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Rating Of Every Raichu Sprite From Main Series Pokemon Games

Pokemon Red/Blue: 

Detailed for what limited pallets the gameboy had back than, slightly minamalist and simplistic in design as all gen 1 Pokemon are.  I respect this elder regardless for his original design. 9/10

Pokemon Yellow:

A PERFECT BOY!!  Look at that expression full of excitement!  I wish we could have seen more of this quality Raichu in this game.  10/10

Pokemon G/S: 

Designers, c’mon now.  This isn’t fair.  You can’t just make me choose between TWO sprites to rate!!  But if I have to choose, than I prefer 1st sprite.  He’s fat, powerful and that expression on his face just screams of smugness.  The second Raichu, however, seems to have more mischievous expression rather than aggression.  Both receive a 7/10.  

 Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG: 

Not as fat, but I do like his “PUT EM UP, SCRUB” pose. 9/10

Pokemon D/P:

He’s finally relaxed, he’s no longer in constant attack mode!  I’m so proud of him of his comfort around others!  11/10

Pokemon Platinum: 

 I am concerned for his sudden shift in weight gain, but as long as he feels comfortable with his weight however, than so do I.  Now there’s just more of this big boy to hug. 9/10

Pokemon HG/SS: 

What a joyful expression!  An improvement to the previous 2nd gen sprites. I trust him. 10/10. 

Pokemon B/W/B2/W2:

Another quality sprite!  This one takes inspiration from the mid animation frame from 4th gen, I see!  I appreciate the reference.  Also, look at the those LEGS! 9/10

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS

Not much detail, and I miss his expressions and pose.  He’s happy with his transcendence to 3D but I miss the little details. :( 5/10

Pokemon Sun/Moon:

NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!  The happiest boy I’ve ever seen.  Unratable, to put a number on his perfection would be a crime.  He’s not quite as chubby however, but he must be light enough to fit on his tail.  Still enjoys a Malasada every now and than.  Finally gets his time in spotlight with his new found psychic powers away from the popularity of Pikachu.  He’s even got his own Z-move!  Good job, little buddy on your rise to stardom!  

In canon you are right. Naruto just made Konoha village to a Konoha city.

And since the previous gen failed, Salad is once again the generation “to fix everything” where Naruto’s gen should’ve been.

 But this is fanon, dear. 

Naruto said he wanted to change shinobi world and that’s what we want him to do. With at very least, stopping little children killing each other for the adults.

 Not everyone can become Hokage. (Even though the canon made it look like so pushing Kakashi into hokage’s seat). In order to become one you need approval of the majority of Konoha’s people (higher rank shinobi) which Naruto wanted the most when he was a kid. 

Hanami doesn’t need that and has different motives which were talked about .

In short, it wasn’t always her dream. But once she grew older and gained more experience, she started to desire, to keep the peace her parents created. Finding, that the best solution is for her to become hokage. 


SCOROSE FANCAST: Kaya Scodelario as Rose Weasley and Jeremy Dufour as Scorpius Malfoy

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Ok I'm i got it bad. So please, could you rec some batfam/shippy fics centering around Dami? Any ship at all as I'm still feeling around for a otp. Also because i just love the kid. Batfam wise, just- for gods sake can someone just love the kid. Xoxo

Oh man, I have a MILLION Damian-centric fic recs. It’s basically all I read because I’m a huge loser, haha. If these aren’t enough for you, just go to my fic rec! tag, most of it is Damian stuff!


Release - Damian/Colin. NSFW. Bathroom banging~

Mattress - Tim/Damian. SFW. They go mattress shopping and it’s the cutest thing.

Red Sky In the Morning - Damian/Colin. SFW. Waking up in the morning fluff.

Backwards - Tim/Damian. SFW-ish? This one is SO. GOOD. I can’t even describe it, but the writing is amazing. One of my favorite timdami fics of ever.

First - Jason/Tim/Damian. NSFW. An a/b/o fic. They bang. (There’s a SFW sequel, that’s linked within here as well.)

In Public Places and Enclosed Spaces - Jason/Dick/Damian. NSFW. They bang in a closet. It’s pretty great. (I believe you need an Ao3 account to see this one.)

Blue - Tim/Damian. SFW. A Reverse age AU, Damian’s oldest and Tim’s the Red Hood. Probably my second favorite timdami fic. Morning fluff. So. Flipping. Good.

Like a Tool on a Shelf - Damian/Colin. SFW. Secret pining. Sad as hell, the definition of a slow burn. It kills my heart and it’s a favorite.

Misconceptions of Inevitability - Dick/Tim/Damian. NSFW-ish. Snowed in, in a cabin. Probably the fic that got me into robinpile. I reread it like once a month. It’s amazing.

Common Sense (of Humor) - Dick/Damian. SFW. Dick and Damian secretly pining over time. It’s so fluffy, and I’ve never loved a scene as much as I do the last one at the circus in this one.

Mishaps in Matrimony - Dick/Jason/Tim/Damian. SFW mostly. A series, where Tim and Damian are married and Dick and Jason are their lovers. Awesomely domestic. 

Age Before Beauty - Dick/Damian. SFW. Damian gets a bit tipsy and makes a move on Dick.

Years - Dick/Damian. SFW. The couple celebrating various anniversaries. 

His Best Something - Dick/Damian. NSFW-ish. Dick realizing how much they bang. (If you find you dig dickdami, THIS WRITER IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD.)

Lost and Found - Dick/Damian. SFW/NSFW-ish. Another one by the author previous. This fic fascinates me. A mix of memories and Dick trying to escape. So. Wonderful. 

We Are All In This Together - Dick/Jason/Tim/Damian. NSFW. Another fave. Apocalyptic banging. 

Kiss Me Through The Comm - Jason/Damian. NSFW-ish. The start to comm sex~


I’ve Got An Elastic Heart - Dick & Damian. After Damian’s resurrected.

Brothers - Tim & Damian. Tim gets injured on a Titans mission.

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair - Jason & Damian. BEST RESURRECTION FIC I’VE EVER READ. Jason steals Damian’s body and takes him to a Lazarus Pit. 

Oil and Watercolor - Dick & Damian. Best. So good. Sooooooo good. I can’t describe it, it’s GREAT.

The Same Boy - Bruce & Damian. Bruce and Damian go to the beach and run into Talia.

And Death Shall Have No Dominion - Bruce & Damian. Damian learning of Dick’s death, and Bruce trying to deal with him.

Good Bye Little Bird - Bruce & Damian. Damian’s death, and using his final thoughts for Bruce. I hope you’re ready for some pain.

Forgive Me Son, For I Have Sinned - Bruce & Damian. Bruce’s POV during the Nobody arc, and Damian’s torture. (It’s only one chapter, ignore that it says two. It’s ffnet, it’s par for the course.)

Son - Bruce & Damian. one of my all-time favorites, I’ve probably rec’ed it a million times. Bruce’s journey through the time stream (in preboot) and him using the chance to go see Damian as a baby one time.

For Warmth - Bruce & Damian. Bruce is hit by Mr. Freeze and Damian’s gon fix it.

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge: Through the Ages

hi guys! so I created this legacy challenge for you to play with your sims! essentially each heir is a different time period. I really like it, I think it brings realism to the sims. if you decide to play post your gameplay with #throughtheagesTS4 and tag me @buddingsims I hope you decide to play, and I’d appreciate it if you could take a look at the storyline/rules down below!

Gen. 1: 1800s: Your parents scrambled together just enough money to get you on a boat to sail to the new world, something they call “Newcrest”. You only have 800$ in savings, but you’ve managed to purchase a small farm. Now you must make a living off of the land.
-if it is a woman, you must where a dress or a shirt and skirt (yes, I do hate society’s standards and am a feminist, but unfortunately this is just how it was back then and I’m trying to be accurate)
-make your money off of gardening
-you can not use electronics
-traits: vegetarian, family orientated, and another of your choosing
-marry the first guy/girl you meet (whichever gender of your choosing, if you don’t want the sim to be attracted to females, the first male you meet)
-have 12 children, but cannot have the first until you are married

Gen 2: 1930s: You were raised in a large loving household. It seems as if you’ve almost traveled in a time machine when you moved to Willow Creek, it’s very different here. The whole country is going through a great depression, and you want nothing more than to write about it.
-join the journalist career, and reach at least level 8
-date someone rich then end up finding out they’re evil and are cheating on you, then fall in love with someone who is poor and has under 600 simoliens
-have 3 kids
-traits: gloomy, bookworm, and one of your choosing
-can not keep in touch with any members of previous gen. as the parents are in a different time period
-you can choose to dress and decorate in 1930s(ish) fashion, but you don’t have to. (vintage glamor helps with this alot)
-the only electronic you can use is a camera

Gen. 3: 1960s: You aren’t one who’s new to hardship, you’re parents struggled all through your childhood to scrape enough money together to pay the rent. To get away from that, you moved to Oasis Springs to start a new life. It seems as if you’ve been teleported into the future, it is now the 1960s. You can not contact any members of your family except if they live in Oasis Springs as well. As soon as you move in, you realize that there is a huge conflict with civil rights. You are not okay with the immense amount of racism in the area, and you don’t know how yet but you want to make a difference.
-join the political career and reach level 10 (don’t have city living? find one you feel best replaces this, I recommend the business career or journalist, even though you just completed the journalist career)
-marry someone of a different race
-become good friends with at least 10 sims in the town
-you may use your cellphone to call people but that’s it. you may use a TV now and a camera. no other electronics.
-traits: ambitious, outgoing, hot-headed
-have 4 kids
-die as an adult during a tragic accident of your choosing

Gen 5: 1970s: Your mother/father/parent was a respectable civil rights advocate. It was a tragedy they died so soon, and their legacy forever lives on. You love the town you grew up in, and decide to stay. Time goes on, and it’s now the 1970s. Ever since you heard about SIMSA sending Neil Simstrong to planet Sixam, you’ve wanted to explore space yourself. You’ve always felt drawn to the stars and the night sky, and you’ll do anything to go up there.
-join the astronaut career, no specific level to reach but once you’ve built a rocket ship and traveled to space, you can leave the career if you would like
-travel to space at least once a week
-date at least 5 sims before marrying someone
-be engaged to someone, then call off the engagement
-have an affair during your marriage, then either work through it or break up
-traits: romantic, loves the outdoors, and one of your choosing
-have 6 kids
-you may use a phone to call, a computer, stereo, a TV, and a camera

Gen. 4: 1980s: Your parents was a well known astronaut, but you never had a good relationship. You decide to move to San Myshuno and when you arrive it’s like a time machine, it’s now the 1980s. You’ve always had a passion for music but never thought you could accomplish your dream, but maybe this time period could be your big break.
-join the entertainer career and reach at least level 7
-master the singing skill, guitar skill, and dancing skill
-traits: romantic, dance machine, music lover
-date at least 1 person before marrying someone
-go on a date night every Sunday with your current significant other
-have 2 kids
-go the club/disco/karaoke bar every Friday night
-may use your cellphone to call, text, hire a service, and travel
-may use a computer, camera, and TV
-may use a stereo to play music

Gen. 5: 2000s: Your mother/father/parent was a huge celebrity, but you never liked the fame. Although, with your career cchoice you might have to learn to embrace it. You decided to move to a town called Windenburg. It feels as if you have traveled through time, and it’s the 2000s now. Technology is advancing faster than ever, and social media is starting to flourish. You’ve always loved people and that exciting rush of making things for your devoted fan base. With websites such as “MySims” and “SimTube” rising, it seems as if now is a perfect time to try it out.
-join the social media career (if you don’t have city living, I would suggest tech guru or journalist or whatever you think) and reach at least level 7
-master the charisma skill
-traits: outgoing, cheerful, and one of your choosing
-become at least friends with everyone in Windenburg
-every other night go out with someone to a place of your choosing
-date at least 3 people before you find “the one”
-have 1 kid
-master the photography skill, you often post photographs on your blog
-you can basically use all electronics to their full potential now

Gen 6: 3000s?: You had a good life and more than enough money to get anything you wanted. Your parent was one one of the first social media stars. You move to a town called San Myshuno. Rumors are one of your ancestors used to live here, and it’s rich in history. But when you get there, it’s certainly not what you expected. It’s the 3000s, and technology is booming. There’s a full fledged war between the aliens and humans. You automatically support the humans, but they may not be what they seem.
-only stay indoors for the first 4 days (I know this is a bit boring, you can speed through if you like, but your sim is scared of all the aliens attacking.)
-join the detective career and reach level 2, then quit. while on the sidelines of a fight, you see the aliens trying to make peace, to stop the war. The humans fire on them anyways. One alien is about to kill you, but stops, shows you mercy, and leaves. you know you must help the aliens out.
-join the secret agent career and reach level 8
-fall in love with an alien
-have at least 2 alien kids and 2 normal kids (if one sim is a human and one is an alien, there’s a chance it could be an alien or a chance it could be a human. if you reach 5 kids and you don’t have 2 alien and 2 normal, you can stop trying if you would like)
-traits: self-assured, gloomy, and one of your choosing
-kill 2 humans, you may not want to, but it’s for the best. they are both army generals, and this will send a message. (you can install a mod, or just trap them in a pool.)
-you may use all electronics
-die late into your young adult life, you were murdered by one of your children, who were not on your side. your legacy will live on though and you will forever be known as brave. (if you don’t have enough time and you haven’t completed all the tasks, use the potion of youth, but your life span on long, age them up to an adult then cheat back, there’s many options)

Thank you! Have fun playing! The rules are pretty lenient, you can change them all you want.

To go with the previous scene, Gen/ji just leaning against Han/zo’s back as he works with a little handheld game. Every now and then he interupts to tell Han/zo how much he loves him and that the quicker he finishes the quicker he gets his reward. He can’t see but he can feel each time that Han/zo picks up the pace again, his brother wants it real bad and he is perfectly pleased with that.

Why Did Street Fighter V Flop? An Analysis.


Street Fighter V has pretty firmly flopped, at this point. Capcom shipped 1.4 million copies since launch. And since that’s shipped, that means actual sales are probably lower. Which is like, not apocalyptically low, but is pretty goddamn close.

The question then is ‘why did SFV fail?’

There are a few reasons that I think are most likely so here they are;

One - Nobody Likes Capcom Anymore

Capcom, while not as shitty as they were a few years back, are still not particularly well loved by most consumers. DmC burned a lot of good will. Most people didn’t like Resident Evil 6. People are still sore over Ultimate Marvel 3 hitting less than a year after vanilla Marvel 3 did. Megaman’s mistreatment combined with the cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 still frosts a lot of asses. And then there’s stuff like Umbrella Corps which is just bad, and their exploitation of brands they don’t make games for via pachinko.

This can’t have helped. Capcom didn’t have any good will with a lot of people.

Two - Everyone is sick of Capcom’s Iterative Bullshit

This kind of goes back to point one but Capcom’s treatment of SF4 last gen was bad and probably seriously hurt SFV. Nobody liked Capcom’s 'oh, DLC is unpopular in Japan please buy the entire game again" bullshit, especially when they did it twice with SSF4 and Arcade Edition. And then Ultimate Marvel 3. It split the game hard, and since each iteration sold less than the last it’s pretty obvious it was popular with nobody. I’m willing to bet a lot of people held back on buying SFV cause they’re waiting for 'Super Street Fighter 5’ or whatever. Or again, just cause they’re pissed at Capcom.

Each new iteration of SF4 made the last completely obsolete. While it wasn’t literally Capcom coming and slapping the game out of your hands, considering each old version immediately, completely died it was pretty goddamn close. To have played SF4 the entire previous gen you’d need to have spent 200 dollars. 

That’s fucking bullshit.

Three - No Marketing

Not a lot to explain here. For a game Capcom wanted to be a major title they supported for the entire PS4’s lifespan, they sure as fuck didn’t market it. That had to have hurt it.

Four - Capcom Refuses To Accept Market Changes

Fighting games are different now, and Capcom doesn’t seem to get that.

I don’t mean mechanically, I mean in terms of what you get on the disk. 

MK9 and Injustice set the standard for fairly meaty, lengthy story modes. Even games like Under Night In Birth and Blazblue have extensive VN-style story modes. Tekken 7 is going to have a story similar to Injustice. Guilty Gear too. 

Most of these games have fairly in depth tutorial modes, excellent lobby systems, and more. Fuck, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator probably has more bells and whistles (and the best tutorial) than any fighting game ever made.

SFV lacked all this shit at launch. SFV launched in a literally incomplete state. And when they DID launch SFV’s 'story mode’, well… I’m not gonna call it 'shit’ but it might as well have been subtitled 'Street Fighter V Story Mode: The Obligation.“ 

It was just a fighting game with local and online multiplayer and that isn’t enough to sell the game to anyone but the franchise’s hardcore fans anymore.

Five - JUST

SFV is ugly as sin.

I know that’s a subjective complaint, but I really think how fucking outright ugly the game is hurt it at least some.

People like cool things. If they have to pick between two (otherwise equivilent) things and one looks cool and another looks like shit pretty much everyone is going to pick the one that looks cool. MKX looks cool. Guilty Gear Xrd looks cool. Tekken 7 looks cool. Fuck, even Pokken looks cool.

SFV looks like a play-doh tie-in. That didn’t help.

Six - Too few characters.

Yes, I know.

I fucking know.

I know characters are expensive to make, hard to balance, each new character is a big addition, blah blah de blah blah, I know. I know how fighting games work.

But that doesn’t matter to casual consumers. Casual consumers like a lot of characters.

SF4 had 25 characters at launch.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 had like, 40.

MKX had 24 at launch and they all had multiple variants.

Fuck, even GG Xrd had SEVENTEEN.

SFV has 16. It hurt it. 


I don’t think any single one of these caused the trainwreck that SFV is saleswide, but all of them together probably caused a pile-up that fucked the game over hard.

Capcom should have waited until all the characters and the story mode were done, and actually marketed the fucking game. And they definitely should have made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that if you buy the game you never ever have to buy a ‘new’ version, just DLC.

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hi!! i've got a question re: your celestial legacy. when do the rules for each gen start taking place? when the previous gen has completed theirs or when the heir comes of age? or from the moment the heir is born? i'm mainly thinking about rules like the ones for cancer and taurus where your heirs should befriend and/or marry some of the first sims they meet. does this mean sims they meet as young adults, or way before (as kids)? lol sorry i'm so slow but i rly love this challenge!!

It can honestly be anything you want it, adjust them to your gameplay style (just make sure your chosen heir completes their gen goals). The rules for Taurus and Cancer need to be as YA! No worries, I am so glad you love it!! 


Charlotte Bower Bunce

Charlotte had three older brothers and, according to her, they were all terribly mean. They liked to tell her that she wasn’t a girl, or that her eyes were weird, or that her nose was too big.

“You are a girl, your eyes are pretty, and your nose is just right,” Octavia said, in that tone of voice that was signature to the Bunces. It left no room for argument. “Everyone who says otherwise can go hang.”

A moodboard for @carryon-countdown Day 5: Previous Gen/Next Generation. Inspired by the wonderful @ebbthegoatgirl‘s OC Charlotte

She’s trans, feisty, and tends to get in a bit of trouble with her roommate Octavia Bunce, whose family takes Charlotte in after being kicked out of her own. Go read the fic here  !

In a world of our own - Dean Winchester x Reader (x Jensen Ackles)

Title: In a world of our own

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 2k

Warnings: None

Summary: Dean knows you very well in his world, although there are parts to you that leave him wondering if there is more to your life than what you let show. That you are not what they believe, and he gets to realize a lot when he meets the other you. Jensen’s wife.

“I still don’t get it.” Dean grumbled, running a frustrated hand through his hair “Isn’t that Misha dude supposed to bedead? I mean he looked very much dead to me last time.”

“Yeah but- but isn’t everything else weird to you? I mean even- even the driver, Clint- no, Clif- don’t you remember him… looking a little bit different?”

“Different how?” he raised an eyebrow as they both made their way to Jared’s house.

“Different, Dean! Different! Like- like this house! Was Jared’s house this way last time we were here? Or- or the director, do you remember him? He was completely different, not- not like this! I am telling you something is up! Something big!”

“Yeah well frankly I don’t give a crap about it anymore! Because yes there is something big and-” Dean took a look around him, an eyebrow raising “It’s apparently not this house” he trailed off “Wasn’t it freaking different the previous time?” he mumbled and Sam gave him a look of ‘I-told-you-so’.

“That’s exactly what I’m saying! Something is not right here, and it’s starting to scare me! Who knows what we’ll come across now!”

Keep reading

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What is best gen and region of pokemon?

Best Gen -Sun and Moon

When you get past the hordes of previous gen Pokemon [almost like the alien species that were introduced to Hawaii], the mons in SM are very fitting for the tropical theme of the games! I would have said BW but there are a few “filler” pokemon that don’t fit the American theme of Unova-examples like Genesect or the elemental monkeys

Best Region-Unova in Black White/2

As the last generation of a pokemon pixel games, BW/BW2 showed some of the best and most memorable locations in any of the games! I don’t think I’ll ever forget places like the opening of BW2 or Castelia City! The return of seasons makes this even richer! I hope that if Nintendo ever goes back to making games like this that they keep the style of pixels combined with 3D and amaze the world again!

strawberryeclaire replied to your post “So does all the P5 costume DLC cost 11 bucks each!? Because if so…”

Yeah it’s pretty annoying how expensive it is just to get one set of costumes, especially considering I had fun collecting costumes in game in P4G. At least the casual clothes / Persona 5 school uniform one is free but just … why aren’t these things just included in game ._.;

Yeah at least the casual clothes one is free! 

I mean I understand why the previous gen clothing would be dlc, considering its just fanservice. BUT 11 BUCKS IS FRIKKEN EXSPENSIVE FOR SOMETHING THAT HAS NO BEARING WHAT SO EVER ON THE PLOT.

Like if you got All four alternate outfits for 11 bucks maybe I’d understand, but not ten bucks for each costume set thats just ridiculous. 


Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (2005)

I wanted to do a short little post as an appreciation for this game. I played the Hell out of it after I got it for Christmas back in 2005, and I recently finished another playthrough a few weeks ago - my first in many years. Let me tell you, this game holds up. It does take a bit to settle back into 2005-era previous-gen graphics, but I had an absolute blast plaything through it again. This game has always given me a wonderful experience in not only exploring Skull Island (as so many of us have wanted to), but surviving it. It’s a thrill to walk among a herd of Brontosauruses (which you can make stampede), and trying to slow down an advancing V-Rex (which, while playing as a human, you cannot kill), is extremely tense and nerve-wracking.

Plus, there’s the never-ending novelty of picking up a spear and the satisfaction of launching it at an attacking creature.


Not a lot of merch for this game out, so I wanted to make my own for myself. Here are some sketches.

So my roommate and I got Zestiria right when it came out, but we’ve been so busy we havn’t had a chance to finish it yet ;; so far it’s been really fucking good, we’re a little ways part the past that is [spoiler]super fucking sad[/spoiler] and can’t wait to finish it/will be sad when it’s done. Best tales game we’ve played since Abyss, which was great because we had just rage-quit Vespiria for wasting our time, having just previously traded in an unfinished Xillia for being somehow even more shit.

Speaking of rage-quiting, have you seen the new main character for the upcoming tales game? Holy shit. I think this design tells me everything I need to know about what the creators think about their audience and how they’re going to treat this game. Pass.

Anyways, if you whern’t sure about Zesteria because of their weird press stuff or the disappointing string of aimless, padded, animu fanservice that was their last few games but have liked some of the previous consol gen tales, I think this one is worth a second look. It’ll certainly get more playthroughs form me.

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anymore gomxkuroko fics? preferably not smut but I'm fine with whatever. I'm so desperate I don't even care what genre XD thank you!

Check these posts out for some previous recs:

  • one - gom/kuro gen and slash
  • two - gom/kuro slash
  • three - some more gom/kuro slash
  • four - gom fighting over kuroko slash
  • five - apocalypse fics, some gom/kuro

I will specify which are smut and which are not!! Here are some newer ones that I haven’t rec'ed before.

Instantaneous Winds by axervii by FF.N
Summary: If time-travel is actually possible, some things are better left unsaid. Sometimes, you have to break away from the chain.
Notes: Gen, but mainly GOM/Kuro. Time travel.

カレシの世代 by kurokosexual on FF.N
Summary: So, one day, Kuroko’s boyfriends met.
Notes: GOM/Kuro, crack.

Kurokosexual by kurokosexual on FF.N
Summary: The title tells all. 
Notes: GOM/Kuro. Nothing actually sexual.

Your Epilogue, My Prologue by kurokosexual on FF.N
Summary: Between Kiseki no Sedai, Seirin, and a ‘contract’ to be the light of the shadow, Kuroko Tetsuya.
Notes: GOM/Kuro/Seirin. Yakuza!AU.

in your knee socks by Bondmaiden on AO3
Summary: “Please keep your erections to yourselves, everyone.” Kuroko’s voice almost cracks when he says so, and his fist keeps a tight grip on his towel lest it falls. “Kise-kun, especially you.” 
Notes: Panties!Kuroko, which btw, fuck yeah son fuck yeaaaah.

unexpected by auficial on AO3
Summary: The one time Kuroko Tetsuya decided to act on a whim, it succeeded beyond his expectations and made him realize that he cared for others more than he even knew.
Notes: /wriggles mAID CAFE!KUROKO YAS.

Temptation by auficial on AO3
Summary: Predictably, everyone was a pervert but unexpectedly, Kuroko was a tease.
Notes: Sexual themes.

Kisses by seijuurous on AO3
Summary: Kuroko likes to give kisses.
Notes: Kissing, obvs.

Happy reading!

- Mod M

And feminist try to deceive that feminism is good for all men too, lol no, not it is not. Stop lying.

It is only good for beta male cucks and white knights. Why should people only fight for the those who don’t represent the majority and who dehumanize the majority? (e.g “die white cis het scum”) the weak should be encouraged to be strong, not encouraged to stay weak and glorify weakness and to not destroy humanity’s strengths, and then these crybullies go running to the government to demand they give thm special protections. Are we in daycare all over again?

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O___o I’m seeing a resemblance…

You know that feminism is a result of single mothers and kids with single parents who were raised in unhappy homes, or grew up through their parents divorce. So hey this so called “patriarchy” is not the problem of the current generations and previous generation (yes you Gen Y and millennials) trauma, it is the system. Yes I get you want to change it but you want to do so by allowing the elites to further destroy what they have been destroying which got you in this fuck up mess. Google feminism’s link to Planned Parenthood, the Rockefellers, the depopulation and eugenics documents and destroying the family unit documents, yes you can find them. That is the cause for your problems, not cis white straight men….except those elites in the 1% because they love to see those below them fail in life. It should not be ‘check your privilege’. With a rigged system, none of us are privileged. Your Mileage May Vary #CheckYourMileage 

It doesn’t matter what definition one assigns to an ideology - only the results and consequences of the ideology matter. Utilitarianism 101.

I gotta say Sun/Moon has been really great! It feels so much different than previous gens. Just feels like it has more life and the routes you travel are short but much more interesting.

The characters are more alive and interactive. The Professor is more fleshed out (has an actual life outside research), the rival although still overly friendly is nice too. Unlike XY/ORAS which made me feel guilty for always winning, Hau is amusingly passive aggressive about filling his team with Pokemon strong to your starter LMAO.

Team Skull are THE BEST. So fun. There’s so many little moments with them that give them such personality. Mah boi Guzma.

It also seems to be a little harder. My Pokemon are actually fainting now. I don’t know if that’s because everything is slow as shit so always gets hit first, but it’s a thing i have to worry about!

I was initially kinda down on the games because of how few new Pokemon there were that hadn’t already been announced (seriously Game Freak, STOP THAT), but there are plenty of oldies to make up for it. Also, the game runs much better on OG 3DS than the demo did. Double battles are a damn slideshow tho with 7-8 models on screen.

If they do remake DPP next it’s gonna hurt going back to that after SM. Bring on the (rumoured) Switch version! It’ll look soooo nice~

I was posting impression whilst playing on my Twitter. My Alolan Champion team!