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Did you miss my simblreen gifts? Don’t fret, I’m here to share the last of the goodies with you now!

This was day three’s present, miscellaneous rugs from society6. they’re found wherever rugs are for a whopping §150. They’re not very scary, so it’s perfect that these are actually being shared after halloween. They look better in game than these shitty preview pics show, and there’s 12 different styles in total. 


i said i wasnt going to show another preview pic but im gonna be gone for 4 days starting tomorrow (at least away from my tablet) so heres 1 more. my guesstimate for finally being finished is either late feb (hopefully earlier if i can get my lazy ass in gear)/early march. if its later than that i give you permission to bully me until its done.

Hey everyone!

Today I have 10 recolors of Bioshock Infinite’s Hydrangeas (converted by Samantaablack) to share with you! This is one of my favorite plants, but I wanted some more recolors so I decided to make my own! I recolored both meshes but the preview pic shows only 1 of them. Hope you like them! :D

Meshes are included and files have been compressed.


After reading dou-hong s answer to the beetle question I just had to paint em

The picture is ACEO-size, so the second pic is closer to the actual size.  nvmd the preview shows pics at a different size, the pic in the post itself is indeed the original size.

Actually looking at the original next to me the beetle is almost lifesize XD

It was what you call in german “eine schwere Geburt(a difficult birth)” because it took longer than expected and it was more difficult to get a nice result than I thought.  But now I’m really happy with the result!

So this is ACEO number 86 and once I’m done gluing it to the back etc it’ll likely be up for trade(maaaaybe i’ll keep it, but trading is more fun).

edit: added the backside


★ Kyy’s One Piece Stickers Pre-Orders OPEN★

Since this year I’m too overwhelmed by college to work on proper commissions, I thought this would be a nice idea! Any kind of income I can save up to help paying my activities or future trips is surely welcome!

★ Pre-Orders open today (30-05) and will close in three weeks (20-06) ★11 DAYS LEFT

★ More info HERE ‘cause I didn’t want to spam your dashboards with lots of information!

Please, reblog to spread the word! And thank you everyone who did already! Do it again lol Don’t hesitate on contacting me if you have any doubt! ^q^/