"Oh, DID, that's really rare, isn't it?"

“Oh, DID, that’s really rare, isn’t it?” Reblogged from Life as a Committee: I was officially diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder in 2010. I say “officially” because a diagnosis from a psychologist seems to mean very little to the government employed mental health professionals in… [ 13 more words. ] reblogged from TraumaAndDissociation on facebook

honestly to the idea that lapis is “too strong to be a war reporter”

I’d like to think that Water isn’t as prevelant on Homeworld or most gem colonies (therefore making hydrokenisis not that big of a deal) and the fact that earth has a shit ton of water is a bit of an oversight on Blue Diamond’s part

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this is an unpopular opinion, but i think that the dceu is setting up joker and harley to be more of an equal standing. like who knows what they'll do with them. not saying it's not healthy (he does manipulate her in the beginning) but like joker and harley, especially considering the arkham games, are a prevelent duo so it's gonna be more present in future movies. like i'm hoping for ivy to show up and do some flirting with harls, but j and h are more iconic