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Top three most annoying traits of Charlotte

“Hmm… I’d have to say her self-hate, her tendency to easily be swayed by someone being nice to her which puts her in danger…”

“And of course her tendency to wear all black even in summer most of the time! She looks great in it, but I swear she’s going to get heatstroke one of these days.” Says the girl who wears a fuzzy coat to a desert.


1. LORETTA LYNCH, 56, U.S. Attorney General

“I want to protect the most vulnerable..

2. VALERIE JARRETT, 58, Senior Advisor To The President

“When women succeed, America succeeds.”

3. SUSAN RICE, 51, National  Security Advisor

“My parents always taught me to work hard and to never give a halfhearted…

4.DEESHA DYER, 37, Special Assistant To The President & Social Secretary

“Always be yourself. It sounds cliché, but as you get older, it becomes clear…

5. ASHLEY ALLISON, 33, Deputy Director Of The Office Of Public Engagement “The most inspiring moments come in times of quiet reflection on my walk to and from work.”

6. ASHLEY ETIENNE, 37,  Special Assistant To The President & Cabiney Communications Director “Truth will prevail regardless of the opposition and enormity of the challenge.”

7. ASHLEY TATE-GILMORE, 32, Director of The white House Travel Office “I have the chance to connect with Americans overseas who are real-life examples of the work we’re doing.”

8. ADAEZE ENEKWECHI, 37, Associate Director For Health, Office of Management And Budget. “Never take a job that doesn’t terrify [you]. Those are the jobs worth doing.”