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hey everyone!! recently I was given the opportunity to be a contributor in volume 9 of kaboom!’s Adventure Time Comics, which should be hitting stores tomorrow! I had a lot of fun and learned a ton, and I hope that you’ll enjoy it, too! (the above image is a panel preview!!)

definitely consider picking up a copy if you can!!

celelo  asked:

Hello awesome person who created my favorite AU! I'm just curious, who's your favorite Attack on Titan character(and maybe draw them?)?

this boy owns my heart <3 Levi too, I can’t really pick a favorite…

(I was too lazy to draw something for this ask so have a preview of the next comic pages ;n;)

Magic: the Gathering - Unstable Factions

Unstable is the third Magic: The Gathering booster-based set to be used outside of legal Magic tournaments. It will be released on December 8, 2017 as a standalone fun-set. This is the third of the silver bordered Un-sets and is designed to be drafted.  Updated with MaRo’s to post to Blogatog (linked here) with photos from the DDCC Panel by bananahead1234.

Order of the Widget (White/Blue) - This is the cyborg faction. They are like Esper but without any self control. They use their inventions to constantly improve themselves. You don’t need a toaster if you replace your hand with a toaster. They take self improvement to an absurd degree.

Agents of S.N.E.A.K. (Blue/Black) - This faction is the spies. They use their inventions for elaborate spy devices. The problem is, they are, for the most part, awful spies, using spy gadgets whenever and wherever they can often when not remotely called for.

Legion of Dastardly Doom (Black/Red) - This faction is the super villains. They use their inventions for death rays, weather control devices and apocalypse machines. They want to rule the world, but are constantly fighting as to who gets to destroy the world first.

Goblin Explosioneers (Red/Green) - This faction is the Goblins, it includes the Steamfloggers. These Goblins love making contraptions and are slightly obsessed with hammers. Their style is slapping thing together to see if cool things can happen. And when things don’t explode, sometimes they do.

Crossbreed Labs (Green/White) - This faction is obsessed with using their inventions to alter biology. They are all made up of hybrids of different animals. Part monkey/part spider/part leopard - sounds good. This faction mixes and matches all sorts of different animals in its quest for self improvement.


Check out the cover for Turf Wars Part 2, and a new preview panel from Part 1!

The cover features what looks like a villain (some kind of snake spirit?) while the panel has the Airbenders traveling somewhere on a flying bison.

We also have a release date: Turf Wars Part 2 is coming January 30, 2018, a full 6 months after Part 1.