preventing stretch marks

@ppl who are getting top surgery

I’m not going to make a long masterpost of dos and don'ts about post-op care for top surgery, there’s plenty of those, but I will say this:


it’s not that expensive, you can find it bottled in the beauty department or in capsules by the vitamins.

What does it do? It softens your skin. After surgery, your skin is pulled extremely tight, painfully so, even a week after I couldn’t raise my arms very high because it pulled at the incisions. It prevents stretch marks, softens your skin, and helps reduce scarring

I finally got some today and it was instant relief, it’s just a thick oil and you can put on drops or puncture capsules to cover your skin in it, this is the most pain-free I’ve been since before the surgery

So just, if you’re getting that (or really any surgery that’ll result in really tight stitches or incisions), get some vitamin E

The Real Godsend: Almond Oil

Coconut oil? Nah, man, fuck that. Okay, coconut oil is pretty great, especially for whitening teeth, but let’s talk almond oil.

Benefits and Uses:

This is a perfect face moisturizer if you have dry skin. Unlike coconut oil, this won’t clog your pores. It leaves your skin glowing and even makes it softer, since it contains vitamin E. It also lightens acne scarring.

Almond oil can be used to remove makeup, especially eye makeup and liquid lipsticks. No more rubbing your eyes!

Massage a bit under your eyes before bed. It will reduce dark circles, as well as fine lines.

Use it to treat chapped lips! Personally I prefer to use rosehips oil on my lips, but almond oil works well too.

Use it on your body! Moisturize your hands, feet, and elbows with it. It’s a light oil, so it won’t leave you feeling greasy and it absorbs easily. Almond oil can help prevent and lighten stretch marks too!

Almond oil also promotes hair growth! Use it on your lashes and brows. You can also use castor oil - castor oil is a little heavier than almond oil, so it’s just a preference thing, they work about equally well for me.

Use it in your hair! 1-2x per week, massage a bit into your scalp. It will make your hair more lustrous and it’ll look healthier! Replace any leave-in conditioners with this. Pro-Tip: Try mixing it with olive oil and castor oil in equal parts.

The scent is very light too, it doesn’t even smell like almonds, so don’t worry about the smell. It’s also super affordable. You can buy a 16oz bottle on Amazon for around $10.

Do NOT use if allergic to nuts.

Note: Make sure you are using sweet almond oil.

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Sbout the stretch marks- not at all! Stretch marks are caused by the stretching (duh) of the skin beyond it's elastic capability. So, basically, being fit isn't how you prevent stretch-marks, its by putting body lotion!

Yeah, that sounds right! lol

The Ultimate Cult Product - Why everyone needs Sweet Almond Oil

Majority of my loyal readers from BeauteaBible blog will already know my loyalty to this potent oil from my blogpost published back in 2013; I wanted to re-introduce the review on my current solo blog for my new huge audience. I am sure I’ll have you guys hooked on this too! 

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Things boys “have to buy”

-a bar of soap
-shaving cream 

Things girls “have to buy”

-tampons/menstrual cup
-body wash
-hair mask
-multiple hair products
-hair straightener
-hair curler
-hair clips
-face wash
-hydrating face cream
-spots treatment(s)
-under-eye cream
-face serum
-makeup remover
-makeup removing wipes
-wax/razors/shaving cream
-body cream
-oils to prevent stretch marks
-body scrub
-hand cream
-lip balm
-intimate body wash
-scrubbing lufa
-eye pencils
-eyebrow pencil
-makeup brushes
-nail polishes
-nail polish remover

When I say being a girl is really expensive, I mean it. 
This is obviously a generalization, but I want to point out is how much do stereotyped ideas of feminine beauty and beauty standards weight on girls, not just mentally but also economically.

I made a super simple multi-purpose balm last night, and I think everyone could definitely find a use for this! It’s perfect for beginner witches and even for the intermediate witches for some quick, portable, on-the-fly witchcraft! It’s only two ingredients;

- coconut oil

- lavender essential oil

But obviously you can add anything your heart desires, depending on your skills, resources and intent!
What makes it so wonderful is that it can be used in so many different ways.

Coconut oil in skin care & beauty

- cheekbone highlighter
- shaving lotion
- eye makeup remover (be careful!)
- lip balm
- good for rashes!
- some people even swear by it as lube! (although you should be aware that oil based lubricant will dissolve latex condoms!)
- prevents stretch marks
- moisturizer
- fade age spots
- soothe sunburns
- mix into bath (melt ¼ cup, add to bath & soak)
- relieves dry skin

Hair care

- overnight conditioner (rub small amount into hair, mostly the ends, comb through, put into cute little bun for sleepy time and wash out in the morning!)
- tames flyaways
- reduces static
- de-frizzes split ends

As for the lavender essential oil, it’s known for its restorative and calming properties, and is associated with;

- happiness
- love
- peace
- protection
- purification

Which means there are so many possibilities with this simple combination! Need an extra boost in the morning? Feeling depressed? Want to sleep safe and soundly? Use it as lotion to help find your motivation. Craving more self esteem? Use it for shaving, removing makeup, styling hair and as a part of your makeup routine in glamour spells or everyday routine to add some extra confidence. It could also be used for preparing before a ritual/conducting magick, promoting safe astral travel, discreet or budgeted craft, and as a shield or ward. I’m sure there are many, many more applications that I just can’t think of right now but I’ll leave you all with this and hope this can benefit someone!

It’s only three steps:
- melt coconut oil (I used virgin coconut oil, I didn’t measure it out but this jar was probably around a full cup)
- add two or three drops of lavender essential oil (the oil on its own is known to irritate skin, we just want it in there for its properties and pretty smell)
- pour into glass jar and place in fridge to solidify (the glass part is very important - it’s common sense but I made the mistake of using plastic for hot water, and never again… it was cheap Dollarama plastic but you know).

And that’s it! Please feel free to add onto this with any other uses and/or ingredients you can think of to help out your fellow witches!
Happiness to you and yours xx

Aloe Vera Can -

  1. Remove Makeup. Aloe Vera is a cooling agent that helps calm the skin.
  2. Hair Conditioner. Massage in a small amount of Aloe Vera gel and leave it on for about 2 minutes. Rinse it off.
  3. Add to your shampoo. It will make your hair shiny.
  4. Treat Acne.  Aloe Vera minimizes inflammation and treats acne due to its inflammatory properties.
  5. Prevent and eliminate  stretch marks due to Aloe Vera’s regenerative properties.
  6. Treat swollen Gums.  Aloe vera soothes swollen gums and maximizes your body’s defense mechanisms. You can apply Aloe Vera to the infected area.
  7. Increase hair growth. Aloe Vera contains an enzyme that helps increase hair growth.
  8. Strengthen your nails.
  9. Treat herpes, eczema, psoriasis,  dermatitis and other skin allergies. Aloe Vera is able to penetrate multiple skin layers.
  10. Use as a skin moisturizer. It strengthens skin tissue by providing oxygen to the cells.
  11. Heal sunburns due to Aloe Vera’s antiseptic properties.
  12. Shaving gel. It gives you a nice smooth surface.
  13. Fight the flu and colds. Aloe Vera  contains a great amount of natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that boost the immune system.
  14. Ease menstrual cramps (by drinking Aloe Vera juice). It reduces pain and fatigue.
  15. Personal Lubricant. It is a very effective moisturizer.

I hate the way people talk about pregnant women’s bodies. & then of course how people talk about women’s bodies right after they give birth. “Your boobs will be saggy! You need a cream to prevent/fade stretch marks! You need this band to help get your flat stomach back!” STFU! 

& I hate how they treat women like failures if they don’t brush their hair everyday or put on makeup to change a shitty diaper. They’re like, “Oh no, she let herself go” Noo…she’s just focusing on things that are more important than how she looks!!!

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Safe for pregnancy skincare? 💕And what kind of lotion should I use on my bump that is safe and good for preventing and treating stretch marks?

Just avoid anything with retinoids or salicylic acid! And use cocoa butter with vitamin E in it for your stomach :)


Stretch Marks will be always a problem, they can appear from a lot of reasons like weight loss, pregnancy, being overweight etc…

We’re often told there’s nothing we can do to prevent stretch marks and that they’re genetic. I definitely don’t agree with this! Although I agree there is a genetic component to how elastic your skin is. There are things to help minimize this by improving your skins elasticity.

What I do to prevent them

Moisturize! It’s so important to keep your skin constantly hydrated.  There are a lot of different moisturizers and oils that can help nourish your skin.  Find something enriched with vitamin E and vitamin A.

Drink A LOT of water.  Majority of people aren’t drinking anywhere near enough water.  It is recommended to have 8-12 glasses a day.  Drinking more water will not only help with keeping your skin hydrated which helps elasticity, but has a million other benefits from clearing acne to reducing dark under eye circles. I like to carry a huge water bottle around with me everywhere.

Eat a clean, nutrient rich diet.  Eating clean fresh produce and lean proteins will help keep your weight gain steady so your skin doesn’t stretch more than it has to.  You should also be eating for skin elasticity.  Eating a diet rich in vitamin C, E, and antioxidants is a must and will help with this. 

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hey what product do you think works best to fade stretch marks? ty

Hey, babe! Now, I don’t have stretch marks so I cannot tell you first hand my experience but coming from my mother, she always recommends Palmer’s Cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks as cocoa butter is good for scars. However, I must say that it is good to PREVENT future stretch marks and can fade away the ones you have but no cream out there honestly can fully remove them despite all the products that say they can. The only way to do that is if you bleach the skin around it so it isn’t as noticeable or via actual laser treatments. You can seek out information from your doctor to elaborate more but that’s what we’ve learmed from our dermatologist. But nobody has money for lasers and we’re NOT going to bleach our skin so! I would still recommend Palmer’s to help manage and prevent future ones! Plus, it’s good for your skin when you massage! 👍

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Hi there,so I was wondering if you know how to get rid of stretch marks help me pls!!

When you lose weight, you will find that your stretch marks will fade to a silvery white or grey color. You can try bio oil, coconut oil, red light therapy or this recipe that Jennifer Stano used to prevent stretch marks while being pregnant: Raw Coco butter, Rae Shea butter, Aloe Vera butter, Raw mango butter, Raw coconut oil (Take a big pot and put one butter at a time into the pot so it melts. Then add the next and the next till they have all melted together. Stir slowly. Use low heat as they turn to oil when heated. After they are all melted take either the containers they came in or buy glass ones and pour the oil into them. Then once cooled down a bit place them into the refrigerator and they will harden. Keep it near your bed side or bathroom and use it daily) Hope this helps :)

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Is there any way I could prevent my skin from losing elasticity while wearing a binder? I don't want to ruin my body...

These are some suggestions. They’re not full proof, but they may help. Some people are more prone to getting stretch marks than others, and some people have naturally more elastic skin. 

  • Only bind when you absolutely need to
    • Like if you’re out in public
    • Or your dysphoria is super bad
    • Or if it’s the only way you can face the world today
  • Stay hydrated (try for 8 glasses of water)
  • Coconut oil applied topically keeps your skin soft and smooth
    • Other oils like olive oil, Vitamin E, etc. may also work
  • Eat more gelatin (get more collagen which helps maintain elasticity)
  • Get more Vitamin C in your diet (it helps form collagen and cartilage)
  • Get more Zinc in your diet (may prevent stretch marks)
  • Get enough omega 3s in your diet
    • cod liver oil, fish oil pills,etc. 

Also, stretch marks don’t ruin your body. Everyone has them. If you plan to get top surgery in the future, stretch marks generally only effect the cosmetic aspects of the procedure.