previews of my three tarot cards and the postcard print for @bnha-tarot-project !!

Seven of Cups - young Yagi Toshinori -

The 7 of Cups represents the choices that are placed in front of us and making sense of what is just wishful thinking and what are practical options. There are pros and cons to every options and everything must be considered to make the best choice: the time of daydreams is over and actions have to be taken.

Seven of Swords - All For One -

The 7 of Swords is that of cunning deception and secrecy; getting away with manipulating events from the shadows or simply sneaking out of a situation. Eventually, one will have to make a choice: keep the deception going or tell the truth but in any case, dealing with the aftermath and consequences is unavoidable.

Five of Pentacles - Mt Lady -

The 5 of Pentacles is about financial strife and material loss, often brought upon us by our own errors and lack of planning. It might also indicate a negative emotional impact that money has in our life and a reminder to budget accordingly.

Sky Chart Postcard

a 4 x 6 print of a few BNHA-themed constellations!


HI Y’ALL!! I got some new charms coming your way! Toshinko and Maizawa charms are finished! I’m planning to do Mt. Lady/Midnight and some more of the good kid ships!

I got some cons coming up and exciting news! I will be attending Vegas Fan Fusion as an artist in September! (In Las Vegas) This is my first out of California con so I hope to see many new faces this time around!!! 

Get hyped for some new merch! I got a TON of new button designs in mind too, BNHA and other fandoms!


Carol’s friendship with Tony Stark had been a source of strength for her for a long time. So he knows, even when they’re at each others throats, that there are some things Carol can’t outrun. He knows because he spent a lifetime trying to outrun those same things. So when he sees Carol having these panic attack-style episodes where she can’t breathe, he encourages her to confront what’s happening and sort of get it together. She basically takes a break from the Avengers to work through all of this and figure out what’s going on.

Carol and Tony have always shared dysfunction. They’ve always been able to hash that out together. So that’s where this naturally sort of spirals out from.


Loser/Geek/Whatever lyrics - Be More Chill NYC New Song

So Jeremy has a new song, and I’m here to leak the lyrics. Please drop a follow on @mike_faiist on Instagram and enjoy!


I already know what it’s like to be the loser

I should find out what it’s like to not be the loser, or geek, or the whatever

I think I felt inconsequential since middle school began

I feel I had no potential to be the leading man

But based on how today’s going,

I finally came around

I even got someone flowing

with no computer screen around

Which was cool.

But what really felt good

Was doing something that I never thought that I could

It’s not only school that’s rough

But being lonely’s stupid tough

Now I think I’ve had enough

Of being the loser, the geek or whatever

Michael thinks that weird is rad

But feeling weird just makes me sad

And I deserve to not feel bad

From being the loser, the geek or whatever

Stick a B in the Loser, the Geek or whatever

Yeah! Woahhhh! Uh huh uh huh uh huh woahhhhh uh huh uh huh!

Dad taught me “Follow your instincts! Trust your inner mind! Listen to your heart!” and such

My whole life I followed my instincts

Well guess what!? My instincts suck so much!

So now I’m taking directions,

From another place,

If my instincts have an objection,

Then that means I’m makin the right choice!

Even being this way seems bizarre

But if things keep up the way they are

Then soon enough I’ll get real far

From being the loser, the geek, or whatever

If Brooke can look me in the eye,

Like I’m some normal handsome guy,

I owe it to myself to try not being

The loser, the geek or whatever

Stick a B in the loser, geek or whatever!

Yeah! Woahhhh! Uh huh uh huh uh huh woahhhhh uh huh uh huh!

Promise me we could be and I’ll obey!

I have the ‘bandon to do as you say!

Especially now, since I clearly see!

The problem has always been me.

Take… a breath…. But still I’m just a little scared…

For who gets cut and who gets spared

But can I be the cool dude that you’re hoping for?

But if Christine likes me in the end

Will I be able to pretend

I didn’t fail my one real friend?

But that’s the shit I normally would think

Get over it, and priorities in sync,

Just mute the voice inside your head

And connect to another source instead

I’ve earned a right to selfishly

Be all for one and one for me

I’ve wasted all eternity

Just being the loser, geek or whatever

I stay, have the games begun

I’m ready, set! I’m player one!

The future’s now, a frickin touch!

Being the wierdo, the wussy underdog

Being a biscuit, the old school analog

Being the odd-ball, the weakling freak

The failure, the sucker, the “please don’t speak!”

I can’t only wait for the moment when

Fuck “I’m the loser, the geek” or whatever

I’m not the loser, the geek no never

I’m not the loser, the geek or whatever,

ever againnnnn!!!!!!




Optic nerve blocking: On!


Now; Let’s get to work.