offscott asked:

You're writing? What's it about? By the way I meant the last part about irony XD

I was gonna answer this privately, but I’ll actually answer it publicly because I don’t actually talk about my writing much on my blog.

My current project is titled ‘Utopia’. The story centres around the world that’s been left behind when the human empire seals itself off after the constant wars between two supernatural forces, the Witches and the Demigods.

The protagonists of the series are named Marley and Victoria, and they spend their time going from village to village, helping those in need as they do so.

The current plan is three releases, each containing six short stories. The first release, or season, is thoroughly planned out, and the first story, ‘Heart of Ice’, has a completed draft which I’m currently editing before moving on to the second.

I’m relatively happy with how the first story is shaping up, although it definitely needs a lot of work. It’s likely that if and when I push out the first season, I’ll release the first story online.

Hope that gave everyone a little bit more of an idea of what I’m working on, at least in the writing department!