BIG BANG +a in Seoul Live CD

[HQ Scans download link]

This folder includes scans of the entire booklet + the five photocards. The scans do have my logo. I hope that’s ok. Anyways, feel free to edit the scans, post and share them… but please give full credit and don’t crop out my logo.

I hope you like them. Thank you.

Love, Annie 


동창생(Commitment) was released on DVD and Blue Ray in germany today 140328 !!!

The title of the movie in Germany is “Silent Assassin” 

(well…I would have prefered the title Commitment though ^^)

I’m so so proud of him that this movie is successful not only in Asia but also other countries! He did such a great job. He deserves it all! Congratulations Actor Choi Seunghyun!

you can buy the DVD here

Happy 7th anniversary, Big Bang! Thank you for everything you give to us, for pleasing us with your wonderful songs, touching lyrics and powerful stages. Thank you for being the reason I could meet so many great people and make friends worldwide. Thank you for making me happy with your songs, thank you for making me cry and shed loads of tears while watching your live performances. You are just too amazing! My life has changed a lot since I know you! It is definitely a better and happier one. I love you.

빅뱅 감사합니다! VIP 언제까지 ! 사랑합니다 ∞