best left untold. “  The flight of his tone depicted a deeper attachment to the male in question.  Yet he was quick to barricade the confidentiality with a even sharper tongue at the latter of his suggestive.

   “.. the Witcher ? “  bore an undertone of his disinterest as fair off toward his frustration as he could muster.  Though not all far restrained in comparison to when they last met. A tut between teeth, pinned through a tight lipped snarl that only crinkled his nose ; half annoyed upon recollection.  “ He’s a meddlesome fool, who at times means well.  In the end,  I doubt morality truly matters to him as he proclaims “ his own silence cut him there, where a incoherent list may have been muttered prior to his stabilizing glare that only hazed past the individual.  Guilt had redefined his memory, if not extracting it with pain.  The White Wolf, in truth was only a pebble in his existence.

[  I would say he is definitely a draw between anger and bitterness toward Geralt. xD  And thank you so much !  That truly means a lot to me.  I’ve been so slow here lately ..But I’m glad everyone has been so patient with me.  <3 ]

kingthog replied to your post: To my knowledge, new units are going to be formed…

You already do?! How incredible! May your king pry as to who this person may be?!

Ah, well if it isn’t your majesty himself, appearing with more questions for me! Before I answer, I must ask you this since it has been on my mind: Do you have a royal advisor you confide with, your highness? Every royal personages ought to have at least one, you know! Oh, won’t you please tell me, I humbly request? It is only fair since you’ve previously asked me two questions already!

anonymous asked:

Kageyama losing his cool and about to fuck a bitch up for almost hitting the ball at Hinata's face. Only he has the honor of doing that to his boge.

“He’s dead.” Kageyama thinks glaring across the net at a player on the opposing team. The player that went after Hinata. The same player who is now staring back at Kageyama with terror etched on his face. After the last match they played word got around to not mess with Hinata or that scary player on Karasuno would lose it.

No one hurts his Hinata, no one.

After thoroughly checking Hinata over he gets back to his position. It’s his serve in the second out of four sets. Three of his most powerful serves make it across the net. Three points scored to secure Karasuno’s win in this set. Three lightning fast balls aimed straight at the offending player.

They take a break, rotate and get ready for the next set. Kageyama grins (yes, THAT, grin) at the opposing player.

There are still two sets left.

anonymous asked:

You never use complete sentences and you suck at grammar. GTFO.


i actually have a language (writing) learning disability, i’m actually honestly incapable of understanding why the sentences i write don’t make sense to other people.

but honestly i’m trying, and i’m trying really hard. it’s just more difficult for me.

and also, this doesn’t mean i’m stupid. i’m good at other stuff, just not writing.

ninjkabat  asked:

Have I mentioned recently how hilarious it is to be driving down the street blasting music and then a YGG song comes on where your voice is suddenly singing to everyone about how you're a Mean Dragon? If I haven't, it totally is. (at least, I'm pretty sure you're voicing most of Toodee on the albums...)

I am all of Toodee’s voice on everything ever (except if it’s redubbed outside the US)

British Toodee sounds CRAZY

I’m glad someone gets a kick out of it though.  That voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me now.