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Soooooo with the potential reveal that Lance is in the red lion and Keith is in the black lion for season 3, I started thinking about what paladins might be able to swap lions if needed.

And then i thought way too much about this. And it became… a thing.

In the comics, there’s a scene where Pidge has to fight all the paladins, and she explicitly says that she HAS to take Lance out first because he’s able to work and enhance every other team member so well. So that’s where the idea that Lance could pilot all the lions came from. But what do you guys think? Am I wrong and a garbage human? What are your ideas?

Read more for the text as I realise it may be hard to read

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4 Ways to NEVER get Sick or Con Crud Again!

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Flu season is passing but a ton of folks are still catching Colds and going to conventions getting Con Crud. And being sick is never any fun so I decided today to give you 4 steps to prevent colds, Flus, and illnesses of any sort. So pay attention today


Foodie Friday: Milagu Paal

-¼ tsp turmeric
-¼ tsp powdered black pepper
-Pinch saffron
-Sugar or honey (optional)

Bring the milk just to a gentle boil or simmer on the stove. Add each of the spices and stir to mix thoroughly. Sweeten with sugar or honey if desired. Drink hot to prevent cold and flu.

Note: If saffron is not available either due to expense or lack of local supply, consider using ginger instead.

Magical Ingredient!

Though the cold and flu season is technically done here where I live, it still lingers here and there. And as a kitchen witch, I feel I should always be prepared with a home remedy or two just in case those viruses rear their ugly heads again. Cough drops are helpful when the sickness sets in, but preventative remedies and remedies that are known to truly kick a cold’s ass tend to be a little harder to come by depending upon the situation.

Milagu paal, however, is a great remedy both after catching cold or flu and as a preventative, due to the soothing cream of the milk and the antiviral, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory properties of the spices mixed in. I’ve covered turmeric and curry in the past, but an ingredient I feel often gets glossed over is the ever-present table spice we all know and love: black pepper.

What we see as peppercorn in our pepper mills and grinders is the dried fruit of the pepper vine, native to the tropical regions of India. Its use can be traced back to antiquity as a spice and as a medicine, as an expensive commodity (so much so that it likely was only affordable for the wealthy of Greece, and was used to stuff Ramesses II’s nose during his mummification ritual).

As a medicine, it was often used to treat illnesses ranging from constipation to insomnia, colds and flu. Pepper oil is used today as an ayurvedic massage oil, and its essential oil remains popular.

The presence of pepper in some traditions of witchcraft is undeniable, and among its correspondences are banishing, exorcism, cleansing, healing, prosperity, cursing, hexing, protection, and empowerment.

Most often, pepper is used for protection. Whole peppercorns may be carried in sachets or amulets to ward against Evil Eye, and pepper can be ground and mixed with salt and eggshell to create a potent protection powder.

In root work, pepper is frequently used in Goofer Dust, Hot Foot Powder, and Crossing Powder - all of which are meant to be a jinx to cause bad luck, keep someone away, or simply prevent others from casting hexes and curses against you.

A common practice is to burn peppercorns prior to saging a new home so as to banish evil spirits and negativity. (If you decide to try this, please be conservative in the amount of pepper being used, else the smoke becomes an irritant to the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin).

Work pepper into spells that are linked to deities associated with war or strength, such as Mars or the Morrigan, in order to give an additional bit of heat to the magic.

If seeking to work a prosperity or wealth spell, try incorporating whole peppercorns, as pepper is historically cherished and remains the single-most traded spice in the world. Trade routes for pepper spanned from India and China all the way to Britain, and later on to the Americas, and pepper trade was part of what fueled trade on the Silk Road. As such, peppercorns have a strong association with wealth and prosperity, making them a great addition to such spells.

In the kitchen, the benefits of pepper cannot be overstated. Both from a magical and a culinary standpoint, a kitchen without pepper flounders just as much as a kitchen without salt. When working your magic in the kitchen, consider what type of meal and what the intent of the meal is in order to determine how you should use your pepper. A pot roast, for instance, is great for health, prosperity, and happiness. Consider using whole peppercorns in the seasoning batch to banish sickness and invite wealth. Or, if you’re cooking a dish to provide protection, channel that intent into it as you grind it in a mortar and pestle or in a pepper mill.

And if someone is afflicted with cold and flu, consider working a protection, cleansing, and banishing spell to cast the illness out and bring in health, such as in a traditional Indian milagu paal!

May All Your Meals Be Blessed! )O(

Workout/Health Tips

I’ve watched PLENTY of videos, read TONS of articles, and visited a BUNCH of blogs. I’ve compiled some tips that have helped me on my journey; I hope they help you as well. 

-Use chop sticks (when & if you can). The idea behind this is tip that eating with chop sticks makes you eat slower. The slower you eat, the more time your body has to begin the digestion process AND it becomes easier for you to tell if you’re full or not. When you’re scarfing down your 4 plates - even if they aren’t high in fat & are your healthy foods, you’re just eating on a probably already full stomach. *another way to eat slower that doesn’t involve chop sticks is to eat snacks with your non-dominant hand.

- Lemon & cucumber water. This one really doesn’t need much explanation - so many fitness bloggers and youtubers have sworn on this cleanse. Living at college it can be difficult, but my school does have fruit infused water sometimes which is great. If you’re living at school and your dining halls don’t offer infused water, here’s a tip - the lemons are most likely by the tea & the cucumbers are at the salad bar; it’s all about searching. Also, drink ice water as soon as you wake up and wait 5-10 minutes before eating; it boosts your metabolism.

- Smaller plates & bowls –> BLUE. Now this tip is all about our dear friend, Portion Control. If you decrease the size of your plate/the surface you’re eating off of, your body will be like “hey, that’s a whole plate of food, when the plate is empty, I’ll be full.” I included “BLUE” in this tip because it’s scientifically proven that the color blue suppresses appetite, making you eat less. Whereas red has the opposite effect - it makes you hungrier. (Why do you think McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, & Chik-fil-a all have red in their logo?)

- Wear your gym clothes & sneakers around the house. This one sounds weird but when I’m wearing my workout clothes & sneakers, I tend to be less lazy and more productive. It’s sounds insane, I know, but it works! Try it for a few days - you’ll probably spend less time in front of the TV and more time on your feet. Whether you’re cleaning around the house, going for a walk, or doing meal prep, anything is better than being plopped in front of the TV with a bag of chips.

- Green tea before bed. I’ve been doing this for the last 2weeks and it’s great. Green tea is proven to boost your metabolism, calm your nerves, and it prevents to flu and cold by 60%.  I recommend drinking your hot tea about an hour - two hours before you go to bed. Also, try to stop eating food 3-4hrs before bed.

- Eat healthiest part of meal first. This goes without much explanation but let’s say you’ve just finished a great High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout and you’ve gotten lunch. On your plate, you have your protein, a salad, & a small serving of carbs. The first thing you’re going to want to eat is not going to be the carbs - no matter how good that pasta looks. This is because if you eat your healthy portion first and happen to get full before finishing your entire meal, you’ve avoided the unhealthy portion. If you ate the unhealthy portion first and got full, you just missed out on the protein and nutrients your body needs after a HIIT workout. Also, when eating salads, try to get your dressings and sauces on the side.

If you’re interested in more tips I’ve found helpful, feel free to message me!

It’s Not What It Looks Like (Movie!Enoch x Reader)

Summary: When Enoch finds you outside in the middle of the night, cold and homesick, you unintentionally spend the rest of the night in his room. Now you have to suffer the consequences over breakfast.

Warning: Nothing, really? I mean it sounds slightly suggestive, I guess. Also slight fluff, woo (not exactly a warning, but I thought you’d like to know).

Author’s Note: First MPHFPC imagine !! And of course it just had to be Enoch. It’s a bit all over the place but I hope it makes sense. Feedback is appreciated!

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Cold remedies and tips

I am currently sick af and thought I’d use this time to give some great remedies for colds.

Aromatherapy: I actually got an aromatherapy diffuser for Christmas, and I have been using peppermint oil to help clear my sinuses. There are all sorts of oils that you can use that help when your sick, just look on Pinterest!

Use shower melts too, you can pick up a shower vapor tablet at CVS and take a warm shower to open up your sinuses. Plus, you always feel better when you’re clean and fresh, especially after laying in bed all day.

I like using my mint face scrub, which does the same thing as the peppermint oil in my diffuser. It makes me feel like I can breathe better.

Take Emergen-C if you think you’re likely to get sick. Tho these are for more preventative measures, it has something crazy like over 1000% of your daily vitamin C, and other vitamins to help prevent a cold.

DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. DRINK WATER. And drink orange juice!

Try to stay away from dairy if your throat is sore. I like to eat a lot of soup, fruit, and rice when I’m sick.

Sleep!!! I know you want to go out, or have to go to work, but call out and get your rest, because your body needs it. Lay in bed and watch tv or read and sleeeeep all day. And if someone covers your shift, don’t be stingy and cover theirs in the future. Help each other out.

Keep lights dim to avoid headaches and migraines

Tan alka-seltzer plus cold formula!!! I know it tastes like shit, but it helps with symptoms. Zicam also helps with cold symptoms and doesn’t taste as bad.

Another thing, DON’T PANIC about stuff you need to get done or should be doing. You need to REST. I was so busy during Christmas, but as soon as the day after Christmas hit I woke up sick, and had no energy to do anything on my massive to do list. I got a little anxious about it, but I realized I needed to let my body rest!

Snap: hannah.brii 👻✨

Happy Together

Originally posted by jorindelle

Fandom: Vikings

Pairing: Ivar x reader

Summery: Reader and Ivar spend some time together on the beach.

Warnings: None

It was early morning and the sun was already two or three hours high in the sky, meaning the towns people were only now waking and beginning their daily chores. You, on the other hand, had woken long before by night terrors and had decided to clear your mind by taking a stroll down by the shore.

The sand crunched and shifted underneath your feet as you walked along the edge of the water, the waves lapping up and drenching the bottom of your dress. You had been a fool taking only a thin shawl with you on your walk. It did nothing to prevent the cold onshore breeze from sending violent goosebumps all down your body, but you were already to far from your hut to turn back now and swap it for some warm furs.

“(Y/N)!” A familair voice called out. Startled, you dragged your eyes up from your feet and looked around. You hadn’t expected anyone else out by the water at this time, let alone your good friend, Ivar. He was waving at you, only a little further away from where you stood, his hands fumbling with a flat stone which he threw into the water, watching it skip across the surface before sinking. “Come here.”

Hitching your skirt up with one hand, you hurried your walking pace.

Finally reaching him, Ivar moved over so you could sit beside him on the cloth that had been laid out upon the sand. 

“Never expected to see you out here, Ivar.” You said, smiling. “I thought you were terrified of the ocean.“

“Well, I’m not in the ocean, am I?” Ivar jested. turning to face you. A smile graced your lips as you took in his appearance. The two of you had known each other since you were children, yet every time you looked at him you became breathless. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks, and you supposed he was used to that from you by now. The sudden pause in your expression when you looked his way, followed by a weak smile and the blush that gave it all away. You particularly loved how he looked back at you. The brilliant smile he’d give in return and the intense look in his mesmerizing blue eyes. 

“No, you aren’t.” You agreed, looking back out at the water. “What are you doing out here?”

“Thinking about England.”

You blinked twice. “England?“ 

“That is what I just said.” Ivar smirked. “I wish to go there someday - discover it’s riches for myself.”

Letting out a content hum, you thought back to the stories your father had once told you of the far off land and how he had fought along side Ragnar Lothbrok, Ivar’s father, the first time they had arrived. 

“And what would you do there, Ivar?” You asked him.

Ivar grinned at you and shuffled around as to rest his head on your lap. “It’s what we would do there, (Y/N).” He said, gazing up at you as your fingers ran through his short hair. “Because you would come with me. Would you not?”

“I’d follow you to Hel and back.”

Ivar huffed happily and looked up at the orange and pink sky above. “I often dream of battle with you by my side, as beautiful as Freyja herself.”

“Don’t say that.” You warned him as not to upset the Gods.

“It’s true.” Ivar chuckled, a dazed look coming upon his face as he remembered the dream. Taking your free hand, he planted a loving kiss into your palm. 

Neither of you said another word for what felt like a eternity, the two of you just enjoying the other’s company. It wasn’t until the sky had turned blue and the fishermen had set out when Ivar spoke again.

“(Y/N)?” He mumbled.

“Hmm?” You looked back down at him, removing your fingers from his hair and laying your hand out behind you, the other still in his tight grip.

“Kiss me.”

Honeymoon {Remus Lupin x Reader} *SMUT* *REQUESTED*

I WROTE THIS IN MY PARENTS’ OFFICE AND I THINK I SHOULD WIN A SHAMELESS AWARD. anyway, im a sucker for Remus so this was totally worth it :)))


(and yes, anon, this is for you)


Every move they made was calculated carefully as they slowly danced to the bedroom of their new home. With lips locked together and hands around each other, they undressed their clothing and left them in a messy pile on the floor. Remus had imagined his honeymoon about a dozen times with (Y/n) and so he took his time to indulge into her sweet pair of lips, not feeling the need to rush things. He wanted it to be precious and gentle. As he unlaced her wedding gown, his mouth watered at the sight of her looking so beautiful in her tiny white lingerie. It was his first time seeing her without the uniform or the dresses she would wear on their dates and he was happy to finally see it all come off. She smiled at him and placed both of her hands on his broad shoulders while he held her waist, swaying slowly under the romantic candlelights. He pressed his forehead against hers and softly whispered,

“Hello, Mrs. Lupin.”

(Y/n) chuckled at the sound of her new name and bit her lip before answering, “Hello, Mr. Lupin.”

“You look so lovely tonight, darling,” he said before pressing a kiss on her lips, feeling the excitement rise in his chest as she tugged on his neck tie, deepening the kiss. She moved her lips against him in perfect synchronization and with a gentle push, she sat down on the bed while he proceeded to unzip her lace lingerie, not taking his lips off her.

She was really sweet, almost like chocolate. Not a day passes by that he loved her less than before. He was happy to spend every second of his life with her and she felt the same for him. After finally removing her undergarments, he shrugged off his coat and gently crawled on top of her, gazing into her (e/c) eyes that captured his heart the first time he saw her in the Great Hall. He unbuckled his belt and threw his pants aside while she pressed kisses down his neck, keeping her fingers intertwined in his brown hair she adored so much. She unbuttoned his white shirt and pushed him to sit back so she could climb on his lap.

“I love you so much, Remus,” she said, kissing him once more before trailing down to his jaw, throat, and collarbone. He played with her (h/c) hair around his long finger as she left kisses along the scars on his body and the small patch of hair on his chest. His heart beat loud like a strong drum, shouting her name and her name alone. It thrilled him but he held the instinctive urge to pounce on her and did his best to be patient. She was teasing all his favorite spots dangerously and by the time she reached his boxers, he was almost panting. She sat once more on his lap and kissed him passionately, tongue tasting his lips while he guided his fingers to her bum. He squeezed her there, making her moan into the kiss, a sign that he wanted her now.

“So beautiful for me. So sweet,” he praised.

She laid back on the mattress and allowed him to get on top of her, his turn to tease her. He kissed her neck to her breasts where he left small bites but not enough to bruise. He sucked on her nipples gently while his other hand massaged her, moans leaving her mouth as he licked them.

“Remus…,” she gasped after feeling the tips of his fingers rub her moist womanhood.

He slipped a finger inside and tormented her with teases and whispers, his lips brushing against her jaw but not pressing into a kiss. (Y/n) was writhing and moaning beneath his touch. She bucked her hips to him after he added another finger, feeling her orgasm coming close.

“Come on, love. Do it for me. That’s right. Bet you taste delicious down there,” he encouraged and shortly after, she felt herself release.

Remus removed his boxers and positioned himself between her legs, his length rubbing up and down her soaking slit.

“Are you sure, darling?”

“Yes, Remus…Want you now,” (Y/n) moaned.

He smiled at her and kissed her softly before pushing inside. It was his turn to moan.

“O-Oh…yes..Mm, so nice and tight, darling.”

She felt so good and warm around his hard member. He pulled out and thrusted back in and soon enough, it became a pace. Slow and gentle were his movements, wanting to make sure she feels every inch the length he pushed inside her. Her nails dug scratches on his back, leaving behind red trails but Remus did not mind. It quite turned him on.

He continued thrusting into her until he reached the spot that made her buck her hips into him once more.

“Remus, right there! Mm…”

“Here, love? Gonna cum now…”

As they neared their orgasm, Remus pushed her knees to her chest and slightly quickened his pace. Afterwards, he released inside her and watched her smile satisfyingly as she came as well. He cleaned her up, ever the gentleman he was, and tucked her under the thick blankets to prevent her from feeling cold. He kissed her gently and waved his wand, snuffing out the candles before lying down beside (Y/n) and falling asleep.

anonymous asked:

Cow boy fact??? There was a thing called Texas fever in the cattle in Texas up to Abeline (( Major cattle town )) and one way to cure it was to travel in the winter and spring. So would McCree just freeze all the meat for cooking?

ohhhh hmmm!!! i dont think canon mccree would since he hasnt really had the actual cow-herding upbringing (as far as we know???) + i cant imagine he’d have time to freeze and unfreeze meat when spending 10 years on the run but in an au where mccree is actually a cowboy up to the rounding up cows aspect that could def be a thing!!!

The Labyrinth Chapter 22

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 5.0k

Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23

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Omega Children Headcanons

-Omega children are generally petite and quiet but very intelligent

-Despite being small they actually eat a lot of food in one sitting, sometimes even more than Alphas

-They love baggy clothes, often times Omega children will wrap up in one of their parents sweaters or bathrobes. The softness and the parental scent comforts them

-A little cluster of Omega children talking about their future Alphas and being all red faced and embarrassed about it but gushing nonetheless

-Small Omega nests filled with teddy bears and nursery quilts

-Being very cuddly with their Omega and Beta friends

-Omega children sometimes prefer their Alpha parent, but they always share a close bond with their Omega parent

-They are even more sensitive to the cold than adult Omegas and are often dressed very warmly to prevent a cold

-Some parents preferring to homeschool their Omega children to keep them safer

-Always trying hard to help their parents do things and beaming with pride whenever they are praised

The Cliff (Taehyun x Reader)

A/n: This is a rather short scenario but i hope you like it. I missed the BTS request too. ALSO, thanks for the praises, i’m making more sf9 post in the future :D
Genre/warnings: Fluff and a bit of angst. 

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word counting: 1.683

Ever since you moved to this new house you took the habit of going to the sea when you are thoughtful. At first it was because of the lack of friends in the new city but still now when you need it you descend the rocks next to the lighthouse and sit observing the waves, and it doesn’t have anything with your friends. Your parents have told you a thousand times not to do such things but you knew it was only their fear inspired by some local urban legend of a kid that fell down the cliff many years ago and never returned. But you are skillful enough to not trip and you always make sure to be safe enough. That’s why you are there, one night more, with the cold shaking your bones but with your heart in peace.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! How about a scenario with link? Perhaps him and his s/o are cooking and link ends up adding the wrong ingredient?

I do hope this is fine 💜

- Aya

Spicy Confusion

The sky was painted a shade of light blue, clouds of various shapes and sizes decorated the once plain canvas as flocks of birds flew with ease. The sun shone brightly, its warm rays providing light and warmth for the villagers of Hateno Village to indulge. However, the chilling air seemed to have been able to pierce through the warm light and kiss each and every inch of exposed skin there was, forcing people to wear multiple layers of clothing to defend themselves from the cold. The red tint in the tips of their nose and ears - sadly - proved that it was ineffective.

Kids were forced to stay inside their homes instead to play and shopkeepers avoided leaving the doors and windows open to prevent the cold air from getting inside. Farmers had to bear with its deadly kisses as they took care of their crops and mothers rushed to finish their tasks. Despite being summer already, it seemed that the temperature did not want to cooperate with it.

Behind the house and model houses of Bolson Construction stands the home of a young couple. The pot nearby accepted the blazing heat from the burning piles of wood below, cooking the meal prepared by both Link and his lover. The simmering liquid which cooked the sliced meat slowly vaporized into thin smoke, and the aroma embraced the two young adults as they talked to one another. The dish was simple to make, Prime Gourmet Curry. It was enough for the stomachs of those who ate it to feel warmth spread throughout their bodies, and it was surely something everyone had to eat sooner or later.

The chatter between the two was disrupted by a pair of rushing footsteps nearing them, and both of them turned their heads to see an ecstatic Amira. The mother of two faced [name], a large grin plastered on her face. She intertwined her fingers together and pleaded, “Oh, dear! May I borrow you for a second? I really want to show you something I made.” The couple looked at each other before shrugging, [name] stood up and patted their clothes down. They turned their head to face Link and asked, “Can you put the Goron Spice for me?”

Link stood up and nodded as a reply, refraining from something with someone else around. They gratefully smiled, placing their lips upon his cheek for a second before joining Amira. “I’ll be back soon, don’t worry!” They exclaimed, and he watched their figures getting smaller until they were no longer there. The knight stretched, popping a few bones to release the tension from his shoulders.

He walked inside his home, breathing in the welcoming scent of wood of the space enclosed by four walls. Nearing the shelves where the Goron Spice resides in, he eyed the multiple containers; each held different kinds of spices and elixirs. Everything looked the same except the colours of the liquid inside. His lover decided to transfer each and every one of them in the same kind of jar, admitting that it was quite uncomfortable for them to see so many different containers in one spot. It was not difficult to differentiate them from each other, thanks to the help of the pieces of paper taped in each container. Link made the mistake of not paying any attention to what he was reaching for, confident that his instincts were right with its choice of jar.

He left his house and neared the pot, popped the cork open and poured the adequate amount of spice in–

Oh dear, was that purple swirling around inside the pot?

Link’s baby blue eyes widened, finally realizing the mistake he has done. He soon regretted ever trusting his instincts, and should have checked if what he got was the correct one or not. He held the jar up and read the label taped onto it.

It was not Goron Spice, but Monster Extract.

A look of disbelief and annoyance overtook his features, and Link could not help but breathe out a deep sigh. What should he say once [name] gets back?

He decided to wait instead, the food still looked edible enough to eat. Maybe they can even turn them into meaty rice balls instead.

“Link, what’s that smell?” Not even before a minute after they made the mistake did he hear their voice. He turned and watched as they neared the cooking pot with confusion. Eyeing the food before them, they crossed their arms and asked, “What did you do?”

“I… accidentally added Monster Extract instead of Goron Spice?” Link responded in a questioning tone, scratching his nape with his free hand as embarrassment flooded his cheeks, turning them into a shade of pink. He looked at the ground and waited for them to react. Instead, what he only received was a soft slap on the back of his head, causing him to gasp in surprise.

“How many times I have told you to check before confirming that it’s the right one?” They asked, although they knew they didn’t need an answer for that. Link chuckled under his breath, muttering an apology as he smiled. [name] shook their head and patted his shoulder.

“Don’t worry, we can still eat it. Come on, it’s almost done,” they said, getting inside to get the utensils needed. “It’s your turn to wash the dishes after this for your mistake!” They exclaimed. Link shook his head and followed after, shouting back an “Okay!”

Block B Reaction #12 - The first time their s/o sees snow, they flop down in it face first

anon asked: block b, b.a.p, and blackpink reaction to their s.o never seeing snow until they visit a snowy state while they’re with them on tour and when they see it they run outside without a coat on and flop down in it face down and start making snow angels xD i can just imagine them saying “JAGI YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG PUT A COAT ON” lmao

Jiho: “What are you doing?!?” He’d be shocked when you just flopped down into the snow and he’d be instantly worried that you’d get frostbite on your face.

Originally posted by junhyyo

Jaehyo: He’d be more confused than anything. Why did you do that…? It was too cold to be flopping around in it like that. What possessed you to do that?

He’d stand there like *gif* and would question your sanity silently

Originally posted by jaehyohoe

Yukwon: He’d laugh hysterically at the cute show you put on for him. you’d finish your angel and roll around in the snow, then reach for him so he’d help you up only to pull him down with you.

He couldn’t stay mad at you though and just laughed even harder where he landed. You were too damn cute and he loves it

Originally posted by wroni87

Minhyuk: He’s a little too concerned for you tbh.

“Jagi! Don’t do that you’ll get sick!!” -10 minutes later- “Are you still cold? No? Good…” -5 minutes later- “Jagi do you feel sick at all?” -20 minutes later- “Maybe you should take a warm shower and eat some sou-”

You: “Minhyuk I’m fine!! I’m not cold at all and you already made me eat 3 bowls of soup!!”

“Yes, but another bowl of soup won’t hurt just in case you have cold germs now.”

Originally posted by breebatteryafter

Taeil: “Whoa- Wh-what are you doing?!” He’d laugh from shock and end up helping you stand back up after playfully scolding you for being childish. He’d find it the cutest thing ever though and he’d smile randomly through the rest of the night remembering your spontaneous conversion back to childhood

*I couldn’t find a gif that matched so here, have cute and happy Taeil!*

Originally posted by yooneroos

Jihoon: He’s probably the only member who would flop himself right down beside you.

“Jagi nooo~ THIS is how you make a snow angel!!” and then you’d probably spend the next 3 hours making snow angels together and seeing who could jump the furthest away from it so you didn’t leave any footprints by it.

Originally posted by ddonggeun

Kyung: *pretend that you’re Jihoon*

He’d want to get you home to prevent a cold but wouldn’t want to leave. He’d make up some cute excuse to spend time with you still.

This smooth mf

“Jagi you’re shivering! Come here I’ll keep you warm. We should get you back home and I’ll make you some soup, okay? We can watch some movies and just snuggle for warmth~”

Originally posted by wocjiho

A/N: so cute~ sorry this reaction was a bit shorter! I had to rush a bit to get it finished before I had to go to work. ^.^” I hope you liked it anyway!

Winter Wellness and Herbs

There’s one thing I have noticed with store bought, brand name medicines… You buy things like Tylenol Cold if you have a cold, or take certain medicines if you have that ailment… That does not work for herbal medicine, many herbs to many jobs.
The best way to apply and use herbs is to match what they do with your symptoms… Echinacea is advertised as the miracle cure all for colds and the flu, it only works to it’s fullest potential for a specific symptoms however.

Each herb listed below can be applied numerous ways, if you are unsure of how to consume/use it, don’t be afraid to ask or look it up. There is a lot of medical terminology here, don’t be frustrated if you have to look any of the words up. Trust me, I did a lot of that making this.
I will include a detailed write up of some herbs at the bottom of the lists.

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In a Shroud of Wings

To keep you warm at night. ❤

Castiel x Reader
Word count: 1,375
Warnings: Mild language
Fluff. It’s soooo fluffy, metaphorically and literally. This fluff will get all up in your hair and everything. You’ll be finding it for days.

My beta reader/husband asked why he needed to be topless. Because he doesn’t want to rip his shirt…Obviously.

**DISCLAIMER: I spell it ‘Cass’ like in the show and the script. If it bothers you, I don’t mind if you imagine away the second ’S’.


Imagine… Castiel warming you up on a cold night with his wings…

You close the motel room door quickly behind you to preserve what little heat there is inside. The icy wind follows you in, and the cold from the snow seems to have seeped into your bones. Your body is convulsing in uncontrollable shivers.

‘Fuck Winter,’ you utter through chattering teeth. You make a bee-line for the bed, unable to bear the thought of removing any clothes, but knowing how uncomfortable you’ll be if you don’t at least take off your bra. You pull the old school changing rooms trick and pull it out through your sleeve.

You tentatively remove your boots and hop up onto the mattress quickly, keeping your jeans and hoodie on. You wrap the quilt around you and bury your face into it too. you sit there curled up for a while, still shivering. The quilt offers minimal warmth. You try to wriggle about a bit, but you are too tired to keep it up, not that it does any good anyway.

You slump down onto the pillows, curled up in the bunched quilt. What you wouldn’t give for a heater or a hot water bottle right now. Or a warm body next to you.

The day swirls around in your head, and your tiredness becomes a heavy weight that overcomes you. You wouldn’t call it sleep, though. You are still shivering, the cold preventing you from really relaxing.
His face flutters through your mind. His face and those deep blue eyes and the kindness he showed you today. His name rattles around your head.


They tell you to think warm thoughts. Well, the angel is a warm thought. You imagine his trenchcoat as an extra layer to keep you warm, his arms wrapped around you.

You think you must be dreaming because you hear the flap of wings. Then silence.

You daren’t lift your head from under the covers to look. the cold air will find you.
‘Cass?’ you chance, your voice muffled by the quilt. You hear movement, and the mattress sinks beside you.

Adrenaline surges through your body, your heart pounding.

What if it’s not Cass? What if it’s some other supernatural being skulking around the dark room?

‘You were praying,’ he says softly. You feel his hand on you through the sheets. ‘Are you hurt?’

His misunderstanding brings a smile to your cheeks. His concern fills you with a different kind of warmth.

‘No,’ you mumble.

You sigh. He can just see the round shape in the covers deflate. You imagine his tilted head and furrowed brow.

You wriggle your head out of the quilt and feel the sharp air bite at your nose. Your hair is a static mess, flopping over your face and sticking out wildly at odd angles. Your eyes find his in the dark.

‘I’m fucking freezing.’

If you squint, you can see the penny dropping.

He is still touching you, on your waist, in fact, and he looks down at his hand. His fingers curve round your shape so he is almost gripping you, and before you have the chance to let your mind devour this fact, you feel the warmth pooling, spreading through your body from his touch. A soft glow emits from his hand, lighting up his face and those glittering eyes that are fixed on you.

You can’t help but groan as the heat fills up your body. Pins and needles start to tingle in your previously numb toes. You feel all your muscles relax.

‘Better?’ he asks, not taking his hand or his eyes from you.

‘Mmm.’ You say. ‘Thank you.’

Finally, he removes his hand from you. Immediately, you feel the cold air begin to creep back in again. You must be tired, and desperate, because you actually whimper. You whimper, for fuck’s sake.

Castiel sighs.

‘This quilt does not seem sufficient,’ he remarks, the offending item slipping over his fingers.

You begin to shiver again, and despite his comment being true, you pull it closer around yourself.

He stands up, because you feel the mattress spring back into place. You squint up at him and notice he is removing his coat. Such a gentleman, you think.

But he continues removing his jacket, his shirt, carefully laying them on the chair. For a moment, you even forget to shiver as you wonder what exactly he proposes to do next.

Your eyes have adjusted to the dark, but you can still see mostly a shadowy figure. In the dim moonlight, you could be forgiven for thinking you imagined what you saw next.

Behind Castiel, two large shadows emerge and unfurl, soft and unkempt. Bold and magnificent. His wings fold up behind him as he kicks off his shoes and kneels again on the bed.

He tugs at the quilt. ‘Take this off,’ he says. You blink up at his shadowed face, tugging it back and pulling it round you.

‘It’s cold.’ you whine. ‘Aren’t you cold?’ You can see him roll his eyes even in the dark, his shoulders slumping impatiently.

‘I’m going to warm you up.’

You let the quilt slip from your fingers as he pulls it off. Another whimper emits from your throat, and you hug your knees to your chest.

Cass shuffles in behind you so you are sat between his legs, and he slides his arms around your middle. Before you have the chance to dwell on his thumbs brushing against the bottom of your breasts, you are enveloped in a warm shroud, soft feathers brushing against your face. You gasp.

Castiel rests his chin on your shoulder, and you feel warmth pooling into your body again. You sigh and relax into him, his wings wrapping further around you. You hold onto his arms, which are still around your middle, and as the effects of the cold dissolve, you follow the urge to lift a hand to the feathers in front of you.

They are soft and warm as they slide through your fingers, the vanes stroking across your skin.

Castiel lets out a sigh into your neck.

‘How come I’ve never seen these before?’ you ask, now combing through the softer, downier feathers.

‘Because you can only see them if I want you to,’ he answers simply. He leans back against the head of the bed, and you slump into him, snuggling back against his bare chest. Castiel kisses the top of your head.

‘You should get some sleep,’ he murmers. You can feel the warmth that is locked in behind his wings relax your body and your eyelids are getting heavy.

‘mmm,’ is your only response.

He pulls you close to him, then slides both of you down so you are laying down, both on your sides. you bury your face in his firm chest, his dark wing draping over you. With your legs curled up, the long, lower feathers reach past your toes, and you can feel them even through your socks. You also feel the soft bed of feathers beneath you and realise that you might never have been this comfortable in your life.

You feel yourself drifting, his feathers still settling and twitching occasionally when you move. Soon, a warm, soft, peaceful sleep envelopes you like Castiel’s wings.


You wake up when you hear your phone alarm, and you open bleary eyes to dim daylight seeping through the thin curtains. You fumble around for your phone, finding it and tapping the screen several times to get it to shut up.

You push yourself to sit up, feeling a warm flush in your cheeks, as if your whole body is glowing. Your heart sinks a little to find that Cass is no longer there. You begin to wonder if you dreamed the whole thing.

But then you look down at the bed around you, and it is littered with fluffy, blue-black feathers. You even find one in your hair and stuck to your jeans. You laugh as you pull them out. As you stand up to freshen up and sort your hair out, you notice a note on the nightstand. It reads:

Sorry about the mess. You fidget a lot. I guess I moulted. Cass x

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Challenging The Brave

Title: Challenging The Brave
Character(s) Featured: Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Pietro Maximoff, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff
Words: 1,570
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Genre: Humor
Rating: G (General)
Author’s Note: Hello my kitties and gentle-cats! I’m back, hooray! Did you guys miss me? So my semester is finally done and now I’m free to work on my stories. Another hooray! I actually got a request after sometime. Technically speaking, requests are close, but I will on occasionally answer some because I’m random that way. So here is the request of 2017! I think. I don’t really remember if I’ve done one for this year. Anonymous asked: Can I Ask for A Bruce Banner x Reader where the reader is extremely calm, like nothing can startle, scare, or make her mad. And because of this Tony and everyone else on the team try to get a reaction, aside from Steve and Bruce, of course. And something goes wrong when Tony tried to scare her and Bruce hulk’s out and Hulk gets protective of the reader who has a secretive smile on her face cause they learn she and Bruce have been secretly dating for a while now??? Plz and thank you!!
Summary: You’ve always been a calm person. Since a young age, you’ve been taught that things lose their power if you don’t let them take over your emotions. You don’t get scared, or get mad so quickly. The team, however, don’t believe that someone could be that reserved. They take it upon themselves to see if they can find a weakness. They just didn’t expect someone big and green to protect you from their idiocy. 

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Crystal Uses

Here is one of the lists of crystal uses and “remedies” that I have in my Book of Shadows. I figured I’d share it so it could help someone!


-Cold and Flu
1. Aventurine: Physically soothing; increases vitality; helps illnesses.
2. Green Jasper: Helps lungs and chest; prevents colds; helps colds, flu, coughing, and bronchitis.
3. Rose Quartz: Clears fluids; helps circulation; helps the heart, lungs, and coughs.
4. Red Jasper: Raises energy; promotes healing and good health.

1. Amethyst: Highly helpful in insomnia; soothes thoughts; reduces stress; can alleviate headaches and migraines.
2. Hematite: Grounding; calming; aids in insomnia.
3. Smokey Quartz: Calming; helpful in insomnia; relaxing.
4. Selenite: Helps in dreaming well if you rub it before sleep.

1. Aventurine: Confidence; overcomes self-doubt; self worth; optimism; opens heart energy; attracts new opportunities.
2. Clear Quartz: Clears the mind; amplifies energy; helps you align with light and clarity.
3. Rose Quartz: Opens and heals the heart energy; encourages forgiveness towards others and yourself; nurtures; helps feel the energy of love.

1. Amethyst: Helps you think and act at your highest level; reduces tension headaches; clears negativity; promotes feelings of peace.
2. Hematite: Reflects back negative energies to the sender; dissolves the issues when one meets with confrontation; reduces feelings of imbalance.
3. Rose Quartz: Placed at the heart for 15 minutes reduces the stress of the day; unblocks anxiety; promotes healing of emotional issues; helps you become more receptive of love.
4. Sodalite: Helps relieve tight muscles and mental congestion; helps relieve repressed anger and unspoken words of negativity; helps relax mental thoughts, especially at night.

-Job Interviews
1. Citrine: Top prosperity crystal; attracts success, good fortune, good luck, and abundance.
2. Aventurine: Brings good luck and abundance; relieves stammering; stabilizes minds.
3. Amethyst: Calming, helps you think and act on your highest level.
4. Obsidian: Grounding; helps keep you mentally present; enhances personal magnetism.

1. Amethyst: Soothing thoughts; gently increases patience; calming; promotes feelings of peace; clears negativity.
2. Rose Quartz: Unblocks anxiety; nurtures; increases forgiveness towards others and yourself.
3. Hematite: Reflects back negative energies to the sender; enhances positivism; slight grounding.

1. Amethyst: Can relieve fatigue and exhaustion; heals the brain; relaxes; lowers stress
2. Rose Quartz: Relieves fatigue; reduces pain; calms.
3. Clear Quartz: Terminated points take negative energy and pain away; magnifies the other crystals.
4. Selenite: Unblocks stagnant energy; makes positive energy flow easier.

1. Hematite: Grounding; calming; reduces feeling of imbalance.
2. Smokey Quartz: Absorbs negative emotions; spiritual grounding.
3. Blue Kyanite: Can align the chakras; strong spiritual grounding.
4. Obsidian: Strong grounding; keeps you mentally present; connects you to earth.


And again, I hope that helps someone~!

Blessed Be,
~*~The Moon Tea Witch~*~

misscrazyfangirl321  asked:

Ahhhhh!!! Baby BatCat from Gotham for the ask meme, please!!!!


WHO HOLDS THE UMBRELLA FOR THE OTHER WHEN IT RAINS: Bruce, of course! Alfred taught him to be a dapper gentleman and to ALWAYS hold an umbrella over a lady’s head. Selina protests at first because she’s so used to weathering the elements, but she eventually accepts it and it secretly warms her heart.

WHO IS THE GRUMPIEST IS THE MORNINGS: I don’t think that’s even a question! Selina is a little gremlin if she’s up before 11, and is liable to bite someone’s head off if that someone (particularly Alfred) so much as looks at her the wrong way. She usually fumes silently because the spare bedroom is so dang comfortable.

WHO WORRIES THE MOST WHEN THE OTHER IS HURT/SICK: Bruce, most definitely. Selina often stops by when she has a chest cold to prevent from turning into pneumonia, and Bruce spoils her rotten. He makes chicken soup, fluffs her pillows and makes sure she has the best of everything. It’s also the same when she gets hurt and she doesn’t go to a hospital. Bruce will personally patch her up and disinfect her wounds. She protests his fussing but she secretly loves it because no one has cared for her so much before.

WHO PLAYS PRANKS ON THE OTHER: Selina! She will often slip into his house and set booby traps for him to get caught up in come morning, not caring if it’s Bruce or Alfred who discovers them first. Another favorite thing of hers to do is creep into his room and hang his action figures in the blind ropes. Bruce always smiles when he wakes up to these and loves how she pretends to not know what he’s talking about when they see each other next.

WHO IS ALWAYS THE FIRST TO SUGGEST CUDDLING ON THE SOFA: Even though Bruce is always thinking about it, he’s respects Selina’s physical boundaries way to much to be the first to suggest it. Selina never asks; she pulls him down on the couch and snuggles next to him under the excuse that she wants to watch a movie with him. Bruce is always more than willing to give in and immediately wraps his arm around her and watches any Tim Burton movie of her choice.

WHO INISTS ON CREATING NICKNAMES FOR EACH OTHER: Again, Selina. Bruce has never seen the logical point of nicknames, but Selina loves them. His #1: for her will always be “Cat” while hers for him always varies. Some days it’s “Dapper Boy” if he’s wearing a suit and other times it’s “Slick” if he’s wearing his leather jacket. But her favorite for him is “Patch”. Bruce had no idea why but he thinks it has something to do when he repaired her jacket.

WHO DROOLS ON THE OTHER WHEN THEY’RE SLEEPING: Both do. It always happens when they’re cuddling on the couch and fall asleep watching a movie. Alfred has taken photos of them sleeping that he plans on using for blackmail on either of them when the time is right.

WHO SAYS “I LOVE YOU” FIRST: Bruce. It just slipped out after kissing her one evening on the couch. Neither of them were expecting it and Selina left by the window spooked because no one had ever said that to her before. After a week though she realized that she loved him too and didn’t want to risk losing the best thing that had ever happened to her. She went back to the manor and told him she felt the same, and even though their relationship isn’t perfect, it’s the closet thing to perfection that she will ever experience.

Thank you for reading this even though it’s so long! 🙂