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Fantasy Pretzel Week » Day 2, Feb 21: Bed Sharing Trope in a Magical University AU 

One thing every teacher repeated year after year was that magic always comes with a price. Students were warned not to try any of the complex spells on their own, for the consequences of those spells were great. 

However, Emma and Killian thought that being the seniors they knew enough about magic to do some spells unsupervised. They were wrong, and had almost gotten themselves killed when a spell had gone wrong. Luckily, they escaped unscathed. 

Shaken by the ordeal neither of them wanted to be alone that night, so they spent it together in Emma’s room. 

One good thing did came out of their recklessness, though. Almost losing each other made them realize that what they felt for each other was more than just a friendship.


Pretzel Week. Day 4: Fake Dating Trope in a Shapeshifters AU 

Fake the mate.

In a desperate attempt to have her pack out of her back regarding her unmated status, Emma Swan found the most unexpected ally in Killian Jones, beta from the rival pack.

It wasn’t unknown that after the death of his mate, Killian held no interest in ever finding another mate.

But when he found Emma tipping the scales into a dangerous situation by getting drunk on a bar that belonged to their territory, and before Liam jumped into yet another chance at a pissing contest with David, Killian bought her a shot of whiskey - or five -  and listened to her predicament.

It wasn’t hard to fake interest in Emma, she was one of the most fierce and beautiful women he’d seen in his life and the way she could talk back at everyone - including him, a beta from a rival pack or her own Alpha - surely was something else. He quite enjoyed it, especially when she was yelling at David - or Liam.

For all the tough exterior the Brother Jones pack had as reputation, Killian Jones could be as adorable as a puppy when he set his mind to it and the way he’d played the puppy dog eyes in front of her pack had been absolutely perfect.

They couldn’t fool the wolves’ senses, but they could definitely fool both David and Liam into the fact that they were willingly choosing each other as mates, all natural laws be damned. It wasn’t common, but there had been exceptions, especially when one partner had already lost a mate.

The ruse had worked perfectly for a while, until the day her gaze started to linger on his, or his hand would remain at her lower back for a moment more than was visible needed in front of the rest. It was - and it wasn’t - a surprise when they found themselves holding hands in private, with no one looking.

Her eyes bore into his and when she leaned in to kiss him, he met her halfway.