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Dear pre-vet

Hi there. I am approaching the start of my final year of vet school and I want to help you. Throughout my vet school journey I’ve learned a lot and I would like to tell you what I wish someone told me when I was in your situation. As those who follow me may already know, I like lists so:

1. You will get into vet school. Period.
When you know what you want and you are willing to work for it, you will get it. Hard road? Yes. Will you fail? Most likely. Should you give up? Fuck no. Anyone who tells you otherwise are telling you the same lies they tell themselves to validate not going after their own dreams.

2. Enjoy the journey.
You are allowed to be happy and enjoy life before reaching your goals. It’s the getting there that makes the end goal all the more sweeter. So while you’re doing that extra subject to boost your marks to get into vet school try to enjoy it!

3. There is no real ‘right way’.
People have their own baggage as I alluded to in point 1, so asking for advice on how to get into vet school is great and all but everyone’s situation is different. It’s important to learn from other peoples experiences but don’t let that hold you back from making your own. Just because it may not be ‘conventional’ doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

4. Work on yourself and your own mental health.
Do not fall into the trap of, ‘oh well once I get into vet school then I won’t have to worry about grades anymore and everything will be fine’. No, there will be other things to stress about. Stress is a part of life so start learning to manage it now because as a vet you’ll also have to manage other peoples stress on top of your own.

5. Only compare yourself to the you of yesterday.
Getting stressed over class averages is a waste of time because at the end of the day all you can do is your best. People can also bullshit about how much they ‘didn’t study’ for the test but still got a good mark. Everyone’s study techniques are different and what constitutes as a lot of study if relative. Just do you. You’re great!

6. When you are not coping well with something, tell someone.
Even if you think it might be silly relative to all the other problems in the world, they are still your problems so they’re important. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t have your best interests at heart and are not worth your time. So when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with study or panicking that you may not get into vet school this year, talk to someone about it.

If you are procrastinating a lot, you probably need a break. Take some time off and do something you enjoy. Afterwards your study will be far more efficient.

8. The hard work doesn’t stop when you get into vet school. I doubt it stops when you’re a vet.
This is what I want to leave you with because this also ties back to points 2 and 4. As I am sure you are aware with going into this industry, mental health is a big issue. As the new generation of vet students and vets coming through let’s try to lower these statistics. Do not try to ignore what you’re feeling because ‘once I get into vet school it’ll all be fine’ or try to ‘tough it out’, if you need help, seek help, there is no shame in that. 

Good luck with your studies, be gentle with yourself, be kind to others and always give it your all. The world is your oyster and may your journey of life be a long one.




Vet School Interview Advice

2017 is now here, which means vet school interview season has also arrived! 

Honestly, there is a lot of anxiety over interviews every year, which is completely understandable, because it’s a scary concept to sit down with 2-4 people and have them help make the decision if you will be accepted to this school or not. However, as someone who has major social anxiety and visibly shook during all of my interviews, I know you can do this! If you want some general tips, check out my two posts on interviews here: Vet School Interview Tips and What You Shouldn’t Say or Do in an Vet School Interview.

Overall, I think it is very important that you know that is is okay to be nervous, and it’s okay to stumble or not know the answer to everything. Try not to be too critical of your performance after your interview is finished- you never know what the interviewers will think and you might have done better than you thought!

Good luck to all of those interviewing this year, I can’t wait to see your acceptance posts and I hope to see your bright and happy posts as you matriculate to vet school in the fall! :) 

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oh gods i love Elsewhere U. some concepts: the prevet students keep their phones on at all times, knowing that they could get a text from a non existent number asking them to take a look at a sick creature. the students have never seen such animals before but they figure it out anyways, albeit crudely. some of them have cat flaps on their doors so that creatures they've helped can come in and chat anytime

these are Good Concepts and 100% canon

A week in vet school

I’ve been on my emergency rotation all week and man was it rough. I just did some calculations of how many hours i spent doing vet stuff this week and the numbers are scary. 

  • 52 hours on emergency (40 spent in the clinic, the rest were on call)
  • 22 hours in classes including my rounds meetings for emergency
  • 2 hours in lab
  • 1 Exam that I had to pull an all nighter for because I was not prepared because we had 2 exams last week

This was by far the hardest week of vet school i’ve had and I know it’s a glimpse of clinics. Gimmie all the work hours in the world and i’m okay with it just don’t make me take exams and sit in class too.

For everyone who asks me how they can figure out if they want to be a vet, if being a vet isn’t worth doing this then maybe explore other options. This may have been the worst week for me so far but this is what the schedule is probably going to be like for the entire final year. I may regret vet school at the moment because i’m cranky from not sleeping but I got some work done this week, gained some awesome experience, and helped save some lives. I’m sure in 2 months when i’m on break i’ll appreciate this rotation a bit more.

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What You Need to Know if You’re on a Vet School Waitlist

You’ve submitted your application, you’ve waited 90 years, you’ve went to the interview, you’ve waited another 50 years, and then you’ve received an email you were longing for! … that you were waitlisted…. so what does this mean? Well, I’ll go through some common questions and answers about being on a vet school waitlist. 

-> “So… what does it mean to be on the waitlist?”

The waitlist, AKA the worst thing ever, is when you are put in a pool of applicants that weren’t outright rejected or accepted, but could be accepted if the school has spots open up from applicants declining their accepted spot to go to another school or something like that.

-> “When will you find out if you get off the waitlist?”

This will vary depending on the school, the application year, your rank on the list (if there is one), etc. However, the most likely time is after the national acceptance day, which is normally on or right around April 15th. Basically, you can hear from around April 15th all the way until that school starts, which is normally from August to September. I have heard of people being pulled the weekend before school starts, and I was called at one school at the very end of July, so a late call is possible. 

-> “Is it likely that I will get off the waitlist?”

This is a very tough question to answer because again, it just depends on the school, that application year, your rank on the list (Most schools tell you approximately what your rank is if there is a rank system). Sometimes a school goes through the whole list of 125! Sometimes they only go through 3 people. There are normally two waitlists, one for the in-staters, and one for the out-of-staters. Generally, if you are waitlisted at an out-of-state school, you are more likely to get pulled off at rank 30 than you would be at rank 30 for an in-state-school, since several schools go through their out-of-state lists more quickly.

-> “What if I got accepted to school B, but I got waitlisted at school A, my dream school?” 

Never fear! If you are happy with potentially going to school at school B, then you can put down your deposit/accept your spot at school B before/at April 15th. That way, if you get pulled off the waitlist at school A after April 15th, you will only lose your deposit to school B, and can go decline your spot to B and accept your dream school A! Alternatively, if you don’t get pulled off the waitlist for school A, then you will still be matriculating at the great school B in the fall :) 

Horse person: “He’s really lame on that one leg!”

Sage old Equine Veterinarian has the horse trot off and is all like: 

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And there’s always that one horse girl who looks back at the owners like: 

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And the equine vet students are kinda like…

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…and everyone else on the planet is like…

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After the fastest two weeks of my life in South Africa I’m back in the Caribbean and starting the next semester of school. I went through a program called wildlifevetssa and it was the greatest experience of my life. I drew blood from wildebeests and crocodiles, monitored animals under anesthesia, and learned so much about the game industry in SA. Before I went on this trip I was against big game hunting but I didn’t know much about it. I learned there that the hunting industry is pretty much the only thing driving conservation there. There’s money in keeping these species alive so people are breeding them and keeping them healthy and they allow hunters to come and kill a few but not all obviously because then there would be no business left. The meat usually goes to the towns and the people that need it get fed. It sucks that there has to be money involved for people to actually care about helping save these species but that’s the way the world works. Ideally everyone would care about conserving no matter what but the corruption and human nature in general prevents that from happening. I never thought I would ever say this but I support big game hunting as long as it keeps preserving the African species that need our help.