YoI / Ep. 11 Preview

In episode 10, during the preview of episode 11 we see a scene in which Victor has a sad/thoughtful kind of expression on his face we’ve never seen such an expression from him before, this is serious?, in addition he’s embracing Makkachin.
It made me quite worried, expecially after the happy, nice and cute moments we got in this ep. ; o;
I noticed something, I think, maybe (?) probably i’m not the only one who noticed this but I haven’t seen any post about it so.

There’s this speculation around Tumblr about that scene of Victor, it seems it may be a flashback of when he went back to Japan in ep. 9 poor Makkachin, I think so too~
1. Other people have already pointed this out: in episode 11 Victor will be with Yuri ‘cause of the GPF, so it would be impossible for him to be in Japan with Makkachin in the next episode.
Makkachin now IS in Japan, in Hasetsu, we have proof of this~

2. This is the thing I noticed: we know that Victor changes clothes a lot of times during the series, he wears something different in almost every episode this is important. From the episode 11 preview we can see Victor wearing this dark green (?) scarf and blue-greyish(?) jacket. (The place in the background is still a mystery for me though, also it’s snowing? I don’t know…)

These exact same clothes are also the clothes Victor was wearing at the beginning of episode 9, when he hugged Yuri before leaving to Japan.

This is what I think: after the hug Victor left Yuri to go to the airport, took the plane and arrived in Japan. He of course was really really worried about Makkachin so he went straight to the veterinary from the airport, without wasting time, without going to Yuri’s home first or changing clothes or anything else, he went immediately where Makkachin was.
Considering this, the Victor in the preview being a flashback makes sense o 3o
I hope so because after ep. 10 I’ll be sad to see a sad Victor.
Maybe episode 11 (or probably only a small??? part of this episode, we have a competition to see) will be again from the point of view of Victor, and maybe he will narrate what happened and how he felt during the days he was far away from Yuri. What if we hear the things he thought about being Yuri’s coach? :o (”I’ve been thinking about what I can do as your coach from now on.” at the end of ep. 9).
I’m really curious about Victor aaaa, I’d like to know more about him, his thoughts, background, everything ;; but we have only two episodes left ew, I don’t want YoI to end ;__; *random random thought*

Have a nice dayyy~!! o vo)/

“Scissors” – MacGyver and Jack search for Riley, using a microwave and a power strip, after she mysteriously disappears and hacks into the NSA, possibly unleashing World War III. Also, Bozer goes on his first official mission, and Jack opens up about his history with Riley’s mother, Diane.

Preview for next Friday’s episode “Scissors”. 
I know this week’s episode just aired, but I’m honestly excited for a Christmas episode, especially since I’m sure, with Riley going missing, it’ll be an exciting episode!