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[ep. 5 preview] lai guan lin (in addition to jihoon and daniel) also chose jinyoung as visual center since there is an empty space on the right where jinyoung’s pic is supposed to be

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This Day in Disney History

February 13, 1996:  The preview center for the upcoming attraction, Test Track, opens at Epcot.

While the attraction won’t open for over two more years, much to 10-year-old me’s dismay, this Preview Center showcased GM vehicles as well as highlights of the attraction.  

I remember checking out this area every time we went to Epcot, hoping against hope that the ride would be open.  Hearing the cars whizzing by during testing was such a tease! After all the waiting, I was kind of disappointed with the final product.  It was definitely a much needed “thrill ride” for Epcot, but after a delay of over two years, I was really expecting a lot more! 

This attraction is still a must-do for most guests, so plan to get there early, use a Fast Pass, utilize the single rider line, or be prepared for a lengthy wait during crowded times.

My interpretation of the fake preview for volume 23:

This is basically a continuation from the last fake preview. In the last preview Mikasa was looking for a curse/spell to repel Jean who likes her, and here she is hiding from Jean behind the vending machine.

Armin didn’t hide when he saw Jean, because just like in cannon, he never runs away from the bullies. So Jean starts bulling Armin, as Eren passes by, and at this point Armin and Mikasa still haven’t met Eren.

The scene with Erwin, Hanji, and Levi is self-explanatory. Hanji deliberately walks on the floor that Levi just cleaned, to see how he’ll react. And Erwin finds it funny. Frankly, so do I.

On the second page, Eren is looking at Armin while he’s asking a question “Are you enjoying that?”, as “Are you enjoying being bullied?” Similarly to cannon, he must have witnessed this kid getting bullied many times, and he’s curious why doesn’t he fight back.

It’s important to note that Eren looked quite calm when he asked the question, and yet in the next panel Jean and him are fighting. We didn’t get to see what was Armin’s response, but we can assume that the conversation went similarly like it did in cannon, and that it triggered a reaction from Eren:

Armin: I don’t enjoy it of course.

Eren: So why don’t you ever fight back? That’s why he treats you like that. Do you want to be on the losing side forever?

Armin: I’m not losing…I’m not running away.

Eren: *triggered*

On the last panel, Armin is thanking Eren, which is basically a confirmation that Eren did start a fight with Jean because of Armin. In the last fake preview, Armin was described as someone who likes manga and anime, so here Armin compares Eren to one of the manga/anime characters he likes - Kick Ass.

Mikasa barges in, as she thinks that Eren is actually her curse/spell that repelled Jean and stopped him from hitting on her. And Eren is confused by what he just heard. He could be confused by what both Mikasa and Armin just said, I guess that’s left for reader’s interpretation.

To me this fake preview is obviously centered between Eren and Armin, while Mikasa is kinda like the third wheel, so very similar to what we have in cannon :P

SPRING 2015 OFF-BROADWAY PREVIEW: Plays Penned by Actors Fill the Stage Alongside Superheroes and Sex Drugs
Update 6: Preview #06: Mari Costa · The Other Side Anthology
We're officially at the halfway point of the campaign, and are getting close to our goal! Today, we're bringing you two pages from Mari Costa's super-cute "Ouija Call Center", about a woman who tries to contact her ex-boyfriend on the other side, and ends up getting a much better conversation partner than she anticipated!

Check out today’s update to see a super-cute preview of “Ouija Call Center”, by @marianascosta!

Marvel, and Star Wars, and Disneyland OH MY!

So if you haven’t heard the news yet it seems like Star Wars Land and Marvel land are FINALLY getting close to becoming real things over at the Disneyland resort. 

Mice Chat recently posted this picture discussing how the scope of star wars land has changed dramatically. From it previously just overtaking toon town. TO it now overtaking toon town, Circle D ranch, the Festival area and several of the backstage areas in this vicinity. So is there any truth to this claim? Heck yes considering how Disneyland recently got in the news for buying all those new properties north of the pumbaa lot. Which according to micechat some of those buildings will now serve as new backstage offices for Disneyland. 

SO what will star wars land consist of? No clue, nothing was said other than massive show buildings, an eticket trackless ride (It would be the first in the united states if Disneyland gets this attraction first), and multiple new shows. Due to the crazy contracts the imagineers signed (due to the secrecy around the force awakens) no details are out there about what characters, or attractions these lands will be full of. But one thing is clear, it’s going to be based on almost all new material. 

Beyond this there is going to be more star wars in Disneyland’s tomorrowland as well. Innoventions has been closed for what seems like forever and while many heard it was going to be a Disneyland 60th museum the plans have actually changed. It’s going to become the Star Wars launch Bay area that Shanghai is getting. For those that don’t know what that is it’s basically a museum of sorts dedicated to star wars with interactive things and meet and greets littered about! According to micechat that should be opening in november just in time to hype the force awakens! The launch bay area should also serve as a preview center of sorts for the actual star wars land once construction begins! Think of the new fantasyland model in One Man’s Dream.

OKAY now onto everyone’s favorite supers, MARVEL!

According to micechat this is the marvel expansion pad! It’s much bigger than the previous plans that were detailed to us a while ago. Which was a marvel street of sorts near Tower of terror with meet and greets and a Rockin Roller coaster overlay with Marvel instead of Aerosmith. The new plans have gotten rid of that with the main eticket here being a rockin roller coaster HYBRID with an attraction like transformers. So coaster and screen effects with TONS of super cool stuff that imagineering can pepper in there. Sadly this was the only detailed discussed about the land, but given the space this is going to be no joke. 

SO that’s it for this rumor update for now. But before I sign off don’t be disappointed if none of this is discussed at D23 this year. As all of this plans are still in very early states of fluidity. With that said I hope you all have a magical day and I can’t wait to hear if any of this gets coverage at D23!

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is anybody noticing the trend here
  • episode preview: *sousuke and Rin centered episode*
  • sourin shippers: YES OHMYGOD FINALLY
  • *episode actually airs*
  • sourin shippers: OH GOD NO WE TAKE IT BACK
  • episode preview: *makoto and haru standing alone by fireworks*
  • makoharu shippers: HOLY CRAP OHMYGOD PLEASE
  • *episode actually airs*
  • episode preview: *rin and haru bonding*
  • rinharu shippers: YES YES PLEASE FINALLY
  • episode preview: *probably twirling a mustache while stroking a cat or something*

Cutting the Ribbon on the EPCOT Center Monorail Line 

JUNE, 1982- The completion of EPCOT Center’s monorail line was celebrated with a ribbon cutting, and the beginning of guests visiting EPCOT Center for the first time, albeit, just for a short glimpse of the Vacation Kingdom’s new venture. Tickets were sold on Main Street USA and guests were given a vista of the largest construction project in the world from the Monorail Station exit ramp after a the monorail crawled its way around the newly finished rail. 

Note that Spaceship Earth is still sitting on “unfinished” legs… special Alucobond tiles were needed to bridge the gaps between the legs and the skin, as the whole surface couldn’t be covered in equally sized prismatic triangles.