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2nd Annual Hunger Games

What looks like a beautiful remote island, is actually this years tributes worst nightmare. This years arena was a isolated island, with underwater caves and killer sharks. Once in the caves, it was near impossible to get out. Many tributes suffered the death of drowning and being eaten alive by sharks.Water in the sea and caves cannot be drunk, only water sorces avaliable are that in bottles at the cornucopia ands in the one lake that has drinking water, but is surrounded by killer monkeys.

Muttations: Giant Killer Sharks. The sharks live in the underwater caves and have huge teeth and a hunger for our tributes. Monkeys that have razor sharp teeth and a thirst for blood.

Cornucopia Contents: Machetes, rope, bottled water, spears, axes.

Parachutes: 7

Parachute Contents: Water. 

Length of Games: 10 days

One the first day of the games, 24 tributes entered the arena, the games only lasted a short seven days and then they were over. In the bloodbath, 16 tributes were killed. leaving just 8 tributes remaining. On the third day 3 tributes were killed by sharks and one tribute was murdered by the boy from eleven. On the sixth day, 2 more tributes were killed by a the boy from eleven, on the seventh and final day, the only tributes that remained were the boy from eleven and the girl from one. The career from district one,slaughtered the boy from eleven in the deadly finally. 

Victor: Jade Gallows, district one, aged 18. received a score of 9


Arena: An abandoned mental hospital. The layout changes every three hours, no two combination of rooms were same. Behind each door lies something. Each room is built to change its surroundings into something that a tribute is terrified of. For example, if they are claustrophobic, after an undetermined amount of time, the room will start to slowly shrink and the door will lock, causing the tribute to face their fears. In some rooms lay visions of family members, and in some cases even visions of themselves. This was an arena that played on the mind more than the muscle. 

Muttations: There weren’t very many, the usual tracker jacker being released into the arena to intensify the experience for a few unfortunate tributes. However, released into the arena on day five was a gas to make the tributes see themselves telling them that they were better off killing themselves. It was to simulate schizophrenia, and it caused a few tributes to actually do it.

Feast contents: Bags containing supplies for the remaining tributes. District 1 boy: water. District 4 girl: bread from her district. District 9 boy & girl (alliance): knives. District 10 boy: rope. 

Cornucopia contents: Various weapons, packs and food (mostly crackers), however there was no water seeing as this had to be found throughout the arena it’s self from taps and leaks in the ceiling. 

Victor: Jayden Edenthaw of District Ten. Kills: 0. 


Forbes interviewed director Francis Lawrence following the last Hunger Games release, and he spoke a bit about Rob:

“Your previous film before The Hunger Games was Water for Elephants, a Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson picture. You worked with him right in the middle of the Twilight mania, and then you went out to do The Hunger Games. What lessons did you take from interacting with Robert Pattinson, he dealt with that kind of tabloid fame and fan- that went into working with Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games right afterwards.

FL: “When I worked with Rob, he obviously had a huge fan base because of Twilight and there were women and girls, but I say women, camped out at our set every day and at our hotels when we were shooting out of town, and it was odd. He was always very shy about it. I remember having done a movie previously with Will Smith, who is also very popular, and he has a very different way of interacting with his fans, and I was trying to see if I could get Rob a little more comfortable with sort of embracing the fan-dom.”

“What I learned from him is that actually the two fandoms are very different from one another. His fans are very different from Will Smith’s fans, right, and if Rob’s fans got a hold of him, at least at that time it felt like they would rip him to shreds. They would pull his hair out, they would pull his shirt apart, I mean that guy … there was reason for him to be nervous with some of those fans. Not all but some.”

“For the most part, with Hunger Games fans, they’re really, really, passionate about the stories and about the ideas, and about the characters, and yes, they love the actors, but there’s not that same type of sexual appetite that is so ravenous that I felt when I was around Rob fans.”