some nights i’d feel so alone that the only comforting thing was the sky. so id learn a ton of constellations and go and sit outside and find every single one that i could and i would beg the sky to light me up inside because i was tired of burning out and i was desperately in need of some light and guidance. i painted planets on my walls and wrote down my favorite constellations. and on the very worst nights, when i felt like i was drowning underneath all of the blackness, i’d look at the moon and remember that someone, somewhere else was looking up at the sky, at that very moment, looking for the same thing as me. and at times, this is the most comforting thing.
—  you’re never alone. other people feel this way too.

4 Ways to NEVER get Sick or Con Crud Again!

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Flu season is passing but a ton of folks are still catching Colds and going to conventions getting Con Crud. And being sick is never any fun so I decided today to give you 4 steps to prevent colds, Flus, and illnesses of any sort. So pay attention today


My fellow witches who cannot stand Donald Trump, here's an idea:

Watch footage of the RNC. Try to find it on YouTube. Take a screenshot of the crowd of Trump Supporters. Create a sigil to silence their hatred and voices or a sigil to prevent them from voting. Draw the sigil on the image, print it out and burn it.

Another thing you can do: Binding spell to prevent them from voting in November. Make sure the image you use does not have any media people or random bystanders in it.

Focus on the racist, bigoted scumbags. Without them, Trump is powerless.