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SCOROSE FANCAST: Kaya Scodelario as Rose Weasley and Jeremy Dufour as Scorpius Malfoy

I remember this one time when I was 11-12 (?) and I was playing Pokemon Ruby, back then tricks were a popular trending phenomenon, and everyone was gullible to try out a new glitch or a trick even if some random person made it up, this was all because everyone wanted to complete their pokedéx so badly and getting previous gen Pokemon was not an easy task with the lack of connectivity to previous gen games. Anyways, so there was this trick I looked up on some site where you could catch an unnamed Pokemon if you spoke to your mother a hundred times in Littleroot town, then leave the house, only for Team Rocket to show up and recruit you to catch this ‘unnamed Pokemon’ and right after you had caught it, you would have to battle them. As gullible as I was back then, I bought it and wasted my time doing this “trick” and if it didn’t work, I would carefully count the times I spoke to Mom in case I did that over a hundred times or less. It only took me years (of brain development) for me to realize that it was a total sham when I was reminded of that trick.


Charlotte Bower Bunce

Charlotte had three older brothers and, according to her, they were all terribly mean. They liked to tell her that she wasn’t a girl, or that her eyes were weird, or that her nose was too big.

“You are a girl, your eyes are pretty, and your nose is just right,” Octavia said, in that tone of voice that was signature to the Bunces. It left no room for argument. “Everyone who says otherwise can go hang.”

A moodboard for @carryon-countdown Day 5: Previous Gen/Next Generation. Inspired by the wonderful @ebbthegoatgirl‘s OC Charlotte

She’s trans, feisty, and tends to get in a bit of trouble with her roommate Octavia Bunce, whose family takes Charlotte in after being kicked out of her own. Go read the fic here  !

I gotta say Sun/Moon has been really great! It feels so much different than previous gens. Just feels like it has more life and the routes you travel are short but much more interesting.

The characters are more alive and interactive. The Professor is more fleshed out (has an actual life outside research), the rival although still overly friendly is nice too. Unlike XY/ORAS which made me feel guilty for always winning, Hau is amusingly passive aggressive about filling his team with Pokemon strong to your starter LMAO.

Team Skull are THE BEST. So fun. There’s so many little moments with them that give them such personality. Mah boi Guzma.

It also seems to be a little harder. My Pokemon are actually fainting now. I don’t know if that’s because everything is slow as shit so always gets hit first, but it’s a thing i have to worry about!

I was initially kinda down on the games because of how few new Pokemon there were that hadn’t already been announced (seriously Game Freak, STOP THAT), but there are plenty of oldies to make up for it. Also, the game runs much better on OG 3DS than the demo did. Double battles are a damn slideshow tho with 7-8 models on screen.

If they do remake DPP next it’s gonna hurt going back to that after SM. Bring on the (rumoured) Switch version! It’ll look soooo nice~

I was posting impression whilst playing on my Twitter. My Alolan Champion team!

n-valee replied to your post:I really can’t wait for the new gen, this one…

TO BE FAIR: hazel has felt like it’s been long, BUT THATS OKAY!!! I love the averys <3

I don’t think it’s been longer than any of my previous Gens though, really.

It’s been 3 months so far, taking into consideration she started early because she was only a teen. 

Marley was 4 months, Blake was 7(!) months, Jasper was 5 months. etc etc :)

But thank you! :)


Peter Jackson’s King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie (2005)

I wanted to do a short little post as an appreciation for this game. I played the Hell out of it after I got it for Christmas back in 2005, and I recently finished another playthrough a few weeks ago - my first in many years. Let me tell you, this game holds up. It does take a bit to settle back into 2005-era previous-gen graphics, but I had an absolute blast plaything through it again. This game has always given me a wonderful experience in not only exploring Skull Island (as so many of us have wanted to), but surviving it. It’s a thrill to walk among a herd of Brontosauruses (which you can make stampede), and trying to slow down an advancing V-Rex (which, while playing as a human, you cannot kill), is extremely tense and nerve-wracking.

Plus, there’s the never-ending novelty of picking up a spear and the satisfaction of launching it at an attacking creature.

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the Sun/Moon starters' final evolutions?

Decidueye: Not what I was expecting from that odd-looking middle evolution! I like it better than I like dartrix. The ghost type was a nice surprise. Our first ghost-type starter is pretty cool. 

Primarina: Tbh I was hoping that popplio would evolve into something fantastic, just to get back at the people who hated it. Primarina is great. Out of all the starters, it has the best signature z-move

Incineroar: Oh man, this was not what I was expecting from litten at all. My cute little kitty evolved into a beefy wrestling tiger. A beefy wrestling female tiger. I love her!! I named her Flameon, after my old fakemon. 

Overall, they’re a solid group of starters. Not my favorite trio, but they’re pretty strange compared to previous gens and I like them for that. 

I was pretty close to giving up with Pokemon with how mediocre the designs were getting but Sun and Moon has brought back my love for this franchise. I love all the new designs and even the ones I’m ‘eh’ about are still likeable or atleast bareable, unlike in the previous gens where I pretty much disliked most of the pokemon. Even the weirder ones like Alolan Exeggutor are still funny and oddly cute. Anyway I’m looking forward to this game, and it’s coming out three days before my birthday!

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This is the first post on this new blog. This blog is dedicated to Hand drawn lettering of Bible verses in order. This means that everyday there will be a new post following the previous verse. Gen 1:1 is the first post in the entire Bible, and I will be doing my best to Hand letter a new post everday.