Pretzel Week. Day 5: Forced Partners Trope in Sci-Fi AU

When the future of the Rebellion lies in the hands of Prince Killian, he’d have to do anything to ensure its success. Even if it meant working with the stuck-up, half-witted, nerf herder smuggler that went by the name of Emma Swan. She didn’t seem to be so keen on working with him either, but money was money and Prince Killian had it - or so she thought in the beginning.

It wasn’t long before they stopped fighting against each other and he had started to pin her against the nearest wall.

But that is a different story :P


Pretzel Week. Day 4: Fake Dating Trope in a Shapeshifters AU 

Fake the mate.

In a desperate attempt to have her pack out of her back regarding her unmated status, Emma Swan found the most unexpected ally in Killian Jones, beta from the rival pack.

It wasn’t unknown that after the death of his mate, Killian held no interest in ever finding another mate.

But when he found Emma tipping the scales into a dangerous situation by getting drunk on a bar that belonged to their territory, and before Liam jumped into yet another chance at a pissing contest with David, Killian bought her a shot of whiskey - or five -  and listened to her predicament.

It wasn’t hard to fake interest in Emma, she was one of the most fierce and beautiful women he’d seen in his life and the way she could talk back at everyone - including him, a beta from a rival pack or her own Alpha - surely was something else. He quite enjoyed it, especially when she was yelling at David - or Liam.

For all the tough exterior the Brother Jones pack had as reputation, Killian Jones could be as adorable as a puppy when he set his mind to it and the way he’d played the puppy dog eyes in front of her pack had been absolutely perfect.

They couldn’t fool the wolves’ senses, but they could definitely fool both David and Liam into the fact that they were willingly choosing each other as mates, all natural laws be damned. It wasn’t common, but there had been exceptions, especially when one partner had already lost a mate.

The ruse had worked perfectly for a while, until the day her gaze started to linger on his, or his hand would remain at her lower back for a moment more than was visible needed in front of the rest. It was - and it wasn’t - a surprise when they found themselves holding hands in private, with no one looking.

Her eyes bore into his and when she leaned in to kiss him, he met her halfway.

alexa ch*ng is so hot but she bothers me so much, i’ve never unfollowed her on social media but all of it is like “Went outside without a hat on and now I’m catching a cold :(”, like imagine being so naturally beautiful and wealthy that u don’t need 2 have an actual job OR put in the effort 2 be funny or interesting, i wanna b her

Pretzel Week. Day 1: Soulmates Trope in a Monster Hunters AU

All his life Killian Jones knew one thing and one thing only: monsters of all kinds should be exterminated. He belonged to a long line of hunters that were tasked with keeping their world safe. It’s the only life he knew how to live.

Until she came along.

She, of the blonde hair and green eyes that sparkle in the sun. She of the feathers when the moonlight hit.

She, the one he should hunt but never could.  The one that haunted his sleepless nights ever since they met for the first time.

She, that kept coming back for him as much as he went to search for her.

The one with the black ink on her skin that mirrored his soulmate mark.

She, the one he loved.

Emma Swan.

I Just Want To Hold You

Another ficlet for @seastarved‘s Fantasy Pretzel Week. Day 4, Feb 23: Fake Dating Trope in a Shapeshifters AU

Again, thanks @mahstatins and @ofshipsandswans for taking a look at this for me.

“Swan,” Killian gently grabs Emma by the arm as she turns to slip out the door, “where the bloody hell are you going? What if your parents find you sleeping in some other room? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of this whole charade?”

“I’m not sleeping in another room Killian.”

“Then where are you going, love? You asked me to come here with you to pretend to be your fiancé and I am happy to help. I just -” I just thought I’d get to spend the night holding you, his brain supplies. “I just thought that you could trust me with whatever is troubling you.”

“Killian, I swear, I can explain. Just not now, OK? In the morning?” He sighs and lets her go, unwilling to keep his best friend captive. She slips out the door and he goes to bed alone.

He’s woken the next morning by the sound of her creeping back through the door. He looks at her pointedly. She doesn’t explain.

The same thing happens the next night. And the next.

Emma Swan still doesn’t share her secret with him; he feels heartbroken.

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Adventures in magic with Emma Swan (ft. Killian Jones)

Summary: Emma’s partnered with Killian for one of her classes. Random stuff ensues. For @seastarved Fantasy Pretzel Week: Day Two. Bed-sharing in a Magical University AU. 

Dedicated to the Hub’s very own Mama Rowling, Clare @mahstatins (who beta’d this and is an all-round stellar person!) 

 Tagging a few other homies from the hub…

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And to all those Potterheads, I apologise profusely in advance (I have not read or watched HP so I’m taking a lot of liberties with this). Heh.

(I’ll post the second half later in the week.) 

The words stared back at her, emblazoned proudly on the crest carved into the wood, a written warning intended as a constant reminder.

Omnes Magicae Price.

All magic has a price.

It begged the question why anyone would want to involve themselves in the magical arts, much less attend a school where it was the core curriculum, but here she was. Not only does all magic come with a price, it’s quite fickle if not handled properly. One tiny slip up and-

-and Emma found herself chained to her partner, staring forlornly at the library doors, hoping that somewhere in the building there was a spell to reverse this.

“This is all your fault y'know,” Emma hissed at him.

The events leading up to this went a little something like this…


Belle French: friend, book-lover, intellectual wonder, and the worst traitor known to mankind.

“I think you’re being a little over-dramatic, Emma.”

“Actually, I’m being just the right amount of dramatic, Miss French.” Emma said over her shoulder, refusing to look her ex-best friend in the eye.

“Really, Emma. The last name?” She could hear Belle’s eye roll at her theatrics. Emma sighed, turning to face Belle. She was happy for her friend, she really was. As one of the brightest at Storybrooke University, it was no wonder that Belle was given the offer to move to the advanced class. But it left Emma without a class partner.

“I’m going to miss you,” she said, her shoulders sagging.    

Belle laughed. “You’ll still see me.”

“It won’t be the same,” Emma pouted.

Belle smiled. “Oh. Miss Fisher wanted me to tell you that your new partner will be coming tomorrow. See? You won’t be all alone.”

Emma mumbled a “Yeah, I guess,” before pulling Belle into a tight hug.

“Come on. We’ll be late.” Emma gathered her equipment, her wand and spell book, shoving it into her bag and following Belle out of the canteen.   

Well. What a way to start the semester.


Killian Jones: newbie, charmer, too handsome for his own good, and a general thorn in Emma’s side. She should’ve been prepared for this. Belle had told her. But as soon as she walked into class she saw the dark haired, blue eyed stranger, irritation flared in her chest as he lounged in what used to be Belle’s spot. He was waving his wand around, a careless smile on his lips.

And she didn’t know what came over her but she stormed over to him, plucking the wand out of his hand.

“So. You’re my new partner,” she said, examining the wand before looking at him. He scrambled to stand up and she should not have found the red tinge to the tips of his ears endearing, nor the way his accent wrapped around her name.

“Ah, yes! You must be Emma Swan. Killian Jones.” He held out his hand and she took it, her lips tugging into a small smile.

“You aren’t from around here are you?” She mused as she handed the wand back to him.

“That obvious?” He asked, reaching back to scratch behind his ear.

She shrugged, “You stick out.”

“In a good way, I hope.”

“We’ll see.”

Killian Jones is without a doubt the worst partner Emma has ever had the misfortune of being paired with.

Not twenty minutes into the class, he had spilled three potions, cast two incorrect spells (she’s sure two of her classmates will be plotting his murder once the effects of his hex wear off), and almost broke his wand.

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acting with consequences

A little something I wrote for @seastarved’s pretzel week. Day 3: co-workers in the Enchanted Forest. Tagging @a-wacky-fangirl for being an awesome friend for reading this through, and letting me know if it was worth posting at all (and of course, and awesome friend in general) :D

Summary: Emma and Killian work together as actors in a troupe. Emma doesn’t trust him though - he’s new, and he won’t say why he left his last troupe. With August’s new play, not only does Emma have to act civil around Killian - she has to play madly in love with him. Of course.

7k | rated T | ao3 |

Emma found August outside his tent. He was airing his bed roll out on a short line spanning from his tent to David and Snow’s. Emma thought briefly of her own bed roll. That could wait until later though. She had more pressing matters to attend to, like questioning August about her character and this new play he had written. He had better have a good answer.

“Is the maid seriously just a naive girl who makes no choices ever and is only there to fall blindly in love with the prince?” Emma held up the script that August had written. She had been going through it all day. When he handed it to her that morning, saying she would play a maid with a great destiny, Emma had been thrilled. Now disappointment coursed through her. “I can handle it when characters aren’t outspoken or decisive, but really, August? This is kinda misogynistic.”

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