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Lord Nobunaga's Act 2 Story is Coming to #SLBP!

Your journey to Divine Bride has been a long, arduous, and often amorous one…but when the Oda Clan begins to fracture and tensions run higher than ever…Lord Nobunaga will need you more than ever to save him from the hand of Fate…or to stand strong when divinity proves to have its price!  

Lord Nobunaga’s Act 2 Story is coming soon…but it is only available to those who have finished at least one of Nobunaga’s Main Story endings!

Now’s your chance to catch up with our promos prior to the release, with a treasury’s worth of prizes awaiting you!

First: Check Nobunaga’s Act 2 Story Preview & collect onigiri to serve in your Tea Garden to release Nobunaga & Mitsuhide’s Goddesses of War Fashion Lottery!

Next: Use Love Passes during our brand new Main Story Promo to get the ensemble below plus Coins & Pearls!
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Don’t keep Lord Nobunaga waiting!


“She had an eating disorder”

a friend warned me.

I liked to talk to you

about literature.

You complained about Bukowski.

I liked him then.

After a journey

you had a boyfriend.

It wasn’t me.

Someone more intelligent.

Someone who could satisfy

your needs.

Someone who would

be braver than me.

Someone telling love

or other words

people are saying

to each other

to express

their feelings.

I didn’t talk to you anymore.

You were gone.

Maybe you liked

something about me.

I don’t know.


MAN 1924 - SS17 Collection Preview

Established as one of the most charismatic Spanish brands of recent years, MAN 1924 has been continuously presenting a very personal take on relaxed tailoring. The family-run label from Bilbao places a heavy emphasis on high-end materials and natural fibres to materialize its unique interpretation of contemporary elegance - one that embodies several cultural elements of its Spanish heritage.

Whereas we’re faced with relaxed linen saharianas or more polished tailored sports jackets, there an underlying relaxed coolness behind each and every garment on its collections. This very same coolness is blatantly visible on the superb style of Carlos Castillo and Jorge Navares (the male duo behind the brand), which easily transitions from suited attires to carefully curated combinations of chinos, shirts and casual jackets. 

Its SS17 collection explores new unstructured jacket designs, made from luxurious lightweight “tinto in capo” cotton and linen blends (such as the green version on the first picture). Vests are also at the core of the collection, allowing for interesting layering even during Summer, whereas on the more tailored end of the spectrum three-button-two jackets shine in beautiful plaid and herringbone versions.

Miguel Amaral Vieira   


Travis Scott Dripping In Gold for YSL Spring 17 Collection Preview

Cd: Anthony Vaccarello
Directior: Guilhem, T Scott
Music: Potter Elvingen

I love it, it’s beautiful!


Visvim AW16 SENSE Magazine Preview

As usual, Japanese SENSE Magazine previews the upcoming collection from Visvim through a curated editorial, this time around featuring some flat shots highlights along with looks. Enjoy the small glimpse above and keep an eye out for the first drops at selected retailers.


Art Comes First - SS17 Preview

By now, creative masterminds Sam Lambert and Shakah Maidoh need no introductions. Founders of Art Comes First, a paramount collective that joins some of the most brilliant alternative creatives in fashion, the London based duo continuously push the boundaries of conventionalism. Their trademark punk tailoring approach to fashion, delivers some of the most exclusive and innovative garments around, reinventing them through extensive customisation. Besides an array of collaborations with renowned designers and brands, their own label materialises the unique vision and style that earned them a place among the most stylish personalities on the planet.

For SS17, the collection delivers a wide range of accessories and personalised garments, from iconic leather biker jackets, to kimonos, distressed tees and deconstructed tailored pieces. If the unique design wasn’t enough to make them that more coveted and exclusive, the limited runs available only at select retailers further contribute to the cult status of ACF.

Miguel Amaral Vieira


“He must come forward”,

you said one day.

I kept where I was.

Now you have your

swabian restaurant

I read in the newspaper

when I looked up

your name

in the internet.

We live in the same city

and never met.

Would you remember me?

We drank cola red

when it was forbidden.

Later I understood

that I liked your taste.

On our last encounter

I didn’t remember your name

until I heard your voice.

Your were wild

in my terms of security.

Was there a chance for love?

Where do we get with fear?

I really liked you.


Camoshita AW16 - Pitti Uomo 89 Preview

If there was ever a brand whom I constantly turned to for inspiration on a variety of menswear related subjects, it was most definitely Camoshita. In my opinion, Yasuto Kamoshita is, along with fellow United Arrows mastermind Hirofumi Kurino, one of the most influential creative personas in the current men’s “fashion” scene. Influential not in a hyped sense, but in a much profound and ultimately richer one: his unique interpretation of men’s style explores the core essence of menswear in a transversal manner, superbly merging influences from both Western and Eastern cultures.

His unparalleled knowledge of distinct styles such as American Ivy League and Italian sprezzatura, allow Yasuto Kamoshita to subtly imbue them with a trademark Japanese touch, resulting in a unique blend of garments that exude sophistication the moment you lay eyes upon them. The unmatched mix of graphic patterns, textures, lengths and proportions, along with an inherent comprehension of how formal and casual can seamlessly coexist within an ensemble, is only surpassed by the distinct color combinations on display. 

The brand continuously delivers an uncanny color palette, often overlooked by many, out of fear or ignorance… however, when you’re faced with micro patterned maroon polos mixed with mustard jacquard knits and a range of brown, burgundy and turquoise, you can’t help but feel utterly overwhelmed on all fronts: both by his foresighted genius and your inability to understand the full potential of those combinations. 

Miguel Amaral Vieira