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Life’s a hurricane, accompanied by thunderstorms. And through all this mayhem, sometimes the deepest of secrets spill out. The truth unravels itself fiercely just to settle down in the hearts forever. The truth causes heartbreak, tears, fights, but in the end the truth prevails. It may seem that the looming grey clouds will stay forever. But the truth will let that ray of sunshine appear. Otherwise, those clouds will loom forever.

I am acquainted with several of these women and they are amazing! True feminists in word and action. All of these women have suffered great brutality under the hands of a brutal religion and escaped under harrowing circumstances. All of them are activists presently at the risk of life and limb. They need our support. These are the true worthy examples. The true warriors.

Life’s a hurricane, accompanied by thunderstorms. And through all this mayhem, sometimes the deepest of secrets spill out. The truth unravels itself fiercely just to settle down in the hearts forever. The truth causes heartbreak, tears, fights, but in the end the truth prevails. It may seem that the looming grey clouds will stay forever. But the truth will let that ray of sunshine appear. Otherwise, those clouds will loom forever.
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DAY 3340

Jalsa, Mumbai                May 20,  2017                Sat 11:50 PM

Birthday - Ef AishTVM       Sun, May 21         .. greetings to a very quiet Ef from Thiruvananthapuram .. all wishes for a lovely day ..

Lazy beings are a curse .. for better or for worse .. building up to something terse .. averse and subverse .. !

No particular reason to say such , but I do say it .. there could be much read through it, or just a mere moment of such .. and that would be it ..

My Father once told me , ‘earn your living through acts that have been given your sweat and blood .. !!’ And the elders have a way of putting matters that could last a lifetime. Indeed they do. The sayings you learn during the growing years, those moments of great learning and experience, an incident, something we saw and heard .. all seem to be on an eternal wheel of time .. wheels move as does time, irreplaceable, and we are subjected to qualms of justice and hoped fare play .. but the truth shall prevail ever ..

A word that was picked up during the shoot for a campaign .. a campaign that rarely got such historic words, for which we need to rush for our mobile phones. And that is all .. the phone shall remain hidden somewhere .. oh !!

So when you lavish in the heat of temperature and bearded stuck by glue to the most sensitive regions of the face, then does one reflect on the ‘earnings’ through noble ideals .. 

Goaded by work ethics, struck down the throat with all kinds of viral fevers and coughs, your strength of resilience prevails much greater in substance than in any other .. the suffering of the individual that suffers shall ever remain with him that suffers .. he or she shall decide when it is becoming untolerable or not .. 

BUT ..

for one that has been through many inquisitive minds that wished to ‘OPEN UP’ the vagaries of my withins, they shall ever be sensitive and precautionary .. 

And then that moment of self assessment .. whether it has changed me or my life style, whether I be more frank and brutal or a simplistic Desai, the Ramakant Desai that would be brought on to bowl to specific individuals .. and win .. were and are still the rage as far as the work ethic goes  .. !! Beyond that however, life stands still .. if endeavour is decided, then the work for its success shall ever remain .. 

And so be it ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Without Ali b. Abi Talib, peace be upon him, truth cannot prevail since the majority of Muslims we see today neglected Ali and fell into the deepest abyss and without the Ahlulbayt, the Muslim is misguided since the Promise of the Apostle of God says: Hold onto the two, Quran and my Ahlulbayt (Sacred Household) and you shall not go astray.
—  Late night pre-Fajr contemplations of frustration seeing the Muslim Nation neglecting the Treasury and Depositary of God and the Prophets knowledge.
Who Shattered Pink Diamond?

Ok, so in an earlier ask, I stated that I thought Yellow Diamond shattered Pink Diamond but as I thought about it I started to question whether she could have done it.

So let’s try to organize the info we have and see if we can come to a plausible conclusion.

So to start off, I don’t think Rose did it. Bismuth said herself that Rose’s sword could cut through a gem’s physical form but never the gem itself. Rose refused to use the breaking point because she felt shattering a gem for any reason was wrong. Why would she then turn around and shatter PD herself with a weapon not designed to do so?

Blue Zircon stated that according to the facts that were given, there was no way Rose should have been able to do what she allegedly did. Between the Sapphires and Agates etc. That should have been along with PD in her entourage, SOMEONE should have seen her coming and stopped her.

Zircon also asked a question that really caught my attention. “Where was her Pearl?” When she said this, Yellow pearl turned to Blue pearl with a nervous look on her face, whereas blue pearl seemed to be more engaged in what blue Zircon was saying. Seemingly just as curious as BD. If Yellow Diamond is withholding information it would be reasonable to assume that Yellow pearl would also know considering Diamonds and their pearls are always together, meaning if Blue Diamond doesn’t know, neither would her Pearl.

Which brings us back to the question, where was Pink pearl? Or better yet, where IS Pink pearl? No one ever mentioned her being shattered, yet she, the gem arguably closest to PD was never called to the stand? I don’t believe our Pearl is Pink Pearl due to gem placement but I do believe she was a part of PD’s court due to the pink diamonds on her spacesuit and on Sardonyx’s shoes. Is it possible she was there? Maybe but she also would have been recognized as a threat for thousands of years so I doubt she would have able to get close either.

So what do we have so far?

  • According to an eyewitness account, PD was shattered with a sword, but not with one that belonged to Rose
  • Her Pearl presumably isn’t shattered because it probably would have been reported by eyewitnesses. But her current status is unknown
  • The only Gem so far that claims to have seen it happen in person was eyeball, who we all know to be easily fooled.

What do I think happened?

Scenario 1: After Thousands of years, Pink Diamond had failed to reclaim the Earth (Perhaps even failing to do so on purpose, as she had fallen in love with the planet as Rose did) YD, growing impatient, decided to take matters into her own hands and shatter her so that she could use it how she saw fit (Cluster, forced fusion experiments, etc.) and framed Rose Quartz as no one would doubt she did it. “But Kainan! There’s no way she could have shapeshifted into Rose! Her gem would be way too big!” I hear you say. But what if she didn’t? whether she got Pink pearl to do it (which would explain why she didn’t yell and is nowhere to be found) or some other method is to be determined.

Scenario 2: Practically everything from before except white diamond was pulling the strings and YD was just protecting Blue from the truth

Scenario 3: Pink staged her own death with Rose and Pink Pearl, now liberated and ownerless, goes off to do her own thing and the reason YD was so ready to end the trial was because she just wanted to see the gem who shattered her sister destroyed.

Scenario 4: Everything is wrong and some crazy 4th thing comes out of the blue (No pun intended, possible foreshadowing?) that we didn’t expect due to new information or something(s) that I more than likely 100% overlooked.

But with a keen eye for detail, one truth prevails!

or in this case, with an average eye for obvious plot points, several half baked theories struggle to survive…

This about describes my mental state these days. Blank. Lost. Confused. Anger is definitely there as well. What do you do when you realize the person you gave your life to for 6yrs didn’t even exist? What do you do when you realized that you literally were living in a world that didn’t exist and was never real?
The person I was in love with, whom I gave my heart to… well he made a fool of me. He never spoke the truth. I believed every word and now I’m here, starting over. I don’t have a clue where to start or even if I should try to start over. My trust in men is basically non existent… I’m just so confused as to how someone could be so malicious and psychotic/ sociopathic towards another person who’s done nothing but be there for them and support them in any way possible. I’m sure I will be leaking bits and pieces of my story. Even a picture or two, not my problem he was hiding another life from me. Everyone knows now, weather it’s believed or not is another story.. but all I can say is the truth prevails, even if it does take 6 years of someone’s life and loosing a child to be told.

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psst. guy. it's your boi here. kinda unnecessary but in my last submission? idk if you may have noticed but i may or may not have hidden something there.

Ayyy ma boi you mean this one? Because I spent a long time scratching my brain over it but I lack the inner Sherlock Holmes to spot it \o/