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Previously Asked Questions

Is this free?

Yes its completely free.

Do you take text descriptions as references? And can you do multiples? 

Yes! I do take word descriptions, but only if you want a reference - if you want anything else, you need an actual reference(which I can make for you)

If you’re asking if I’m drawing multiple ponies: that would be a scene, and no, thats no longer an option.

If you’re asking if I’m taking multiple request from the same person at once: no, one at a time please. I’m only one person after all :)

Are we allowed to request our friend’s ocs?

Of course!

do fanchildren or next gens count as OCs? 

Yes they do! Feel free to send those in as well.

I wanted to ask if we could get our OCs drawn more than once? Or one of our OCs.

Yes! You can request again the day after your request has been filled.

So,  I went though your rules and I’m just wondering if you’d accept o.c requests from people who do nsfw stuff/have a nsfw profile picture

As long as both the request and the reference are SFW, sure.

Can we only submit creatures like ponies and gryphons or can we submit other creatures as well? Like original species?

As long as they’re a MLP OC, they’re good to go! Everything that belongs in the MLP Universe goes. (Not only G4, other Generations go as well.)

Temptation. [Kurt Wagner Oneshot].

A/n- I worked really hard on this, so any reblogs/likes are really appreciated!

Originally posted by claracivry

Title: Temptation.
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader.
Words: 1803.
Rating: M(Mild Smut).

The passed few minutes seemed like a giant blur for you. If asked when you tore off your boyfriend’s bright, orange, Thriller inspired jacket, you couldn’t specify, but you could tell them that it was dangling on the lamp, perched on the side table beside his bed. You couldn’t even remember what spurred this sudden make-out session in his bed either. You could have been arguing over something pitiful, something childish, or you could have just been bored.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there. Can I get Hanamiya being angry af and holding Reader in place while doing the do and continuing even after them coming? And some overstimulation? THAT'D BE NEAT. Thanks in advance and I hope this isn't too specific or limiting. orz

Surprise surprise, Anon- Chan. NSFW ahead, read at your own risk! 

“Did you really think I wouldn’t punish you for this, kitten? I mean, it’s like you don’t know me at all.” Hanamiya said, purring softly in your ear. 

you took in a sharp breath of air as a reflex, that was a mistake, his hand automatically flew to your throat. He put his hand around it gently, not hard enough to constrict your breathing, but the threat was there. 

“M-Mako-kun I swear I didn’t mean to let Hara-san touch me like that I d-didn’t know what to do he just came onto me and I-” You were cut off by the low growl that left his throat. 

There was no way that you were going to get out of this. Hara had cornered you, and In a moment of weakness you had let him. Hanamiya had stepped out for a moment to look for some footage for the team to study for their next game. Before you could even blink Hara was upon you, his hand slithering up your thigh, his sugar coated tongue trying to coax you with sugar coated words. A blush instantly came to your face and you began stuttering, not knowing how to fix the issue. You knew Hanamiya was going to be furious when he found out, you didn’t think the anger would be directed at you. Yet here you were, pinned to the wall in the boys locker room as Hanamiya breathed down your neck, inciting fear and panic that was evident on your face. 

You felt teeth graze the side of your neck and braced yourself, waiting for the sharp bite to come. Hanamiya loved marking you when he was mad, he always left your thighs neck and stomach black and blue with evidence of his passion. The bite never came, normally this would be comforting, but for some reason the tension felt different. This kind of anger was new, you had heard of this before, it was called the “Killing Calm” where he was past the point of anger, and could think of nothing more than punishing you for your supposed misconduct. 

“I hope you’ve realized that I have something special planned for you tonight pet.” He smirked, making you even more uneasy.

 “Oh, don’t look so frightened love, it won’t hurt if you behave yourself.” a chuckle rang in your ears as the filth spilled past his lips. 

“M-Mako-” he silenced you with a kiss.

“Now now, first rule, no speaking unless spoken too. That mouth of yours has gotten you into enough trouble tonight pretty baby.” He said running a hand through your hair. 

“Are you wet for me? I bet you are, you always were a real slut for dirty talk.” He stated, stepping back to assess your state.

His hands untucked your shirt from the confines of your uniform skirt. His hands skidded down your stomach, obviously he was physically searching for an answer to his previously asked question. 

“Mm, kitten you never cease to please me.He smirked as he ran his fingers in between your folds. 

“Don’t worry pretty baby, I know how much you can handle, I won’t go beyond that.” He comforted you, noticing the fear written on your face.

Normally he wanted you scared, he got off on it even. But tonight, he wanted you to give yourself to him completely, he wanted there to be no boundaries tonight. 

“I’m gonna make sure you don’t walk straight for a month.” He growled into your ear, shoving your legs apart and pressing a knee to your apex with such force that it drove you up the wall a bit. 

You were desperate, you needed him NOW. There was no waiting, if you didn’t feel some form of friction you were going to lose your mind. You began grinding yourself against his leg - letting out a breathy moan when you receive satisfaction at last. When you realized what you were doing you had stopped and looked up at your beloved’s face, he had an eyebrow raised and a sexy smirk across his face. 

“Look at you, fucking yourself on my leg like a cat in heat. How…pathetic.” these words dripped from his tongue like poison. 

You should have been repulsed, but his words went straight to your core, making your body ache with more need than you thought possible. 

“Now, I think further punishment is in order. Because last time I checked, I didn’t tell you to do that.” Hanamiya stated in an uncharacteristically sweet tone. 

“Look at the mess you made, you horny slut.” He emphasized this by dragging his finger through the wetness on his leg, and slipping his fingers past your lips. 

“Oh? Did that turn you on? I didn’t think you were narcissistic enough to get off on the taste of your own cunt.” He let out a bellowing laugh, bringing a blush to your cheeks. 

You had never tried so hard to keep yourself from speaking before, you wanted so badly to beg him for it. The heat was slowly rising, a knot beginning to form into your stomach. 

“Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again, hm?” He proposed, his hand going to his waist and removing his belt.

You instantly knew where he was going with this, and didn’t see the point in protesting. You raised your arms above your head as he smiled.

“Good girl, stay still.” He said, raising the belt to your wrist and wrapping it around them. He made sure that there was no room for you to get loose, and smirked to himself.  

He was going to ruin you, and you were prepared to let him. 

“The more you struggle the worse it gets. You know this game very well my love.” He turned you around, pressing your chest up against the wall.

Your skirt was practically ripped from your body, the only thing left on you was your uniform shirt, that had been unceremoniously ripped open, and your underwear. A pretty matching lace set that Hanamiya had gifted you. You heard a grunt leave his lips.

 “Oh really now, you little whore - what if he had lifted your skirt, everyone would have seen this pretty ass of yours. I didn’t give you this for you to flaunt it to everyone and their mother.” he emphasized this by running a hand over the curve of your behind, bringing down a smack on it so hard that the slap echoed in the empty locker room. 

“What was that? You want it harder? Oh baby.” He chuckled to himself as he brought his hand down on your ass a second time. He took note of the wet spot forming on your panties. 

“How am I supposed to punish you when you’re so weak to everything I do to you kitten. All I can think of his that dumbass having his hands all over you.” He purred. 

He went on like this until your behind was so red, that there was practically a handprint left, your underwear having been discarded around the 15th time his hand came down across your globes. Your head was spinning and the knot in your stomach had tightened even more. Your head felt as if it was going to explode.

 “Oh baby, you look so pretty like this. So helpless, so…mine” Hanamiya smirked

Your eyelids felt heavy, feeling tired from Hanamiya’s violent ministrations. You were so tired you didn’t even notice your lover unzipping his pants.

“Oh pretty baby, don’t tell me you’re all tuckered out. I haven’t even gotten to the best part. You haven’t learned your lesson: Your body belongs to me, nobody gets to touch it. But. ME.” Hanamiya said rubbing the tip of his member between your folds growling the last word into your ear. Your eyes widened and you bit your lip.

.“Do I have your attention? Good, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.” Hanamiya whispered into your ear. 

Hanamiya dragged you over to the bench and bent you over it. He slammed himself inside of you, and began rocking into you with such force that you came undone within minutes. As you came around his member you felt Hanamiya reach around you and grab your breast. 

“Oh kitten, did that feel good? I’m a bit disappointed you haven’t figured out what I’m playing at here. I’m gonna show you who this little cunt belongs to” He continued to thrust into you making your tired body twitch. 

“I’m not stopping for the world kitten, I want you to give yourself to me. Now, how about another round, I’m still itching to go.” He purred into your ear.

You were in for a long night. 

Prompt (By the amazing Lily is helping Sarah rehearse for a role and there’s a kiss scene between Sarah´s and Lily´s characters (Pre-Relationship)

“But what about last time? You really mean a lot to me and I can’t accept I might be losing you!” Sarah screamed with eyes full of tears while holding some papers and staring at Lily, who was sat on the couch holding some papers as well.

“Wow wow wow! That was really good Sarah!” The blonde got up from the couch and high-fived her friend, who had a big smile on her face.

“Thank you lovepants! I really hope I get to do it right, it’s a huge thing for me”

“You will, I have no doubt”

Both girls sat on the couch; Lily stared at the elder woman who got quiet and serious out of nowhere; After a while staring at the blank space, Sarah fitted her friend, who was still staring at her, now with a concerned look;

“You know” Sarah turned her body to Lily’s side while taking a deep breath “There’s that scene that… that I’m really worried about”

“Well, let’s rehearse it then! I’m here to help you Sar” The blonde gave her an encouraging smile and caressed Sarah’s hand, which was rested on the couch

“I’m… I, um, well that’s the problem” The elder woman moved her hand from bellow her friend’s closer to herself.

“Sarah… we’ve been friends for so many years, don’t tell me you’re embarassed?!”

“No! No… I mean, not at all” Sarah moved her head with a negative movement “Ok, yeah, you’re right, let’s do it, it’s on page twelve”

Lily smiled and started reading the script; Oh God, it was a kiss scene; She could feel her knees going weak.

“Look, we don’t need to actually kiss” The elder woman said nervously “It’s just that this part is hard and it’d be really good if I could rehearse it, you know? Like, it´s a…”

“Sarah, it’s fine” Lily cut her “We’re both actresses, it’s just a scene, that’s ok”

Lily was absolutely dying inside; She’d always been madly in love with her friend and, even tough she knew she shouldn’t feed something that would never happen, she couldn’t miss the chance of kissing her long time, secret lover; Even if it was just pretend.

“Fine, fine” Sarah smiled “You’re right… So I’ll play my character, Rose, and you’ll play Kevin, is it fine?”

“Sure” Lily smiled nervously “Let’s go then”

Both girls turned their bodies to each other while still sat on the couch; Sarah began;

“I don’t think I can do that, Kevin…” The elder friend stared at Lily with the eyes already full of tears

“Why not? Of course you can! You’ve got this!” The blonde approached the friend and took both of her hands in hers “You’ve been preparing for so long!”

“But… I don’t think I’m ready” Sarah looked bellow “I mean, you saw the other girls, they did it so perfectly”

“Well, to be quite honest, I didn’t see the other girls” Lily lifted Sarah’s head by the chin “I couldn’t take my eyes out of you”

Sarah felt a burning in her stomach. It was it, the kissing part.

Lily started getting closer and closer; Both could feel each other’s breath when suddenly Sarah abruptly pulled over.

“ I can’t do that Lily, I just can’t do that this way” The woman felt her tears coming down, along with her friend’s; “Lily… why, why are you crying?”

“What do you mean by “this way”?” The blonde ignored the question previously asked

“Nothing, it was just nothing” Sarah sobbed, it was being too much.

They both stared at each other; Completely silence. Tears falling down harder and harder.

The elder woman just couldn’t take it anymore, if she didn’t take the courage to do it now, she knew she could and would never do it. Calmly but still shaking, Sarah started approaching Lily; She was just inches away the blonde’s mouth when she stopped and just kept there.

“Sarah…” Lily whispered “Just kiss me”

And so the woman did; Such a gentle, sweet kiss, none of them wanted to pull apart again.

Softly, Lily went back, never stopping looking at her friend’s eyes;

“I like you… a lot” The blonde whispered

“I like you too… a lot”

Both smiled and went in for another kiss; They could feel each other smiling trough it and it was a feeling they wish to have forever.

Shadow Work: Exercise 1

I just wanted to share a little exercise that might be helpful to those of you trying to get acquainted with your shadow self. This is a low intensity journaling exercise that will help pinpoint the source of strong emotions that materialize, such as anger or sadness. 

First, identify the surface emotion you are experiencing. This simply requires you to take a moment to make a general observation. Typically, you should be able to categorize what you are feeling into one of these general emotions: anger, sadness, fear or contempt. 

(Note that you can do shadow work in regards to “positive” emotions as well in order to seek the root of a desire that evokes feelings such as pride or contentment when achieved, thus shining light on the aspects of your shadow that yearn for things like approval or affection. However, for this particular exercise I will refer to “negative” emotions specifically.) 

Once you’ve generalized the emotion you are experiencing, you can begin trying to reach a more specified understanding by writing down questions in regards to what you are feeling. After writing down a question, answer it, then follow up with another question in relation to that answer, and so on. Some of these questions may be difficult or uncomfortable to answer honestly and some of the answers may lead you in circles, recreating a previously asked question. Pay close attention to recurring questions/answers. 

Keep in mind that emotions are fluid and often times interchangeable. For instance, anger comes in many forms: it may be annoyance based on someone else’s behavior (contempt), enmity invoked by jealously (fear), outrage related to world affairs (fear and/or contempt), etc. This is why we want to keep prying into the subconscious by asking/answering questions in regards to the emotion we are experiencing. 

Some branches of emotion might be difficult to articulate; what’s important is to be able to mentally distinguish, at least to some extent, what desire that emotion is associated with. By establishing the desires that are not being met we can go deeper into the psyche, eventually reaching the core beliefs that these desires stem from. Once we determine our core beliefs, we can begin to understand why we hold those beliefs and then either resolve them or eliminate them entirely. This may sound relatively simple, but in fact it takes quite a bit of time and effort. 

Below I have provided an example of how to follow through with this exercise based on my personal experience in doing so the other day. The emotion I was feeling was anger.

Why do you feel so angry in this moment?
Because my work computer is fucked and is running slow. 
Why does that make you feel angry?
Because it makes working inconvenient and unbearable.
Why does this inconvenience bother you?
Because I am feeling extremely impatient.
Why are you feeling so impatient?
Because there are other things I could be doing with my time and I already don’t want to be here. 
Why don’t you want to be here [at work]?
Because it’s stressful and I would rather be relaxing or doing something enjoyable.
Why do you find work stressful?
Because there are tasks upon tasks piling up around me and it’s not enjoyable or interesting work.
Why are these tasks piling up?
Because there is only one of me and I don’t always keep on top of things– because again, I’d rather be doing other things.
What other things would you rather be doing?
Learning about something I’m actually interested in. Or being outside. Or meditating. Or making something. 
What makes those things more important than work?
Because I actually enjoy doing them– they contribute to my well-being, which in turn contributes to the well-being of the whole. 
What keeps you from doing those things aside from work?
Lack of will power– which ultimately translates to excuses such as lack of time, money or focus, and devotion to relationships. 
Why don’t you possess this will power?
Because my energy goes towards the excuses I indicated.  
Why do you invest energy in making excuses rather than increasing will power?
Because excuses are easier to make and by creating them I have become identified with them. 

I went a bit further than this, though I don’t feel entirely comfortable sharing my findings publicly.

Initially, you may want to place blame on others or external influences. This is fine, but the further in you go the more important it is to reflect on your reasoning rather than projecting it outward– otherwise you will draw out the process and/or perpetuate recurring questions. See, in the third to last question a more fundamental response would have been the excuses I indicated, but being that I already know myself well enough to be aware of the true source of those excuses I went ahead and cut to the chase. If I had answered with the excuses themselves, eventually I would have worked my way down to the more accurate answer (lack of will power). 

Repeat this exercise as often as you see fit; keep note of your musings and compare them routinely. You won’t likely get to the bottom of anything in a single attempt. Realistically, it will require a compilation of attempts and analyses thereof, as well as further introspection. 

Sorry for such a long post. I appreciate those interested enough to read in through though! I hope this helps someone at least. Best wishes!

Andy Biersack: Love Isn't Always Fair

Warnings: Fluff, smut, alcohol

Word Count: 1967

Featuring: Andy Biersack of Black Veil Brides

Your name: submit [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: This is, in no way, an accurate portrayal of Amy Biersack, and the portrayal of Andy’s character and personal life has been edited slightly to fit the plot of the story. I’m sure Amy is a very nice lady and I’m sure Andy doesn’t drink whiskey as fast as in this imagine.

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We Never Disappoint

Jungkook x reader x Jimin

Genre: smut/fluff? (Sorry I tried my best)

Words: 2,840

Request: HELLO since your requests are open, and you are my fav smutwriter… i want to request a threesome(readerxjiminxjungkook)… blushes …. idk maybe one of them is your boyfriend.. or you are all friends… can the reader be very shy? a lot of eating pls! smutty af but fluffy too.. i dont like when they are too rough you know..

“So like I was saying….”

Your thoughts trailed off into a wonderland of emptiness. Your head was in the palm of your hand while you listened to Jimin talk. Everything about him was absolutely perfect and you couldn’t take your eyes off of him.

Jimin was one of your best friends, and you could go to him about any and everything. Every time you stared at him he looked like a God in your eyes. It’s was big comparison, but if he wasn’t a God, then he definitely wasn’t far from it.

The busy noises of the food court had drowned out long ago, and all you could do was stare at his lips. His full, plump, pink lips. You were too much of a shy girl to ever make a move, but it never hurt to think about it.

“Are you listening?” Your eyes shot open when you heard Jimin’s voice raise to get your attention. You blinked a few times to regain focus and slightly shook your head to take the forbidden thoughts out of your mind.

“Yeah, you were saying- um..” You tried desperately to figure out the last thing that you heard come from his mouth, but all you could think about were things that weren’t very appropriate to say in the food court of a mall.

“Exactly. You really need to pay attention,” Jimin sighed. Your shoulders slacked in defeat and your head hung low once you saw him pull out his phone and advert his full attention to it. You brought your head back up a second later to search for Jungkook, your other best friend, who had ventured out to buy food for the three of you. You spotted him making his way towards the table and smiled at the thought of food filling your empty stomach.

“Finally,” you gasped loudly, making Jimin look up at the plastic bags filled with plates of food being sat on the table. You waisted no time in grabbing the bags to release the plates of food and indulge in the tasty flavors.

“So, what happened while I was gone?”

“Y/N has a hard time listening to people. I found that out while you were gone.” Jimin answered the question for you and looked at your face; your mouth open with food to answer the question previously asked, but Jimin had obviously beat you to it. Your brows furrowed in frustration when you saw Jimin eye you in a cold way. Did he really take this seriously? It’s not like you did this every time you went out with the two of your friends.

“Not surprised, she does it every time we all hang out.” Ok, maybe you did do it every time you went out, but it was never this bad right?
You looked at Jungkook with your mouth still open. Your eyes were now filled with confusion and slight rage from Jungkook’s comment.

“Close your mouth. Don’t be rude,” Jimin snorted. Your head snapped to the side to look at Jimin once again. He had a disgusting look on his face that soon turned into playfulness as he smiled at you.

“I’m kidding, but you have something on your mouth.” You watched as Jimin reached across the table to wipe the corner of your mouth. You so desperately wanted his hands on other parts of your body, but you kept cool as he retracted his hand to resume eating his meal.

The three of you left the mall to walk back to your apartment. The time difference between your home and the mall was only 10 minutes, so the journey back to your warm and cozy apartment wasn’t too bad. There were people just about everywhere. Kids chased each other, cars sped past yellow lights, and middle aged adults talked about boring stuff no one else cares about.

Once you all finally reached your apartment, you hurriedly unlocked the door to be greeted by the heat that filled the air. You quickly closed the door and began taking off your coat, as did Jimin and Jungkook.

“What do you guys want to do?” You asked while you walked over to your couch to rest your muscles for a bit. “We could play some games, listen to music, I mean, we could do whatever,” you explained. You sat and closed your eyes and enjoyed the quiet sound of your home.

“Let’s watch a movie,” Jimin offered. You opened your eyes and saw smiles on Jungkook and Jimin’s faces, and that made you think that something sketchy was going on. But you didn’t say anything, you just shrugged your shoulders.

“Ok, just let me change first.” You got up from the couch and walked to your room to change into a loose t-shirt and cotton shorts in order to be completely comfortable. When you came out of your bedroom and headed to the living room, you saw the two men sat on the couch with space in between them.

“Sit here,” Jungkook instructed. You followed his order and sat down in between your two best friends and began to watch the movie that they entered. To be quite honest, you didn’t really like the movie that they had chosen. It was something about a girl and her lover, who turns her into an assassin, but you really couldn’t follow the boring plot.

The three of you were going great and getting along while watching the movie, until a sex scene, something everyone dreads, appeared on the screen. You weren’t too comfortable with sex, so your reflexes told you to look away. You forcefully closed your eyes while you turned your head away, forgetting to block your ears while hearing the moans and groans of the two actors. You heard Jimin laughing next to you, making you extremely uncomfortable.

“Y/N, it’s just a movie,” Jungkook said. Jimin’s laugh had gotten louder, and it seemed like he couldn’t stop. “Jimin! Shut up!” He half giggled. You opened your eyes to see the scene intensify and looked around, with a flat, unchanging expression.

“It’s not funny!” You whined. You pouted and looked straight ahead back to the movie.

“I know, I know,” Jimin could barely control himself, “ but you’re just so innocent!”

You still pouted as you looked over and saw Jungkook now laughing just as hard on the floor. You couldn’t have felt more embarrassed in your life. They already knew that you weren’t as out in the open about sex, and hadn’t had your first time yet, so them laughing at you made you feel so lame and such a prude.

The sex scene was still playing as the laughter of your two best friends died down and made their ways back to the couch. You noticed that Jungkook laid a hand on your knee once he calmed down. You thought at first that it was just a place to put his hand, but when he started to make his way up your thigh, your heart dropped and you started to get nervous.

“Wh- what are you doing?” You asked in a light and slightly frightened tone. You weren’t ready for anything that you thought was going to happen.

“Shh, I’m trying to watch the movie,” Jungkook warned. Your attention was fully glued to his hand, now starting to make its way to your waist where your shorts tightly grasped your hips. His hand dived down into your shorts, and you could feel the warmth of his hand immediately. You didn’t bother to put on panties when you changed, because you figured you wouldn’t need them. You quietly cursed yourself for not putting them on.

You looked over at Jungkook who kept looking at the screen while his hand was busy. As soon as he was about to start his ministrations on your clit, you knew you had to stop him one way or another. You tightly grabbed his forearm which made his head turn to the side to look at you.

“Jungkook, I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but I don’t think it’s a good idea,” you tried to whisper. Jungkook looked at you dead in the eye as his lips pressed into a tight line.

“You know what I’m trying to do. It’ll feel good, I promise,” he urged.

“I- I still don’t know.” You stumbled over your words, attempting to mask the already evident reluctance that you exhibited. Your grip on his forearm became tighter and your heart raced rapidly. You had totally forgot about Jimin, that was until he was now on his knees in front of you. His finger went under your chin to raise it so that he could bring your face close to his.

“Just relax, we’ll take care of you, Y/N.” You could feel Jimin’s breath skim across your lips. They were already irritated from you biting them; it was a nervous habit that you had. Nonetheless, you found yourself feeling very awkward in the situation.

It had nothing to do with not wanting them, but you had no experience what so ever. You had no problem with sex being taboo, and you actually wanted it to stay that way. It just wasn’t something that you thought was a good conversation starter, let alone anyone else’s business.

Jimin’s lips were dangerously close to yours. By this time, Jungkook was already running his fingers up and down your wet slit, paying close attention to your clit. You wanted so desperately to stop whatever was happening to avoid further embarrassment for your lack of experience, but all you did was grab at Jungkook’s arm.

“We’ll take great care of you,” Jungkook emphasized. His lips came down to caress the skin on your neck while he started to rub his fingers over your clit. Trails of his saliva were stuck to your skin while his lips moved to your shoulder. His mouth came back up to suck on the skin of your neck in different spots. There was no doubt that you would wake up to hickies on your neck.

“Jungkook, this isn’t right,” you started. These were your best friends and you found it out of place to do anything like this with them. “Seriously, I don’t think I can,” you tried to explain. Jimin still sat in front of you with his lips as close as they had been this entire time. He was staring down at your lips as they trembled with fear and uncertainty.

You didn’t dare to make a move. You were so nervous about what was going on that the only thing you could do was let yourself slowly get used to the situation. Jimin kept staring at your lips as they slightly parted from Jungkook pleasuring you. You were stuck in an unimaginable and confusing place.

“Come on baby, just one little peck,” Jimin convinced. You mimicked his expression and looked down at his soft, plump, pink lips. They were just the right size and looked like they would fit yours perfectly. You inched forward to close the little space that was between the two of you, and softly pecked his lips before backing away to allow the same space to come between you and Jimin’s lips.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, huh?” Looking up into his eyes was the worst thing that you could have possibly done. His eyes were putting some kind of spell on you and as Jungkook entered a finger inside of your wet pussy, you could do nothing but groan out of ecstasy.

You noticed Jimin licking his lips as his hands rose to massage your breasts over your shirt. Your nipples had gotten harder and peaked through the thin material. Another moan came from your throat as Jungkook pumped his finger in and out of you.

Jungkook took his free hand and pulled up at the hem of your shirt to tell you to take it off. You did just that, and soon felt your shirt slowly being pulled off by Jimin as he licked the skin from under your belly button all the way down to your clit. He delicately licked at the swollen bud and looked like he was having fun doing it. You could tell he loved your reactions and loved the way you tried to restrain the sounds that so desperately wanted to come out.

“Can you take another one?” You heard Jungkook ask. You didn’t say or do anything in response because you didn’t know what to say. How were you able to tell if you were able to take two of his slim fingers pumping in and out of you?
He took your silence as an answer and delved another one of his digits into you. You gasped at the feeling of being stretched and closed your eyes as you concentrated on the fingers that brought you so much satisfaction.

Your hands started gripping your hair once Jimin wrapped his lips around you clit and sucked so tenderly at the bud. You felt like you were going to explode, until he moved his tongue down just above Jungkook’s fingers. You bit your lips and forced your eyes to close even tighter as you blocked the noises that your two best friends threatened you to release.

“I know it feels good, so let it out,” Jimin spoke against your pussy. “I want to hear you. So does he.” You tried your absolute best to ease yourself into loosening up, but that all failed when Jungkook entered a third finger at the same time that Jimin licked at your clit, and took it lightly in between his lips to suck harshly on it again. You let out a dragged moan that filled the air of your apartment.

“Yes, just like that.”

“Please,” Jungkook begged and whined. “Do it again, I wanna hear your voice.” All of a sudden you felt a huge buildup of euphoria in the pit of your tummy. It quickly burst and was reaching out into your entire body. Your walls clenched around Junkook’s fingers and your clit throbbed while still in Jimin’s mouth as the pleasure washed over your body to the point where you couldn’t control what you felt anymore.

“Oh my god, it feels so good.”

Nothing but inaudible noises came from out of your mouth once your orgasm subsided. You heard belt buckles and pants fall to the ground as you recollected yourself. You then felt Jimin’s body rise while your legs were around him, as Jungkook’s fingers slipped out of you. You could no longer feel how needy you were until you felt Jimin’s cock enter your pussy in such a way that made you feel completely full and satisfied. You could tell that he was needing your walls to surround his length as he brought his hips forward and backwards to make the both of you feel good.

“Jimin, I can only take so much,” you managed to gasp in between his thrusts. You felt your tummy tighten once again, but not before your mouth was suddenly filled with Junkook’s lengthy cock. Your head was turned to the side with his hands behind your neck to have you take more of him. He whined at the feeling of wanting your mouth around his dick, and when your eyes started to water from how deep he was reaching, he grabbed at you hair and began pumping himself with your mouth.

You griped at his shirt desperately, because it was something there to hold onto. Jimin’s hips snapped sharply into yours as you heard the sounds of your skin meeting his. He roughly groaned your name as you felt him twitch inside of you, then release his cock to shoot hot lines of cum onto your torso.

You puckered your lips and hollowed your cheeks as you knew Jungkook was on his edge. And as you kept moving your hips up to meet Jimin’s fingers rimming your sensitive hole to get off, you felt Jungkook thrust into your mouth only to shoot his cum down your throat. You slid your mouth off of his cock with a ‘pop’ and breathed in fresh air as you braced yourself for another orgasm.

You bit your lip and moaned out as soon as your mouth opened once again. Jimin was now toying with your hole, licking his fingers after dipping them into you while you reached your peak.

It took you a few minutes to finally calm down from what you had endured. You were surprised that you allowed them to touch you in places you hadn’t even explored yourself. You felt the nervousness come back as Jimin and Jungkook adjusted themselves and sat on the couch to relax.

“Told you we would take care of you,” Jungkook stated as he leaned in to give you a kiss on the cheek. You breathed in deeply to catch your already unsteady breath. You felt Jimin’s hand intertwine with yours as he gave it a light squeeze.

“Yeah, we never disappoint.”

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LOVE THIS BLOG and so sorry if this was already asked, but how would the GoM + Kagami + Himuro + Hanamiya react when their s/o told them that they had to leave. This was to let them off easy so that they didn't know about the fact that their s/o only had a couple weeks to live and that night s/he finally couldn't fight it anymore. SORRY about the angst, but I would love to see what their reactions would be....

Fuckkkk, haha, I’ll try my best for you! I also didn’t know if “s/he finally couldn’t fight it anymore” referred to death or confessing, so I chose the less painful route and went with confessing, so sorry if that’s not what you wanted.

A/N: tagging as tw and putting under a cut.

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Same question previously asked; different characters: Headcanons for Leo, Guang Hong and Phichit on how they'd manage to get their s/o to get out of bed and train with them? Thank you :)


  • He makes a lot of noise in the morning when he’s getting ready, but he purposefully does everything even louder
  • smacks them with a pillow
  • starts blasting music on his phone and leaves it close to their face


  • gives them a wake-up kiss
  • ruffles their hair really messily saying “get up get up get up”
  • throws his many stuffed animals at their head


  • shakes the bed by half-jumping on it
  • sits on them
  • swipes the pillow from under their head
What have you done

It’s interesting how we have gone from POINT A: Mark asking Martin if he would be willing to kiss Benedict. Even though Martin says he was joking, i don’t buy that, like you just don’t simply ask actors “Uma would you kiss Rupert?”. It doesn’t work like that as far as I want to believe. If he asked that he obviously was weighing the possibility.

“Everyone’s been asking us if we’re going any further with the relationship between John and Sherlock, and I’m thinking, well, why not? I really don’t see the problem with it, and Mark (Gatiss) has already asked us if it would be an issue if we were to kiss on screen. Of course he was joking, but I wouldn’t mind at all.”

— Martin Freeman


But the sad part is that we ended in an unwanted and painful POINT B:


I don’t know if all this overwhelming rollercaster of destruction that TFP was, left me a bit out of my mind, but what I clearly see here in the second gif is a disappointed face. Even HE is just like “friends, whatever”, when they previously asked him the question from POINT A and when he understood the whole show as a LOVE STORY. He, an actor, the portrayer of one of the main characters described it as evidently more than two friends and he ends up (having to) saying that with that facial expression. 

”Sherlock and Watson meet at the right point in their lives, when they need each other the most. It’s a love story. Sherlock is upset because nobody can see the world the way he does. Watson misses the adrenalin and the constant life or death situations,”
—Martin Freeman

If it is what it is, and season 4 finished here, well I’m pissed because not only they let us down and tricked us vilely, but they did that to apparently someone from inside the production who thought just like us, that things were going to be different this time, that things were going to be right.

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Kageyama losing his cool and about to fuck a bitch up for almost hitting the ball at Hinata's face. Only he has the honor of doing that to his boge.

“He’s dead.” Kageyama thinks glaring across the net at a player on the opposing team. The player that went after Hinata. The same player who is now staring back at Kageyama with terror etched on his face. After the last match they played word got around to not mess with Hinata or that scary player on Karasuno would lose it.

No one hurts his Hinata, no one.

After thoroughly checking Hinata over he gets back to his position. It’s his serve in the second out of four sets. Three of his most powerful serves make it across the net. Three points scored to secure Karasuno’s win in this set. Three lightning fast balls aimed straight at the offending player.

They take a break, rotate and get ready for the next set. Kageyama grins (yes, THAT, grin) at the opposing player.

There are still two sets left.

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You never use complete sentences and you suck at grammar. GTFO.


i actually have a language (writing) learning disability, i’m actually honestly incapable of understanding why the sentences i write don’t make sense to other people.

but honestly i’m trying, and i’m trying really hard. it’s just more difficult for me.

and also, this doesn’t mean i’m stupid. i’m good at other stuff, just not writing.

I hope I’m doing this right. I think you are; you’re not chain ganging up on anything. What? Never mind. So you think this is the right way? Sigh. May the force be with you. Thanks.

People of Earth

Stop me if you’ve heard this before… from me… here’s what will happen this week according to the overmedicated brain cells in boyneriver’s head.

Mr. Heughan assists Ms Balfe’s exit from a beautiful black Lincoln Town Car. They take each other’s hand and walk onto the red carpet, their perfect lips resplendent in smiles.

Kristin Dos Santos, with the brightest gleam in her eyes ever, approaches them, microphone in hand.

boyneriver moves to the edge of her couch and tells the cats not to hog the popcorn.

Mr. Heughan and Ms Balfe are barely able to contain their giggling.

Ms Do Santos says, “Sam, are you now ready to answer the question, ‘Is Sam Heughan single?’”

boyneriver moves from the couch to 10 centimetres (six inches) in front of the TV screen.

Mr. Heughan says, “Yes, I am ready, and no, I’m not single.”

The crowd in boyneriver’s living room goes crazy.

Mr. Heughan adds, “Caitriona and I got married in November at blank in blank. Blank and blank and blank were with us; blank and blank were with us in spirit. It was truly lovely. We couldn’t be happier.” He kisses her on the cheek.

boyneriver jumps to her feet and shouts, “YES!” The cats jump in response to her shouting.

Ms Balfe says, “Aw, thanks Babe” to Mr. Heughan, not boyneriver, and kisses him on the cheek.

Ms Dos Santos congratulates the happy couple.

She asks to see their wedding rings, then asks five previously-selected questions about the wedding and their immediate future.

Mr. Heughan and Ms Balfe graciously display their rings, and answer each question thoroughly and joyfully. They embrace each other and kiss, deeply, sweetly, lovingly on the lips.

Ms Dos Santos needs a minute.

boyneriver opens her second box of Kleenex®. One cat coughs up a popcorn kernel hairball.

Ms Balfe politely, assertively explains she and Mr. Heughan request all future questions directed to them during the next number-of-seasons-relevant-to-the-number-of-books be about their television show.

boyneriver and her cats simultaneously say, “We love you, Caitriona!”

Mr. Heughan adds how much they appreciate their fans’ enthusiasm for his and Caitriona’s personal relationship, but they want fan focus directed on what brought everyone together, Outlander.

boyneriver and her cats simultaneously say, “We love you, Sam!”

Ms Dos Santos thanks them, congratulates them again, extends her best wishes for a happy marriage, and wishes them luck on the awards stage.

boyneriver and her cats spontaneously combust.

Like I said, stop me if you’ve heard this before.