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preview of not a bad thing chapter twenty-two (coming soon)

“I-I have so many things to say to you,” I begin, my voice sounding a little shaky at first. I clear my throat again. “But I think I should start with something obvious.”

I stop so I could lift my head to look at Harry and gauge his reaction. His facial expression doesn’t give anything away, except for the one line between his brows. He looks confused – I wouldn’t blame him.

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anonymous asked:

what's your theory on what's gonna happen to Alec because I'm genuinely terrified they're gonna kill him off in one of the upcoming episodes

Alec won’t be killed off lets start with that.

The reason? Matthew has been on set of season 2b since day one so I can confidently say he won’t die

As for what happens over the next 3 episodes? Well lets start with episode 8. It seems that the characters may have been drugged or cursed and as a result are having hallucinations of their worst fears which may result in their “death”. (anyone getting Teen Wolf season 3 Motel California vibes?)

Or if we are on the topic of fear maybe its the introduction of the fear demon?  And therefore the first time all of the main characters are aware of Clary’s rune ability through the use of the fearless rune.

Anyways from the previews I’m predicting that Alec is hallucinating the people he loves and cares about finally blaming him for all the wrong things that have happened out of his control (ex. Jocelyn’s death, Jace being taken by Valentine, “destroying” the Lightwood name, Magnus not thinking he’s good enough because he’s inexperienced), This results in him on the rooftop contemplating jumping to stop being a “burden”. But considering Magnus’ speech to Simon on how Camille saved him from jumping off a bridge, I think Magnus will find Alec there and stop him, giving us a touching moment between the two.

Episode 9 I don’t believe will be very Alec centric, I feel that it will be more about him dealing with the aftermath of the party and also sidelined to helping Clary with her issue AND also finding out about Isabelle’s Yin Fen addiction.

If you’ve seen the promo picture of Magnus holding Clary’s hand while Alec is peering over his shoulder, Clary’s hand is black. I believe this may have something to do with Iris’ “favor” but Im not quite sure yet. I think this will lead to the characters realization of Valentine’s plan and what it would do to the downworld causing a rift among them all. Again looking at the promo pics which I cannot get ahold of at the moment my apologies!!! I think there might be a divide on course of action between Alec and Magnus on what to do about Valentine, leading to Alec leaving Magnus’ loft and spending more time at the institute leading us into…

Episode 10, now as a mid-season finale we are going to be in for a wild ride. Ok! So theory is that Alec, and maybe Simon and Isabelle will be at the institute at the time of Valentine’s attack as according to the episode synopsis

The New York Institute is under attack as Valentine’s plan for The Soul Sword is getting dangerously close to coming fruition. The Shadowhunters must act fast to save their loved ones and the rest of the downworld

And for this reason will be captured by Valentine to be used as an advantage to get to Clary and Jace, Alec being used in particular because he’s Jace’s parabatai and we already know how Valentine feels about parabatai.

Now considering Im literally going off nothing right now Im going to ballpark it and say Alec’s tortured by Valentine just to punish Jace, and Alec, being the self-sacrificing guy he is will just take it to protect those he loves, giving us Matt’s  “heartbreaking performance” that Todd once tweeted about but then went on to delete.

I don’t really have a guess as to how the episode ends because Valentine taking Alec just seems a bit repetitive of Jace’s storyline so Ill say that for now Valentine will get away but leave the institute in shambles and as a last resort the suviving shadowhunters decide an emergency evacuation to Idris and we end on Alec, Jace, Clary, and Isabelle leaving through a portal, starting season 2b in Idris?

This is honestly just complete speculation and probably not even a well thought out realistic one but please do tell me your opinions and theories!

I am super concerned for Veil and Henry in the preview for next week’s Into The Badlands. She was in the woods and it looks some old lady took her and the baby. Who the hell was the old lady? I am still stuck on my theory that some how she is going to end back up with Quinn and he is going to try and marry her. I hope it does not happen, but I don’t know how my girl is gonna get out of this one!

Justice Ch4 Preview

Just as Dragon predicted, as soon as Garp had given up the ghost he’d come storming into the cafeteria, grabbed Kitsune by the back of her shirt and Dragon by the ear, and then he’d proceeded to turf them from their seats and march them to his own cabin. 

There, well-

“You idiots! Eating Devil Fruits! How could you! Why would you even- How did you leave the island?!" 

Kitsune sits on Dragon’s lap, his arms wrapped around her waist, her hair still pulled into the styled-by-Roger pigtails, and she wonders if Garp even wants those questions answering. 

When the silence persists, she considers answering them because he’s clearly waiting for it, but Dragon beats her to the punch. 

"Seeing the world from outside the safety of the marines is a good idea. How else are we suppose to understand the world around us?" 

Garp’s face begins turning a fascinating shade of red.

Snk Theories: Falcon’s Dark Headcanons

Inspired by this post


I don’t know why, but I realize fake previews are vaguely connected to the plots of the story. Here’s the english version of fake preview in Volume 19:

“Armin’s friend eats up the bully”.

In Snk 84 Armin was transformed into a mindless titan and devoured Bertholdt.

And here’s the fake preview of Volume 20 posted and translated by @suniuz

(Subtitle: Here comes the day to say farewell to the two-head tall character [read: (Armin’s) friend])

Armin was shocked that his titan friend had eaten his bully (Jean).

Perhaps in Snk 85 Armin will be shocked that he ate Bertholdt in his titan form.

And in the fake preview Armin was ordered to kill his titan friend.

What does that mean, Isayama?

Next Episode Preview

Okay, look closely at the building/window in the background. It might be a really really wild guess, but I think it could be the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

Which would mean we get more background on Victor through some flashbacks to his life in Saint Petersburg.

Predictions: Mikasa may be/become a Titan Shifter

In a nutshell, I have a creepy feeling that Mikasa will be the one injected with the titan serum in the coming chapters.

We see Isayama sometimes like to imply something in an obvious way:

This is from chapter 15:

Bert and Reiner=The Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan 

And this:

Those who have been through the “rite of passage” are Annie, Reiner, Bert, Ymir, Eren and Mikasa—Except her, the other 5 are the titan shifters.

In the Top 10 Graduates, we know No.6-10 (Jean to Historia) are humans, while No.2-5 (Reiner to Eren) are titan shifters.

—Is it possible that Mikasa has already become a titan shifter!? 

It is so suspicious that Mikasa had recovered from her rib fractures within 1 week, which generally need more than a month to recover.

This is from chapter 51:

Armin said Mikasa was not a “wild animal”, while in the early chapter Annie said this:

Annie called Mikasa a BEAST.

Does it imply Mikasa will be transformed into a BEAST TITAN!?

And here is the newest fake preview featured in Volume 17:

It is creepy that Mikasa looks like a titan while eating noodles.

Translation of the Snk Volume 17 Fake Preview

I predict she will be the one receiving the titan serum and transforming into a Beast Titan. IT WILL BE SO MIND-BLOWING AND WHO KNOWS?


And here is my little doodle about Mikasa’s Beast Titan form:

“How many is that today?” he asked, shutting the door gently behind him as he moved to the railing and leaned against it, facing her.

“Too many,” she responded, glowering at the cigarette in her hand instead of at him.

“Is something wrong?” Harry asked, not bothering with small talk. “I mean, have I done something? We’ve barely spoken all week, Fee.”

She shrugged, flicking her smoke against the ashtray.

“Fiona. C’mon, talk to me. I don’t like it when you shut me out like this, it makes me feel like we haven’t made any progress at all.”

“Why did you do it?” she asked quietly.

chapter 20 of crooked heart will be up this friday!!

Epik high on ikon’s “My Type”

blo: ikon, our dongsengs are debuting today. have you heard the song “my type” that’s coming out at midnight? 

tukutz: i didn’t know that was the title but i’ve heard most of it already 

blo: i haven’t heard my type yet so i’m so curious 

tukutz: then text B.I right now and ask him to show you right now

blo: we can’t get a preview but we can predict… (singing) 취향…. we don’t know anything but we can predict it and check at 12am. if junhoe sings 취향~ i think it’ll be like BAM!!! 취향~ BAM!! 

tukutz: i thought so too, jinhwan or junhoe sings 취!향! and BAM!!

mithra: i think the choreography might have someone like completely being their type and they all fall over

blo: i feel like during an acapella part bobby will yell 비둘기도 자릴 떠! 엉!! (t/n: from born hater) and show his abs at least twice

trans by iKONOT7

EP 19 Preview - Pop Queen Predictions
Tyler Oakley & Korey Kuhl
EP 19 Preview - Pop Queen Predictions

Polish off your crystal ball. To kick off the new year, Tyler and Korey conjure up some sunny and stormy forecasts about their favorite pop queens. Who’s dropping the next surprise album? Will there finally be a Mr. Gaga? Don’t miss this fortune telling séance - or rather, “Beyance” - as the boys plan exorcisms for a certain pink-powdered diva, invent a new genre to replace boy bands, and prepare for the biggest battle in 2015. Listen to the entire episode for free, HERE!


“We shouldn’t,” Liam muttered as he uncrossed his arms and took a step toward her. The lift felt warm all of a sudden, like all the breathing room had disappeared.

“No, we shouldn’t,” Cecily agreed, swallowing hard.

There was a spark in the air that was all too familiar, that cropped up every time she and Liam pushed aside their inhibitions and gave in to the natural attraction that lingered between the two of them. It felt nearly instinctual to take a step forward, closing the distance between them.

“It’s a bad idea,” Liam reminded her.

“And we always regret it.”

“Speak for yourself,” he muttered as he leaned in, his face lowering close to hers so she could feel his hot breath on her cheek. “I never regret it. Regretting something so good is practically criminal.”

RIL IX – coming your way very soon


“This isn’t about you, Mum! You always make it about you. You always think that I do things to hurt you or embarrass you. Well, what about me?” she asked, throwing up her arms in exasperation. Her voice wobbled uncontrollably and she sucked in a quick breath as she felt tears forming in her eyes. “For once, can’t I just do something because it’s what I want?”

“You want this? A baby to take care of right when your career is taking off?” Her mother’s lip curled up into a sneer and she narrowed her eyes at Liam judgmentally. “And a relationship with someone like him?”

Georgie sucked in a loud gasp, clamping her hands over her mouth. “Mum!” she cried, her hands shifting to press against her temples as she shook her head. “Can you hear yourself right now? This is Liam!”

“Oh sure, he’s all charming and full of promises now, sticking it out because of some sort of misplaced obligation. But he’ll move onto better things and you’ll be stuck with his baby, trapped in a life you never wanted.” Her icy stare was piercing as she flicked it over to Liam, her lip pulling up into a wicked smirk. “He’s never been good enough for you.”

“No, he’s never been good enough for you,” Cecily snapped as she stormed forward, stabbing a finger at her mum. “But he’s been there for me through everything since we were in uni, and out of all the people in the world he’s the only person who I would ever want to do this with.”

RIL XIII – coming your way very soon

Wild speculation hour w/ sourdeer

Okay like I Can’t Not now obsess about hypothetical in universe explanations for Naomi I need to Theorise

Aight so Naomi, white/azure basic female fae who seems to have powers beyond all recognition, to both be in possession of an army 15 million strong and ALSO deliver your post.
But Naomi’s Arcane, and really what better flight for a glitch to come to, bending the laws of the ‘universe’ so o speak. But you know what else Arcane is known for? The Festival of 1.

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so I was gonna reblog the post containing the official episode 16 preview but then I started predicting in the tags so how bout new post instead. Episode 16 predictions:

  • the class is probably on a field trip to the zoo, in which case I hope Ivan and Mylène are holding hands. maybe Rose and Juleka would too if the creators had known how much we’d like them
  • you know what? What if they had to do an assignment and split up into pairs and Adrien and Marinette got put together because Alya wouldn’t have anything else. Sounds great, but then Nino and Alya partner up in their absence and omg they’re on a pseudo-date too
  • maybe this is the one with Adrien in the bushes. At the zoo, gotta keep an eye out for Ladybug.
  • whatever episode that is, where Adrien is spying on Ladybug (probably), there had better be Ladrien. Like tons.
  • I feel like the last 2 eps have spoiled us with shipping. Let’s hope we can take it if it’s not as shippy. 
  • maybe this is also the one with the purple and yellow eye? The eye of the T rex or another animal?
  • like I can’t believe I’m gonna watch an episode with at least one dinosaur. Almost as surreal as The Anime Episode. 
  • I have to wonder if animal-themed powers will affect animal-themed superheroes…
  • like this one prediction that this is the Volpina ep… so hype
  • (a great masterpost for other Volpina predictions is here. And if you don’t know who she is, go here.)
  • so do Animan’s powers create animals out of thin air? Or does he summon them from animal remains (eg. dinosaur bone)? Like it’s between these two because T REX
  • Also on the list of things I didn’t expect: Kim causing an akuma. I mean Chronogirl gave him some jerk moments, but come on! At least Chloé can sit back and relax in this one (maybe?)
  • oh look, Lady’s holding the Lucky Charm! So this screencap is near the end of the ep. What’s that, a car jack?
  • speaking of cars, this leaked screencap has some crushed-looking cars. Did the T rex do that?