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Basic Training- SSS

A/N: Here’s a preview of the Christmas one shot I’ve been working on. Thank you, anon, for requesting an SSS. This is unbetaed and subject to change. 

Modern AU Everlark. Rated E for explicit language, graphic sex, and passing references to drug and alcohol use. 

It’s his mother I see first, in the reflection of my water-spotted spoon, as I hold it up to inspect it for dirt. The curve of the metal shows her how she really is, how I see her, emphasizing her deformities—a cold and shallow woman, who’d always thought, with that over-sized head of hers, that I was never good enough for him, not even as his friend.

What kind of monster thinks that about a kid?

Our booth is in the back corner of the diner—where they seat all the ugly people—and because my back is to the rest of the restaurant, I don’t immediately notice them when they come in and are seated half a dozen tables behind us. By the time I see the bitch, she’s sipping tea out of a chipped porcelain mug, one of her haughty eyebrows raised and her puckered, prematurely wrinkled lips pursed in disapproval as she listens to a man with a buzz cut say something to her.

Subtly, so Prim doesn’t notice me looking, notice her, and then open her big mouth, I rotate the spoon to see who else is with her. Her husband sits next to her and looks none too happy about it, keeping enough distance between them for the Holy Ghost and an entire host of angels. No love lost between those two. And next to him, wedged into the corner, one of his broad shoulders pressed to the wall from lack of space, is their oldest. Across from them, with their backs to mine, is Rye, with his trademark douchebag man bun I’d recognize from outer space, and next to him, on the aisle side of the bench, is the man with the buzz cut.

It doesn’t occur to me right away that it’s Peeta—my Peeta (except he isn’t mine at all)—because Peeta has wavy blond hair that curls at the very ends, feathery wisps that hang over his collar and ears, begging to be clutched and grasped and twirled by curious fingers. (Not that I’d ever had the courage to do any of those things.) He’s had hair like that his entire life—at least for as long as I’ve known him, which amounts to pretty much the same thing—the sign of a boy who has always been careless about his good looks.

His hands give him away, gesturing as he talks. They’re recognizable even in the convex surface of my spoon, and I swallow with effort, dropping it into my coffee. Emptying a plastic cup of creamer into my mug, I swirl, swirl, swirl, trying to erase the memory of the way his hands looked holding mine. I stare down at the cream dispersing, transforming something straightforward and pure into a muddied, adulterated mess.

Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.


Date Masamune x Katakura Kojuro CGs Preview

Note: I’m a learner myself, so I’m sorry for any mistakes of translation.

Date Masamune

MC: “Masamune-sama?”
Masa: “…It seems we need to warm up even more.”

With a tender whisper quivering at my eardrum, the next moment his warm lips is at my own lips.

MC: “Mmn…”

The kiss at first was only a peck, gradually turning into something sweet and enchanting. Those hot and passion feelings are poured into the gap of slightly opened lips, and his tongue softly sucks me in.

MC: “Fuu…mmnn…”

Gently, but intensely; he seeks to grasp my hand and I return it by gripping it back tightly. My cold body gradually warm up from the heat that Masamune-sama carries through his tongue.

Katakura Kojuro

MC: “Kojuro-sama…!”
Kojuro: “…!”

Due to his injury, I jump at him without reservation. As Kojuro-sama returns my embrace, his back (bottom) falls behind and reaches the ground.

Kojuro: “Ow…oww…”
MC: “Welcome home…!”
Kojuro: “…Yes, I’m home.”

Kojuro-sama’s large hand surrounds my back. Being happy with that warmth that I wait the whole time, I reflexively put my strength into my hands and hug him even tightly.  

Kojuro: “Ah…”
MC: “Kojuro-sama…”
Kojuro: “Wait, Mimi-san? I guess I’m still in pain…” 

Where Did The Party Go?

preview of my house party!au

i’ve been working on this one since the start of november, and I’m really excited to show you this preview! this one’s gonna be a bit more mature-themed than the rest of my fics, but i hope you’ll enjoy nonetheless <3

rating: teen for sexual joking and alcohol consumption along with smoking

characters: natsu, lucy, gajeel, levy, gray, juvia, erza, jellal, and multiple other characters make appearances

“I’m having a party tonight and I want you to come,” Natsu said suddenly before Lucy could get out her sentence of asking him out for coffee.

“What?” Lucy asked incredulously, and Natsu laughed once more. She could get used to that sound. It was deep and melodious and infectious, and she loved the sound of people’s laughs. But she loved Natsu’s the most, she decided.

“Well, you seem like fun, and I’m inviting some people from my other part time job.” Natsu scratched the back of his head nervously, looking at his feet.

“I was just surprised you wanted to ask me out, Natsu. We’ve barely talked,” she pointed out.

Natsu’s expression turned to a slight sadness. “I guess you’re right. We don’t really know each other, so it makes sense. Another time then.”

He turned to walk away, but Lucy grabbed his arm. Natsu turned to look at her, and she smiled. “That doesn’t mean I’m not coming, weirdo!”

He grinned at her again, and it was Lucy’s turn to flush. His smile was genuine, and it was so adorable!

“Sweet! I’ll text you my address,” he told her, taking out a pen from his pocket and handing it to her.

“Write down your phone number so I can text you,” he told her, and she had to fight to keep her cool. He wanted her phone number!

“Sure!” she told him, and she jotted it down in what she hoped would be nice handwriting.

“Cool! I’ll text you after work.” Natsu waved his goodbyes and headed back to his desk.

I will probably have this up in the next couple weeks. I haven’t gotten to the part of the real party yet, so I want to prepare myself for that haha

stay tuned! <3